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FEBRUARY 4, 2015





Our Lady’s Words:

My children, today you are blessed through my heart by the holiness of God. It’s coming a time for us to be able to really build your plan of action of the Armada with the Father during Lent. Prayer, fasting, seeking forgiveness, seeking something that we quit doing to others is heard from a witness. God takes your weakness and gives it to you. It becomes a gift and you praise God because you have this awareness burden whether it’s pride, guilt, self-centeredness, dependence the things of the world more than God. The Church has a perfect discipline during Lent for you to take all that is in your heart and let it become at peace and celebrate His crucifixion and His resurrection.

During this time I will give you plans and ways to evangelize. You cannot wait here for everyone to come or even know who you are. The apostles had to go out. Jesus went out to say who you are. You are a child of God, a witness to His salvation, and you come carrying the love and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. That’s who you are. All of you are being called to heaven. Many are called but few shall see. I beg you to pray for one another. I beg you to pray for people in your family who are not with God at all. We want salvation. We want healings and miracles. We want God to become the center of our life and our worship and our prayer. Say the Life Offering Prayer because it will carry you all the way. The momentum will increase to areas you know not about in this upcoming year. Things will happen, signs will appear and you will know that God is real, that He is who He is. And you will know that I am real in the Trinity as you will know and learn to live in the Trinity through my Immaculate Heart. My heart knows its thoughts for you, beats for you. All the saints in heaven are praying for you, the “little group.” Then we will be ready to go to the upper room and celebrate the resurrection this Easter.

Fast and pray, say the Rosary and you will conquer sin and death. In conquering death you will know there is eternal life and that will help you depend on God in the present. Because where you are in the present is where you will be in eternity unless you want to keep growing, and unless you haven’t done anything, you’ll still be present.

So I come and I bless your rosaries, rose petals, prayer cloths, medals, and whatever you have. My suggestion is to go to a store that sells religious articles and buy St. Benedict medals and put them above every door in your house, every window in your house. You will find peace and happiness and be secure in the arms of God’s protection. This is what you want to go out of the world and the same thing in the world. Do not be afraid for I am with you. And as Ruth said, “Wherever you go, I will go.” Thank you for having answered my call.

I have with me today Charlene, and, of course, Fr. Seelos who is going to be with you always, and Padre Pio who is being assigned to you, and St. Theresa of Lisseux, and St. Theresa of Avila, and St. Theresa of the Andes. All the angels of light are lighting up this place. There is no darkness here, not in this dimension. It will stay that way as long as there is prayer and purity of heart.


FEBRUARY 6, 2015




Our Lady’s Words:

My children, we are coming to a fast end according to the Church’s seasons. We’re coming close to Ash Wednesday. It is a time to mentally reflect on the condition of our souls, on the need to be finding truth in our heart. Let that reflection come on us as the graces that flow to us because this will give us greater graces in prayer.

This is the beginning of the end of the era of evil. Evil is a very real weapon of all the accumulated sin with the forces of Satan. Right now you should have learned that we are in primarily a spiritual warfare, nation against nation. The Church is being attacked from all areas. Remember, hold fast in doing God’s love and learning to receive from God special graces for you and your family and your parish. You may do something that is noticeable or you may do something that is unnoticeable. My prayer to God the Father for you is that you grow in grace, purity of heart, obedience, and a singular devotion of power in the Rosary of the Armada. Do not worry about when things are going to happen or what is going to happen. You stay with me in grace before the King and you will sense different times for things to happen.

Some come with much learning, some by learning how to learn, and some are being made whole by going through these two stages. Now the learning doesn’t come from the mind. The learning comes from placing yourself in the position to receive guidance of healing with healing from your heart to my heart.

Continue to stay in the word of God even if it’s only a paragraph a day. Say your Rosary, say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. These are the weapons of the war. Go to Communion frequently, to confession, and to the Eucharist. Die to the Cross and the Eucharist as Jesus is doing. It’s very hard for some of you to spend a great deal of time in a quiet place. Do it as much as you can. It’s very good for your nerves. It’s good for your rest.

