APRIL 7, 2014





My Dear Children, Today I come to you to encourage you to pray, to offer self-sacrifice, to seek forgiveness of your sins. I come in a world that is full of turmoil, a world that is darkness; but really it is just a cloud that can be lifted by the light of God. The young people today are the future, many of them have never been to a church; many don’t even know the first commandment. So we have a lot to do in a hurry.

I am going to start a strong evangelization program in this area on that field. I plan to have that ready within the six months or by October and then the rest is up to your faith. Around that time I should start appearing on Sunday afternoons. I would like for someone to try to dig for a well around where the apparition site will be. This won’t be a miraculous well, this will be a miraculous well after it comes out of the ground and runs through My hands. The water will be forever running through My hands and there will be many miracles off of this. I also want the statue on an altar with two candles on a platform. I want a Grotto. You may have to get a tent for a while; that is eight acres, that is a very big tent so you won’t have to have that. But you people have had it pretty easy anyhow and now this is built to call the people from the earth. By the time My website gets around full speed and the miracles that are happening get around the world and the evangelization I’m having Thomas do in the United States especially in places of faith it will be ready to receive them. I want a platform built twelve inches high to set the altar on to set the statue on, because of the soil. This will be the apparition site of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood.

There will be a sign that comes at My time. You must be patient. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways and He will direct this Himself. Because of what we attribute to God the Father at that site it will be the first one in the world to have both Myself and Eternal Father. I want this to be called “The Field of Eternal Life” in honor of God the Father and Our Lady the Most Precious Blood. Don’t think any further than that because you cannot figure it out.

But, this still will be better than many places people go all over the world; in the mountains of South America they climb many feet just to get there, to be in the place where I am – they walk for miles – Medjugoria, the same thing. Lourdes is not the same because it is already established and it has already delivered the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Fatima is the same, it is established and the prophecies have already come through, except the third secret. The third secret, some of that is there as you know, but there is more.

But now, for years maybe, we are preparing for the return of the Son of Man. He will come from the clouds; the moon will turn red and there will be miracles in the sky everytime. It will be unusual I know and we have no money but remember you have a rich Father.

This will link Ville Platte, Plaisance, St. Ann’s Church in Frilot Cove and linking to Venezuela. Venezuela is in tremendous pain right now, suffering for all of you and the world. People are being murdered, priests are being shot, they are keeping people from getting food, and the Communists are trying to take the country. Not so – not so – that will not happen. I have promised; I have come there ten years; I did not come there to see the devil win that country. He will be defeated and Venezuela will be free forever.

I want you to pray where you can for the priests of the world, especially this country. We don’t want to complain about them, how they don’t do anything; pray for them to let the Holy Spirit into their hearts and become what they were ordained for.

I love you My Children and I come to bless you, bless your roses and religious articles. I have with Me tonight My little saint Charlene, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus of Liseux, Faustina. Padre Pio is always here, he is assigned here, Fr. Seelos and St. John of the Cross. I have come with four million angels. I am coming very close to this picture here; I am looking like that except I am on a yellow moon. Sometimes I’m on a blue moon, sometimes I’m standing on the earth.

Thank you for having answered My call.


Mac’s words: All I can tell you is she looks a whole lot better than that. I’m not saying that’s not a good drawing but Our Lady is always radiant, the Rosary shines. She’s standing – all of this is taking down in like a jade street, like it is not here. Stars, beautiful stars, heavenly lights going everywhere and the Holy Spirit is above all of that.