OLOMPB Prophecy

Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood To Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Ville Platte, LA June 09, 2014 My children, I come with God’s blessing. I come with the blessings of heaven. I shower you with roses and again I see the plan of God. Have faith, have faith. Have faith and pray. Have joy. Joy is the absolute dis-structure of fear. Nothing from heaven brings fear. Only thing that comes to you from heaven is grace of God and from the grace of God comes a healthy faith. These times are times of the culture of death, but eternal life as, is and will shine. My Immaculate Heart shall triumph over all even if God has to purify the Earth. My Immaculate Heart and the Heart of my Son in the mercy of God will prevail until time has disappeared. When time disappears, you will be in heaven. Only those people who absolutely refuse because of their pride, their arrogance, even if God shows them heaven will turn him down. That’s hard for you to understand, but there are very few people who do understand that. Now is the time to learn about spiritual warfare. That is what the Armada is all about. We are in a battle with hell, head-on, but the church founded by my son will prevail. There may be suffering. There may be turmoil in nature, but that is not God’s punishment. God does not punish in the New Testament. He does not punish but the justice that’s exactly what it says, it just judges. But you are my children, I am the Mother of God, the Queen of heaven, I’m also the Mother who suffered terrible pain watching my son be destroyed by wicked evil men, but you know what that doesn’t stop the cross. And it’s still going on today, if not worse. This community here is blessed by heaven. This will be a base maybe for the whole world as it is connected with Venezuela. And the Red Dragons’ heads will come off over a period of time, lasting till the darkness stops and a light comes on again. But if you just simply pray, go to heaven and you go to heaven by reconciliation and the Eucharist. No one has ever left the Catholic Church if they really understood the Eucharist, unless there is someone who understood the Eucharist, but they sold their soul to the devil. You know satan understands the Eucharist. They believe it is the body and blood of my Son, Jesus. That’s why they do everything they can to destroy it and priests, but that’s not going to happen. There is no one in this area more important than anyone else. There’s no one greater than anyone else. You all have souls and those souls came directly from God and they belong to each person and he loves every one of them equally. In the coming months, I am going to teach. I am going to teach at every meeting Thomas has. I am going to teach you the truths of heaven where they have not been explained, but I want you to understand the more you know of the heart of my son, Jesus the more you know about God. The more you live to do God’s love the more you’ll find the strength to live and know who you are in his reflection. Obey, my son Padre Pio said, ”If you do not obey, you have nothing”. The way to heaven is thru obedience to the word of God. Say your Life Offering prayer as many times as you can. There are witness testifying to the miracles happening because of that prayer and their prayer blankets and the laying-on of hands. These miracles are not to show off or anything, but to let you see and those who want to see that God is present and is working wonders. Just be a simple person who opens the soul to the love of God until you become like him that way. Then grace will come and I promise you as my son Jesus has in the word when you need for heaven and survival will always be there for you. Do not worry. The Armada is moving along steadily now that’s the battleship that will eventually one day sail right to the gates of hell and crush that red demon’s head and send it to hell. It’s very hard very hard sometimes to even live, but if you have a real grasp of what you had been promised in eternity, you can survive anything. If you don’t have faith and don’t want it, that’s exactly what you have nothing. But I love you my little ones and I cast roses over you from heaven. Remember, when you get up in the morning, praise God. When you go to bed at night, praise God for the day no matter how bad it’s been. Again, I say to you to look at the sky. There’s a time coming where you’ll see the awesomeness of God and no, I will not tell that time because I don’t know that time. Even Jesus does not know that time as he told Phillip only the Father knows that time. But, if you stay with the Armada, stay with your faith, the sacraments; you have nothing to worry about, nothing except joy, joy of seeing the face of God. That’s what my son meant when he was on the cross he said, “I