OLMPB Prophecies

OCTOBER 3, 2014






My Children, I come today, in a fulfillment of what I have just spoken in prophecy and teaching for you to believe; these are not messages like other apparitions. These are the fulfillment of the truth of the Gospel and prophecy pending on every ear to hear, every heart to beat, every mouth to speak, every minute is to be taken seriously at this time. People of faith realize this very much. And all over the world, there are people of faith according to what they know about God they shall be judged only on that. There are people who shall be charged harshly. And after being so, still they want to obey Satan; still want to own the earth with him, a lie that he puts out; that he’ll be the Lord of the earth and everyone who follows him will all be princes and princesses and shall live forever and ever. That is absolutely false from the very beginning to the end.


So want you start thinking about the little things that made big things. For example like the cross, it wasn’t all that big, but look what it has done because My Son was on that cross. He died to that cross and in the Eucharist, he dies again. He also lives the resurrection. Develop this attitude, ask God to help you to die to the cross and its message more every day. I know there are very many distractions in this world and a lot of them cannot be helped. Children will be children; but most of the time, these distractions are caused by television, radio, movies, and books, all in the flesh. If you would take this week, how much time you spend watching television, going to a movie, whatever. Is it not in your heart yet?


I am sure Thomas is and that’s why My teaching, through Thomas, on the seed is so important. The seed becomes a tree; the tree becomes the power of the sacraments, especially exorcism and deliverance. Most people don’t need an exorcism they need a deliverance from oppression. A lot of people do not go to communion because they believe the devil has a hold on them. They believe in another language that they have sinned and they have not confessed it yet. Then there are other people who have a sacrilege with God. Is it that they are in sin and say they will not give it up to appear good amongst their peers of their parish? They go to communion and they forget to make one step, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.


My plan is going to develop over the next two or three weeks. By that time, people will have a clear concept of where Eternal Father is sending Me with regards to this Earth, especially the Armada. Pray, pray. Read the Gospel. Read the word of God just for thirty minutes. Try to take it into your heart or read everyday until you do. Then you will have something there, nothing can take it away, because it has the imprint of salvation. You want to be able to develop a grace. Given the gift of mercy in your heart for people, you will feel the very depths of My mercy and My sadness the way I look at souls. The Father has pre-ordained people to do his work and people have failed Him and continue to do so. We pray for them. We beg the Lord to give them the grace to come back. So, from now on, this is the way it’s going to be. There is going to be teaching and of course, prayers of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Rosary. I am with you always, more than you think.


Thank you for having answered my call.


Mac: I bless everything, she says, from the statues to rosaries or whatever religious articles you have. They are blessed.


Our Lady: Remember; keep saying the Life Offering, that’s getting people out of purgatory. There are plenty of people there if you consider that there has been three thousand years of mankind. So pray for the souls in purgatory. They will surely pray for you when they get to heaven. That is a beautiful doctrine. I now return to the throne of heaven, which is above you. The energy in the diamond is endless. It never has to recharge. It has been charged once by the Holy Spirit of God and it has His energy. Let us get as many people under that diamond, as we can so, they will be pure in a harvest for heaven. Bless you, my children.



OCTOBER 24, 2014





My Children, happy are we today because of this prayer. This is the way I want people to pray. This is the way everyone can pray and not just a special few. We have to have everyone now at this time because I do not want you to become negative and do this. What we want to stress is the life of God; how we are to live the life of God with God. We have the life of God in our Baptism and Confirmation. And life with God is that we participate into ourselves, into our neighbor, and of course, the least of our brethren. We believe that when you get through all these trees…


MAC: I don’t know. I am in two places at one time. Man. I see trucks going one way, grace coming on people’s head the other way.


OUR LADY: The trucks are full of trees, trees that will male examples of the Bethlehem where the first Christmas I gave birth to Jesus is here, and the other tree, the other truck with the trees can be the wood of the manger and the cross. Or, it can be a luring by Satan to destroy whatever is God’s in that place of holiness. When you are in a room it is very tall. Two of you together have less fear. With these trees we will make little buckets filled with fire and water at the same time. That cannot be done in present nature but with God all things can be done; and it is miraculous. But this is what happens to your soul: it is cleansed with the water, purified by the fire and it never changes. It is there for us to draw and that is why the heart is so important. You can draw all the water as you need it to drink like any other water you have. So you come here to learn to get filled with this. You are filled with passion for souls and you come here to get grace that will make you stronger to live your present life and the demands that God may put on you. So you do need grace. It put graces, actual grace. Sanctifying grace is Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist and Reconciliation. So you receive actual grace when you enact the will through God’s law when you make sacrifice. When you pray you receive actual grace and sanctifying grace.