Also, during this period of time, I am going to expand the Armada Rosary Healing Service to different people’s homes around this area to be made known. Then there will be other things that happen that will surely be made known. But, also, this is a time for you to evangelize. Be ready. One position in evangelization is to evangelize Catholics. They don’t know. A lot of them don’t know. Now a lot can be evangelized in a pretty short time if things are being placed in the right order. Do not worry about the shrine that you’re going to have. It’s all in my hands. You’re just going to use this place here as a shrine. But it’s not a shrine in the sense by a Church. It’s a place to become holy, rest, get healed. Many people are getting healed. We are carrying out a broad spiritual warfare spread across the land to wear Satan down so he will become weak. This you can do if you only believe.

So to go back to the extra graces this group is receiving to go throughout the world and spread the Armada, pray, pray, pray. Ask for guidance to be ministered to and to minister to others for you are being called to do that. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac’s words:

It seems that Our Lady was kind of weak. I don’t know why. I guess she’s into the Passion every day now, especially during Lent. When you think about it, just praise God for what you have and don’t question Him.

Our Lady came with Charlene, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross.


FEBRUARY 11, 2015




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, come with me today praising the journey of the hearts. It would be good if you read the message or the teaching today by Thomas because it contains the very spirit of and life of God’s word for each one of you. This will give you courage and strength as you face your many trials that so many of you have to face in this so called modern era.

Many years ago it would be just one problem or two problems for the whole country or village. Not so today. Evil has infiltrated even the air we breathe. Yes, there will be many viruses and, mind you, God is not doing this. God gave you a church, the body of Christ, with a guarantee that He would be with us even until the ends of Earth, at the closing at the gates of hell. But He wants you to know how you are empowered with the Holy Spirit to get a prayer, praise. I have always said this throughout these prophesies of the last ten years. You can tell how much someone loves God by how much they love to pray. Not just pray but very real, very real dialogue with Whom you love and you know loves you. If you want things to happen in your life and the kingdom of heaven in your life spiritually, it will take you to the gates of heaven.

It is the desire of God the Father that each one of you experience this love He has for you really deeply, how He sees you, not as a person that’s bad by competing with the Joneses, but as His child that He would do anything to save, which the second person of the Blessed Trinity did do. He died for you. He dies every day for you. He dies through the cross for you and you must die, henceforth, to the Eucharist. He has said this in John 6. You cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven unless you eat of His body and His blood. As He said, all of those who are not baptized, unless they are baptized, cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven because you did not share the very life of the Trinity. Therefore, you do not receive the gifts of the Holy Spirit unless by not knowing you have a desire for God’s love, you keep His commandments, and you love God as you know Him above all things.

What’s really important is not how many people come here, but how much one learns and loves of God here. It takes a blessing of faith. It takes the desire to do the will of God, to love Him above all things. We must evangelize and that’s just simply letting people see who you are, what you have become because you have taken that step. Your heart is where your treasure is and the treasure is eternal life, perfect happiness, never to die, on the holy lap of God the Father face to face. So realize what you have coming to you to help you pray more, to help you pray more for souls, poor souls that need help so badly, the hope for souls who are narcissistic and proud even in satanic cults. It takes efficacious grace to convert some of these people.

So you know how to intercede. One, here you receive. After a while you start feeling it, belonging to it, identifying to Jesus Christ, to the mind of Christ. Philippians 2:5, have on you the mind of Christ. Then, you will know God better. You will know yourself better. You will love your life better. But he does not believe. For instance, they want to take suffering away from you but suffering is a very general subject. It varies. Three, remember Lent is coming next week. This is when you can place yourself in the arena of challenging yourself and the devil; of serving God in a way you haven’t served Him, and serving God in a way you haven’t even a concept of what to use. It has to be you personally giving up something, a treasure that you have so that the problems of Lent, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and the Divine Mercy will be met not only in your home, but in your heart. Let people be prayed for. If you do not believe this, all that you do doesn’t make a difference. It still comes back to love is patient; love is kind, obedient, enduring, humble with a smile.

