NOVEMBER 14, 2014






My Children, We are trying to establish a place to anchor My ship and I have selected this place here as a port. We will export and import for now it is My graces by proxy. Now it is a secret and for the time being it will be that way. I have to tell you this; it is very hard to be in MY ministry because this will be a table of grace, a table of miracles, a table of healing, a table of conversion. It does not matter how many numbers are here. This is a place, also, of blessings for people to come from everywhere to be blessed by God in a most powerful way. And for all that prayer to come here we need you to be part of it.

There are things that are going on around the world right now that are very, very serious. We are in a lot of trouble because they are doing self- destructive things. We are having the honor of being able to defend the Lord in these days. People are going along with prophesies and other words and they are not the ones I have chosen. If you look at the information that has been provided here over the past five months, you will marvel at what is being said. I want you just to continue to listen and learn. It is going to become a nest of learning, a nest of holiness, a nest of obedience, a nest of miracles, a nest of heavenly signs as I prophesy. Each one of you will receive great graces. Troubles you have had will be easily solved. You see you will receive great peace in the Spirit. Satan will be unable to reach you and you will become part of God’s family of warriors, of intercessors, all over the world. This is in conjunction with Venezuela.

All kinds of people are praying and there is something in their agenda. It will take a miracle to remove it. Now I will start showing you what I see. I see this place sitting on the Earth like a platform. Have faith, let your faith develop and have hope that the future is good. Have charity because it is the best way to get you anywhere, the only one. You were given illumination of God’s mystery: your faith.

You have to give yourself time to listen to the Lord, know the Lord every day even if it is just for a minute. It will develop you and will get you strong along with the Rosary, Divine Chaplet. These are all to bring us into the heart of Jesus and into My heart which is sad as far as the world goes. It has places around the world that will give you help as doing God’s will. You have eternal blessings by the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. You have the blessings of the Church law.

I bless all your objects, the rosaries, the flowers. I bless them all with the Trinity that blesses them all. You have inspirational words in concept when you read the Bible. Pick it up and start reading and listen. You will grow in faith. You will hear the Word of God, the Word of salvation, the Word of hope. Many souls are being saved right now. Many souls are here that have been interceding with you.

Now remember, this is chapter 12:7 of Revelation of the woman in the desert and the dragon running after her to destroy her and the child. This is why it is so hard. It is going to be very hard to pray, very hard to move because you have to go totally in God’s way. Be obedient to God, not your way because it is the dragon that will be destroyed. This is My house of prayer. Soon people will know but I have to quietly develop the people that God has chosen and they are not all here yet. But when He gives Me the sign they will know. Everyone will know. Be patient. Be not afraid. Don’t even worry if you can’t, think, just be here. God will take care of this. And soon you will get stronger, more aware and you will see that your prayers will be answered because you have learned how to say empowered prayer, how to be into the Will of God. That has to be living God’s Love.

I brought with Me the saints that are going to be here at all times around the clock: Padre Pio, Charlene, Fr. Seelos. Wear your armor well for here is the battle. Once defeated here it will be able to spread. Satan has his army, his angels all around this place. He is trying to stop everything but he can’t because his days are short. And this goes for all sons and the people of the whole world also, our days are short. Pray for Thomas at this hour.

Now I am going to ask Padre Pio to go around this room and lay hands on each one of you. I bless you now. Thank you for having answered My call.



Also here are St. Barbara, St. Bernadette, the two St. Therese’s, and there’s another St. Theresa of the Andes. People don’t know much about her but she is big in the Andes Mountains near Victoria, She says, “Come and see”.

She is wearing her regular wardrobe except her hands are not holding a Rosary. She has instead of the flower, a cross. In her right hand she has a sword. Coming out of the cross and the sword is the heart. Out of the heart comes beats of love, patience. What she did was take a bucket and with three scoops she put blessed salt in the bucket and then poured a bottle of holy water in the bucket and then fire came of the Holy Spirit. She touched all of us here. Sure a novel way of doing it, I guess. Now remember leave your heart open. Hers is open. Do what God tells you to do. If you don’t know, don’t do it. Don’t do anything spiritual unless you know that it has been given to you and you can do it.


