MAY 16, 2014

My Dear Children, When God sent His only Son into this world to become one of us that was an eternal act. That was to set man free from punishment and not ever seeing Heaven. That was His mercy and you are all here because of His mercy.
Today is a dark time for many countries; a time of death and suffering, lack of food and above all personal freedom. In the United States it is different. You have food to eat. You have water. You have energy. You are not too worried about anyone attacking you, but what you don’t have here is the heart. The Father does not need your head. God does not need your brains. Remember, He is the one that created them, but, He needs your heart. The heart, of course, regulates everything in your body or life, especially blood. Right now, a great deal of blood is coming upon people who are totally innocent of hurting anyone. That will come back to you until you can do what you need to do to open up to the Holy Spirit.
People go to Mass but they do not seem to know how to pray. They read prayers. If you look at the prayers during Mass you will see the most beautiful arrangement living totally in God’s hands up to and including the Eucharist which is the center of all things, the center of creation. The Eucharist is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He left that with us because He has to continue to save souls, to praise God The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Eucharist, if you receive in the state of grace, removes all sin. The Eucharist is the part in history that divides Christians because they don’t understand it. They don’t see it. That is why My Son, before He died, left that to be the last part of salvation. Then He became the Eucharist on the Cross. And if we follow Him, we know that we die to the Eucharist everyday and we die to the Cross everyday with faith expectation that we will have a resurrected body.
I am living proof of the resurrected body. God gave you the gift of not even having to wait and wonder. Here I am. My body was assumed into Heaven. Now, I come to you as I did on the Assumption. The Father showed Me the map of the land. Now, I have this Armada which is carrying all the power of the Church in a simple way, because God is simple. He just is.
You are part of that. You may wonder why is it that God chose you to do this and not someone else. The only reason you can give is He did it. He chose you. We don’t know anything else. It is all a mystery. Life is a mystery. Death is a mystery. Birth is a mystery. My Assumption is a mystery; all part of the mystery of salvation.
It is My desire now, starting today, to put that into one envelope and to be spread all over the world. Soon the Armada will be doing a service in Arkansas; who would have ever thought it, on the feast of the nation. It will not go any further for Thomas but it will go further in that diocese because they have a few priests who believe in Me.
Why don’t priests call up the people after Mass and anoint them. Let them see what would happen. Do you want to know why? They are afraid. They are afraid of the Holy Spirit, even though they think that the Holy Spirit works through them all the time and He does because they are priests. This is Satan’s attack on the priesthood as well as the Protestant Reformation attack.
I know there were many abuses in the Church at that time but I tell you this, if people had the Eucharist realizing that the Body and Blood was going into their and to their heart – what that would mean to them!. They would never leave the Church no matter how bad it is.
So be grateful for your faith. Be grateful for what you have. The Holy Spirit will touch many hearts around here and other parts of the world. Just keep doing what you are doing and The Father will be blessed and He, I guarantee you, will bless you back. We will have many Saints and angels around this area. Ask God to bring you the angel you need in your life because they are real. There are thousands of them in this room right now. Don’t ask why or how, but they are here to serve you. Your patron saints are here and the Apostles, Fr. Seelos and Charlene. There will be more coming on this later and you will be taught more about this on Saturday.
When Thomas was in Nebraska, it was like he was in jail. He couldn’t go anywhere; he wasn’t allowed anywhere. So finally he gave up and did God’s will. He suffered. He talked. He prayed. He has to love those people and he knows what to do now as to his limitations.
I have with us today, which again you are so fortunate, Padre Pio. He is the organizer and director of My whole mission. He is an ideal priest because he was obedient; not because he was good. You can’t make yourself good before God until you get the grace and you won’t get the grace until you become obedient. [Will God’s will. (Mac’s interjection)]
Charlene is also here. She will become a Saint. It is only in the judgment of man that she is not one already, but it is going to happen. And you are My saints. Seek holiness. Do God’s love. Pray. Do that fast, what I ask you to do. Watch what happens. Watch what God can do through that. Read the Bible; it is all there.
Thank you for answering My call.
MAY 17, 2014

