February – March, 2014

MARCH 15, 2014




My children, this is the beginning of many walks on the path to righteousness. Many people will become part of this to pray for the very many people who don’t know or who don’t want to be a part of this evangelization movement. But they will receive the grace to know the Holy Spirit. As my apostle Paul said, “No one can know that Jesus is Lord except through the Holy Spirit”. And he who says Jesus is not the Son of God in the flesh is the antichrist. You can clearly see today, the antichrist is operating all over the world; does not have to be just one person. This is a mystery of the spirit world. But there is just one God.

I come here today to let you know you will have tremendous graces for prayer in your own life now, but you have to believe. There can be no “yes but” in a prayer. It is a proclamation of faith in God’s power. Do not concentrate on what power you do not have, but only on God’s power that would keep you in a place where you can reach full faith and trust that He is a God who heals. He is a God who delivers. He is a God that proclaims salvation through the Word of God.   There will be no structure, but I will be here. And above all, The Holy Spirit will be here every Wednesday morning because this is something the Father has started upon His wisdom; a good way to refresh, to convert and to intercede. After you have had your training down here, you will become an intercessory group for the world. I am very happy and I love each one of you very much and now we must begin.

Slowly but surely, I will find ways to construct an apparition site on those acres of land. Once it is built, people will come. The website, the first thing I want Thomas to write is his open letter to Venezuela to encourage them. Let them remember in the end my Immaculate Heart will reign. My heart is aching and full of sorrow for the evil that man is doing to man – the arrogance and self-proclaimed godhead of all ages. But evil will destroy evil.

Now let it be known, that I will raise up My people to where they will become healers and prayer warriors. I will ask you to do one thing, when you have a disease, especially a serious one, do not go to the doctor first, come get Soaking Prayer, then go to the doctor. You may be healed, partially healed; whatever, you will be on the right path to help him or her. Go to confession regularly; receive the Sacraments, the Body and Blood of my Son. All of Heaven is behind you and they laughed at Noah also. Devils are out there heckling people, using their thoughts so that they will make fun about religion. Pray hard for these people and for their gods of playing cards, gambling, drinking and throwing away prayer. As I said last night, soon they will need a very sane God. Many men, right now, are going to hell or are on the border for the way they treat their families, mainly through abuse or abandonment. We have to pray very hard for them. Pray hard, bring them back and bring the people in your family back. Become a person of prayer, a family of prayer and a church of prayer; not of recitation but of the heart.

Today you experienced the Holy Spirit and you experienced through that, every area of your life and you were told you were cleaned. Now we must pursue. Remember God is a God of mercy and consolation. No sin is too great for Him to forgive, so keep your plate clean.

MAC: I see a huge cloud with the color jade and all kind of people standing on that cloud; they are also behind me. Above the cloud was the Blessed Trinity. Let The Holy Spirit in so you can give Him away. I see Our Lady is blessing all the rosaries, all your religious articles, anything you have pertaining to God, and you. She says that today she will release millions of souls from purgatory because these were people who were not Christians, but had the right heart. God showed them the truth and they accepted Him, but still they were in purgatory.

OUR LADY: I am releasing them now because of you and your obedience. It is a sacrifice to spend time outside the TV, ballgames, the internet, everything that distracts us from a life with God.

MAC: Our Lady says just have faith because you will never taste anything as sweet as the Lord Jesus and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will make that even sweeter.

OUR LADY: I have here with me: Padre Pio, Charlene my little saint, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. John of the Cross, Fr. Seelos, St. Benedict and a host of angels.

MAC: There is Michael in front of everyone with his raised sword on one knee to the Virgin. Above that jaded cloud was like the Northern Lights, that’s about as close as I can get.

OURLADY: Don’t forget the Cross I made on top of that mountain. It will not fall, but those who come with evil, by its shadow, in time, if they do not repent, will be destroyed. Pray! Pray for the weather to be normal. Feel the joy when you are in the palm of God’s hand. Be at peace with that.