NOVEMBER 17, 2014






My Children, We have almost completed another year, a year that has made God very happy in many ways. Obedience is so important in every relationship for this is really the only way to develop trust, seems, with your relationship with Me or with God. Trust Me. Don’t put ifs, buts, maybe, in your prayers. Your prayers are already answered before you say it, but it has to be said before it becomes a prayer.

I come to this world an adolescent girl to give you the Savior of the world with My body. It is still the same way. Every time you say “blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus”, it stays the same as it did many, many years ago – the fruit of the womb. The womb, Satan hates because it was through My womb that the Son of God came by the grace of God, hence, My soul magnifies the Lord and My spirit rejoices forever.

A mother carries in her womb, a child; basically the same thing. Blessed is the fruit of her womb, to be baptized into a relation with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; a relationship that is based on trust and faith. Satan hates all women because the woman only, can do what no male on Earth can do, bless the world with her womb.

It is true that the Holy Spirit planted the seed into MY body. How? He stopped. He can do anything with evil and let Me tell you, there is nothing evil, more evil, than a cursed womb. But there is nothing more beautiful than a love between two people and together there comes another apostle in birth for the Lord. So great, that it is the primary law of nature and God that it be that way. Why, because it is a sacrament.

A Sacrament is a personal encounter of God’s Son, Jesus. Everything you do with a merit and knowledge of a sacramental union you have, it works with God and you are anointed. All of you are anointed. And yes, there have been tragedies of separation and divorce; some that could have been saved with prayer. Others, the persons just chose never to co-operate with anybody. Even some of those, after prayer, still chose to live their narcissistic life.

But I just want to say these stern words right now especially to society; when you cheat, abuse, deny, you are coming against the very life of God in every way. Many men go to hell today because no one prayed for them and the way they treat their families in all areas of the Earth. They will go to hell if they do not change, because this is God’s primary Sacrament, but it need not be necessary.

When Eve seduced Adam in his power of pride and he co-operated with her, so then we came to know evil. They caused it. We are all to blame because we come from the same seed of life in the eternal planning. But God the Father, knowing everything since it’s all present, borrowed from the future merit of Jesus Christ, His Son on the Cross and had Me created without sin.

The difference is that the child so precious in God’s eyes suffered the children to come to Me. All of those who scandalize little children will be judged. So pray. He gave you birth. He gave you life with Baptism, you are now immaculate, then goes on your life. Think about how valuable you are to God, so precious that He has given you a new life with eternal happiness. Treasure that and learn of that so you can pray over someone you love, someone you know that has to have what God has given you to be saved and still its obedience and its faith. Then the truth will be taught later by Thomas about efficacious grace and efficacious prayer. It is as though a soul will be actually given more grace when they pray to do something for someone than anything they could do.

I am calling you into this awareness because our world is in such a state of sin and our lack of knowledge too, but that is no one’s fault, and we are coming up to a celebration. Fear not for there comes from above, above you, a savior to be born of a virgin this night. Basically, this is to send you to Heaven. Think of that. Get yourself into the Word of God.

It was the Word of God that spoke to Me: “Hail full of grace, the Lord is with you”; “Blessed are you among all women and blessed in the fruit of your womb, Jesus.” And the Holy Spirit says the same thing to you in Matrimony. It is only with God that you come without sin in the sense of confession, loving God, consecrating yourself to your spouse and blessing the life of a child. That will stop the roots of curses, atheism, agnosticism and greed; it gets us out of ourselves. A man will be waiting for his spouse, and I say spouse, to bear fruit from her womb of not only their love, but later of the Sacrament of Baptism.

It is so close to Christmas and so many people hate, so many people are drunk; so many people are acknowledging everything but God. Hopefully we do not have to wait until eternity to find out that birth blessed by God satisfies us; most especially since there is very little of that anymore and you cannot go to heaven if your soul remains in it.

I will be teaching many things this year. Between now and the end of January a change is coming on this Earth. Pray.

Thank you for having answered My call.



Our Lady came pretty much like this picture. We gotta kinda settle on something. She looks like about thirty or forty in pictures to me, but it’s her. And we have with us Charlene and Padre Pio, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Roses, St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina.

She is surrounded by as many lights as there are on a Christmas tree. That’s the only thing I can describe it as except they are much deeper. They throw out grace and she has a lot of angels with us. She said that people who are almost in purgatory that belong to you have been lifted out of purgatory. They are in Heaven now. Praise God. She also blessed all the Rosaries and everything that is holy.