My Children, Today I want to tell you of My plans for the world starting here. The foundation is built and you have to build your faith and grow and learn about the empowerment of prayer. There are certain types of prayer where people think they are praying but in reality they are not praying. They are mouthing the prayer. Of course it is what is in your heart, but I want you to learn the dynamics of prayer; in the sense of a personal relationship with Jesus, with God the Father and becoming involved and ready for the Holy Spirit to descend upon you.
I want everyone or anyone who joins this assignment as a member of a prayer team to learn the Spirit; you must sacrifice. You will not do things on your own time. You have to be willing to agree to this. At first it won’t be hard because it is very simple. You must learn what prayer is. Prayer is talking to God but it coming from the heart and the soul. I want to help you reach down into your soul, because God has created every soul beautifully and separate. The soul makes you who you are. Baptism completely cleanses your soul and gets you perfectly in grace.
Then, you will have to learn the power of forgiveness ; the gifts of the Holy Spirit and above all, seek grace with your prayer to go with Jesus down into your soul, in order for you to be healed. We cannot have the blind leading the blind. We cannot have healing unless we protect this devotion, which is to My Immaculate Heart by the power of The Holy Spirit.
My mission now totally is to place every soul in a position to be healed through the Sacraments and above all through the seed of the Armada Rosary; this secret I have held for ten years as a sense to become to a fullness of direction. It only has to have empowerment. All people who come and have directly involved themselves in this mission must by Baptized and Confirmed in order to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. They must be willing to do God’s love, willing to walk that love everyday because it is going to get very evil and dark in this world, as you can see.
The only way to bring light to the cloud over the world is the light of God The Father, which is opening up; the sacraments and the Rosary of the Armada on the 25th of every month, which is like an I. V. in many ways – you don’t exactly know what is happening – is the answer.
This is My mission, My last mission on this Earth. It may last a long time but that doesn’t concern you. It concerns you in that you must just be a part of it. It will take awhile to get things organized but be patient. Things are going to be done exactly when I want them done and at no other time. There will be no prophecy about this or word of knowledge. When the time comes it will be revealed and it will be proved that it was given to Thomas.
I love each one of you very much, but if many people would take prayer as seriously as they do food, grace should grow and grow and grow.
God is counting on your country because it is so big and because it has a lot of generous people, who just don’t know it. They don’t know the Holy Spirit. They have never been taught that. Even though it has been accepted by the United States Conference of Bishops, the whole charismatic Renewal with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit, with directions for the pastors to discern over it and not get rid of it, there has been disobedience in this or omission because they did not read the Bishop’s pastoral. They will be accountable for that, so pray for them. The Holy Spirit will not have a committee. You cannot cannot committee The Holy spirit. They have to receive the gifts and learn to use them as you are, going through these courses.
The time for everything is to give you the knowledge to be healed, then, to give you the knowledge to love God more and more as you can yield to descend into the inner depths of your soul with Our Lord Jesus Christ and The Eucharist. You can become people of prayer but ask for The Holy spirit. Those with the Baptism of The Holy Spirit are going to clearly see as always has been in the Church. The Apostles were blind to the things going on, but when The Holy Spirit descended upon them, they broke out into the Pentecostal power; speaking in tongues, words of knowledge, prophecy, miracles and healings all over the place.
Some of them previously not only did not understand Jesus, they abandoned Him, which brings up the subject of Mercy. God will offer you mercy anytime you want it as long as you can breathe. Ask and say as My daughter Faustina said, “Jesus, I trust in you, I trust in you”, and keep saying it for 5 minutes. It will be a little harder as you get further into it because Satan hates this. So, if you really trust in Jesus,, then you trust in the Kingdom of Heaven and you are now being healed. Jesus, I trust in you. It moves temptation, yet he will be taught the power of prayer as a gift given to you to give to others.
I am very serious about this; I will not stand for any evil power or any Jezebel spirit. You must have obedience; and under obedience comes humility, patience and you love all whom God loves as you love Him. Do not be afraid for all the power of Heaven and Earth are behind My Armada. People will laugh, but they laughed at Noah also. They better pray that the same doesn’t happen to them. Say, “Glory be, to The Father and to The Son and to The Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be world without end. Amen.”

