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OCTOBER 3, 2014




My Children, I come today, in a fulfillment of what I have just spoken in prophecy and teaching for you to believe; these are not messages like other apparitions. These are the fulfillment of the truth of the Gospel and prophecy pending on every ear to hear, every heart to beat, every mouth to speak, every minute is to be taken seriously at this time. People of faith realize this very much. And all over the world, there are people of faith according to what they know about God they shall be judged only on that. There are people who shall be charged harshly. And after being so, still they want to obey Satan; still want to own the earth with him, a lie that he puts out; that he’ll be the Lord of the earth and everyone who follows him will all be princes and princesses and shall live forever and ever. That is absolutely false from the very beginning to the end.

So want you start thinking about the little things that made big things. For example like the cross, it wasn’t all that big, but look what it has done because My Son was on that cross. He died to that cross and in the Eucharist, he dies again. He also lives the resurrection. Develop this attitude, ask God to help you to die to the cross and its message more every day. I know there are very many distractions in this world and a lot of them cannot be helped. Children will be children; but most of the time, these distractions are caused by television, radio, movies, and books, all in the flesh. If you would take this week, how much time you spend watching television, going to a movie, whatever. Is it not in your heart yet?

I am sure Thomas is and that’s why My teaching, through Thomas, on the seed is so important. The seed becomes a tree; the tree becomes the power of the sacraments, especially exorcism and deliverance. Most people don’t need an exorcism they need a deliverance from oppression. A lot of people do not go to communion because they believe the devil has a hold on them. They believe in another language that they have sinned and they have not confessed it yet. Then there are other people who have a sacrilege with God. Is it that they are in sin and say they will not give it up to appear good amongst their peers of their parish? They go to communion and they forget to make one step, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

My plan is going to develop over the next two or three weeks. By that time, people will have a clear concept of where Eternal Father is sending Me with regards to this Earth, especially the Armada. Pray, pray. Read the Gospel. Read the word of God just for thirty minutes. Try to take it into your heart or read everyday until you do. Then you will have something there, nothing can take it away, because it has the imprint of salvation. You want to be able to develop a grace. Given the gift of mercy in your heart for people, you will feel the very depths of My mercy and My sadness the way I look at souls. The Father has pre-ordained people to do his work and people have failed Him and continue to do so. We pray for them. We beg the Lord to give them the grace to come back. So, from now on, this is the way it’s going to be. There is going to be teaching and of course, prayers of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Rosary. I am with you always, more than you think.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I bless everything, she says, from the statues to rosaries or whatever religious articles you have. They are blessed.

Our Lady: Remember; keep saying the Life Offering, that’s getting people out of purgatory. There are plenty of people there if you consider that there has been three thousand years of mankind. So pray for the souls in purgatory. They will surely pray for you when they get to heaven. That is a beautiful doctrine. I now return to the throne of heaven, which is above you. The energy in the diamond is endless. It never has to recharge. It has been charged once by the Holy Spirit of God and it has His energy. Let us get as many people under that diamond, as we can so, they will be pure in a harvest for heaven. Bless you, my children.

OCTOBER 8, 2014




Our Lady’s Words: My children, today I gave a teaching. All these teachings will be consolidated by the many things that we have to do. These things will have to follow certain rules of discipline within this mission. My ship has to be guided correctly by the pilot according to the equipment given to him. He is correctly guiding the ship to the sea through storms and winds. I want you to remember that. You have to develop the very essence of the love of God to become a good intercessor. Age enlightenments or awakenings by your soul, you’re going and learning here how and what to pray and what not pray.

Mac’s Words: Man! I see a bunch of water. It keeps jumping up in waves. It’s very hard to hear what she’s saying. Now she splits the water.