The teaching you gave today came straight from the Holy Spirit. Read it. It’s for you. It’s a great gift and everyone from now on will be that way because the Spirit of Truth, God of the Holy Spirit, now dwells here. And Jesus, my Son, says, “Suffer the little children to come to Me.” That doesn’t pertain necessarily to age. It pertains to seeking of your heart. I bless you, the roses, the oil, everything you have. And I thank you for having listened to my call.

Mac’s words:

Today with her came, I think, St. John the Baptist and St. Padre Pio. If you come here to pray and take that same attitude to Mass or to the Blessed Sacrament, you will be surprised what Padre Pio can do for you. Around her is also St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Faustina of the Divine Mercy, St. John of the Cross who proved deep existential mystical love of God with his poetry, he is one of the greatest poets on earth. There is St. Benedict whom I need for you to use especially. Put a St. Benedict medal on the top of your bed and around the house, especially the front door and back door. St. Theresa of Avila, that’s the way to follow and look at God, especially in her works about changing the Church or the Carmelite Order, and her book which is the book on contemplation. All the saints are here, Charlene, Fr. Seelos, Fr. Lafleur, and St. Bernadette.

Our Lady’s words:

You may think this is a lot of saints. It’s a few. There are also 17,000 angels in this house because they go where Thomas goes. But really, just keep growing God’s love in you. Things will just come out of you, people that you would have never thought and they never thought. Some will say, I want to go where it is.

Mac’s words:

And I ask you, Blessed Mother, before you go back to heaven to check on Elio. Would you, please? Check on anybody who has lost someone to death and see how they are. If they are in purgatory, we want to get them out. I think it’s appropriate for me to ask that. I don’t know. You know me. But know that we are guarded and blessed by God the Father. Amen.







My Children, I am so happy to be here and see that so many came. I have big plans for this area. I have plans for the Ville Platte area in Louisiana, this area up here centered in Magnolia and for Houston, Texas.

Today I am giving you special graces and when you come up for healing prayer touch my heart, it will be just like touching My real heart, for I will be there. Remember, God has given you life in Baptism and He wants you to develop your life just like you do your other life in the physical world and the only way you can really do that is through the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Holy Spirit and what they call the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There will be many healings and miracles. I plan to send Thomas here again around June the 1stin the summertime. And it will be more and more and more as it grows, because I have chosen this place to give My messages and to appear, as well as Camdem.

You are people of strong faith and this is what really counts with God; your faith and your heart. And you need to be taught how to recognize your heart as the way to relate to My heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. When you start doing that, you will start seeing yourself change and you will see a new world.

You know Jesus came into the world to proclaim the Gospel, to heal the sick and to deliver from evil; this must be done everywhere. And of course My Rosary Armada is all over the world. The Armada as you know is a group of ships; these ships. Each one of these ships is equipped to carry warriors to fight the enemy, Satan. This will be My last mission at this time.

I am sure you are aware of all the evil that is going around, the persecution of Christians, tearing down the Catholic churches. The world here in the United States got many, many good people but they do not know the power of prayer. They do not know what they’ve got inside themselves and they must receive that knowledge before they can really understand the battle we are in and the power of God.

God the Father is here now with you. His graces are flowing throughout this whole area but you must spread the word, spread the word. Many of My people are dying in a fruitless way; they haven’t felt the touch of God upon them. Stay close to God through Confession, the Eucharist, the Word of God and the Rosary. The Rosary has spread throughout the world, The Armada Rosary, in 122 countries, 18 languages but that’s not their love. It must keep going and going because this is the ship that is going to drag Satan to hell. He knows he does not have much time left so he is throwing out everything he can through our political leaders even through the clergy, through the leaders, through all of us getting spiritual warfare. The Armada Rosary will help you with that and also what will be given to you is the “Life Offering Prayer”. The “Life Offering Prayer” surely as you know is a promise by Me and even though it sounds rather far-fetched in a way, I am not far-fetched. And I say, those who faithfully repeat the “Life Offering” will free souls in purgatory, their own family, will have conversions in their family. You need to say the “Life Offering Prayer” every day.