MAC: The divine throne is above Our Lady’s head with all grace coming to her and through her to us, coming back through Her to The Trinity. Blessed is He. Blessed are You Oh Mary. Blessed are you Oh Mother. We bless You. We call You blessed as The Holy Word.
OUR LADY: As you say, blessed are those who bless and call Me blessed. Do not get discouraged. Learn how to help each other. Learn how to pray with each other. Nothing is more powerful than that. If you are depressed, go pray with someone, go pray. That is going to work out perfectly to the very day when I shall come to the public, to this area of Ville Platte. It has been chosen from all eternity. I am with you. I will be with each one of you everyday of your life and I love you very much as does Jesus who took the nails and the whippings and the embarrassments, the blasphemies that witness from mankind to the human mankind.
I am standing in a golden door before the Universe down to you with Padre Pio and Father Seelos; St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, St. Maximillian Kolbe, who was a seed with his “Immaculata” to grow into the Armada, and Charlene. I put Charlene in My vision which I gave to Thomas and let everybody know and don’t understand and want to help her as she is already in Heaven. She will soon be documented and finally she will be Blessed.
Thank you for having answered My call.
MAY 19, 2014

My Dear Children, We are in the springtime of the year and a springtime of the Church. Things are being built, set-up; many seen, many unseen. It is like birds, they are flying around to build their nest. So is the Church during this time with this new Pope, Francis. We will become an Ava Church, a Church of evangelization; no longer can we sit and just not try to reach out to the world. And I know grace must be given for this to people. Most of them don’t even know God and a great deal of them do not want to know God. Millions of people never heard of Jesus. It seems as though Christianity has not succeeded very well, but it has. It has within its very nature, its very being, every means there is to offer salvation and grace, and to convert sinners and to convert people to the Church; but it must stand up and witness to this.
I was very happy with the way people gave their testimonies, no matter how small it is, giving glory to God so others may listen. People may not listen to a sermon; Roman’s didn’t, the Philippians didn’t and so on until the signs and wonders came. Signs and wonders are the gifts of the Holy Spirit; the miracles, the healings, the prophecies, the counseling and above all, renewed people with love in their heart and their soul for their neighbor, for God, for themselves – they all have to be there together.
We have a great Church of intercession and every second a Mass is being said around the world interceding to God the Farther to give grace to mankind pumping the body up with The Eucharist and the rest of the Sacraments. Don’t get negative about what you see and hear in a pagan world, especially in the United States. Half of the country is pagan now, the New Age is pagan. Now is the time of all the great Saints, especially in the twentieth century; St. Theresa of Jesus, St. Faustina, St. John Paul II, St. John XXIII who opened up the springtime and Satan has done everything he can to squelch that; but not so. Not so.
No one knows exactly what is going to happen here because I am not telling anyone. So beware of false prophets, who are giving out false words of God and dates of the end of the world coming; they don’t know anything. Just as Jesus told Phillip, He certainly didn’t know because He Himself didn’t know. He said there would be signs and the signs are starting to come.
My plan for South Louisiana, Ville Platte, is to be obedient. Come! Come! Come! Come and witness the power of Heaven. Go back and Baptize in the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Bring people to My heart. Instead of saying, I don’t know what to do about my family, they just turned out to be no good – that’s exactly what Satan wants – admit defeat, have faith, have the grace of faith (The Baptism of the Holy Spirit). I have given the arm and the equipment with the Armada to do this.
Your child gets sick, put a blanket on the child, it can’t hurt him. Start using what I have given you. There is a number one hero in this. There is a number one worker and that is the one who hung on the cross for three hours. Everything you have, every bit of faith you have, any dream you have of Heaven, is because of those three hours of hell suffered by My Son and your Lord and Savior.
Anything can be changed for the good with the right amount of prayer. Just how much do you really believe in what we are doing now? Tell anyone about it? Is that important to you? Only you and God know that. But it is not enough and I will help. There will be signs and wonders around here during the healing services from blankets and soaking prayer; people will be healed. But again, Jesus wants you to take that healing to your family and into the world, as He would give you more grace and more grace and more serenity that you have ever known.
I love you My little ones, very much and AI am also depending on you. You look around and say well how can I do anything? Ask God, He will tell you. And pray, give people hope and they will get hope; give them charity and they will get fulfilled. Nothing in the world, all over the world, can be the true child of obedience and humble to God than charity; that is how you know whether someone is a true disciple, by how they love one another.
I am very serious. Things are going to start happening everywhere, every direction and it is happening on some parts of the Earth right now. But, you need not worry about that; you are taken care of. All I ask you to do is take care of your part of the bargain. Stay clean of sin. You go to sin, after, you go to confession and you are in a state of grace; all your sins are gone once you receive communion, the Eucharist. Pray for those who persecute you. Pray for those who you just can’t stand. God will bless you greatly.
Thank you for having answered My call.
Tonight I have with Me Charlene who is one of the people I want on the boat. I was not pleased with that. First it didn’t have any type of real spirituality. It didn’t show the power of Heaven. It was a wrong outfit. My saints were not there. Thomas is supposed to be in black. Michael did not have his light, his angelic light around him. So I am dismissing that and I want one drawn just like I described. That way you will be blessed because you see the person on the boat also is you. Praise God. Amen!
May 30, 2014
Prophecy Our Lady Most Precious Blood
Thomas “Mac” Smith
St. Louis Catholic Church, Camden, Arkansas

