JULY 16, 2014




My Children, A new time has begun. You are going to see many, many conversions and the power of evil will become stronger. Stronger because the people who say they are doing the work of My Son are lying and they say not who they are. My heart waits to be called. Sin is so prevalent on this earth. It hasn’t got anything to do with My lack of knowledge. As a matter of fact, you may see on this earth now, this failure, the failure to sacrifice yourself. Many sacrifices have to be made. Although they may not seem very hard but to God, they are very important!

Everything around here will start clicking and will start bearing witness to God’s truth, love, healing. Just don’t be satisfied with that. I acknowledge God’s presence with you all your life, every minute of your life is very important. It seems like a little thing but it isn’t. Ever since you have been baptized, God has been within you. There are some that claim that God is with them because they are good or powerful but NO – Not So. You will come across many things and learn many new things good and bad, that is to prepare you to minister and to be ministered to; to decide how to pray. The power of prayer, some of you do not know that yet. But that’s alright. Just keep coming and God will bless you with great graces and great knowledge. Help you understand.

The world does not understand because the world does not recognize what the Spirit knows. Jesus is preparing the Earth by various ways. He has set his throne. You are fortunate to have been blessed by God to know these things ahead of time; more than that, the sense of God where you are. This place right now is just totally, totally before the Holly Spirit. It is hard to even think. It is for the sons and daughters of God to pray.

I am embracing you now into the feeling of the presence of heaven. It is very hard for your senses to receive but they will in time if not already. Some of you have been given gifts of God. This is all natural. That is not enough. You have to learn how to use it. I want this group to become a group of intercessors and so from now on we’ll do basically the format. But we are going to spend time either in silence or speaking for people who have responsibility for God’s Kingdom, setting up and those who are actually at the head, such as My Son.

MAC: I see a circle and a circle and a circle. I see the circle getting wider and wider and wider. I see a horse coming out of there with wings. We are being drawn into this; into the heavenly power, and given special graces today of the presence of God’s power, of His love, of His mercy, to give you strength to pray for others. We are on our way to perdition. I have asked you to fast one meal a week on a day. It doesn’t seem like much but when it grows to thousands it will be a great deal of breaking the bonds that Satan has. All these things of Fatima do not have to happen. They do not have to happen.

Now I am back here. I haven’t been here. I came from a place where your mind is totally overwhelmed. I can’t even talk. What I saw I can’t explain yet but it’s good. And it is going to grow with y’all and your families, even with your worst neighbor. There will be changes coming; changes around the healing services, changes around prayer. And the more prayer goes on, the more fasting goes on , the more rosaries we have, the more Armada, the greater God’s power. And how He will leave this place with no stone unturned. With all of this I will say we are all blessed but now that we are blessed we are also responsible. That is what it says. And remember the Life Offering Prayer.

In this book that she is showing me right now, it is written, From the grounds of the field shall blossom the flowers of heaven. The winds of the field will be blessed by the Holy Spirit. I was praying from these grounds. Miracles, love joy; it will be protected. People coming here will be blessed. No matter what, they will be blessed. So we must make accessible places for people to come to pray and also start ministering to those who are sick and unable to do anything. I feel old. My heart is still running off into the sea of grass, of building, of the universe, layers of the universe, layers of the universe, layers of light, and they just lap here and then go back. It is very hard to focus, very hard to focus. I don’t understand what I am looking at either. Just pray. Pray hard. Now the doors are closing. She has with her the closing of the doors of people so powerfully interested in this mission: Padre Pio, Saint Bernadette. All this is coming but I don’t understand any of it. I can see angels, flying angels. I can see people praying. I can see people going to Hell. I can see everything, grass and trees, fields, sky everywhere and all that. And I am here to let you know that it has been done. I see Saint Theresa the Little Flower. Every time Our Lady appears here she has Charlene with her. Obviously, Charlene is going to become a very important part of this. Padre Pio of course is it; and Saint Theresa of Avila. Fr. Seelos who I think will become a priest, I mean a Saint pretty soon; being investigated. This is more credibility. There are not very many apparitions or missions revealed that are being investigated. There are 300 or 400 claims but out of that there’s not very many at all. I hope that they come and help us because we are going to have people in retreats and everything. I can hardly talk.