I have with Me: Padre Pio, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Theresa of the Andes, because this mission of The Armada and right here is directly connected with Venezuela. Venezuela is suffering now, but they will rise again; so please pray. I have Charlene here; she’s on the prayer cloth but she’s My little saint; Fr. Seelos and St. John of the Cross. They are all here praying with you. Padre Pio will be here praying with each one of you.

Please say a prayer everyday for Pope Francis. He is going to have a very, very difficult time, but he was chosen for a reason.

As I say again, I have picked this area for its faith and we will build on it from here.

Thank you for having answered My call.

MAC’S WORDS: She came in bright lights, like streams of gold and white and blue. She was beautiful, absolutely beautiful and she was looking at every one of you.


JANUARY 12, 2015




My Children, tonight, I come to you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, the seed of all existence and creation, salvation, revelation and the giver of life. Tonight, I also come to you to give a proclamation from God the Father about this mission. The Eternal Father has decreed the Ville Platte area will become the center of prayer and grace to give out to the United States. That’s one of them. Another will be Magnolia, Arkansas; a little town which is going to grow alive and boom with my Immaculate Heart. Then, there is Houston, Texas; this also will be an area that I have chosen to work with. It doesn’t mean that Thomas is going to go there all the time because he is just not going to be able to do that that much since he is going to be called to Argentina and also to Venezuela when he gets his strength back which may be some time.

The evil one has destroyed that country, just about. He has destroyed everything but the Catholic Church and the faith. And that is all you need to re-build a civilization.

I want to stress to you the heart. The heart is absolutely the incarnate structure of life on this earth. You are all one beat away from meeting the Father. It is not to make you afraid, you should be happy especially if you are doing His will the best you can.

I say again, I do not really pin it down to a when. You have already started seeing some events around the world that are so evil it is hard, especially, for the apathetic American mind spiritually to comprehend. Because if you do not know the Holy Spirit, you won’t see the significance of all that. And it is going to continue and I know that you will pray hard for peace, but above all for conversion and to God for mercy.

Say your chaplet; be strong. If you have faith, really have faith, expectant faith, then, you have everything to win. What are we talking about on this earth, seventy, seventy-five, eighty years, ninety? Even if it is one hundred and fifty, it would not even make a mark in eternity.

I also want the Armada spread and pushed as far as possible and said as many times as possible; because this is the ship that carries the heel that is going to crush Satan’s head. Only God knows how long that will be. People who are telling you all these things don’t know. You can guess, but you will guess wrong.

Also, don’t listen to people who are telling you how bad the Catholic Church is; how it has become completely materialistic.

Know the saints of the church, you and others who fulfilled the commandments of Jesus Christ and God the Father. You are the Church. People who abuse the Church, use the Church for power are no different than Satan.

But if you go to church and if you look at your church, you will see it is a gift. God does not want your gifts; He wants to give you gifts and then when you get those gifts, your soul becomes brighter and brighter to the way he created it.

Love is so strong and love that is, got it. It is Jesus Christ who said, “I will be with you all days even until the end of the earth and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it”. I am the one who is bringing that message and carrying that out. I have hell all around Me, but it cannot touch Me because it goes through the Holy Waters. The fire of hell cannot get through the Holy Waters and I am protected at all times carrying My child into the desert.

The time has started. Love Me, love My Son, and love Our Heart. Let Us love you. Trust Us and see how much your life will brighten. Let God help you with your problems. I am no intellectual scorn at that, but they got a surprise coming for them, the ones who are arrogant, not the saints. Go to mass, say the rosary, say the Armada, say the chaplet. If you do that for two months three times a week and I know all of you can’t go to mass, you will see your life change like never before and read the Life Offering.

Almighty God is going to give great graces to this area, in south Louisiana in particular, into these other areas and there will be more. For example there is Venezuela, it is not down. And you know Thomas has to be around, because he has to come back to Venezuela. God saved him and brought him back to life, and your prayers; he owes you a great deal. And then there is My house where Thomas resides and prays in the front room; because of these weeping statues. You know these weeping statues, my children, will give you grace and healing. His love, when the oils come out there, is healing. When tears come out, there is sadness to be healed, inter-healing and they both work hand in hand. I have all of this here for you.