My children, in this land so dry and so promising to do God’s work. I have chosen this area because I have an obedient priest here. This area will become a corner stone for the graces that I am going to give this whole state. I want you to know that I love you very much, I want you to know that you are loved, few of you are loved.

You know that the evil in this earth is very strong at this time. But I have my fleet of ships of My Armada in 122 countries and in 81 languages. My Messages and the Armada Rosary are the battleships that will defeat Satan, it will actually crush his head!

This will most likely, be my last big mission on this earth. I come to tell you the one thing that differentiates you as a Christian, as a Catholic, is your desire to do God’s love, to do God’s love, to do God’s love, you will learn all about the mysteries of God and the power of the Holy Spirit that comes with and through me. This seems to be small; but remember what Jesus said about the faith of the mustard seed. This will grow, you will get help, there will be miracles, there will be healings, not just today, but from now on and you will get help, pray, pray, pray, pray, for yourself and your families.

Go to the Sacraments, be silent with God and remember to obey God. There is nothing that can start toward holiness without obeying God’s law and love. No matter how much money, how much you give, how much you do; if you do not do it out of obedience and humility it will not count. The widow’s mite is very important here, don’t measure what you have or don’t have; measure what I offer you.

I offer you a way to Jesus, Jesus the Son of God, who has come in many ways and who is coming in many new ways to heal His church. Pray the Rosary, the Rosary is the necklace chain, the chain itself to God, hold onto that, love one another, and learn to deal with your problems.

But you have to have faith, faith, faith; pray, pray, pray; love, love, love and every grace you need will be given to you. The means by which all of this is being done, the weapon of this time of revelation, the apocalyptic is my Armada. It is a ship, of a fleet of ships and each one of you is an ore in these ships that will sink Satan.

This is I say a prophecy as the Mother of God, the beginning of the end of Satan. You see him on television, you see him ruling the world, and you see the red dragons coming up in various countries of the world. They do not come from God, they come up to destroy, to see who they can kill, they do what they can do to innocent people all in the book of rules of Satan.

I promise you this if you obey God, if you follow the Armada, if you obey the rules of your church, the day will come when you will either be in heaven watching from there, are on earth to watch Satan’s head go under the sea into the gates of hell.

Become lovers of God, no one can do anything without love, it is the only thing that motivates life, it’s the only thing that gives us the intimacy with God and ourselves and the more we do God’s work the more it reflects back on our soul and the more it reflects back on God’s love the more it protects our soul and soon your soul will be in a very close union with the love of God, and you will become part of that love of God, and give it to others and bring many people to Jesus Christ, whether you have seen them are not.