NOVEMBER 19, 2014





Our Lady’s Words:


My dear children, today is a beautiful day. Today shows us the power of God, not in all aspects but in most.



Yeah, OK. She’s ……….but she’s our instructor here. But at least we know it wasn’t done by devils.



I want you just to focus on the heart of God. You know the heart is the center of everything, everything that has a body, especially in the human agenda. The man is a creature that knows. There will be very few to acknowledge the Sacred Heart, and there are some in My heart. This is taking so long because we have to learn one simple thing and feel one simple thing, yet most important in life; for there is no one in this room exempt from Me the final day in our life. Most heavy is our heart, our beating heart. All the time God is pouring grace into all these souls, all these creatures, it’s not My intention that you be deprived of the love of your heart, what your heart wishes. With the real intention of the heart comes the power of prayer.


I am now going to look at the heart and see what it means. It speaks as a sign of life. One heart will be the heart that you want to make with you if it is possible. You know it does have a way of getting things to you. If I give My heart to you, will you take it and share? Will you share your dream with Me; the dream that goes everywhere; the heart, My heart, your heart, dreams, the dream of your Blessed Mother? At first every heart is freed of original sin which Baptism takes away and it is filled with the Holy Spirit. Then it is thankful for the mercy of God who takes away our sins internally or externally.


I wish and I pray for each one of you to become aware, to be given awareness of the calling to share My Immaculate Heart which will send Satan to hell. You pray that every day. Devils that have no heart are dead even to hearts beating because they have no grace. And if they have no grace and no love in their heart for what God issues for us to do, they have failed.

Grace cannot come any way but from God. Coming from God it touches us and gives us a new look, a new feeling. When we are Baptized we are clothed in the baptismal gown and we also have a beating heart which is entirely embraced by the grace of God and has no sin and no imperfection, no nothing. When we are Confirmed we, our hearts, are constantly, in every work of mercy. We can only go as far as you want to go with it.


When you lie down and sleep at night and say your prayer bring your cross, your rosary, or something else, to your heart as though this is the heart that God created for salvation. This is the heart we want to love and to get grace to love every soul fondly. This is the heart I want to grace the Cross with. This is the heart I want to rise. Well, when you say your last mystery of this rosary, put your heart into it. You put your heart onto it like you would a table. Lay your heart on the table and welcome it. Welcome the grace that will be coming your way to your heart, to your soul, to your spirit. This way, my children, you will really learn to grow and pray. Grow and pray. Some people won’t. That’s not what we have meaning by their heart. My Lord and my Savior, a full mystery and get the mercy that is inclined to be like me.


Thank you for having and hearing this call with me.





Prophecy of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood

To: Reverend Thomas Mac Smith Plaisance, LA November 20, 2014


My children, tonight is a night that I have made a line that we walk away from, not over. You can see in the world today all the leaders are confused. That is satan’s main weapon is confusion. It’s usually based on his primary motive of fear and of course disunity and destroying disunity in the government in the country and the homes and your children. But God is absolute. He does not change. He loves you as much as when you were created, today and when you will see him face to face. The only thing different is cultivate a love for God. This is the season of advent coming up. It means the King is coming! Alleluia. The King is coming! God be praise! Alleluia. It means Our God is an awesome God. We have to look at him not as a judger or a punisher. We must look at him as Our Father, a Father who loves you. Once in a while, he is going to spank you.

Do not pay attention to these people who are giving dates out. There are certain things that are going to happen. I don’t even think there are five in history that ever happened of all the people that claim they know that God is going to do something. Our Lady has warned me over and over, never put a time limit or a date on something I have given because eternity’s time is entirely different and the reason it is different is because there is time in our world. There is no time in eternity. Right now in the mind of God, you are saved or in hell, but it hasn’t happened yet, but it is real. So, this is a mystery of communicating with God and that is why he made things so simple. The adolescent version, the immaculate conceived is approached by the angel to say that she will conceive and bear a son and his name will be Jesus. The world will never (be) the same and just don’t think that all these things happened recently.

