FEBRUARY 20, 2015




My Children, Your prayers are needed more than ever, however, if you have the Two Hearts in your house….

We must develop the Armada stronger and stronger. You have done well here and it has drawn all the way from this place to China to Russia to Europe. Europe is dead. They are going to have to come alive. The only way people will hear anything is if they come to church to hear the Gospel. It is explained to them during the sermon, how to make their life better, but more powerful, to do God’s will.

I am building up slowly a base. Do not worry about things that you have no control over; such as buying a land and doing things. It is time to develop according to the plan. Venezuela will be a base. Ville Platte will be a base.

MAC: She is showing me visions right now and areas of the world.

OUR LADY: I want to expand to your neighborhoods and bring the people to me. Probably around somewhere between eight and ten months this ministry will greatly grow and its prayer power will be immense. You must learn to trust and pray. Trust and pray. Read the saints, especially Padre Pio and his meditations.

You have got to be very serious. It is very serious. We must not fail. Nothing fails or un-fails until the last word of the Gospel and the Bible have been covered and preached and fulfilled. They have to all come together and that will happen. Then you will find out how beautiful it is because this is one of the programs and I want you to be touched by God and to pray. It’s all here.

Do not be afraid. If you have your heart merged with the Two Hearts, you have nothing to fear. Nothing. I do not know God’s judgment. I do know that a lot of men are going to hell for the way they treat their families and for not repenting. Say your rosary everyday. Read a chapter of the Bible everyday; I suggest that you start in the middle of Luke and read to the middle of John. The best way to do that is take a chapter, read it one time and listen; read it two times and listen; on the third time, read it and you sould have really understood how many varieties there are and what you can do with that one chapter.

I love you my children. I bless you. I will protect you. I just would like to encourage you to evangelize more.

Last night at St. Joseph’s in Plaisance, this ministry turned the corner and now you will see it grow and grow and grow with simple prayer.

MAC: It’s so beautiful in here and I can hardly see her, but it is beautiful. It is not a hard sighting, I just I do not know. She’s all over you, every one of you. And the eyes of the statue opening up and I say, Oh.

OUR LADY: I want to bless all your religious objects, your books and your roses and one other paraphilia you have. I want you to decide for your own self a program in which you can pray starting off with Mass in the morning, if possible. If you can’t, it is all right.

Thank you for answering my call.

MAC: Jesus in Jerusalem bowing before the rock while He goes by. He is very tired and it hasn’t even started yet.

OUR LADY: You will get to live with the passion and experience a little of God through Me during lent. Amen.

Question: Who came with her Mac?

MAC: Mary Magdalen. She bi-located; she bi-located from this vision to another;

St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Bernadette, Charlene, she will always be here, as a matter of fact, she will always be with Our Lady when she comes here, Fr. Seelos.

Question: You’re having problems to see?

MAC: I can’t see. It’s getting a little better, but when I go bi-locate, I do not have to have these eyes; St. Theresa the little flower and because it’s Louisiana, Padre Pio, he is the director of this mission. That is all I can see.


FEBRUARY 24, 2015





My Dear Children, I am very happy to see you here tonight. This is a start, which should turn this diocese around to call others to church to call others to change their lives. I love each one of you and I am with each one of you. Basically, what I want to tell you tonight is, go to God and seek reconciliation with Him, confessing all your sins or if you have been doing that, go to God and just be one of his humble servants.

I want to develop this type of meeting in various houses throughout the diocese in an area eighty miles in diameter. I want to come into your house with Jesus who is My Savior and your Savior, King and Lord, where you get to know Jesus better or the love God has for you. Some of you have had some very hard childhoods, very hard. Some of you have experienced the occult, but tonight all that can be turned over simply by turning it over to God.

Tonight, I want you to spread your hearts out and let God send us through it. Heart is what converts; its consent is separate from the intellect which stays totally into the left-brain. You have to be like a caterpillar; changed into the right brain, in your heart, which can love and emote and can also hurt and reject. What if you connect that with the Hearst of Jesus and Mary, at the same time, which you will then see a new reality in yourself? You will even look different. Some will smile for the first time in their lives. They will smile. It is a matter of getting the energy, the emotions going. And this grace is going to be coming upon you right now from heaven.

I am there with you even though I look like I’m one; I am many. It’s another gift of God from another dimension. You can be healed or just about anything there is. When we stop at the fourth mystery, to look up those petitions in our mind and our heart to God the Father that they be answered, that you grow in love and that you grow in the desire to pray, amongst all the other desires you have. This is the one. The desire by God Almighty Father is the Crucifixion and the Eucharist, his body and blood and signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. People think something is spooky, but it’s not.