We are one body the church, one blood, one hope, one crucified, one resurrected, all around the Eucharist and here on the altar every time.

So come and pray, this world can be saved anyway, no way except through prayer. There is no prayer there is no love of God. It has always been said, I can tell how much someone loves God by how much they love to pray, because you can tell how much spouse to spouse love each other by how they love to speak to each other, to be with each other. The rest of it is nonsense if that is not there, so I come, I thank you so much for coming. I thank you for trying to do, and you will, you will get help, but your hearts and desire are enabling with Me and Our Lord.

I am now going to bless all of the rosaries and blankets. The rose petals are all over the world, people put them in their tea and are cured of cancer, especially children’s diseases. The prayer blankets are in the scripture Acts 19:11, put them on yourselves, put them on sick people, miracles are already happening through them. I bless you. I love you and I am with you. I am with this marriage, I am with this territory of parishes. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: When Our Lady comes she usually brings Saints with Her. The first time ever, She brought this Saint with Her, St. Andrew, and of course you know he is the Patron Saint of the Cathedral in Little Rock, Padre Pio, is here always, St. Theresa of Liseaux; St. Theresa of Avilia; Blessed Seelos, is here and of course St. Louis. I also brought to you a girl, child, She is not well known as she should be, She is already a Saint She is here in heaven, every time I come I bring her with me, her name is Charlene, listen to Her, intercede with Her because She is very close to me and with the wisdom of a child, She will help you with your life.

The colors are all around Her, She came in a bright flash of light and St, Michael, the Archangel was right over here, he always proceeds before Her. All the colors of the northern lights go around and around her. She was standing on a cross laying down with flowers on it. She is very beautiful, extremely beautiful. You cannot take your eyes off of Her when you see Her. Some of you will experience Her this week and just don’t keep that in your heart, you go tell Father Tony and witness to him.
MAY 31, 2014