am finished, it is finished” and it really is. This is the beginning of the end of satan and his allegiances on Earth, but you got to remember that time with God doesn’t exist, except now. Thank you for having answered my call. Mac: Tonight she came in her usual wardrobe. If, you have not been here or seen this, that is real fire around her, when she comes, and that’s the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Also, she had lights again all around, but she did not come on a moon. She had the Earth this time. She had with her your favorite saint, Charlene. I say to you she is a saint. It’s just a little slow down there, aren’t they? Father Seelos, Padre Pio, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Theresa of Avila, and St. John of the Cross. She has Michael the Archangel. He always comes before her. Before she comes, I don’t know when she’s going to come. There is a flash of light and then that light thru that light or with that light, comes Michael. He’s always escorting her and then she has several other angels around. Sometimes, she may have your relatives here praying. I don’t know who she is talking about, but she says there’s a person here, that’s going to be miraculously healed and another one is going to be miraculously healed of cancer. It’s a woman, but I don’t know anymore. If I told you I did, I would be lying.   Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood To Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Branch, LA June 13, 2014 I come today in the name of The Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The fullness of the Trinity will now be with this ministry until all is complete. We are now approaching the powerful time of God to attack evil thru his plan and this plan is basically the same thing that most other apparitions have said. St. Maximillian Kolbe is the real originator and the first to use the plan I gave him to spread the knowledge about Jesus until he himself died as a martyr in Germany. That was the Immaculata. We are taking now the Immaculata and have put another stamp on it called the Armanda, the sacred ship, the Armada Rosary. I am very very happy that God’s grace is being allowed to come in many people’s heart in this area. You don’t see them now, but you will because they will know the signs of the times. They will see that heaven is visiting this area. They will have their scales removed from their eyes. They will no longer be blind because they would have experienced the power and love of the baptism of the Holy Spirit in which you have to stand and call out that Jesus Christ, the son of the living God is my savior and Lord. And the gifts that he has given us are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. You must understand this first concept before you even actually try to understand what is going on. So from now on, the healing services, there will be altar calls or you can do it at one time. Those who have not been baptized in the Holy Spirit which means nobody (in?) a Christian because of confirmation and from that sacrament comes the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to use the gifts of the faithful to do all those gifts that are (listed) and listed in the twelfth chapter of Corinthians and thirteenth chapter. You must start going down and doing your intimacy with God, doing God’s love, learning to read the word of God, learning to let the word of God talk to you and actually thru your own work going to the inner depths of your soul with Jesus Christ. All these are ways to make you healthy. The only way which is also always been the only way is thru the Holy Spirit. Pentecost brought him down upon those with tongues of fire. Every one of you who have been confirmed has been initiated in the Holy Spirit thru the sacrament of confirmation. You’re re-born again and re-initiated into the life of the Trinity thru baptism. You have to learn these things because it’s the only way you can comprehend possibly anything that the Holy Spirit is doing for the most part especially in your life. The Holy Spirit must become the sole source to experience the love of God. Do God’s love. We do not have time now to do the petty things. We must move forward, but you have to help me out because I’m using almost all the resources of heaven to blockade satan, but he is very strong and persistent and greedy. He wants you to lose your souls as much as God wants you to save (them), so learning how to pray with the power of the Holy Spirit to give you new vision, new hope. Its takes away fear, gives you life, energy of God to live your life with him and the Trinity and me the rest of your lives. From this great treasure which many people do not feel or experience. It means that you are now being called as Jesus said to his apostles,” Go out to all nations, spread