Our Lady’s Words: I’ve come to teach you what I’ve always been teaching you, but you must get ready for the time is near. The time is near for God to make known His essence and His desire and His ministry. It will be suffering and resuffering from our children. Be obedient, be humble for today is the day that God has made. Today is the day that all things I’ve said will start coming together. I am praying to the Father for each one of you in hard intercession. I want each one of you to pray very hard that His will be done, especially to withstand the confusion, the greed, the doing away with God, a personal God. All these things are coming forth now and becoming politics. And what the United States is doing is making a political god, but he hasn’t been able to deal with anyone on it because he doesn’t understand it. Other countries have gone through this and there are countries who will do this still. Countries who have not quit feeling horrible destruction yet at the same time countries that are being led into God’s loving arms and grace. In short, it’s going to be a battle. This battle will last a long time. It is not about physical progress. It’s about…………………………..

I have with me today Charlene, Fr. Seelos, Padre Pio, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila. They are all praying with you every day. This place will be their place on the days you are to come and we’ll go from there. Thank you for having answered by call.

Mac’s Words:

I don’t know about this message. I know one thing. I’ve never seen such resistance to say anything in my life. They kept trying to put me to sleep, they slapped me in the head, they threw stuff up, so it must be getting pretty hot over in this corner. I will continue to move on. Just forget me because I don’t know what I’m talking about when I’m here. It’s not me. But my brain hasn’t caught up with her mouth in the sense of giving you everything I want to give you and it probably won’t until I get healthy enough to carry a conversation.

OCTOBER 10, 2014




Mac’s Words: My Lady is showing me a vision that I have to take and explain to you later. It’s actually not a vision, it’s a prophetic event. It will come true, as I say, God only knows. I just have to sit up here and watch it. All of you are here will see this thing in due time.

Our Lady’s Words: My children, I have passed this vision on, this prophecy, and it will always be according to the Scriptures, you know, unless my Son comes down and specifically changes things which He could do any minute. With this vision I don’t use technology; that is there to teach us. “Thus,” says the Lord, God, “in Corinthians you will see that love is patient, kind, suffering, long enduring.” That’s what I’m calling you to do. You’re already doing it but I want to give you the manner in which it is employed upon the earth.

Mac’s Words: She has beside her two angels that are armed and have as a shield the Blood of the Lamb.

Our Lady’s Words: The Blood of the Lamb will be the new anointing. It will come upon the earth. It will come from several places. You have to pray. You have to pray according to these terms. You have to pray empowering the words and the being according to the Blood of your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the Lamb. This has been going on for certain people for a long time.

You need to pray these prayers at home. You need to say the Our Father, the Hail Mary, the Glory Be to the Father, the Life Offering Prayer. In the Life Offering Prayer you need to include all the people that God is trying to bring to heaven. While you’re praying for them and you can’t find a way to get time to pray for the others, your own family for instance, God will do it. He will pray. Now we have God praying to God about us. It takes you back to Romans. The others they represent say they represent peace, wholeness, and holiness are the disciples of deceit, especially when it comes to a certain knowledge of something someone does not have and they branch off taking enough people with them to set up for the Holy Spirit. And these people may be leaving because of the blessing of the Holy Spirit in them. Your children, pray very hard for your children, that their ears will be open. They will be open to God, to the Father’s Word. People don’t understand that eternity is a very long time. If you can get this into your house, just 10 minutes a day or maybe people at the supper table or after supper, and just call time out and have your children join with you in those prayers, I guarantee you there will be changes in this community like you have never seen before. We do not need a lot of people, we do not need to have to go around pleasing people to come or begging them to come. It’s their soul that they’re dealing with, no one else’s.

Mac’s Words: She’s not saying anything. We say unto Thee, oh my God, amen, amen. We praise You, Lord. We praise You, oh Heavenly King. We praise You to bless us. We praise You to come over and give this community strength that it’s never seen before. We praise You as the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Glory be to the Father that you have chosen to send this upon this little community and we, even though we’re not showing it, are going to say we know what it means if someone would dare teach on the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Our Lady’s Words: I want all of you to come to my heart. I will give you happiness. I promise you this day that you are ultimately chosen to start evangelizing slowly around this area. To the outside world this area looks like a road with a little town. To the heavenly courts, this road is the little mustard seed and it has been sown now. Anyone who tries to stop your child on this balance from attending conferences in which the Holy Spirit will teach you, not only how to survive, but how to help others, how to know when God is touching your ministry. If this does happen then I will personally deal with these men.