My Children, I am very happy to be here at a parish which is named after My Heart. You know a great Saint during WWII was My Son’s Saint, Saint Maximillian Colby. He was the founder of the spiritual warfare mission, the Immaculate. He started the first really strong Marian ministry for spiritual warfare. I am sure that the 1900’s to 1999 was full of warfare especially spiritual warfare.
Many countries understand spiritual warfare; most of the United States does not. One of the reasons is they are not told or taught about the devil. He exist believe you-me. He also is fighting a battle to the death with God for souls. This is why I am here. I am The Lady the Most Precious Blood. I have come here through what some people would think is an act of faith, but that is not true. I came here because God the Father sent Me here. It is true that even though faithful, most of you people have missed out or not been told about how to experience God, spread His ministry, bring converts and healing. This area right here is the seed as I have said so many times. It is the mustard seed.
Look around now, this doesn’t seem like a very big group of people in comparison to others that Thomas has ministered to. But, it is just as important because Arkansas to the right and to the left of its brother states, does not know about Jesus Christ, does not know about Me. I am the Mother of God, the daughter of the Father of the Universe and the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Everywhere I go My Spouse goes with the Spirit of God, leading My Spouse; His power being unlimited to convert souls. I also come here as your  Mother.
The important part is for us to learn to love God and learn to pray correctly. Correctly means to know how you are empowered by God. I am teaching this. I am not a messenger anymore; I am a prophet. I am the last prophet of all times, so listen to what I have to say.
You have been chosen like a piece of sand on a beach, but that doesn’t matter, the Holy Spirit is here strong and your Parish is here.
I am happy to be in one of My other titles of the Immaculate Heart which so closely ties in to the Most Precious Blood. I am going to explain to you what that statue means. The statue means redemption and victory of your heart and the justice of God. It has a real heart which is the heart of Jesus because I am the biological Mother of Jesus. His blood and My blood are the same. All this was done by the power of the Holy Spirit.
In Genesis Adam and Eve sinned and this is when the battle began. But God being so merciful said “I will send you a woman, her seed versus your seed and she shall crush your head with her heel”. The Armada of the Rosary is the Mothership that will carry this message to the gates of Hell.
I come to help you learn about the Holy Spirit, but remember the Holy Spirit could not come at all until I was Immaculately conceived, that means without original sin. Jesus was conceived as man, as God into a man’s body, a baby. He could not, the Holy Spirit, do anything until He was born, until He preached the Gospel, healed people and delivered you from evil. The power that gave this to Him for the Holy Spirit to come was His death on the Cross.
The death of the Son of God because He is also God is one time for all times, the past to now and the future. This is the Eucharist. I am and I share the same blood that is in My Son’s body at the Eucharist. He had no other place to get blood. That is why God the Father has chosen Me to take all of these great miraculous events in history for you, so that this Holy Spirit could descend and become the power of Christ’s Body, Mystical Body, the Church; the power for all holiness and He descended upon Me and the Apostles in fifty days.
Where I go he goes because He is My Spouse. I am the Mother of God and I have picked this area of the country out like a mustard seed on dry land that will grow and grow to a beautiful Oak tree with the power of God. You are part of that. You must now seek to receive the powers and gifts of the Holy Spirit with all your heart so that this Church can grow and spread like fire.
We are determined that Jesus shall not come back and say, “Have I found no faith on Earth?” Now, the battle and also it is the beginning of the end for Satan. We have a great deal of suffering, sin, evil, power, horrible things going on. But, the Church has faced that before and by the power of the Holy Spirit the preaching of the Gospel, the Sacraments, and the gifts of the Holy Spirit has come over this. This is the last time that the Church will have to do that. How long will it take? No one knows – only God the Father.
People who go around making prophecies and predictions of dates are walking on shaky grounds because very few have been accurate and nothing can scatter the lives of someone than someone going around saying God is going to do this on this date, He is going to punish everyone on this date or that date or Jesus is coming on this date or there is going to be an anti-pope. Maybe that will happen but only in God’s time.
You are God’s time now; your soul and your awareness are God’s time now. And God meets you where you are at. He meets you here today; today. And I will be coming back. I will be coming back several times so the graces of Heaven can be shed in this area and bring peace and healing to many people that can be passed on in this state which is, I must say, not totally obedient to the Lord’s commands especially in devotion to Me. It is going to change. It is going to get better. Now I just want you to come to My heart. Come to the heart of Jesus, lay your head on the lap of the Father.
Let us begin, the trouble went in the ground last night. The City of God will come with their shovel.
As usual I have with Me for the second time in My apparitions since they began to Thomas, St. Andrew; St. Bernadette, Fr. Seelos. St. Theresa of Liseux of the Child Jesus who knew only one thing to do, that was to do God’s love. She became a Saint, one of the greatest Saints in the world. St. Theresa of Avila. These were all people inspired by the Holy Spirit. St. John of the Cross. Padre Pio, for Padre Pio is the Spiritual Director of this mission. Believe Me if you knew these things you will see miracles never seen before. Some of you have already been healed and don’t know even know it.
I have also, My little child saint and that is Charlene. She didn’t do anything absolutely out of this world except the most important thing; this 12 year old child gave all of herself, all of her suffering for souls with the pain of the deep – for that she became a saint. See, you can do that too.
I bless you. Again I bless everything in here including the Roses which have already been blest.
And I thank you for having answered My call.

MAC: She came here again as a flash right through Our lady of Guadalupe up there, down to this statue. St. Michael again was there. The colors were awesome but mainly she streams green, gold, red and blue. Around her head was a crown; very small crown like the one in the picture of Her and She was in white. The band around Her waist is not a decoration, that is pure fire that burns, standing for the Holy Spirit. All that represents the power of God: the band, the heart, the thorns, the obedience, the Rose and the Rosary. Say your rosary. Some of you in here need to go to confession – amazing, they have a life change. There is only one thing God can’t make you do, that is to love Him or obey Him. But to be saved we have to do both.
OUR LADY: Thank you for having answered My call.