the gospel, live the gospel, do the gospel, be the gospel because all authority has been given to me in heaven and earth baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”. There will be different branches sticking out from this incorporate body now. Do everything the Holy Spirit needs to do. He does not need anything from us except loyalty and obedience. I would rather have that than a million dollars for any soul. So according to the earth, we are not very wealthy according to God we are very wealthy. There will come events that people experience that they never thought they could. That’s why a lot of people try, they cry because their child is so blessed to be touched by God. If you have an unhealed child they are trying to pass on the adult teaching of God, you can’t do it. You can’t do that which you do not have and you can’t give it either. For this is what I’m calling you to do. I am calling you to live a life of a saint, holiness, my perfect (no way can you) do that, but obedience you can and loyalty you can, naturally speaking, there is not one of you that can stand up for your faith, supernaturally, maybe all of you. I have shown Thomas a vision of this country. He is not to talk about it. He is going to be taught how to work with people to develop the strength of the Armada. We could do so many places, now. It is in one hundred and twenty-two nations and I thank you. Mac: What do you want? Well, what do you want? I don’t know, I don’t understand. Alright, you want me to talk to them about it? The picture? There’s a whole bunch of lights up there right now. Oh, I want everyone to experience this bright lights and warm feeling of your body and soul. Our Lady: You will come (of this) soon because they are going to be taught. If you are not willing to be taught, you do not need to be in this movement. Thomas has to be taught every day, sometimes in the middle of the night some angel, saint or myself, will come to him and tell him what to do. That might be happening to some of you, too and when it does, write it down, please. I am very happy even though it’s very negative in the world that we have cells like this building up everywhere. The Armada is now in one hundred and eighteen languages. It is going throughout Africa. It’s going out into Japan, to China. It is absolutely beautiful to see that leadership going touching the healing souls put them on board carrying them forward. I have restricted Thomas’ travel to just this part of Louisiana and Arkansas. Louisiana will be the base of Arkansas being converted. That is why the works up there on these week-ends are miraculous; have to draw the people. They will to all people, not to have a pep rally , to draw the people to get more prayer warriors or to try to get a holier life than they have now, to confession and the Eucharist and good works. So, I will teach you along the way. Just read my promises if you ever get down, read my promises because I am the Mother of God and there is no way that you will not be blessed with these promises. Most of them are eternal some are material some are for your family and for other’s family or falling or lost souls. Some of you will be asked to suffer pain, most of you won’t be asked to do that. Just think about the whole thing evolving around the cross; sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice, unconditional love, sacrifice, just a little bit maybe for fifteen minutes and you will bring the power of heaven down upon you. It says my St. Francis of Assisi said, “I would rather see a sermon than hear one any day” and the thing I will add to that is, if you see a sermon and be a sermon and you become a golden child of God to evangelize for the Church because it is going to be up to the lay people for the most part, to get all this started. Then, like in the days of St. Benedict, the priest will start coming and there everything on heaven and earth will come. I have with me today and I bless all the rosaries, roses, the blankets and whatever holy thing you have on you. Padre Pio is up there; St. Bernadette, so beautiful, St. Mary Magdalene, St. Theresa of the Little Child Jesus, St. Theresa of Avila and the Holy Spirit is on this place by the flowers. Mac: It is hard for me even to be strong enough to stay awake. It’s so beautiful. I just wish you could see this last time over and over and over again to appear on the altar of a Church and her beauty. Her argument is if you have faith, you do not need that. My argument is we do need that. So, maybe she will do it. Maybe, she will do it here and outside the cloud you can see (point harshness) of wings bringing us to the contact of the apocalypse but not for long. Our Lady: So Charlene, but I am going to keep saying she is a saint until they make her one. Thank you for answering my call.


