Maracaibo, September 20,  2016

 Monsignor J. Douglas Deshotel

Diocese of Lafayette 


Dear Monsignor,

 A cordial greeting in Jesus and Mary Most Holy.

 The purpose of this letter is to convey to you that we have been very pleased with brother Thomas Smith’s visit to our parish, Our Lady of the Rosary, in the city of Maracaibo, where he has held several days of prayer, healing and liberation, generating many testimonies in the parishioners attending the Eucharist, including the adjoining parishes.

  Brother Thomas has shown himself to be a man of God, who with patience and humility devotes about eight hours of the day to attend to every one who comes seeking help for healing of physical and spiritual sufferings.

I, for my part, celebrate the Eucharist and hear Confessions during the healing services.  

  He has never received money or any stipend for the work he performs nor does he celebrate any sacrament.

 The visits of brother Thomas to this parish, and to those of my brother priests, have been a blessing and have been approved by our Archbishop, Monsignor Ubaldo Ramón Santana Sequera.

   I close for now and wishing that the Blessed Virgin Mary will protect you always.

  Fr. Jorge Dos Passos Molero





Brother, Thomas Smith


First of all receive a warm greeting of peace and good will in the Lord, wishing you and your working group remain in constant blessings.

We, the Catholic community of San Roque together with our Pastor, Father Amílcar José Araujo Salas, cordially invite you to accompany us in an assembly of prayer, healing and liberation in our parish San Roque la Quebrada del Estado, aware of your great work and performance we would be very pleased to have you with us, on a date in your schedule that would be convenient to you, so we can organize the ceremony accordingly.

We close for now imploring the blessing of God and Mary Most Holy.


Father Amílcar Araujo



Letter from Monsignor Tulio Manuel Chirivella Valera Bishop Emeritus of the Archdioceses of Barquisimeto Lara Estate, Venezuela to Bishop Michael Jarrell Dioceses of Lafayette, Louisiana

English version             Spanish Version


This article appeared in the diocesan issue of March 13-19, 2016 in Venezuela. This paper is circulated throughout the entire country.

vWith Father Thomas Smith

Bocono lived a day of prayer, healing and liberation

Alirio Altuve Contreras CNP

Fifth Saturday, the Diocesan shrine of San Alejo, of the city of Bocono, is full of the faithful from the very early hours of the morning, who lived a moment of prayer, healing and Liberation, with father Thomas Smith, who is from Louisiana USA, visiting the Diocese of Trujillo.

The people arrived from the 4 cardinal points of the Municipality, to participate in the first Eucharist of the Blessed Exposition and the at the time, to have the opportunity to meet and be in contact with Father Thomas Smith, recognized for his work as a visionary of the Blessed Virgen since 1950. He is a priest devoted to Our Lady of the Precious Blood and has been dedicated for many years, on the 25th of each month, prays the armada rosary, this rosary, has the cleansing grace and liberation and protection.

In conversation with Andrea Parra de Gonzalez, who has known Father Smith for more than 20years and accompanies him on his tours that he has made to Venezuela, explaining in part his activities that he carries out in his extremely crowded encounters “He has gifts in his hands, it is the gift of the cleansing, when he touches some person asks the holy Spirit, so that he will intercede for the health of the one for whom he asks at that time. We have many testimonies on a global scale, of the cleansings that have happened across the country.


Special Petition

Andrea Parra de Gonzalez commented, that they are placing considerable emphasis on the prayer of the offering of life to the people of Bocono and of Trujillo state, also join in this petitioning. We want all, to offer our lives to God, through doctor of the prayer, Eucharist, of the sacrifices inclusive of the sufferings, so that the person who lives through the suffering, receives the gift of happiness and when God calls us to His kingdom, we have this pleasure in the heart of the meeting in the eternity.

Visit to Venezuela for the month of August

It was possible to know that in the middle of the year 2016, Father Thomas Smith, again should return to our country and so visit the places on this occasion, he could not attend; also its collaborators request that they do pray for it, so that its gifts continue, I feel a help for the person thirsty for health, physical and spiritual.


April 12, 2015Letters From Bishops to Thomas “Mac” Smith


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English Translation of News Paper Article From A Local Paper Concerning Mac Smith’s Visit to Valera, Venezuala


See Evelyn Shafer's Testimony for details

See Evelyn Shafer’s Testimony for details

Photoes of Mac 12-12,2014

These pictures were taken of Mac Smith during an apparition of Our Lady Most Precious Blood on December 12, 2014 (Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe) at the home of Lonnie Richard. Mac this day was in a lot of pain and could hardly do anything. The bottom picture shows Mac’s head with the wounds of the crown of thorns. The middle picture shows the image of a fetus on the right side of his head. The top picture shows a light on the wall beside Mac that is believed to be Mac’s Guardian Angel. These images were not seen at the time but this is what came out on the pictures.



Catholic Life TV

Click the picture above to watch the April 12, 2015 episode of Catholic Life with special guest Charles Barbre (Duration: 28 minutes 30 seconds)

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