JUNE 1, 2014

Our Lady the Most Precious Blood appeared to Thomas Mac Smith and showed him a vision and told him, “I have a plan”. Mac says, she showed me a large bird’s nest; there were 12 baby doves in the nest looking up with their mouths open. The bird nest was in a large Magnolia tree. On top of the tree was the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove with rays of light coming from the Holy Spirit and rays of light coming from the hands of Our Lady the Most Precious. The rays of light went into the mouths of the birds and a ray went on the other side of the magnolia tree. The rays of light formed the word Camden. The Magnolia tree symbolized Magnolia. Under the tree was shown a garden being planted with mustard seeds. Symbolic, the mustard seeds are being planted in Magnolia and they will grow across the whole state.
JUNE 4, 2014

My Children, I bless you this day. Are you taking time to pray?; because the Father is going to start manufacturing grace hardly ever seen in this area or anywhere. We do not fear what is truthful. We do not fear in our faith what is God and who is God and we do not fear the abandonment of God.
I will be appearing here almost every Wednesday because of a need of grace in this area of how I will build the mustard seed. It will turn into a huge tree with the power of heaven. You must keep it simple. You must stay simple and you must stay obedient and humble according to what I am going to say and what I am going to do to build an everlasting grotto and maybe a shrine for all time. It will be the central focus of my Armada Rosary. I want many people to pray the rosary.
Now we are formally in battle not only for souls, but we are in battle against Satan and his last rush to steal like a thief any and everything to hell. However, it is also the beginning of the end for Satan.
Do not measure these things in time. Do not measure when the grotto will be built. Do not guess at all these things. For now I have been a wiser soul chosen as a place of investigation at a universal church. Do not fear but you must pray hard because Satan does not want anything to happen here. If it happens here it will spread like a flood throughout the United States, Mexico. It might even revive Europe. This has been God the Father’s intention of all eternity. This is also the intention of why He created a soul that was immaculately conceived to be the perfect vessel for the Son of God to become the Savior of the world with the promise of our individual resurrection and also with the gift of the Eucharist which is the resurrection and it is also part of the cross. It is also the food that feeds my soul.
It is the body of my son which is the Church–the mystical body. Sometimes I will have a short message. Sometimes I will teach. All the times the signs and wonders will be here being done in my spouse, the Holy Spirit. Where He is I am and where I am He is.
I will always bring with me someone who has been canonized as a saint in the Church. Always there will be Charlene and there will be Father Seelos because this is their area. This is their area that they brought here. You see, there is no time with God. No time. It is now always with God. I would love to have people who could come here to pray because they will receive many graces and it is necessary that this be here to give power to this devotion to me. By the power of the Blood of the Lamb it is going to spread.
I am going to need people. I need to teach people how to pray. Thomas can’t pray for everybody. I need to teach people how to do soaking prayer. There may be a day when I come into a hall and I have not only Thomas but many of you praying over people. This is the desire of my son the Vicar, Francis. This is evangelization. This is spreading the word of God. All power and authority has been given to my Son and he said each one of you baptized go therefore teach all nations. Baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The time has begun today here and is being done. Do not worry about who is not doing anything; be concerned that you just obey the will of God. Thank you for having answered my call.

(MAC) Did I say that I have Charlene here?; Charlene and Father Seelos. Charlene is the blood of the blood of the faith community here. Someday she may be the patron of this whole area. I have St. Theresa, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bridgette of Sweden so wonderfully endowed with the gift of healing for the power of the Eucharist, St. Faustina whose prayers saved mankind in the chaplet, St. Thomas the apostle whose doubt brought him to his knees when he was told to “place your hand in My side. Place your hands in My hands and wounds. Place your hands in My feet.” He said. “My Lord and My God!” He said it over, “My Lord and My God!” My Son said to him as He is saying to you right now, “Blessed are those, Thomas, who do not see Me but believe for that is a greater faith.”
There will always be some sign or grace given to you to maintain your faith. Sometimes Satan comes into power and tries to control to bring in a Jezebel spirit that wants to do everything, control everything. That is not of God. I come directly against that attitude now.
(OUR LADY) Come to me like little children. A simple child has the greatest mind in the universe. Has the greatest purity in the universe. The first shall be last, the last shall be first. I bless you today. Thank you. Thank you and pray