MARCH 16, 2015




Oh My Children, Let’s begin to fly, fly, fly far away. We are going to start a new year, this year. We are going to be doing new things and have new people. We are going to saturate and pollinate the Bible and flashes of God are starting to come upon these people. This will be the beginning of another era; the beginning of an era which no one can comprehend. Just as it is given, your faith will be developed as well and you will be able to know it. There are a lot of people who won’t know it and who don’t care. The Eternal One that you have got to get a hold of for your family and your groups will send His rays upon all the people of the Earth.

This summer Venezuela will be ready, however it may not be ready to be dwelled upon because it is really in a mess right now and it is under the power of the devil; because he knows this little country once it gets free will free the rest. So he will hold on to it as long as he can.

In this country, no one has ever, ever figured it out; but I the Blessed Mother says I am your Mother, I am going to figure it out, I am going to lead you there and we are going to start throwing out the rays of God. Be sure that you are ready and prepared, have yourself in a complete state of grace. I don’t mean just going around feeling good naturally; some of you come from feeling bad and you still have a black mark on your soul.

We must be sure to make this the capitol of the mission of the prophecy, for I am in desire for this place to be lifted up. If I cannot get help I will get help from Heaven. If He does look upon you with favor, that is good; because only can you be able to recognize what needs to be changed and you stand the opposite. Let the Blood of the Lamb that enwraps you and that is to protect you be seen in Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will then come and give you encouragement.

You do not to hide for you have gotten pulled in in time to be part of the movement that will stand up to them.

I am anxious to get started as soon as I can. I know I am started in Venezuela. I know that people pray in America but I don’t know how; but they are not praying the way I want them to pray unless they are taught by Me. So let us prepare ourselves; get ourselves ready for the new image that is going to come out in the next two or three months.

Thank you for having answered My call.

We have with us today St. Peter, St. Paul, first time we ever had them together; St. Padre Pio, St. Faustina, Charlene, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Seelos, the entire court of Heaven and the choir of angels in this battle are protecting you.