MAC: I forgot that Our Lady said every Wednesday she will appear. But she wants you to come for yourself. You are not going to be prayed over. It is not a healing service, just bringing in and developing your own spirit by God. Then there might be some prayer.

MARCH 7, 2014




My Children, I bless you today encouraging you with the Good News of the Gospel. It is still to be spread throughout the Earth and will be done. Do not look toward the past even now, for now is moving fast and doing nothing. But soon God The Father, Himself will make a decision He’s already made, which is sending you a tremendous amount of grace, blessings, before the period of darkness.

It looks bad, but it didn’t look too good on Calvary either. But because of Calvary we have the Risen King to guide us into Heaven. Each one of you has something to do. Each one of you has to work your way to Heaven because of the grace of God. The Crucifixion only gave you the ticket, but you have to have more than just a ticket. On that ticket is stamped, “A member of the Mystical Body of the Church given a new life”.

Every one of you, when you get that new life your soul magnifies God. Gradually in time, even as we grow in years, it can lose that luminosity. But it doesn’t have to, for the Lord God, and Holy is His name, praise be to Him in all glory, will grant you a cleansing way through your Sacrament of Reconciliation. Through good works and deeds, through intercessory prayer for others, even though they may be on their way to hell that very day you said that prayer, there will be a reason why they won’t go. This is how positive, the powerful God is.

God does not make a big noise. God has a heartbeat and that heartbeat is in His Son, Jesus, and my Immaculate Heart.

I am just getting started and you need to become alive, and help others become alive, help others understand the gift that goes beyond understanding, of the Holy Spirit. Still, it is not very much mentioned about the Holy Spirit except for the Pope and various people God has chosen to bring the Holy Spirit. People must think of the Holy Spirit. They must take what the Holy Spirit has to give them – strength and remove the scales from their eyes. Even though people are Baptized and Confirmed, it is still going half pace until they call out and make Jesus their personal Savior empowering each one of you with the gifts of the Holy Spirit; primarily the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. You will see this right now around here. It is like a mustard seed; but that is good for many places on Earth have destroyed the mustard seed.

Pray very hard, not with difficulty, but with intensity. Ask Our Lord to give you grace to love Him more. He will do that. Just say, Jesus give me the grace to love you more. He will give it to you. He can’t turn you down because that is why He became who He was, who He is and will be; the Kings of Kings, the Lord of Lords, giving all the glory to the Father and to reclaim the Earth from Lucifer who will be defeated. Even though he seems to have many of his generals out there in the fields, they are not going anywhere. Be patient. It is no longer a day now where we are waiting for God to come to us. We are waiting and knowing that God is waiting for us to come to Him. But we have the structure, we have the means, we have the Church founded by Jesus, the Sacraments, the Bible, the Word of God. Become part of the Word of God, just a little time during the day and it would help you, like a mustard seed, then you will blossom. Go visit Him where He reigns on the throne of the Eucharist. The great miracle about the Eucharist is not only that it feeds His food to our hunger but it is also Jesus, yesterday, today and tomorrow the same. The Resurrection is right there in that chapel. So listen well to what is being told to you the next year or so; listen well.

If you listen well that means you are obedient. If you are obedient, that means you are going to be humble and you are going to grow and you are going to Heaven. Without obedience – no way. Behind all the things that you may own and do, if they are not done with love, obedience and humility, they are nothing, not for Eternity anyway. Thank your parents for giving you your faith.

Help me build this up to what the Father wants it to be. I love each one of you. I bless all of your articles, your rosaries, rose petals, whatever represents God. I have within me and with me The Holy Spirit of God who is above you now. And I have the presence of the communion of saints, especially the ones who are assigned to this area: again Charlene, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, and a new one. She is not canonized but she was my child at LaSalette, Melanie, who recently visited Thomas and picked him up off the floor and brought him back to my breast. If some things are not happening to you ask me, tell me you want them to happen to you. Tell me that you want to be intimate with me in prayer and love; I am always there with you. And again the lights of Heaven are all around. And the more you go into the Armada’s grace and the more you go into the prayers of the rosary, the more you will see what lies ahead for you

Thank you for answering my call.