MAC: She’s coming in an all red light like blood around her; it is very bright and then comes gold out of the red and she says…

OUR LADY: These are the martyrs that are dying around the world for God and there will continue to be more because the Church becomes strongest when it suffers. The rules never change because man cannot handle the balance and just approach the plans God has for living. You need to thank Venezuela and the other poor people in Nigeria and Syria and the Middle East where the Red Dragon and the cult of Mohammed seeks to destroy every Christian as did the Roman Empire at one time. So every prayer counts – every prayer. Do not worry about the way coming here, the only one who has to be here is Thomas and that’s the way I have him praying every week. But people who come here, if they only knew the graces they are going to take home, they would come. And if they don’t come, they are not going to get graces. I will bless this community. I will protect this community from all forms of destruction unless it decides to turn away. If this community turns away from Me, I will turn away from it. I want you to keep being patient and kind. Everything is from and for the Father’s glory; for the Blood of the Lamb, anointed by the Father because of the Blood of Jesus – this is the doctrine of the Armada. I want to go on record since I gave this message to Thomas in private, I do not approve of that portrait at all. It is totally erroneous. I am not even wearing what I am supposed to be wearing. Thomas is supposed to be in black on one knee. Michael is fine except he is supposed to have the light of Heaven around him; it comes from the light of the door of Heaven that is behind Me. I want the boat to be sideways so it can have the Rosary of the Armada, the Rosary for Our Lady the Most Precious Blood of the Armada. Then it will be set straight. This is My weapon. It is not even noticed because it is not supposed to be noticed. The website is almost up and when it comes, everything will come with it. There will be many writings against the polices of the world; many writings which will give people hope, coming of course by My grace that I give especially in this area. I want this understood. I plan to come here every Wednesday and the only one who asked Me here is the one that receives the messages. I am sorry that people can’t get here because they have to work; some people can’t get here because they don’t think it is very important. That is unfortunate. I have big plans for this area – out of the mud and the grass and the trees shall I come; a fortress made out of God. It is love. There first is love and then comes the messages for the world and this area. Also on that ship is to be: Padre Pio who is the commander and who is the companion of Thomas and the Armada; St. John of the Cross, the great defender of the faith; St. Theresa of Avila, another doctor of the faith, holiness; St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, the holy one, the holy child. St. Faustina is to be on that boat because she gives the ultimate message of mercy that will keep God from destroying the world; St. Bernadette, St. Catherine LaBarre, all the Saints will be here. St. Catherine LaBarre devised this medal. Maximillian Colby – St. Maximillian Colby started the war, the modern war against Satan with the Immaculate which has given birth to the Armada, which is the same, but at a different time and is the total reason for attacking evil and finally finishing it. Don’t ask how long this will be because I don’t know how long this will be. Just practice your faith everyday; everyday, not just on Sunday, everyday. That is why the numbers will be few, but the power will be great. I have never come to a place where the faith is great. It is there all over the world but it is there to give grace to the rest of the world; the same here. Pray for the intentions of God the Father to be done. Pray that people will learn to receive and let Jesus into their hearts so that they will be happy or serene even under the most difficult circumstances, for to those to whom God has given much, much will be demanded. This now is a screening time and by the time I am prepared to act, I will have the people I need and the people who are not supposed to be here will be gone. Thank you for having answered My call.


My Dear Children, This month is My month, the month of May. I come to you tonight asking for you to pray, to pray that My plan for Louisiana will be developed especially where I am going to appear within the future on the land in Frilot Cove. Therein will take place many miracles, but it will take a lot of help from maybe even all over the world to get this shrine started – but I will handle that. I would like to call people to fast one day a week for My intention to break through the hearts of some people of this area to come to Me. Many people are in grave danger if Satan attacks because they do not know how to pray. They have not opened themselves up to the Holy Spirit. They have not really acknowledged in action Jesus as their Lord and Savior. This will happen frequently at this time of building “The Field of Eternity.” This is God the Father’s mission now. I am always subject to Him and relay to Him requests and prayers for you. Thomas will not go outside Louisiana until I direct him to do so except to see his family. Everyone else who wants ministry by him or this ministry must come here. I want this put on your website. I love all My Children here and there are many who need conversion, but grace will come that you have never seen before and you will be blessed. During this day of fast I would like for you to say the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet to build up the grace here. You may choose any day you wish and you may fast with bread and water or even some other kind of drink except alcohol. You may eat one meal I prefer that to be at nighttime after you have done your day’s work. After each Rosary or Divine Chaplet say the Life Offering Prayer, and if you can say the whole Armada and I guarantee you this, I will do what I said I was going to do. Everyone is worried about a solution to the world problems. No government is going to save you. No politician is going to save you anymore than they did wrong when Jesus was around. But Jesus risen, going to the Father sending the Holy Spirit upon His Apostles equipped the Church to save souls forever. This is the true Church. I cannot and do not judge people but this is the True Church that God has given; historical evidence, Saints, the Sacraments, the Word of God. Many people have true hearts and are holy that are not Catholics, but at the same time what they offer is nothing compared to what the Church offers you; the Sacraments, the Word of God, His Body and Blood, prayer, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. People must seek these things. So you will be taught how to pray. If you don’t come to the Walk with Mary, My Saturday devotion and teaching, it will be on the website. I am going to give you the website; it is www.thebloodofthelamb.net. Check that website. I want everybody that can to register their e-mail name and address so that you can get the newsletter and you will get the newsletter I assure you. I have told Thomas he has to get this thing out. (My translation) Tonight the Holy Spirit will bless you and bring you closer to Him. Through the soaking prayer, which is so important, there will be miracles, especially for those of you who cannot afford a hospital you need to go to soaking prayer, God will heal you. Please pray, pray, pray, especially for the priests, that the scales be taken from their eyes. Remember the will of God is for you to do God’s Love with obedience to Him. I bless the roses, I bless the blankets, I bless all the articles in this church. Thank you for having answered My call.