When a soul is in mortal sin it is dead, so it has to be given a new life. But the character of the authority of Baptism is still there even though the grace is not. It will become active when a person repents and asks God’s help in life. But actually there is so much grace around and no one even grabs it. I the woods, in the hills, in the air, it is everywhere you go. And when you become more aware of God’s grace and about Our Lady giving grace, you will grow stronger and stronger and know what it means. So when we have these meetings there will come out of it an aura of holiness and peace, a special grace for attending. But what must be know is that many meetings like this are going to be set up in here to primarily give you grace and give grace to those who need it spiritually, mentally and physically. This is why all of Heaven is behind you and blesses you with this. This is why you feel a new urge. So come expecting to receive a special blessing of God.

You see a special blessing of God manifest itself like with these statues. You are not alone and you are not on your own. We cannot make it any other way except with God. It is not hard. Today is Friday. The burden of the cross will come upon my shoulder. I have to carry it. Jesus is behind Me. His flesh ripped apart by the whips, rocks, kicking. He has to receive a lot of grace to be able to be the source of grace, to make it to the top of the hill.

I bless all of your Rosaries, all your articles, all your books, for they will give you strength and enlighten you in your faith. I bless this place which will give forth life to souls thought dead, and souls that are crippled, souls in healing and souls who feel like they are living the presence of God all the time.

MAC: There is a tremendous battle going on. I can’t stay with it. It is hard to stay with it. Satan puts up a fence and Our Lady tears it down – back and forth, back and forth. But still in the middle is a group, a grace group which comes from eternity. Having seen this beautiful spectacle, a real holiness stays down upon you and now God is showering you with graces. You don’t know what is going to happen. He is giving you protection in your life.


OUR LADY: Thank you for having answered my call. Present in this place is Padre Pio, Charlene, Bernadette, Theresa the Little Flower, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of the Andes, St. John of the Cross.


Mac received this message from Victoria Jordan in VenezuelaThe Blessed Mother through Juan Antonio Gil told me to tell you not to be afraid, God the Father andPadre Pio will do wonders in you to help and save so many souls.

Just recently Victoria sent another message to Mac from Juan Gil that Our Lady said to tell Mac

“Thank You”.

Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood

To: Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Ville Platte, LA August 4, 2014

My Dear Children, I come to you tonight, to again, to teach you about God’s love. God, by his very nature, means God is love therefore He can never hate. He cannot do that. If you abandon yourself through prayer and Eucharistic adoration and the rosary and Mass, keep your soul in good shape with the Sacrament of Reconciliation, many of the truths of God, the experience of the Holy Spirit will come to you. You will never be able to come to them.

The biggest problem in this country today is that from 1969 until now there is a generation gap in revelations in the Church and the people have been taught very little about Me and about the Holy Spirit. So you have twenty years, thirty years of that. That’s why it’s so hard to even get anyone to listen now, but that is going to happen. It’s going to happen if you just keep praying. If God the Father says it’s time to stop this, He will do it in His way.

There are many signs that the Earth is falling apart, disease, sickness, illness, drugs, no loyalty, lying, cheating, but justified in the name of progress. This is not progress.

This, is giving yourself to God as He gave Himself to you in Baptism. This, is you receiving in Confirmation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And in reality, you have the power within you to get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. Those who do not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit through the sacrament of confirmation are going to have a hard difficulty in getting out of their head and into their heart, to know the signs and wonders and the miracles that are happening around here are for a reason. And if you don’t know what it is, you’re one of the people it is being done for.

The priest, you must pray for them, because you cannot know if they do not teach, and that has to happen before there is going to be any change. For now it’s starting to manifest the signs of God around this area.

My statue weeps tonight, my heart pounds because I love you so much, but at the same time men continue to sin for power, destroy, kill, murder, whatever, claiming really that “I am God, we do not need God”. Well whether you need God or not, you will see God. You will see his thunderous chastisement over this nation because it is not going to change without it. I am so sorry.