MARCH 6, 2014




I come to you My Children, with love, the love of God. If you only knew how much God loves you. He does not see your souls as anything but a reflection of His love.

Today, there is a great amount of darkness. Evil abounds, but grace abounds more. Soon God will shower upon this Earth; soon in this area. Even though in the Ville Platte area there are many people who suffer a lack of knowledge of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, they must be fed. However, the people really must be taught, for they suffer a lack of knowledge. Please pray for the priests in this area.

God has chosen this area to be a cornerstone presence for the faithful to come to be healed, to grow in faith, to repent, to realize the power of prayer and then go out and give this conversion awareness to others.

Little do people know that from the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation do we call out the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 13) and call out Jesus as our Lord and Savior. This is the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. I challenge you to ask your pastor to explain the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to you.

I will send Thomas to Omaha, Nebraska, the Archdiocese of Omaha, three times this year. Please pray for the lost souls that are coming down the road, they can only be saved by prayers. Many souls go to hell because no one prays for them. Pray! Try to let your day be a prayer, no matter what your field of life you live.

After you receive the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” the whole world looks different, your faith becomes more alive and you sense the love and presence more than before.

I have blessed this area because of your forefathers and your great devotion to the rosary. People who come here to my rosary, even though they do not believe in me coming here, say the rosary and have faith, is a blessing.

I have a website and that website is there to be sent out through the whole world – the teachings of my book, the writings used by Thomas, plus other things that can be added. And I want you to be able to read that book.

I want you to go to Soaking Prayer. The Holy Spirit works so powerful that even Thomas is overcome at times. People, who need healing, tell them about the Holy Spirit, tell them about me coming there, tell them about Soaking Prayer.

Jesus, my Son, came to proclaim the Gospel, the joy of the Gospel. He came to heal the sick. He came to deliver us from evil.

The Armada of the Rosary and the ministry of this mission contain all that is empowered by Our Lord, Jesus Christ and from the Sacraments especially from the Eucharist. Die to the Eucharist, die to the Cross, rise with Jesus. Rise and shine with the Light of God.

See Children, you must learn that once you experience this and it connects to your soul, you will be happy and you will never, never doubt again.

I bless all of you, my Children. Thank you for having answered my call.

I do bless all the blankets, all the religious articles or whatever you have on you. I also bless the roses. And I want you to take these sacramentals and use them to help you grow in grace and heal. Did you know that just putting holy water on your wall removes venial sins, if you have an act of faith in that?

MARCH 3, 2014 




My children, tonight, I come to you in faith. Anyone who looks at the world today looks at it as there is no God or there is only God; only God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; only the Lamb of God, the Son, the Victim who because he died, suffered and rose from the dead made it possible for us to ever see the gates of heaven. This all happened after the fall of Adam that God, who has no time, took all the merits of his son Jesus, the God-Man and the foreseen process by Jesus, allowed me to be conceived without original sin.

I am the Immaculate Conception. I was without sin when the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus within me as a virgin. This has to be made very clear to really understand what the prophecies that I am giving and the Armada that is going to spread even more and more than you ever knew is possible. In other words, if I had not become the immaculately conceived, I could not be Jesus’ mother, a virgin, the mother of God then there could be no salvation because there would be no savior born of a virgin. You must understand this very clearly because this is exactly what they are coming against and what is said by God.

Satan knows his time is getting short. He is fighting to control, confuse and destroy the world. But, not so. He does not have that power. The people who are running around in terror of everything, they’re going to lose. If these people think they will control you for the rest of your lives; they are looking out the wrong window.

Eternal Father has decreed that the action by the Blood of the Lamb, the work of God, will conquer through his disciples, through his apostles. All of them will be aboard the ships of the Armada sailing into the port to Heaven, first, to the Church.