JULY 17, 2014




Beg God’s Mercy. We beg God’s Mercy.

My Children, The world is in the greatest danger in its history. But also, the power of God is going to be strong in history as it is now. Many people are going to be destroyed; innocent people, people who never did anything to anyone, children, babies, pregnant mothers, murdered. Four billion people have never heard of My name and have never heard of My Son’s name, Jesus, their Savior. And you ask what can you do? You do God’s love and you pray. I am depending on this area to be a base for the world. I will work miracles here never seen before. We will draw people into prayer. Do not fear. God does not kill people nor does God punish people this way.

There are some very evil leaders in the world that even go back to the beginning of the early days of Egypt and they are planning and have been planning. They own many souls that you don’t know about who they are, but you will know who they are if they reveal themselves. They have made blood pacts with Satan to rule the world with him. As Satan lies, he says Jesus is so weak; he could not even stand His own death. Satan says, I will never die; the Resurrection was a fraud. Satan is telling these people and the New Age is telling everyone they can be god, but My Armada is going to save the world.

It may sound funny to people, especially around here, but I am not here to be funny. I am here to ask petitions to save your souls and the souls you love. God has granted a very simple formula for that: Confession, The Eucharist, The Word of God, The Rosary, The Armada Rosary and Charity. It is not too late. Some of you have not been to confession in years, go make peace with your heart.

My heart is now weeping. You can see it. It is getting darker and darker because of the blood that is being shed today. This has started the beginning of terror in this world, but Satan has made a big mistake as he usually does; he doesn’t realize how strong the Church really is. And, it will continue to be through conversions, through love, through repentance, through martyrs and through those who sacrifice.

You have all of this in your soul, in your Baptism, in your Confirmation. You were created soldiers of Jesus Christ and The Resurrection must be studied now. So, I am asking Thomas for an indefinite period of time to start applying My messages before and after on the Book of Revelation. We are in the Book of Revelation, but remember, Scripture must be fulfilled.

Scripture must be fulfilled. There are people who are quoting dates and numbers. They are wrong. They are wrong. If it comes, it will come through the Church and there also is no rapture. That was invented by another sect. There is, instead of the rapture, A Second Advent. The First Coming He was born to Me; the Second Coming He is coming to take us to Heaven. I don’t know that day; Jesus does not even know that day only God The Father knows that day.

Try to talk and love people no matter what they have done to you. This is what will defeat these people because it is humility and obedience. They do not understand that they are arrogant, they are blasphemous and they are Satanists. They hate God and they will fall! They will fall! Some of them have already given their souls to Satan and can’t take it back. So pray.

In this area, Southwest Louisiana, as I have said, it is going to grow; it is going to bring people from all over the world to pray. Many of you I will call to be prayer warriors, healers. We have to have your help; there are not enough priests. There are definitely not enough priests in this area to do these things, so, I am going to train you. You must know about the chapter in Luke, about Isaiah, Genesis 3:10  on and the Book of Revelation, and if you read the last twenty messages that I have had you will see right where we are going. They are not messages, they are prophecies. You may have them on your e-mail or you may get them from the book that Thomas has written.

So, why am I weeping so sorrowfully for My Children? I am happy for what we have here. Remember what Jesus said, Where two are more are gathered in My name, I am there, also. If only I had had ten in Sodom, it would never have happened. So, have hope, have faith, be encouraged, God does not lose.

Thank you for having answered My prayer.