I would like for you to do an extraordinary thing, to say an extra rosary by yourself any way you can for the fleet ship, the Armada. Day before yesterday was the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. The feast of Our Lady of the Rosary was carried by children. That’s fine but what’s going to start happening when they do understand? And I would suggest, even though it hasn’t gone too well here, ………………………………………………….

He’s very strong in warfare. He’s trying to cloud Thomas’ brain and his spiritual ear to where he can’t give you the correct knowledge but that will change. That will change so don’t be discouraged. You probably want to know why she blessed areas in the world. The world will look upon this as a small country town that does not do anything but farm. That shows you the wisdom they have. We might need it one of these days. Come to this altar with all these statues and give to God your pledge of obedience to seek holiness. Give to God from your heart through the heart of Jesus and my heart your special intention. Every one will be answered. You don’t need to be holding anything up.

Mac’s Words: I am not OK. I’m all over the place. I don’t know what’s going on these last two times. But it’s very clear I am in Jerusalem at the bottom of the cross and I’m holding our Savior’s feet kind of like I’m hanging on and He’s saying, “If you want My Blood and My Body give to the world the whole Bible.” With these healing services and these prayers it must be a reading explained out of the Body of the Word.

Our Lady’s Words: I now bless you and I want a picture of Charlene, a big one, right over there between those rosary beads. Heaven has big plans for her. Just because someone dies and doesn’t sign something with a piece of paper does not mean in heaven it’s going to upset that reality. I have a plan to have her canonized and you don’t even know that. Just do what I tell you to do and she will serve you.

Mac’s Words: Have mercy on us, oh Lord, have mercy on us. Give us peace, bless our heart. Oh, Holy Mother, the gift of forgiveness …………………………….. hurts very hard. Sometimes it hurts so hard people put it in their subconscious mind and just don’t deal with it. It has a lot of memories. Some of the memories are not very good. But it’d have to be forever and ever ………………

Our Lady’s Words: Also, put in your prayer intentions Father Seelos. Father Seelos has been with this ministry for I guess maybe 5 years or longer. The reason is because they’re both going to get canonized. Not only that, but because they really are very strong, very strong intercessors. I want to bless you and I want you to know that we are having spiritual warfare right now. Satan and his angels are here but they have no power. They can stand around and look all they want. Any more than they had power to kill Thomas, the angels were there. Now they are trying to destroy your faith and we need to really really cling to your faith and your Savior, Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

OCTOBER 24, 2014




My Children, happy are we today because of this prayer. This is the way I want people to pray. This is the way everyone can pray and not just a special few. We have to have everyone now at this time because I do not want you to become negative and do this. What we want to stress is the life of God; how we are to live the life of God with God. We have the life of God in our Baptism and Confirmation. And life with God is that we participate into ourselves, into our neighbor, and of course, the least of our brethren. We believe that when you get through all these trees…

MAC: I don’t know. I am in two places at one time. Man. I see trucks going one way, grace coming on people’s head the other way.

OUR LADY: The trucks are full of trees, trees that will male examples of the Bethlehem where the first Christmas I gave birth to Jesus is here, and the other tree, the other truck with the trees can be the wood of the manger and the cross. Or, it can be a luring by Satan to destroy whatever is God’s in that place of holiness. When you are in a room it is very tall. Two of you together have less fear. With these trees we will make little buckets filled with fire and water at the same time. That cannot be done in present nature but with God all things can be done; and it is miraculous. But this is what happens to your soul: it is cleansed with the water, purified by the fire and it never changes. It is there for us to draw and that is why the heart is so important. You can draw all the water as you need it to drink like any other water you have. So you come here to learn to get filled with this. You are filled with passion for souls and you come here to get grace that will make you stronger to live your present life and the demands that God may put on you. So you do need grace. It put graces, actual grace. Sanctifying grace is Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist and Reconciliation. So you receive actual grace when you enact the will through God’s law when you make sacrifice. When you pray you receive actual grace and sanctifying grace.