This battle has been going on ever since the creator, God said he was going to create a creature of the flesh and a soul and a spirit who could chose to love him or chose to forsake him. So, ever since Genesis that we are preparing for ___ we are approaching now to the ships of the Armada. This one is going to be a huge fleet now it needs organization, but this is my last mission on this earth. The ship of the Armada coming from also from Maximillian‘s idea of the Immaculata. It’s taken each one of you to the shore of the kingdom of heaven. There is nothing else important, the rest will be gone. Please pray that the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ during this season of thanksgiving and will be the gift of a fuller thanksgiving in love in your own soul at Christmas. And now, I am showing Thomas a vision. He may not reveal this vision until the vision happens five days before it, but I can assure you not to be afraid. Those of you who have come to the heart, my heart and the heart of my son, have nothing to fear, those who live to please my heart and the heart of my son have no fear.

When you go to adore the Blessed Sacrament and I hope more of you do this, it is actually God there. Look at his heart, in your spirit will yourself in his heart to you great graces will come, pain will be removed, you will be healed. When you go home every night you know wrapped around you there is Our Lady there is me and the Sacred Heart. Pray, please pray that the Tierney this will be the denial of God and the occult each stamped out and only the real way to do that is through your faith coming closer to God and He will destroy it, but if you don’t he is going to let you be punished severely. When I say you I don’t mean you directly. I mean mankind. You can notice the earthquakes, the snow, this is no accident. This is a warning. So come to me, let me bless you, touch you and love you. Pray for each other. Pray for my priests that we have a stronger beautiful silent night for Christmas.

Thank you for answering my call.

I bless all the objects in here and also, I am blessing the prayer cloths. Thomas became very close to Charlene while he laid there dying in the hospital and has become a good friend of hers now. (Bless) God the Father and Padre Pio will be his main stays and your main stays. I am going to manifest God’s goodness around all your parishes. Of course, the big one is in Ville Platte where those statues are weeping; blood is coming down the face of Jesus. The peace is so strong that you can hardly sit there. I am not going anywhere; I am going to be there every day. Bless you now.

Mac: We say the prince is coming, alleluia. I saw Michael stand on the head in back of Lucifer when I died and God the Father’s hand came. His hand is as big as I am and a light and it came with, crippled Lucifer. He couldn’t stand it. Then the Father said, “Go, he is going to be healed. He has much more work to do”. And then heaven manifested itself. I testify dear Lord that these words are true and I thank every person on this earth and especially around here for your prayers. I love you very much. I did not know I could love you until Our Lady told me and showed me all the people praying. So, please continue because I am not strong yet, but I am alive. That’s bad news for the devil.



NOVEMBER 21. 2014





My dear children, today I started acting on the marks I drew around the areas that are to be held holy and to be as a fortress against the prowling dogs. Last night’s Mass and Wednesday’s meeting are attached, explaining practically the whole goals and everything that we have planned to accomplish. I have you and ask you to keep praying. Pray, pray hard, harder than you ever had before, because this is a very dangerous, we need your assistance, to fight the evil that has come over here. This is why the Armada was founded, to fight this spiritual evil and there you are forming groups.


Embrace God, embrace the Holy Eucharist, learn to embrace and shortly after die to the Eucharist, say your rosary. Most people just say one, some people take three some people pray fifty so, give God your service.


It’s a pretty strange feeling that I have when I come to the people, it seems the ones that show up are the ones with the faith. There will come in time signs of God directly pointed in every one of our faces. Ask as to how can God do that? He can do that because he’s omnipresent. He is in every minute of time, so, he knows what is going to happen, but he also knows it can be changed. This is special grace he’s giving man called efficacious grace. Efficacious grace is until we learn to do it right. I will just bless the people for calling out a healing, healing of faith.  He had hoped that around the middle of January it would be spread everywhere. The Armada has to be spread all over the world and it will be as soon as we get the means and do it. I want you to pray for each other, work with each other and enjoy God in all things. He is in here. I have more to tell you, but not now.


Thank you for having answered my call.



Today, she looks like she looks in the statue.

Question asked: Mac, who came with her today?

Mac: Padre Pio on the right side, Charlene was on her left side. St. Theresa and always the Little Flower; St. Theresa who is obedient and sweet to Jesus and she will continue to let out her fragrance. You don’t have to pray if you don’t want to. That is right, IT IS your choice.  I come here, free to give and free to take. I don’t think any of you have any doubt about that.  Padre Pio was there and of course.