Things must be very, very specific now. There will be no arguing. There will be no gossip or discussion because I want you to understand, if that happens to a person and they keep doing this, they will fall from grace. Because they are so jealous and arrogant, they will not know how to get back up. So we pray, we pray.

I have a new website, God the Father in his way of renewing things did not want that website to be called www.ourladythemostprecioiusblood because I am leading you to Jesus, the whole world to Jesus, my Son and my God, your God. The Eternal Father decreed that he would give the title of “The Blood of the Lamb”, www.thebloodofthelamb.net. Anyone who doesn’t understand this does not know the progressive theology of God throughout the ages. This is what the main website will be called and will be the main transmitter of truths about me, about what is happening to the whole world.

When all of this is seen on the website the awesome things the Holy Spirit has done through me and my prophecies and in the miracles and the healing, the bi-locations, every one of them documented, then, you will see people come running from everywhere in hunger for their God, in hunger for His peace, His truth, His love and His mercy, His church.

My son, Francis, is already on top of this as he wrote about in “The Joy of the Gospel”. We should be joyful in spirit at least, because we are going to Heaven. Do you know what that means? You are going to Heaven forever and ever and ever, never to suffer again. That is why I came as Our Lady the Most Precious Blood and why the Father has made the mainstream of me turning over to Jesus, pointing to Jesus by the Blood of the Lamb.

Thomas doesn’t quite understand this and doesn’t like to talk about this anointing by the Father, the Blood of the Lamb, but if you read the word of the Father in conjunction with the miraculous picture of the stigmata and other manifestations, he has on film, my presence in his eye, therefore, he is the anointing blood of the lamb. God the Father said, “I gave you this title from all eternity, Thomas, not as how the world regards to it or relates to it, but to show you where you are with me”. So instead of just Our Lady coming, the Father says the whole Trinity with the communion of saints will swarm the Earth and Heaven with prayers for each one of you.

Many things have to be done because of the modern world you live in regarding communication. We have a network established now. We have the means of communication; the Armada, Holy Scripture, in my book; it deals with the Blood of the Lamb and the rosary of the Armada. They come together.

I want you to learn humility as my son said, “Learn of Me, because I am meek and humble of heart”.  I want you to have true love of the gospel of the Church and my Son Jesus to be the only motivation for anyone doing anything in this. It is so serious now worldwide, if anyone is doing this they won’t be doing it very long. I have angels everywhere that are watching out for this, but that is just a negative thing that Satan likes to throw in.

Thomas and I have written a book mainly composed of my messages and prophecies if you follow them. The ones that will be coming out will take you right to the door; to the gate of the Book of Revelation. Then you can see where you are.

The battle is just beginning, but I want you to know I did not give all these messages, have Thomas write all these articles by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, report what people were blessed and have said themselves with their own testimony for the last ten years to set down and have dust piled on them. I want these messages out every time they go out. Now people do not have to pay for the book; it is not competing with anyone. They are to be given away. If you have money to help the mailing and the printing of more, you have a donation for the book, that is fine, but you do not have to have one dime except the heart and desire to seek the truth of living with me. That is all you have to have.

There will be other books which we’ll use for teaching. My first book “The Healing of Families” for teaching will be about inter-generational healing of families because it is so important. My plan is to do this for a few months, then if possible, have a three or two and one half day seminar, close with a mass “Healing of the family tree”. This, I know, will be a tremendous exposure for our brothers and sisters everywhere. When you are baptized, you are praying for someone who has the same life you have in you, the Trinity, the Mystical Body of Christ, even though they may be in serious sin, but they still belong to the family. They pray harder.

I have picked this area because it has been chosen for a long time. Many people have been given a chance to do some things, but they decided not to do it. They decided they did not want to believe or it wasn’t worth going on. That is their choice. They can follow that and deal with that when they see The Father in Eternity.

And I want you to remember one thing I have said over again, we are not waiting for Jesus Christ, He is here. He is on the altar, the crucifixion, the resurrection. He is the body of the Church, the sacraments. No, we’re not waiting, He is waiting for us.