When a soul is in mortal sin it is dead, so it has to be given a new life. But the character of the authority of Baptism is still there even though the grace is not. It will become active when a person repents and asks God’s help in life. But actually there is so much grace around and no one even grabs it. I the woods, in the hills, in the air, it is everywhere you go. And when you become more aware of God’s grace and about Our Lady giving grace, you will grow stronger and stronger and know what it means. So when we have these meetings there will come out of it an aura of holiness and peace, a special grace for attending. But what must be know is that many meetings like this are going to be set up in here to primarily give you grace and give grace to those who need it spiritually, mentally and physically. This is why all of Heaven is behind you and blesses you with this. This is why you feel a new urge. So come expecting to receive a special blessing of God.

You see a special blessing of God manifest itself like with these statues. You are not alone and you are not on your own. We cannot make it any other way except with God. It is not hard. Today is Friday. The burden of the cross will come upon my shoulder. I have to carry it. Jesus is behind Me. His flesh ripped apart by the whips, rocks, kicking. He has to receive a lot of grace to be able to be the source of grace, to make it to the top of the hill.

I bless all of your Rosaries, all your articles, all your books, for they will give you strength and enlighten you in your faith. I bless this place which will give forth life to souls thought dead, and souls that are crippled, souls in healing and souls who feel like they are living the presence of God all the time.

MAC: There is a tremendous battle going on. I can’t stay with it. It is hard to stay with it. Satan puts up a fence and Our Lady tears it down – back and forth, back and forth. But still in the middle is a group, a grace group which comes from eternity. Having seen this beautiful spectacle, a real holiness stays down upon you and now God is showering you with graces. You don’t know what is going to happen. He is giving you protection in your life.

OUR LADY: Thank you for having answered my call. Present in this place is Padre Pio, Charlene, Bernadette, Theresa the Little Flower, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of the Andes, St. John of the Cross.


