Our Lady’s Words

 My Dear Children, Today is a day of many memories. We have to have all those memories known to us before we can start anything new because when it starts there will be no stopping. What has happened to the Church the past half year Satan thought he controlled but he was wrong. Just because I started a parent house in Venezuela doesn’t necessarily mean I will start a parent house in Louisiana.

We are going to turn this town and parish upside down when I get back and when Thomas gets back. Right now everyone needs about a two week rest because it will get you prepared for the revolution. Keep saying your prayers every night. Pray to one particular saint or one particular person in the Trinity. Pray always to Our Lady, say “I trust”. This will be a great time for Mass. I saw the pausing in here and that’s the way I want it to be. I want you to learn how to pause. You will be delivering many mysteries, the Blessed Sacrament, etc.

 Rest yourselves. You have made a gem to the Holy Spirit today. You try to be who you are this day for the next is the future. You will roll right into that. Well, parents don’t like to come out and see their children in the darkness and distress so make your way to prayer with them. Say a little prayer for other people, as I know you will. This is for you here and also for those out there who do not pray.

 Mac’s Words

She blessed the statues.