MAC: This place is being drawn out to Heaven, close. It is being carried by angels. There are more than three dimensions on this Earth, you know. I see the gate of Heaven. I see the round door. I see the bright yellow and white-green lights. But I can’t see inside and I can’t handle what I see. I cannot handle it. Almost takes your breath away. It is so beautiful.

My God forgive us. Forgive us all. If we only knew what you had for us we would never sin and if we did we would repent right away. It is so beautiful.

I see Jesus now coming in a throne that has four things over it. He is in a chair and from His stigmata hands are rays of light going out all over the world. And Our Blessed Mother is sitting to His right and from her heart it joins with the Earth.

I don’t know, I don’t understand this at all. I see the Holy Spirit with bright lights of fire, blue and gold covering the whole world.

And I hear The Father saying: Listen to Me for I am the Lord your God. I will not stand for blasphemy. I will not stand for idolatry. And for that reason you will have a chastisement, but it can be decreased by pain. Come to My Mercy. I love each child created. I love each child not created, but murdered.

It’s like, it’s I am standing on nothing. I guess the only thing I can do is ask Him to have mercy on us.

And The Father says: Don’t be so foolish to disbelieve this. This is the beginning of the Second Advent of My Son. He will come as a King, not a savior but in His time. And I am out to save every soul on this Earth and I am depending on this little area to obey Me so My glory can be where I want it to be and My Church can be built on a land in My name. I Bless You.

My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices with God my Savior. Holy, Holly, Holy is your name.

There are thousands of Saints and of course the ones that come to this assignment are: Padre Pio and Charlene – she is a Saint; Fr. Seelos  he is a Saint; St. Theresa, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. John of the Cross, St. Anthony, St. Francis; oh my gosh too many in number.

And Our Lady says: Thank you for having listened to MY call. Pray.

JULY 19, 2014




My Children, Today is the day to start a run, a series about what I am doing here. In the eyes and the mind of God this looks like a big space for the children of Heaven to pray when it all comes about. I want you to urge other people to pray. Only the wisdom of God knows why all these things are being done.

That is why I am silent, because of the presence of God The Father here. All of Eternity and those represented including Myself are on their knees for He has spoken. When He speaks He has the joy of prayer. When He speaks to us He has the firmness of truth. God The Father doesn’t warn anyone; He just does it. He has all kinds of people to warn people through prophesy. But, He doesn’t have to do anything except to be worshiped. He has a great love for this area and He knows far better than we do.

I am His daughter; I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit. I am the Mother of God and all that authority has been given onto Me to be a prophet; the final prophet. We will build this grotto but for awhile it will be tidbits and maybe just an idea. But, the reality will come and we will have the place I have designed for all people to come and love God The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and love Me.

I want to just bless you, reach out and touch you, love you, nurture you, nurture all who want to be nurtured and pray. That is what we are doing here now, learning the basis to learn how to pray. Soon that will grow to a place where people will come to learn how to pray. One day won’t do it. This is the biggest and the heaviest of them all. Believe that! Tonight when you go to bed, read a verse of the Bible or the Psalm, say an Act of Contrition, say a Memorare and Glory Be and go to sleep. That will cover you. Have holy water in your house and if your statue is not there put it in your bedroom for the night. He cannot come and bother you this way. Keep working hard and you will rest in peace.

MAC: I am having a hard time here. All I can feel is a tremendous love of God, love of Our Blessed Mother and I am almost paralyzed. All I can think of is hope and love, clarity, visions, verses of scripture. We must become the mind of Jesus Christ at this time; the mind of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5). I think that runs into what kind of mind we must have and why we kneel.

OUR LADY: I have given My mission statement today already. With Me today I have the Saints and the doors are still open. No one is in there but you are invited. You are first class; if you do the will of Our Father you will have Eternal life. Pray for those who don’t know how to have eternal life. Develop a love for God and nothing ever can take you away from that. No matter how bad it gets you will remember or how good it gets you will remember how it has to be. So say the Armada, but you don’t have to do that every day.