God the Father has commanded this happen. It can be done on a relative scale, but it will happen. It is starting to happen in nature. You will see people totally going crazy, so I say, while you got the rock, the fundamental truths of all salvation in you and with you, pray. Pray for those who do not have it and forgive those who have hurt you.

This is going to be a base around this area for My appearances, My prophecies and a growth of My apparition site which will be outside in a field. Just stand and try to understand the love you have for your own child, well, this is how Jesus feels for you and I feel for you with our heart. They will be broken, but you’ll be able to recover. Remember, the only way to become a saint is to obey the will of God. There is no other way. Where you find the will of God in the Bible, the Word of God, the lives of saints as models and communities which you yourself must have to pray and have God come to you. I pray that you will start praying more for world peace and the priests in the Church.

Thank you for having answered my call.

MAC: Our Lady came as usual in the…… I don’t know what you call that thing, but it looks like a door and the light around her like that up there. (meaning the light like Our Lady the Most Precious Blood painting). And she sent out an order to rescue people. I guess, Satan ordered to destroy them, but the only way you can be helpful is through prayer, sacrifice.

OUR LADY: To describe how I came and looked today, I was in a white gown having my heart outside that is beating, many lights from heaven, the stars; Padre Pio, Blessed Seelos, Charlene. St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Liseaux, St. Theresa of Avila, John of the Cross, St. Anthony.




Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood

To: Reverend Thomas Mac Smith St. Joseph’s Church Plaisance, LA August 7, 2014

My Children, I come tonight with the very court of heaven, a throne of heaven, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit with my faithful servant, St. Michael the Archangel. I come to tell you no matter where or no matter who, I have now begun the signs and wonders that are going to convert people everywhere. I know there are people here who have the hardness of heart, not in this church, but in some parishes. They will have a chance to touch God. They will have a chance to see God and the miracles He is performing. They will also have a chance to seek The Baptism of the Holy Spirit that was given to them in Confirmation. However, that’s all they’re going to be given is a chance and prayer. If they chose not, I will go elsewhere and that comes from the top of this diocese to the bottom.

I bring you blessings of joy. I bring you blessings of the manifestations that only God can do which is starting here now besides the others of the oil coming out through the statues and touching pictures and healing. This is based on His holy word.

When men refuse to talk and go silent, the stones will cry out for help. I am crying out for help to you my little ones, to you who are faithful. Satan will be defeated, no matter who runs anything on this earth, only God owns the earth. No matter who he is there is only one savior, My Son and our Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what the power. It is only the power of the Holy Spirit and only through this power of the Holy Spirit can you know that Jesus is Lord in your heart. You may read the prayers, but only through the Holy Spirit can your heart be touched to see a whole new world of reality. The miracle of the oils will be coming out and are already out in my son, Thomas’ soaking prayer room in Ville Platte. You are my chosen.

How haughty is Satan to have thought that we needed a big church in this diocese to do something. When he ought to read the scriptures that twelve men with about a fourth grade level started the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church. I asked you to read the scriptures of the Acts 19:11, the miracles of the blankets. I ask you to read the scripture of how to pray of Mark 11:22-26 and all of Matthew 5 in which they ask Our Lord, “Lord teach us to pray”. And Jesus said “Our Father”. Read that and let it come into your heart.

You may share in this mission, this is not a ministry, this mission of prophecy and the Armada. The Armada is the last time I will have a mission on this earth. So it will last until Satan is in hell.

MAC: I see dear Mother the light of God. I see dear Mother a huge water fall that the angels of God will pick souls and carry them up that water fall over to heaven.

I see Mother of God that horrible deep black pit to the left where people will cast themselves into hell because they chose that. At the very moment of their death, they still chose that, but I still have my Jesus of mercy where no sin is too great. Only the souls that seeks to be with God and cleanse themselves through confession, however, they can do that. It’s a will.

OUR LADY: My daughter Faustina had the apparitions of my Son of Divine Mercy and as the angel of death was raising his hand to strike the earth in 1933, he gave her this prayer, Faustina, which is the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. I am asking each family to say that chaplet, say the rosary, and to say the Life Offering Prayer not only for their family and for others and grace will spread correctly.