MAC: She’s appearing in the statue. My dear children, today is a beautiful day with God the Father. We are so pleased with the faith, expectant joy, sharing, seeking to grow, being messengers of hope when this mission starts going full time. I want you to encourage as many people as you can to come and Walk with Me on Saturday. It will be the most important event except for the healing Mass. I believe that the Holy Spirit is now making His imprint. And as My Son told Thomas years ago, that He would send him out because his people suffer from lack of knowledge. Feed them; they are hungry. Feed the sheep. And now we realize what He meant. Don’t concentrate on evils, the idolatry, the depravity of the human being you are seeing, what you read in books, television; it’s not all bad. People are being stripped of their dignity, their property, all over the world. Yet at the same time the rose petals are going to grow and flowers and lilies in the field are going to grow reminding us how perfect God’s creation is of each one of you. My Son said, “Look to the lilies of the field, Solomon in all his array could not be more perfect than one of these lilies.” And God’s Eternal Word said surely you know you are more important than lilies, surely you think God will provide for you as He does for the lilies in the field. What we have is faith. Faith doesn’t come by hearing, it comes by doing with the will and the power of God. Seize the hope. Hope is the reflection of yourself in God as He sees you. That’s love. Only through obedience and forgiveness of yourself and your neighbors can you enter into Heaven. That doesn’t mean it is going to get easier and doesn’t mean that you won’t have to suffer. The difference is the reason. You will start noticing when you pray the expectant faith of The Life Offering, The Rosary, fed by the Eucharist. Things will start happening in your family because God sought your family. But you can’t go in there and ask God like a cripple child, like one who doesn’t trust, or a child who cannot love because he/she has never been loved. You bring yourself into the presence of God by following Me, by asking Me for the grace, for staying in the present. If you keep going in the past you’ll be judging yourself. You develop no trust, even if God told you you were His most precious child, you wouldn’t identify with Him until you do this, “Love God above all things and your neighbor as yourself.” And also, I want you to know that the Armada is a spiritual warfare gift and therefore learning about healing, deliverance of curses or any involvement of past generations is what this is all about now. Everyone of you are oars on this ship, yet at the same time you have your own little ship and by the millions they will come forth behind My Armada; My Armada Rosary, the Blood of the Lamb, to destroy Satan. Do not get impulsive about how the “Field of Eternity” is going to be built, where from, when – only God knows that. I know that because He has told Me what the mission is; you do not know that, not even Thomas knows that, he has no idea. But we have to be ready to be able to hear, and the root word obedience means to hear. If you cannot hear you are blind. If you don’t want to listen, you will never hear and that’s the problem, especially with western civilization, especially with the United States today; they do not see, they do not hear. They want to hear only that which gratifies them. But that can change with the grace of God, and that’s where now we are beginning in this country. You must pray hard for your priests. Pray that bishops are sent here in this area in the United States that have the love of God in their hearts and can trust, because they are the fullness of the priesthood and it is through them that God has ordained you, the one Church which is One, Catholic, Holy and Apostolic. I will help you a great deal by signs and wonders that will be seen around here; not necessarily on the eight acres but everywhere. There will be miracles everywhere and I will tell you keep looking to the sky. That’s the Eternal Word – look to the sky.