Blessed be God all His creatures to which He has sent Me to minister on this Earth at his time. I am very thankful and grateful My Children that you are here today. You are not here today because you just casually walked in; you are here today because God has called you and surely not everyone knows what they are called for, He does. So if you do His will, you will the Will of God; you will then do the Love of God. It is not a matter of Heaven who ranks the highest for doing the most; the only rank in Heaven is to become a saint. So look at yourself, see how you treat yourself and see that I call you to holiness and holiness is a very, very deep love of God in your heart; once it gets there you will exude it to others. Almighty God the Father has a time scale and it is a race between Him and Satan. As the battle begins with Our Father and Lucifer, the same thing comes to us, Lucifer’s disobedience. He flatly refused God. He would not do it, as the good angels and Michael were totally submissive to the will of God; who would do His will; who would do His love to others; once you become there, you become aware of that. Look in the Scriptures and prayers in your life you’ll see how much extra grace you are getting by that. People want to know when Thomas is going to have his healing services. Most likely that will be awhile, but I have authorized that he have My open house. The grace, the healing here twice a week, because as small as this is the faith that is in this room can get every ministry going and especially booster the Armada. The Armada is being spread all over the world and it has not been centrally connected because I don’t want anyone to know that. The Armada is what is going to bring you to Heaven’s shore and it is going to be bigger and bigger to where we will have to centralize it and organize it and right now. That time is going to be a certain area around Ville Platte. You can come now to be prayed over, but only for two (2) minutes. I don’t know if you understand; I don’t expect you to understand that August 12th was supposed to be Thomas’ last day on this earth; at least Satan thought that. So he became code blue with poisonous blood in his brain going through his whole system. The surgeon saw the kidney stone that was holding back and blocking in thepoison. So it was moved with a stint and this fluid then became mixed with the powerful antibiotics and God’s healing power. Make no mistake about that, God’s healing poser cleansed his body; that has been done, but just remember also, he has a brand new healing part to his soul and body. He’s been reborn and he has to take these steps very slow. It is very hard for him because he wants to give you his love and healing prayer all the time; but I have to have him for the future and you. This is the last time I am going to explain all of this, but you do need an explanation of what is going on. Out of this little room will come more grace than all the healing services combined. It is a matter of people learning that just being touched by God is more important than standing in line for thirty (30) minutes and getting prayed over. That is not going to stop. It is so important that you come and bring your articles of faith and trust in Jesus. I am with you and will be with you. I will be with you in the weather, your crops, your work, just take time to really focus on the Armada prayer. Take time to pray to the Holy Spirit to give you the grace that when you read the word of God it will be just like Him there personally. It gives you great refreshment. Take time with the Rosary. My real recommendation for a family and yourself is hard; it is to have the Armada, one mystery of the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet; saying this prayer for your people and family; for people who are sick in your family even though they don’t know what to do. If they don’t know God, they will and they will be saved. I promise you that. Don’t give up on your family because some or addicted to drugs or whatever. God’s goodness can overcome any evil, but He has to have a vessel and that vessel is you. It is also you that intercedes for the Church all over the world, especially for Pope Francis. My son the Vicar of Christ is going to confront the world. It has to be done. This is no different, really, than what happened with the Crusades, that the Christians had to take the Holy Land back from the Muslems. It was a war. As long as those people are on earth, they are going to fight a war. But there will come a time where they will either convert or just won’t be. I will be with you personally all the time. For all these pictures on the wall, I have given him, Thomas, the gift the Father has given to him of anointing the picture as if though he were there praying over them. Nothing stops God. So today thank the Lord thy God for His mercy and love, for the faith you have right now. This is what makes you different. Use Me all you want to intercede. Pray, pray, pray. Do not pay attention to any false signs or victory or false prophets. They will be arising soon. Stay with Peter, stay with the Rock. Support your church, the Catholic Church. Pray for the priests. This is a time to fight back; as Father God has said, “My creation should not go under a horrible strain of Satan. My creation will not.” I love you very much. I am taking heed to every picture, every statue in here into My heart, right now, as I will everyday. You don’t even need to come by; you can send a picture. The Father wants to get ahold of anything He can to bless it and everyone forward. So with that, I leave you today and I thank you for coming. I thank you for answering My call. I bless each one of you, your religious articles, the pictures, all things of faith and say please, please, please keep coming forward with the walk of Jesus to Calvary. Amen.


My son, I want you to write. I want you to completely initiate the meaning of the Armada according to the Gospel, according to the Sacraments. I want you to pray over people with the prayer of faith and God anointing you, that by touching them with the Sign of the Cross will be their healing where the Holy Spirit goes; because it is going to come a time when you will be very limited as far as being able to minister to the people, because of the numbers. Do not worry about the shrine or the grotto. It will come. Did I not promise a sign years ago, several years ago? Remember, Jesus is all there is because He is the full expression of humanity and a full expression of God. He has both natures, God and humanity, yet He is one person. I praise Jesus, My son. I praise the Father, My son. I praise the power of the Holy Spirit of God, My son, given to them especially this week. I want you to write an exhortation and encouragement to the people of Venezuela. Your strength will come back to you, but even when your strength comes back to you most of your work will be done here in this area. Most of your work will be done here because you have to have a nucleus. This is the place from which the Grace of God acting through the Armada Rosary will co-ordinate the world. You are not being delusional. Satan, leave, leave now, in the name of MY Son, Jesus Christ and with My authority I shall one day crush your head with My heel. (Genesis 3:15) Let the Holy Spirit inspire you to write, preach and pray. I bless all your people, all the people all over the world that you touch, but above all, I bless this area of Louisiana because they are still so loyal to Me. I love you all. I love all of you who are members of the family of God. Thank you, son, for answering My call. This is Sunday the 28th of September 2014 at