It is a matter of giving in and accepting, giving up the control of the fears. Let yourself become as wide open as you can. There is no time on this because we don’t have anything to do with the time as far as God goes. There is no time with him. I AM WHO AM he told to Moses so tell your pharaoh I AM WHO AM.

And like Elizabeth in the Visitation she says, how is it that the mother of my Lord should come to me? And they had a great prayer session discussion about the world they lived in, how to change it for good, how to change their own lives; everything is the same except just bigger numbers.

And now I am going to bless you, bless the roses here, any religious articles, books, medals, and candles. And may the peace of God be upon you this night. Amen.

MAC: She came with Charlene, Father Seelos, St. Peter, Pablo, St. Pius X, St. Peter, Mary Magdalen hugging his worn out feet and anointing them. She also came with Bernadette and Theresa, and Faustina. They are all here and praying for you now and everyday.


FEBRUARY 26, 2015







This is the place where you come to meet the Mother of God, Mary the Virgin of Nazareth. She will give you peace and I am sure she has. Because in the beginning there was peace and there will be peace and there is peace.

Behind there, there are roses. The roses are her flower and when you see the flowers, the roses around a place that supposed to be religious you would then look up and see the same face of the Lady of all Men. She has ways of offering to us the human touch in the Godhead. She has ways of giving us grace during the Rosary. She has ways of crying and to make present the physical passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are many places that she can come and certain place she goes. We are speaking to her on a very personal level now. In many minutes, she will come down and resume her side to go with me as I bless each one of you who come up here for prayer. She grabs people and gets to hold them and they can feel it. It’s not a forceful feeling; it’s a feeling of comfort and ecstasy and blind faith, to do things you never thought you could do.

Just coming tonight to bear witness to her being in the most luxurious of times, you will experience her tonight and what it takes to know the fullness of God. We could not have known this had it not been for her. As a matter of fact, if she had not been able to consent, we would have no Mary. If we had no Mary, there is no Jesus; if there’s no Jesus, no salvation. We would be children with no salvation, but since there’s Mary we are.

She’s not just for the Catholic she is for anybody who has a heart. They can go to God. They can see her heart. It trembles sometimes; it was trembling a while ago. It starts beating and around the swords, the swords that go into her heart, when you say a sorrowful Rosary. You see her standing on top of the world. But she really doesn’t stand on top of the world; that is the only way we can picture her as being a total person. She stands just stands there everywhere, everywhere; everywhere the devil isn’t and the devil isn’t where she is.

He cannot stand up to her. That is why it is important for us to take her name and use it to glorify Jesus and to sanctify Jesus. All the graces come from Jesus, of course, but at the same time you have to have someone to receive it; a good and whole person present; and being present with her Son, because every time you touch Mary, you touch her Son.

This is very good for all of us. This is what we have, when we have the mercy, forgiveness, and love of God. We have Her all the time. That is what I am trying to do; just bring a little bit of Her to you, because you may have a little more than me inside. But unfortunately she has chosen me to get this out to people one on one, on one, so tonight, stop here for she is here. She is here standing next to each one of you and she is here to answer some of your prayers; we all have prayers that we need answered. Some are answer when you want them answered and some are answered when God knows the time is right.

That is what we are trying to do, trying to bring in the strength of the Rosary, the strength of faith and the confidence of each other so we can get God in a greater way than you ever did before. So we just change ourselves and we come to God. We come to God in prayer to heal our needs; spiritual, physical, whatever. We come to God, though, through prayer with Mary, for ourselves and for the whole Church. That is pretty good and that is what I intend to do, to pray and for you to receive. You receive everything. You stay with Mary; stay with her.

She, Our Lady, a high human being married to God will come through me a low human being, to you to save your soul.


I am glad there is such a divine spirit here. It is good to see that. It is good to see that spirit. I am sure some of you saw it in the Rosary because the spirit came to each and around each and through each and upon each of you present now.


This talk is a funny talk because it is the funny talk of the Blessed Virgin to each person. It is now just like a talk that flows, it is there on your head. As it comes upon your head, have the many things you can think of and say so that She will help you and She will touch you. Through Her hands will come the power of God, which is the most powerful touch in the world; so, therefore the Rosary is very powerful in the world. She will speak to you many times; sometimes you do not even know it, sometimes you do. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t, sometimes you know it, sometimes you don’t, but it will come out. It will come out on the winning side. Hail Mary full of grace; She takes us to seek and to receive Christ.


I give them to you now. I give them to you in a very strong and great washing powerful force. So let me come let me come to your heart let me make those who are not new, new, and those who are new, newer. Amen


She’s been here all the time. She appeared in her regular dress. She had her hands folded and she raised them when she started praying for you. She says you don’t have to be a Catholic to be touched by Her; you just have to be right. She says that you have to come with me to the image and she wants you to come to Her as an image, which is just yourself. Then She said She will be here to extend her arms in prayer.