The only thing I am asking you to do is to evangelize the Catholics. Most Catholics are very good people, faithful, but they do not know what they are faithful to. They do not understand. They never heard it. Then everyone will tell it to the mountain as they say.

Pray for God’s mercy on this earth. Evil lurks and Satan has a perfect, perfect tool in paganism and radical Islamic terrorism. Pray for your city because it is coming and the only thing that is going to save anything is prayer.

I love you very much more than you ever know. Ask me to come and comfort you. Ask me to help you.

Tonight I am blessing all the rosaries, the water and anything else that you might have medals, and you.

With that I thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: Our Lady was very simplistic tonight. She had the light of heaven on her. Rays are coming out of her hands. She looks like she’s coming out of space going back into space and yet not going anywhere at the same time. That is very baffling to me. She had with her, of course, Charlene, Father Seelos; he has enough miracles to become a saint, it is just a little bit of red tape going on. St. Cecilia, St.Amistosos, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Theresa of the Andes and St. Theresa of Avila and St. Faustina, and St. Bernadette; these women have been the strong point of enlivening the church in this century and the last century. St. John of the Cross is also here.


JAUNUARY 15, 2015




My Children, I come tonight to ask you to start preparing yourself for the coming events on this Earth. There are many blessings coming but also a tremendous amount of evil is being spread by angels, men and Satan. Men who have sold their souls; men who have made their blood pacts with the devil because they think they will own this Earth, especially, if they get rid of most of the population. This is not to scare you. This is a prophecy, but it does not have to be this way.

I am starting a very strong system of evangelization for Catholics to the heart of Jesus and to My heart and to mystical prayer. The most important prayer going on now, because it goes out all over the world by the grace of God, is the prayer on Wednesdays and Fridays; where you will come not only to be prayed for, but you will become healed and be a prayer warrior in the spiritual battle between heaven and earth.

With faith it takes a commitment, many people are willing to go to church, some anyhow, but they are not willing to make the commitment. Think about what you do with your time and you wonder why your relatives are sick, why they are on drugs, why they are not getting well; because there is nobody praying for them the way I want you to pray for them. That is what these Wednesdays and Fridays are all about; to fill you full of the spirit of God and the gifts of the Holy Spirit; to cultivate in you a love of God to where you love to pray and therefore build a schedule of yours around prayer. You will be taught. That is why I have Thomas there. You will be shown and you will experience Heaven, not long, but I promise you, you will experience Heaven. No man, no matter who they are, can reproduce that experience; ask St. Paul, St. Augustine, ask St. Thomas Merton.

Mac: She says that St. Thomas Merton has not been canonized yet, but I just said it because she said it. She says Charlene is a saint, Father LeFleur is a saint, Father Seelos is a saint.

Our Lady: A little love goes a long way and hate can do nothing, but go a long way of destroying. Forgiveness can go a long way if you only forgive correctly, if you are really filled with supernatural love by God; that is why you have the sacraments, to fill you full of all that love, to feed you, to cleanse you, to anoint you.

Mac: She says look at her heart. Look at her heart. Once you possess that heart, you don’t want nothing else and everything that you have will be blessed by it too.

Our Lady: How many people get up every morning and say a prayer to praise God as a family? How many people go to bed as a family to praise God? How many are going to confession regularly yet receiving communion? You can’t do that if you have sin, mortal sin on your soul. We have to make things right with God. This is what we have to do and we can do this through prayer and some self-sacrifice. Then I will send you out according to your best ability. Some will go to nursing homes, some to hospitals, some to different prayer groups, then you come together and the grace of God shoots out like beams from that room which is my house full of grace. Think about it.

I love each one of you and I have blessed everything you have. I have here with me my Louisiana saints, Charlene, Father Seelos, Father LeFleur and this is my area. South Louisiana is my area. Magnolia, Arkansas is my area and Houston, Texas who I will be using primary to ship out the Armada all over Texas. Then other things will develop, but this is love. So if you do not want to do that, don’t come.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: She came with a straight line, but with a very simple way and she had the heavenly lights going in circles behind her, two angels and the saints that she mentioned. On her head was a crown of blazing gold with a rose in the middle.