I bless my priest here, Father Nunez. He will be under my hand the rest of his life and in my arms when he comes to heaven. I hope you know what you have here. None of this could have been done had it not been for him. Thomas could not have made any moves in this area without him. He does not realize that Father Nunez, but he will know it when he goes to heaven.

I would like to see people come together, the family of God, instead of separate groups in this area. God does not work with division, only Satan does.

You may if you wish, call Judy Fontenot, make an appointment to see all the statues that are weeping and bring your own small one. This will go everywhere. The Father has had enough and now you are either with him or you are against him.

I have with me my earthly spouse and father of God Jesus, St. Joseph, and the patron of this parish. Do you not think it’s strange that this church is named St. Joseph and the other church is named St. Ann’s and I am here their daughter? Come to believe. Have faith because if you have faith in those political leaders and you have been to some priest, you are going to be misguided. But, do not judge them. I give you the two scriptures because they will teach you how to pray and it will teach you how to live especially the Lord’s Prayer.

I have with me tonight, the throne of heaven, the communion of saints, thousands of saints that come together to lift this place up, this whole area to heaven in coordination with the tremendous mission in Venezuela. There are people who are dying for their faith, priests are being killed and I also have, of course, whether anyone wants to believe it or not Charlene and the evidence I bring that this mission is real. Attest to the fact, that I say she is a saint. She is here with me in heaven. Also Father Padre Pio, Father Seelos, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Liseux, the little rose, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Francis, St. Anthony. Yes, yes, yes my son that is St. Peter and Michael the Archangel.

Thank you for having answered my call.


Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood

To: Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Branch, LA August 8, 2014

I greet you with my love today my children. Most of you who have been assigned are going to need to learn some things about the Church; by your lives, about the empowerment of prayer, when you recognize the Holy Spirit, when you live and die forever to be with us in heaven with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His hands are suffering and the nails are in His feet.


MAC: Let me translate this. I am looking down on you, all of you. I am sitting here and I am also at Calvary. I can hear the terrible beatings given Our Lord as she tells me the story. Every time the pop of that whip went it gave her a thousand deaths. We are coming upon a time when most people are in denial, when is it going to be a better ….. I am rowing now in a boat on a beautiful stream and this boat is just rowing in this clear cool water that has no waves.


OUR LADY: To you my children, I say, beware, but be not afraid. Being aware takes wisdom. Fear is not of God, unless it is a respectful fear which we know we have it. We do not fulfill his commandments if we turn against him. If we turn against him, in an awful way of devil worship, Satanism.


Where we have to battle here now in Plaisance, LA will be a center for this. It’s a center that we will come to refresh ourselves; to refresh your thirst. I will give you just signs and anointing and the experiences that will give strength and hope that you can look at your life and praise God for what you have and offer up these souls which Satan has stolen. Trust me.


MAC: It’s hard to talk. I just can’t talk because it is so evil and hateful. All the aroma and all the flowers ever created are blending into her. Praise to you Lord Jesus and praise you because by your death you have redeemed and saved the whole world.


OUR LADY: This is not a lent. There is no such thing as a period of lent or a period of advent. That is just a way the Church uses to measure all things that we have to open our eyes, our attention to every day is a lent, every day is an advent, every day is the power of Christmas, every day for you is the day that the Holy Spirit descends upon the Apostles. He will descend upon you. This is what we really have. It saddens me that people do not even know that. They do not have any idea of what I am talking about. I can’t blame them. They go to schools, Catholic schools and they are all talking about the Church, St. Peter, how it’s founded, what sin is and what is.

I thank you for listening to this.

MAC: It’s going to continue all the way until the gnashing of their teeth.

OUR LADY: Where every one of you will have when you get to heaven assumed body and soul. God is letting this happen to show you there is eternity, but the same human body and soul are without sin and never able to commit another sin in your life. This is what the Church tries to tell us. We are talking about today, just today, tomorrow is the nearing end and he is saving ourselves. We looked to yesterday, maybe we see a better way we can prefect ourselves to God’s will, how about humility with obedience, receive the sacraments and not getting healed and never coming back to church. I want to see the day when no one has to come back to church, but they go to the church because the priest and the church embraces all of this in the mass, in the Eucharist. This is an epitome of what God wants on this earth. Because there is so little known and because so little has been taught, because those who stopped haven’t had time to teach them now. You say how can we get the word out? You just get it out. I will take care of the rest. The open Eternal Room is open to everyone and what I really fear for you is that people, again, they are indifferent. They do not think it’s important enough to go make a sacrifice of prayer and get healed. Well, they’ll be sorry. When they get to where they’re going there will be nothing. When you get where you are going, you will be like a flower of God blooming beautiful (and) new. This is what I am giving you. So, listen to me.