So let me bless you tonight and to know there will be more teachings, some controversial. And pray, pray, pray for my beloved Venezuela. I came and I said it would be the gateway to Latin America for evangelization, everything of hell is coming against it. They are shooting people down in the streets. They shot and killed two priests and seminarian and one in the deaconate. They are Cuban soldiers of Castro, not Venezuela, and there might be a civil war, but I don’t think it will last too long. Pray for them, for they are directly linked to you by the Blood of the Lamb.

Tonight, I have with us; of course Padre Pio was here before the rosary started. He even gave Thomas a message that he cannot repeat yet. Then we have the other saints. I want you to understand even though Charlene has not been canonized, she is powerful in her intercession. Of course St Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Thomas Aquinas, St John of the Cross, St. Faustina, Michael, the Archangel are here tonight with you.

Pray hard, be honest, pray. We have nothing else that can change this world but prayer and there is nothing more powerful on this earth than prayer, so we are sure to win. But be ready, you are now in a battle. The dragons are taking over their countries. It looks bad, but the Eternal Father is permitting this to happen for a reason. I’ll tell you that later.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I might as well say Our Lady was ….. (pause). Well it is hard to figure it out. She looked perplexed and then she would smile. She looked perplexed then she smiles. She had on the crown that she has there … (Mac is looking at the painting of Our Lady The Most Precious Blood)… and she looks basically the same as that except the moon instead of blue, it was yellow, this time. And the rose in her left hand was yellow; the rosary was white pearls with a golden cross. She would smile and she is very determined. Lights were all around. There were about 170,000 angels around her. Let me tell you this is getting heavy.

FEBRUARY 3, 2014




Blessed are those who call me blessed. Blessed is a word that appears only really in reference to God. Thus it doesn’t appear to anyone else really. As ordinary words when we bless or blessed we seek out the holy for Holy is His Name. And those who are blessed will be blessed.

Now it is the time. I want people to grow in love. Your commandment by God really boils down to “do God’s love”. Love in 1Corinthians, again I say, is patient and kind and you can read the rest. To be patient means to be able to be like Scripture says, “Happy are those who wait on the Lord”.

Many of you and many who have come here have been “waiting on the Lord”. But I have to say, the Lord is waiting on you.

This year I expect to develop souls that are unified to me, inspired by the Holy Spirit, who remain knowledgeable of this so that they can go out around here and pray over people with the same anointing. When this happens only then will the Church be saved. This is what my son Francis teaches – love, love, love. Love your nature, for God created it.

So as time passes on this will grow but it will be awhile before you will be able to go out to the hospital here and lay hands on the sick, to the nursing home, to the jails, to the sick at home, the shut-ins.. How powerful is that going to be when you come back together, praise God and intercede for this area, all over South Louisiana, all over Louisiana, America and the world. You have within you a connection to a sister, Venezuela, in Latin America.

Thomas is not going to be able to go to Venezuela until the Father says so. Latin America is in turmoil. There it is coming close to a time when the poor will stand up. Let’s give them that hope. There are fourteen states where the Armada has been spread, in healing, in Venezuela – all those states voted against the Dragon. We have already won, but now we have to carry it out. We won in Genesis 3:10.

I am the woman clothed in the sun with the moon under her feet and twelve stars around her head, carrying the child, to protect Him from the evil one into the desert. Now I am all things to all men. Grace came through me from the blood of the Lamb, the Blood of Jesus and the love of the Father.

One thing you must learn, do not judge everybody. Stop that! You love and heal, let God do the mercy; let Him do the justice – in justice it will be.

You know we walk on a, very cautious, tightrope of eternity right now. It’s a long road and the only thing that can balance you is the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Church has founded; on the Rock – Peter. One way to the right and one way to the left, you can fall. My Son said we that the path to Heaven in very narrow; so we are talking about balance. Your balance is what you will find in how to do and be under me in the Holy Spirit especially on those Saturdays which I will continue to call together until it is deemed not necessary. It may be years, two or three, but everybody will be coming in and out and soon you will become a creature you didn’t know you could ever be.

