MARCH 11, 2015




My Dear Children, I come today as a regular Wednesday in order to explain the power of prayer. We have discussed many areas of prayer, but this one I want to express the new power of prayer. It’s a power given to faithful Christians to overcome any pressure that exists from the base of evil.

You have to know first, face God and then from there you travel the rest of your life to your one with him. The power of prayer that we are going to discuss today is the baptism by fire, to love of the Holy Spirit who loves us as we love him, who forgives us as we forgives him, who teaches us that we never grasps the whole meaning of prayer, but that we are to just proceed as we can as long as its prayer based on the principles that I gave you which is the love of the Spirit, the Spirit’s love for us and then from there on we spread to others.

I have with me today one of the greatest prayer warriors of all time, that was St. Paul. St. Paul will teach us the meaning of learning not only the prayer, but what the prayer represents. Not only does he seek a connection with God but this connection is to grow and grow and grow. It can be taken away by sin, serious sin.  It is so important that we learn that.

As soon as we sin, you go back and seek forgiveness and then everything is where it should be. You do not lose that which you already gained except through a mortal sin and you gain that back when you go to confession. Sin comes to us in various ways.

Second, bring it all to pray in interceding not only as yourself, but as a group. All the prayers are needed for conversion. You have to come and have everything totally invested, that which is sin, the forgiveness of sin and forgiveness of any type of evil that is put upon you or on anyone else then it becomes a complete prayer. This is what we call Christian, Christian prayer. This is how Jesus said his prayers and it’s not very hard. This is what he gives to us in this life and we can carry this out with others, anybody. We can forgive anyone and if they choose not to forgive you that would be their problem. So today I wrap up, big sin equals big forgiveness, big forgiveness equals big intercessory prayer and all prayer must have forgiveness in it.

Thank you for having listened to my call.

I have with me today, St. Paul, all the Apostles, all the sins that the Apostles have forgiven plus forgiveness, because forgiveness above all is the key; the key to everything; that is why it is so strongly pushed in the New Testament. As the Father has said unless you forgive you shall not be forgiven. I also have with me Padre Pio, Padre Seelos, he is blessed, Charlene, John of the Cross and the beautiful Saints of God: St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa the little flower and St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette and St. Faustina.