APRIL 10, 2014





I bless you My Children, on this beautiful day. I have come to announce the place and the setting where I will have large apparitions in the future. The dimensions of all this is in My last message. It is very important you get that message. But it is going to be on the eight acres of land in Frilot Cove. I am going to get started on the specifics of what I need that is also listed in My last message.

As I have said, I want a well that is blessed by Me and a priest. So they will dig a well and as the water flows out it will pass through My hands. It will have all the healing and anointing of God and Heaven with it.

I want you to pray very, very hard for peace. In the next few weeks there will be announcements to the world of some secrets, plans by evil people to take over the Earth. There also will be blessings upon all of you; the power of the Rosary and the Armada of the Rosary. Please pray for the lost souls that are walking around right now; also to pray for priests.

I am coming tonight to give you the encouragement the Ville Platte area will soon become the area. I notice that many people from this Parish don’t even come but I am not worried about that; there will come a time when there won’t even be a place to sit.

I am not worried about crowds right now, I am worried about My will getting done and that is to get that field ready and all the directions I’ve asked gets built as soon as possible. Probably within a year, it should take. Then I will appear every third Sunday of the month at two-thirty in the afternoon when this starts.

Venezuela is getting swallowed up by evil; shooting down children. All this, of course, is not put in your press because they don’t understand evil or really believe in spiritual evil. They are blinded; they have scales on their eyes.

You need to pray for the United States of America and those who lead it, that God will give them the grace to get them out of this horrible hole they are in. AS communism is streaking all over, it is trying to get into Eastern Europe4. And you know it is trying to get into South Africa. And, of course, in many ways the effects of it are already in this country. That is why I have spread this miraculous warship of the Rosary of the Armada. It soon will be known all over the world and it is a ship equipped for battle.

But don’t worry, just stay in your place with God. Your present place with God is where you are and God always meets you where you are at.

I need help in getting the word out around here, in this area and in this state. That seems to be a big problem. It has been here a few months and most people don’t seem to know where it is. I am very disappointed in some people. But don’t worry, I have resources that are known and with one stroke of a pen this place can be known all over the world. But it is not time.

It is going to take a lot of faith on Thomas and his people to will this, believing I will come. They will be scorned and laughed at by many so-called practicing Catholics because they don’t have faith – a faith that is active, a faith that is given by the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you will miss many things God has to show you and tell you in His Word and His signs and wonders. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is contained in the Baptism at birth and at Confirmation, where it says, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, receive them. But there are also many more gifts of the Holy Spirit in Corinthians that bring in the active evangelization. People who are willing to say “I claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior and I ask for Him to Baptize me in the Holy Spirit”; that’s how you do that. As He says, “John Baptized with water, I Baptize with the fire of the Holy Spirit”.

Around My waist is a belt of fire of the Holy Spirit. On My chest is a heart surrounded by a crown of thorns which feels for every creature on this earth, which loves each one of you, which really tells you the only thing I can promise you is happiness in the next world.

The problem with the world is not war, it is not nuclear arms, it is sublime idolatry and heathenism; it is the secret societies: the Masons, the Illuminati, witchcraft and voodoo. All these societies exist to destroy the Catholic Church. They have not been able to and neither will they be able to do so. That is why I have this Armada in one hundred twenty-two countries now and with the website I will be sending it out all over the world and people will have these groups going. And by the time I come to the apparitions on the field at Frilot Cove the Armada will be going worldwide and full stream.

Have Faith! Have Faith! Pray! Pray! What is it that you have that is more worthy than God? What is it that you do that you would rather do than obey and work for God? You must ask these questions. There will be divine intervention in this area and then you will know who is really here and what you have to do.

I ask you now to pray for each other, to pray for priests. Pray for your enemies. Forgive! These are the words of salvation.

I have with Me the sponsor and really the chief spiritual director, Padre Pi. I have also, Charlene and Fr. Seelos from Louisiana. Did you know that this town is being known throughout the world right now? People are trying to find it. And they will find it.

Look at the skies; you will see signs and wonders. This will happen over a period of the next five years.

Also with Me is St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. John of the Cross. This whole mission is based on their spiritually.

I have with Me, Archangel Michael, who is in an armor of gold. He will be leading the Armada all over the world.

I ask you to read in the Gospel of John chapter 17 as if Jesus was talking about you to His Father. Read that! Read it several times when you will understand what this is all about.

Thank you for having answered My call.