Thank you for having answered My call.

MAC: She is still here. She doesn’t look quite the same; she doesn’t look like a statue, her face is alive and she is looking at us. I don’t know what to do except look back at her. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for coming. We will try to be faithful. Ask God to have mercy on our soul, souls we love and souls we can’t stand; then we will know what peace is, we will know the secret, the secret of the Immaculate Heart which is beating. Amen.

JULY 21, 2014




My Children, I come here to teach you about love and how to pray. Prayer and love go together. A heartless prayer has no value. I want you just to be patient. As the Holy Word says: Love is patient. Patience is the greatest gift you can give to God because without His grace you couldn’t have any. There is no way; somewhere you will break. But, even though, with God it is a virtue; it gets grace and gives grace, it makes you holy, it makes you disciplined, it clears up the eyes for your faith.

As you can see the world is getting darker and darker. But remember Satan lives on fear and fear is false appearances that are not real. If he can get you to listen to this fear, look at it as fear, look at the Earth with fear then you are saying he owns the Earth. But, he is not the light of lights, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. He is not the prophet, the teacher. He is not the Son of God even though he proclaims himself as God.

As I say, on Good Friday, He was our Savior. In His time, the time of the Father and when Scripture is fulfilled He will come not as Our Savior but as Our King. When He comes there will be no more saving. So simply pray and expect God to do what He needs to do in your life and then it will be much better than you could have thought. God doesn’t need our prayers for ourselves; He needs prayers for our brothers and sisters. In this country there is a lot of that because of the way people have to live here. It is hard because we don’t feel security from the world. But, if you trust in Jesus, the grace of that security will come to you. Soon there will be signs and wonders done by the Holy Spirit in this whole area, as never seen before.

If you read the scriptures carefully, Jesus didn’t go very many places to heal people. They came to Him. He had a very short ministry as far as mileage. He just walked around a big lake and the whole kingdom of God was born there. So obviously that doesn’t have much to do with it, does it?

The presence of the blessed Trinity and Myself and the angels are going to be where I am and I am here. I am right here right now in a full blown apparition. I have given Thomas three cotton balls full of oil; they are the tears of My Son just as if they were from Calvary and I want him to bless you with those. There will be more because He understands how you hurt, He understand how terrible life can be. Tears come from His heart as the tears flow from mine now. Even then His majestic face will come upon My heart in time.

We are not here to do tricks; this is for your salvation, to help you, to give you strength, to let you know there is something more. That was the only way the Roman Empire could be converted was through the signs and wonders of the Church. Now we are back there again.

With every beat of the Sacred Heart of Jesus you are there in My name. Only God can comprehend that. Just believe it. Every one of you here tonight are in My heart. I am doing this to give you hope, to encourage you, to let you know it can happen, a miracle can happen. Some miracles don’t happen because if they did some people would quit going to church.

How many people do you know, especially in the Catholic Church who get healed and return? This is what offends Me the most. I have other options because everything said, done or written about Me is absolutely true and can be absolutely documented.

Just saying the Life Offering prayer at night is so powerful for you. I mean only God can do that. It seems so simple. But God is simple. He is just I AM.

So I bless you tonight. I anoint you tonight and your roses and your religious articles, whatever. This is happening here because this is what God has chosen to do and has made you special. If you don’t believe this pray they keep their faith.

Faith is what it is coming down to. Faith isn’t dark, it is very, very illuminated. The Holy Spirit has to be back into the Church in a very active way. Soon He will start powering His way in and it will bless you too. So I kiss you, I love you. And I am with you.

