APRIL 17, 2015





My Children, This is a special day. It is special and especially special day as it was the first night when I established the ministry of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood to the world.

 If people could live in this environment or unless they are really seeking the heart of God, you don’t have to worry about people showing up; thus they will start showing up one of these days whenever the Mother says so.

 For the past few days we have been cleaning ourselves, we have to get cleaner and that means He may heal us all. It is about peace, technically the same time this here will take off.


You know the second light, the second phase is going to be very personal. It is going to be how you collect this, this information which will come; to some of you it will come to do one thing, to some of you to do another thing, to some to be another thing, but it will come. It may come upon you in a period of eleven months or it may come to a person who gets it in a month. This is going to be based upon the first apparition and the principles set down on the first apparition; a glorious and fabulous experience for those who want it and those who don’t want it, only you will know, you will know.

 I have established the second phase as a group who becomes like Me. Now that does not mean that you will become equal or anything else. It means upon you will be responsibility; souls may be in trouble, deep trouble, so you have to be prepared in a deep way. So far most of you have received the message that concerns you; now it concerns others. You better think a lot before you accept this mission, the second part, because you may not even do it or it may drive within you.

 We will pray the Rosary more. We will have more prayer and talks from Me. And you will bring peace to your brother’s or sister’s life. Some people are raised without light; by that I mean without the love of God. It is now your duty and the duty of others to make this love as variable as you can and to touch as many as we can.

 It does not sound like very much, but it is. It is the hardest part because it is the mind, it is the will; and you see two ideas. Expect and you will have to take off just spontaneously, but you will be prepared and you will know and you will have a richly beautiful life if you want it. If you don’t, I would say get out right now and I am not talking to half of the people that I have to talk to. So, I will keep preaching this message until enough people have heard and to those who do not want to stay, they can leave.

 I mention the Rosary. The Rosary is the prayer that is especially used with the cooperation of mankind, of the individual; but yet it takes time more than anything else. The Mass, of course, is the number one prayer. This is going to be coming out mostly from Me until I turn it back over to Our Lady because it has to be said by ME.

 I thank you for having come.