MAC: I am in two places at one time right now. I am in Jerusalem for the beginning of Holy Week. But I am in Jerusalem 2000 years ago also.

OUR LADY: And Jesus is here. Next week He will be chained, beaten, crucified. Before that, He will institute the Sacrament for His Body and Blood being sacrificed as a gift for you for all time in the Eucharist and the Blood of the Lamb. Sunday He will rise up from the dead, but He only did that one time because He is God and time has to come around to God’s here and now. I AM WHO AM – all focuses around The Eucharist here, now and forever, but it is the same God that you consume that died on the cross, the very same one, the very same pain, the very same Church, the very same condemnation, the very same abandonment from His own apostles. “Could you not pray with Me for at least one hour?” Now He is asking that question of you. And it will be everyday; He is asking someone to pray at least one hour. Do not fear, My Immaculate Heart, in eternity, has already triumphed. Venezuela has already won. Latin America has already been evangelized. But we must go through the steps. Venezuela is suffering for you an imperilous world, suffering living hell. But they are handling it with joy and hope for they have been told that once this is over, they will be free forever. And as soon as you get yourself in the great position with God, in a relationship based on obedience and humility and service, you will be free. I have brought with Me today all the Apostles. I have brought with Me today the donkey who would carry My Son through Jerusalem, laying palms before Him, knowing only that the next week, Friday of that week, He would be crawling up the road to Calvary on His hands and knees, trying to carry a cross, beaten and whipped, forgiving, for you. Pray to Him to let you experience all the love He has for each one of you; His dying, sacrificing love, unconditional. You are so blest to belong to this flock, but it is not half full. God is depending on you and others around the world to fill that pot until it flows over. Drink wine, His Blood, His Body and be full, be full. We must die to the Cross, die to the Eucharist – since the Eucharist is the Resurrection for now. I love you My Children. I bless you. I bless you today with a special blessing for I have special healing on the rose petals. I bless your religious articles. I bless your hearts. But these rose petals today have been touched by the Holy Spirit, blessed by Me to heal. But you must have faith. Faith in the power of God to use as a vessel, to heal even when impossible according to medical centers, starting today; today and will go on until the sign not to be here. Thank you for having answered My call.

MAC: She was absolutely beautiful. The fire around her waist was like lip smooth. Her eyes were deep blue. The colors around her were swirling like a pennant. She stood still and the Apostles and St. Charlene, St. Fr. Seelos, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Avila and St. Theresa of Liseux and of course, always Padre Pio. Padre Pio is also blessing the roses. They will help to heal you and give you peace, so can you focus on loving God and yourself and your family.

OUR LADY: Again thank you for having answered My call.


My Children, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I most humbly call you and come to you under this name, the Three Persons in One God that the whole universe has been created, redeemed and will be judged. This is a very exciting time to test your faith. So far you have been on a roller coaster. Now God is going to call you to push the roller coaster. I am calling people to pray hard that I can get The Field of Eternity built within a year. I had said October but the Father corrected Me. This will take some hard work but by this time the ground will be laid for the whole world to come. You have to trust Me; you have to trust God. I am not going to make Thomas dig into the dirt to get water but I want him to get a well dug and the water will come up. It is not miraculous water but every drop that comes up will go through My hands and My hands will have the same power of anointing they had when I held My Son as a baby. For you are My children, but you see that seems funny to people, but there will be so many miracles they cannot be denied. The last person Thomas wants you to look at is him, beat-up, old, and tired, but he has the life of God in him. He has the guarantee of the Creator of all life that he is going to be here until he has done what he has to do. He has asked for a vacation after that. We might give him a very good one. And that is for every one of you. I did not go to Venezuela for ten years to let Satan just steal it. I did not go there for ten years just to turn My back and leave them. The unfaithful will change their minds and their hearts because of the power of God. And once they do, it will be awesome. As far as the Holy Spirit goes, once everyone opens up to the Holy Spirit, let Him into our hearts, then when you pray you will be in greater union with God and you will be in union with God because you will be a new creature. You will have the full benefits