You cannot give what you do not know; you cannot give what you do not have. There are people who take and give nothing back; but there are people who take and give back. It is a blessing.

He told you to rise up in the morning and say “Praise God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. You can read Psalm 91. This is what we are doing here.

This program has evolved in Louisiana. I expect you to be seeking to be mature Christians. Mature doesn’t mean what it does in nature, mature means full of the Holy Spirit. As the angel said to Me, “Hail full of Grace”; that’s the Holy Spirit. And blessed will you be among mankind in your community.

This is not to be sensational, it is to be done in humility. It is to be done by those who want to do it. If you are one who takes and gives nothing back now is the time to start giving something back. But if you are at a place where you can take and give back, bless and be blest. That goes on and on and on for all eternity.

I come to you tonight starting the promises of what has become an army of ships all over the world. This is a spiritual war. Those who can take material things away; no politician, no king, no anybody has ever taken the spirit of man away; you have to give it away. In Venezuela the “Red Dragon” is dead!

So tonight I want you to think about one thing: What have I given? Where can I get more?

You see don’t ask yourself what you can receive, you automatically receive in God’s time.

I thank you for having answered my call.

Mac words: With her tonight is St. Bernadette – very, very bright, very, very beautiful; of course St. Theresa Liseux – very, very beautiful, all simple souls; St. Padre Pio who more or less is the leader of this movement of mine so I am going to sense him around now. You are going to start experiencing things like pleasant aromas. In the Armada you have the “Life Offering” prayer, the Armada, prayer blankets and the miracles. That is your gifts; that is your army. In the world, hate, the world, power, lies. Lies so much so that it does not know what the truth is; you think the truth is a lie – you think a lie is the truth. This is why Jesus established the Church, to keep this straight for all these centuries. In the element of the Church there have been bad times but never has the Church been destroyed. The Church will not change in dogma, it will carry on until the end of time. That is the Promise of Our Lord.

I also brought with Me, Charlene and Blessed Seelos, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and the angels. You will be assigned 2-3 angels now with you for the rest of your life. They will help you and protect you. But you must listen to the Word of God, to His will, to His teaching and to what He wants to give you here.

Many people especially Catholics get a healing and don’t ever come back. They don’t understand what healing is – which is to grow in the Church and to help the Church grow. These people, many of them, will lose their healings if they do not come back.

The lights seen are from Heaven and they go round and round like a circle, like a whirlpool. The bright light is, of course, the tunnel of God that no one enters. To His fullest, no one has ever seen the face of God except those that are in Heaven.

I bless your roses, I bless your religious articles, your blankets, whatever you have is blessed.

FEBRUARY 6, 2014





Praise be this Holy Land of the Lord. He has designated this place to be His center to recreate and furbish and train and inspire this century through the Armada, through healing and the miracles.

I want the place of prayer on the land next to the cemetery in Frilot Cove. I need the land cleared and an altar. We do have a building, so if necessary I would like to have a tent put up to cover the people for the time being in its infancy.

On Saturday, in what I will call “MARY’S OPEN HOUSE TO ANOINTING WITH THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”, I am also teaching the Holy Spirit of God and My love so that you can feel like you have been to Heaven and then give God’s love to other people – to the sick, to the dying, to the handicapped, to the poor, to the rich, to the shut-ins. You will be My Army and this will be a pilot for the armies I will set up around the Armada, around the world.

I love you, My Children. Be faithful to God and have faith and you shall do nothing but grow. Have faith. If you have faith as My Son said, “even the faith of a mustard seed”, when you pray, you can say to this mountain “move” and it will move. Any obstacles in people’s lives can be moved. But first we be love, we must love, we must forgive, nothing more.