I have with me, of course, to be so near her feast day, St. Charlene and Father Seelos, St. Theresa, St. Bernadette, St. Francis.

MAC: I thank you, O Holy Mother for coming. All the gates of heaven, we ask you to give us more and more the gift of faith, to realize the power of God and you can only do that through faith. It’s good to be back.

OUR LADY: You may not have know this, but your souls went with me to the brook and someday as you row, I will hold your hand and I promise you when you’re ready to go over, pass over, not die, but to have a new and powerful life. I will be there with your guardian angel to take your hand.

Thank you for answering my call.


Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood

To: Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Plaisance, LA August 9, 2014

My Children, Today my heart sticks out. It has both the love of God and the love of man in it. It is going to breathe and give out precious manifestations as the days goes along. You might even see two hearts next to each other in the same place. After this week, I have seen improvement in some people, but some are not willing to go a step further outside their selves for other people. That is not good.

What I am trying to build down here is a very big shrine for people to come from all over the world. No one needs to worry any more about coverage by ecclesiastical authority it will be provided in three, four, five, six, seven countries in this world of what Thomas is doing. All he needs to do is be quiet and be humble, and let someone else speak this cause like the arch diocese does in Venezuela in Maracaibo. I say this because they are right on the edge of somebody finding out about the statues and the miracles and then they will put it altogether.

You are going to have a lot of people coming and people coming for a news story. So you will not talk; maybe on some occasions but it will be all about God, all about God. As always, it has to be all about God. Each heartbeat goes toward something until we meet God Face to face. Some people act as if they will never going to die; some people who aren’t very healthy, feel like they’re going to die every day.

We have to be very patient and prayerful for some priests in authority. They either do not understand, they are afraid or just don’t want to do it, when it comes to apparitions and when it comes to miracles and these other things. Do not judge them. Pray for them to see, because according to certain laws of logic, they are right, but what does logic have to do with reality. It is logical for man to be happy when he robs a bank, but gives him no peace.

Peace is what we want. I have never heard any people come for prayer and say I want to be happy. What they say is, dear Lord, help me to find peace. This is what this is all about, giving peace and love of God as a vessel of His to the poor in spirit, to those who are dying, to those who have these diseases that medicine cannot cure. I will take care of that, but you have to build up your faith.

Faith is the bases to everything. Had God had not given me faith I would not have known what to tell that angel. And I want you to read and listen to what you read in scripture about peace according to Mark 11:22-26. Say the Armada; say the Life Offering prayer together as a family, together for the spouses who have left, his family, her family. I can get most of them back and if you truly love each other and want to be healed, God can do that.

All of this is prayer. All of this is love. Do God’s love. In order to do God’s love, we have to be obedient, no cafeteria stuff, just obedient and you will grow to be a saint. Obedience is a key to holiness and straight to heaven. So try to spread the word as to what I am trying to do down here. I do not want to use other options when it comes to the salvation of the Earth. This is not something to threaten you with, this is a fact. I have no choice.

The Eternal Father has given me these orders; to pray, minister, love each other and this whole state will be preserved and protected as it is now.

I am blessing the roses and all the religious articles and you as well. It needs to be blessed by a priest when we are through.

I have with me today St. Charlene, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Peter, St. Paul, St. Anthony, St. Matthew especially St. Luke who wrote the beautiful words about Me in the Magnificat, Luke 4: 16-19. And in Luke 7:20-23 John asked “are you the He said was going to come, or should we expect some else?” Jesus answered “Go back and tell John what you have seen and heard: the blind can see, the lame walk, those with leprosy are made clean, the deaf hear, the dead are raised to life and the Good News is preached to the poor”.

Thank you for having answered my prayer.

Mac: The saints that are here now are the same that were here before, so you can read about it if you want to know who they are. Bless you.