MARCH 6. 2015




Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, this is another Friday in Lent. They keep moving on just like time moves on very slowly, very present. I guess for now you know that the fundamental mission of this Wednesday and Friday is succeeding pretty well. I hope the other people come back; I hope new people come in. We have enough already; we have enough to go on our own. Remember what we talked about all this time is love and fidelity and, of course, obedience. Without obedience you cannot successfully make anything happen but there has been a great deal of obedience from several of you people.

I am going to proclaim and bless the request for land in Latin America. How much land they are going to get we don’t know, but the gifts of the Spirit are there. You are not fully developed here because this is like a Protestant niche and certain people have thrown the right to participate, out. They have thrown their books out but we are getting them back. And right now, we have to find land. So it should be pretty soon and should start attracting land.

Thomas, you have to break certain habits as they come upon you. Certain things are coming at you and you turn your whole head around. The best thing to do is just not move. A means will be provided to protect you.

We have a great deal, especially in the area of obedience, to do. This is necessary it is true. The whole Earth is disobedient. But there are many people who are obedient and they make up for those. However, if they slip, what are we going to do? We are going to have nothing. But if you learn your faith you have another point for Him to lean on when we come towards Easter. I think it will start spreading out in a few weeks and the clock will move.

Thomas is not fully well yet although he is not in danger and there isn’t self-pity granted to him. He accepts this but he doesn’t accept well. That is the difference. You accept yourself as well because you have been born in the conscious knowledge of children who are not born well but when you receive the water of baptism, you join the wellness of the soul.

Winter is coming to a close. Spring will be here and operating, pulling in 2015 the month of April and it starts bouncing back and forth, back and forth. But that is when we will be able to do our services outside. People who feel like coming will come. It is a tough business and a tough town. We already got knocked over one time. The structure is the same structure as they have at Medjugorje. We are going to have Mass at St. Joseph church with the rest of the service here. I know that you want to do this, so we are going to do it. It will be a powerful means of getting us. (MAC: I didn’t even know until she told me.That stroke Thomas had will cause no trouble if the blood is kept thin and now his blood runs too thick and had no result.

On the board birthday I will call this board meeting around. This is a tough time to stand still. But that is what I am doing this for, to show you that what you are feeling is not necessarily crazy. It is a feeling of trying to catch the death of Jesus and maintain our natural morality toward each other. All these things add up to different positions I am going to take, once we are into the park.

I thank you for having answered My call.


There’s Padre Pio, the nuts and bolts, with you; St. Bernard, St. Francis of Assisi, St. Seelos. Thank you for listening to me and I promise that it will get better.