So come to Me, My Children. I am everywhere. Come to Me. I need every one of your souls to do this. The time is near – the war has begun. I now have to convert people in the Church and to the priesthood of Jesus. No matter what kind of person you are, if you have been baptized you are part of His priesthood, part of His Body. And the battle will be done, of course, with Mohammed and his descendants and they will be defeated in the long run.

Pray! Pray! Pray! Have faith! Look in Mark 22:26. “Have faith and live the life of love with God.”

I come tonight with a blue cape over Me as was in the eyes of My son Thomas. If you see them, you see me in the eyes, they are not reflections of the statue because they do not look alike, but they are really me. I am starting these miracles to convert. I want you to come learn to taste Heaven on Saturdays so that you can go and give it out.

With Me tonight is Charlene, My little saint; Fr. Seelos, Bernadette, St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Faustina.

I have around me lights of Heaven. Someday you will see these, maybe even here.

I am with you my Little Ones, all the way, everywhere. God’s angels are with you. Fear not! Have Faith!

Thank you for having answered my call.

P. S. In the right eye of Thomas is my reflection to be seen by the world.

FEBRUARY 7, 2014




Praise be to God forever and ever, for this is my Holy Land.

“This is blest by my Father and your Father, by my Son and your Savior, by my Spouse and your gifts of the soul.”

“I have chosen this area, as I said last night to the people of God of Plaisance. I wish to cultivate, as soon as possible, the land that has been given of eight acres. From there I will work miracles never seen before by God’s power and someday I will give the sign that I have promised, to validate everything I have done.”

It is the will of The Father to construct a grotto, life-size, with a fountain of water which will be blessed, to come out of that. Also because of the people who are coming, I want a tent. Under this tent I will have a Revival of the Spirit of God that should come upon you and be a model to every place on this Earth for what has happened and to all the things that have happened: the miracles, the healings, the bi-locations, the teachings on the Word of God.

My messages must be put out all over the United States as much as possible, for the United States is definitely needed by God because it is strong enough to protect the countries that cannot defend themselves, that is deteriorating very fast with the leadership of this country which I can call the Red Dragon found in Book of Revelation and it will go down the same way. Satan is after every soul that he can grab in anyway. He knows his time is short.

You must become like beacons of light in this area to draw forth from the Armada Rosary and send out and the book written by Thomas and Myself and the Holy Spirit of God. You must become and know and experience what mostly you were denied in Confirmation, what should have been done through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. To grow in the love as a mirror and your soul sees the Eternal Father who loves you to do His love and you will feel at times as if all Heaven has come in to the room as a foretaste of what lies before you if you are Apostles of God’s love; humble, obedient and willing to suffer.

Some of you will not want to do that. That is fine, but that’s not going to stop me. Nothing is going to stop me.

To love is a creation of God. To love is the energy of Heaven and Earth. To love is the emptying of ourselves for God, going to the depths of God in our soul; then we will be sent out. Have faith, have faith, have faith, live faith, die faith.

So many people out there are starving for peace. This peace is free because it has been paid for on the Cross. Today it is the beginning of the same as yesterday and tomorrow, Jesus Christ. He will come to you, especially in these Saturday meetings which are going to be started in Ville Platte and in Latin America, every country. I have prepared you nine years for this, now you shall harvest what you have put into it.

I love you my Children. Thank you for having answered my call.

MAC: She comes again today in a blue veil and coat and a white gown with stars all around her and the universe. She seems like she comes out of a galaxy and yet at the same time she is standing here. Of course this is the place of Charlene, her dear little saint. She is with us as is John Bosco, who had the vision of the army and the Armada as a priest. Bernadette is here. Bernadette is always with me as is St. Theresa of Liseux, Padre Pio. So when I lay hands on people it is the hands of God The Father who is a true spirit, but at the same time He can come through anyway He wants to. You see He comes through my hands. He says I am the Blood of the Lamb. It is just the way it is. I can’t do anything about that. Wow! There are four legions of angels coming in here: gold, green, blue and white; fleets of angels. It is like Heaven is in here. Up there. Up there.