I have the saints with Me: St. Theresa, Blessed Seelos, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Peter and he has his Miter on and his staff and he has a white robe on , but it is St. Peter – the first one. St. Faustina is here praying because above Me is a vision of Heaven with the cloud, all the Saints are gathered, all your relatives are gathered because they are saints; St. Bernadette. There is a priest in this diocese from long ago who should be canonized, his name is Fr. Lafleur. He is very high on Heaven’s list. He is a humble and holy priest. And know, I am in Eternity so I can talk about this. I can say Saint Charlene; I can see Saint Seelos because there is no time here. But still it is a matter of time before they become Saints by the Church.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for having answered My call.

MAC: She looks just her statue except it is all lit up. I was hoping she might light up for y’all tonight but I guess this isn’t the night. She will do it one of these times though. I hope she does it during a Mass with people there. Then we’ll all need some Imodium after that. But she is going to do something, I know it. The oil is a sign that that is just going to keep getting better and better. Remember what Jesus said: Where two or more or gathered in My name I am there, also. If I’d had only ten people, God said, in Sodom and Gomorrah I would not have destroyed it. So we are in pretty good shape we have more than ten people and when we have more than two people God is there. She hasn’t gone yet, she’s looking at everybody smiling, putting love in you over your hearts. There’s plenty enough to go around.

JULY 23, 2014




My children, the only great thing that can prevail in this world today is faith. Faith is the foundation of our mind and will change according to God’s will. A new insight illumines our intellect. It gives us visions and we have to carry faith like a flag in a world of darkness and evil, in a world where you just read about evil and very little about the good. So that’s why God established a church. It’s to keep everything in a straight line that can be free to teach people, to teach people about faith. As we go along this journey that I’m starting here, it is going to get harder in some areas. But if you have faith, and if you are getting in God’s grace, if you have the hope that He can give, you cannot have anything any better.

The people of America for the most part have never really been challenged in their faith. As I said in Medjugorje several years ago, communism is going to raise its head again. I now say that it has raised its head, looking to devour all that is good and pure, because it is the master of deceit. The ultimate result of this is going to be a terrible chastisement if things don’t get better towards God. Chastisement will bring about conversions, even saints. I call upon you to pray, to pray for this area, to pray for this country, to pray for this world.

Again there were only eleven apostles in that room upstairs, with myself, called upon to carry the gospel to the whole world. That has been done. But without the knowledge of prayer, without the knowledge of empowerment you have through Baptism and Confirmation, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it shall never bear fruit. Just because the communication systems in this world don’t say it, doesn’t mean that God’s not doing it.

People are being converted one by one, slowly, everywhere because they are steadfast in their faith. This is better than groups of people who come together to pray to God to give them their will. This won’t work, because even my Son had to say, Not My will but Your will be done. That is obedience. While on the cross, He said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. That is forgiveness.

Also on the cross was said, Son, behold your mother. Mother, behold your son. Some of His very last words, was giving Mary to all mankind as the mother of Jesus and the mother of the church and Queen of the Universe. And this is the way it is today. My authority is authority that God gives to me, His lowly maiden.

You must pray for one another constantly. The Armada is spreading and spreading and spreading, gradually chopping down the bushes of hell. If only you could see Heaven or experience it for 30 seconds, you will want nothing else all your life but that. And that is why I will start giving experiences of the gift.

I want Thomas to write every one of them down and publish them. He will come under tremendous attack for this. How anyone could turn down this offer that God had offered them for power is beyond me. It’s that they just don’t know. So the love and the Spirit of God will touch them more and more. You will see things that you never thought that you would see; not to talk you into believing in God, but to ignite your spirit, your pilot light, that is already there. Just add the fire.

You may not know what this little group means. But to me and to our Savior and King it is the most important group. And this group will have to pay the price of suffering, yet gain the reward of love and peace; especially for places I have given many graces to who will not come to me.

I don’t know how much longer I can beg the Father through the cross to hold back the judgment. It depends on how much you pray. It depends on how much information is out there. And I want you to meditate on that. God wants you to meditate on your life as it relates to the ministry I have given. And if you read about the saints, you’ll see that they have gone through the same thing and had to have these spectacular gifts of God to overcome conditions worse than this. Don’t worry about the church. It isn’t going anywhere. But where are you going? That’s what you have to worry about. I would be grateful.

