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MARCH 19, 2015





My Dear Children, It is good to be here. This is the place to be. Although it is not full, it is My place. I don’t care if there are only two people in the place, it is MY place. I will soon place upon you an extra chore in order to develop you to stand in this confession of this mission purpose.

 Now that the days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter, it is good for you to reshape your mind from the winter snow and cold to serving Jesus.

 Please raise up in your prayers your intentions and the intentions of others. As a matter of fact, we pray with the whole incorporated Body of Christ. We are going to have to start specific prayers for specific purposes now. We know the devil can attack, but the only place he can really probe is in the past. So once you learn and have yourself in the present, rock and step forward toward the cross then you will be prepared to handle him and you can tell him that your love is for the back of the American; especially since you have prayed.

 We have a mission to put out this evening and it is a first assignment for a specific area. Tonight it is going to hold a new grace and hope at Wade and Judy Fontenot’s home. Thomas has a way of praying for what they are learning now; different prayers I want for people. How many of those will we get to be bearers of the Gospel: they will know. But we will keep going until we enough. Though life has been that of a pilgrim, their life will now be that of an apostle; an apostle based on the gift of the Holy Spirit where is truth, faith, true love and true ability to say these prayers with the confidence that it will happen.

 I am proclaiming again the operation to heal. There are some people that are taking that up. We have to have more. Think, think that under your belt and above your belt you have the Redeemed Christ who will guide you and take you along with Me and we will spread , when it is time, the Holy Spirit over this land. You need to be at one of the Wednesday morning’s prayer experiences. The morning calls to people who are coming. You would be surprised if you came here; you don’t just come one time, you come to become a daughter or son of Jesus Christ, doing His work on Earth.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

 I am clothed in My regular white gown with a crown upon My head; the mantel over Me is purple and long. Next to Me is St. Joseph; he was a good man who treated Me as his wife, he took care of Me until I was able to carry it on. Also with Me is Padre Pio, Fr. Seelos, St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of Liseux.


MARCH 18, 2015





 Our Lady’s Words

My Dear Children, I come to you today to see how you are doing on the suggestions I gave you. Of course, the number one suggestion is to go to God and say your amends to Him and your love for Him. Then He will come to you through Me. He is concerned about your spiritual journey and about your union with your Master.

 I also want to come and briefly state the overall purpose of this mission again. It is going to depend upon the people who are coming. Right now it doesn’t look like they merit coming because for some reason they do not believe what I say. For some reason they never heard of it. So you have to know what you are talking about and you have to know what not to talk about. Do not talk about their negativity or their brief alienation from the Kingdom. I come no matter what the size of the crowd today, to bring Me closer and more in union with the Church of whom I am the Holy Head as prophesied by Jesus.

 It is like this happened today and never started today. It is going to be that way every day because every day God is going to be in our presence. We will be taking on what we have heard through our own mind, our own soul, the language of the heart of God, if possible, but more the participation in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the gold that cannot be gotten by anybody else unless they come through Me; that is once they are in the true Church. Outside the Church those who come to Jesus and who claim to have sorrow, whose hearts are ready will be given some part of Heaven. Those who are Baptized in the Spirit will speak in tongues and will be able to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

 So as you can see, there is a lot of work to be done and you can see that I have started it here and in Venezuela, Rwanda, Italy, Rome, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. These all had to be built up but they had the faith there. They have seen, they have heard, they have believed. They just had to have a little encouragement and a call. So you can see what we have before us is very, very deep and solid but easy once the Holy Spirit has a hold of them.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

 Mac’s Words

She has around her today: St. Patrick, Theresa of Liseux, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of the Andes, Fr. Seelos and Padre Pio who is here automatically.