of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In one of My messages that is still yet to come I asked you to go to your pastor. How would he explain the Baptism of the Holy Spirit? I challenge you to do that. You will be surprised if they answer you at all. It is not important that we make somebody look bad, it is important that we have something that is so good they want part of it. If you have expectant faith, the same faith as Jesus said, “Believe in God’s power,” then you don’t have to have all that faith for yourself; nobody can, you are just human. Therefore focus on the power of God and not on your own power. But when you have an expectant faith, you do just like My Son said in the Scriptures, in Mark 11: 22-26, concerning the fig tree that died. As soon as My Son Jesus said, have faith in God’s power and when you stand and pray say to that mountain move and it will move. The mountain, I mean your everyday life for some people, looks like a mountain that nobody can climb. But if you believe that Jesus Christ can make that mountain where you can climb it, it’s going to happen; but with tremendous need of inner healing, many times, because the last part of that Scripture, you must forgive your neighbor, the worse there is, or you yourself will not be forgiven. It is not worth much to have a perfect prayer and not be forgiven because you still hate. I know some of you have suffered terribly, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit loving God. If you are angry with God that means you need some work to build yourself up to do God’s love. He sees every soul, and that soul shall say in a real true experience, I love you Lord. Not, I love you Lord, except; not, I will obey you Lord, except – that doesn’t work. It doesn’t happen overnight with you either. It takes time. That’s one of the values of soaking prayer. All you have to do is show up and this could happen to your heart, to your soul. Jesus sees our souls. Jesus loves us because He sees The Trinity in us, then, He comes to us. If you take Him to the inner depths of your soul, you and He will be one in prayer, in love. You can never imagine, until you do that, what that is like and that is what I am trying to do on Wednesday mornings; to put you under the anointing of God with praise and worship and the Rosary so you can develop a sense of God and a sense of the Holy Spirit, My love for you above all. In a way, the person I trust the most with this mission, this assignment is Padre Pio. He will be with Thomas every minute. He has to watch him, you know. So you see, we are getting ready to do something big here. We are going to develop that eight acres of land and I know how it is going to be done. And as I told Thomas, don’t even worry about it anymore, just get out there and do what you can. By that time, the Armada will be going in another year, the website will be going in another year and some of you might write some of the testimonies that you have received from God. I’ve never seen anything like it. That is how the Church survived, by testimony, by miracles, by healing. It is dying now because they don’t do that. They do not believe in it. They do not want to sacrifice anything but they spend one hundred-fifty dollars on a football game. I know you people down here. But it doesn’t bother Me. There have been much worse times than this. But I know if just you here present would give your heart and soul to God the best you can, He’ll build that field, “The Field of Eternity”. He will build it. On there I want a grotto. I told Thomas this morning about God the Father. I do not want a statue of God the Father; I want a statue of something like clouds and two hands coming out of big clouds, big hands. That’s all you can see of Him anyhow. And then I want a statue of Myself between four feet eleven inches and five feet tall, made of a kind of substance that would not weather out; an altar and we are going to have a grotto. All of that is going to come together. It will be known at the right time. The publicity about this mission is going to be known at the right time. And you think about how many people can get in an eight acre field. It is going to take everybody to help. That is why I am telling you this because I am not going to say it again, all the things we need. But we still need the Rosary to carry on. We still need you to build-up your body and soul in Jesus with the Sacraments, with the Word of God and the power of evangelization. This is going to go throughout the whole United States. I am starting with the Venezuelans in the United States, everybody, the primary cells of where the Venezuelans are. I have to admit that most of these are very poor. They had to leave their country because of Chavez, the Red Dragon, who now is on the judgment seat of the Father. These Red Dragons will go, but Jesus, He is not going anywhere, never has in history; Napoleon went, Hitler went, Pontus Pilate went. But Jesus is there, and if you do that you might just see Him. You might just see Him. Would you just think it over? But, don’t tell Me you are going to give Me a commitment if you don’t really want to do it. Thank you for having answered My call.