Thank you for having answered my call.

MAC: Has anyone touched this picture? It has oil all over it! Can you see it? I forgot who that is.

JOAN: That is my daughter.

MAC: How about that? It just came this morning. It is very clear that it is oil all over it going down, straight down. We sure didn’t put it on there. If anyone did, put their name down there. I am very hostile when it comes to fooling with God’s things. What does that tell us, though? What does it tell us? I am here! I don’t know. I guess some people expect her to turn cart wheels. I don’t know.

JULY 30, 2014




My children, today is a day of mourning on the hill of Calvary going to the last chapter of the cross giving way to the coming of the light of the resurrection. Please, please, please say to your own heart and give your heart to God for prayer. The world is now forming itself toward darkness, even though there is light; to those who do not know God, those who do not possess, for their souls, a need for the Holy Spirit to change their lives, to give them a love that they never had that is far beyond understanding, to give them a hope that beyond this dark hill lays the valley of light. And there shall be light. He saw that it was good.

Satan and his allegiances around the world are showing off power to confuse. To confuse the people of God and to make them think that nothing is going to really happen. Nothing! Because there is nothing. Yet how wrong they are for all is light. And you cannot know that it is dark unless there is no light. In God is all light, pure love. Pure and it never succumbs to the darkness.

But he has given mankind a choice, a Savior, the Eternal High Priest. It’s very simple. Let us pray. Let us pray upon the Sacred Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us die to the Eucharist and to the cross. And rise with the Eucharist from the cross. That is where we are now. Don’t just look at all these things going on around the earth and be amazed at how bad they are. Pray and stay connected with my heart. There will be many things happening that are very good, very powerful. But the stage is not set yet. Things are not in the right formation and, until they are, God will not do anything. But they are going to come together and the battle will intensify. Continue to pray to Jesus; continue to adore Him, because you are going to get persecuted. Not by just evil institutions but even your fellow Christians because they do not know how to heal or get out of their dysfunctional behavior of fear.

And from this fear comes a crazy almost insane source of anger. And it is like it has been lit up in every one of us, of you. So pray. Seek the beauty of the Word of God, especially in the Psalms; and especially in the Book of John in which the Father instructed him to carry the Gospel out to be fulfilled in the Book of Revelation. We are there now but it is not about to end for a long time. Be satisfied with now, your relationship with God now. What’s done in the past can’t help you in the future. Unless you build a foundation for it today, there is no future. But with God there is no time. It is all present.

I come today, I come today to heal and teach. Healing is like a vending machine. Healing is like a growth, a belief, not in our power but in God’s. Not in a rock, a crystal, but God. I want these places of anointing to continue for a long time. Just know that you don’t become a saint by doing just good things. I want you to know there is only one word that you can measure obedience. Look through scriptures. Look through everything and see what the opposite of obedience is disobedience; starting with Lucifer, starting with Adam, on up. But starting with the Immaculate Conception on to the Annunciation in which I experienced the Holy Spirit’s overshadowing of me and I said let it be to me according to Thy word obedience was done unto God’s will.

I bless you and I bless your articles. I bless the rosary. I bless your flowers. I thank you for having answered my call.

MAC: She is still here. Also, she is in another dimension, and when my brain has to go there, it gets a little bit foggy. And when God brings His anointing, which most people don’t understand what that means in modern day church history, the whole presence and dimension of heaven comes. It becomes a cloud, a cloud of knowing, so we see what we have here now today. It’s like we’re sitting still. We can’t move and it’s known as a chacana. I am really not here. And don’t try to understand that. Every one of us are now under this cloud of holiness, a chacana. A chacana is a mountain, a breast feeder. That is what it means in Hebrew, the breast feeder, which means nourishment. And this is the alternate purpose of healing