OLMPB Prophecies

 Obedience to the Church

According to a decree of the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, approved by Pope Paul VI, on October 14, 1966, it is permitted to publish, without an imprimatur, text relating to new revelations, apparitions, prophecies , or miracles.

His Holiness, Pope Urban VIII (1623-1644), stated

“In cases which concern private revelations, it is better to believe than not to believe, for, if you believe, and it is proven true, you will be happy that you have believed, because our Holy Mother asked it.  If you believe and it should be proven false, you will receive all blessings as if it had been true, because you believed it to be true.


AUGUST 2, 2017







My children, be humble. Everyone needs more humility. To be gentle of spirit and mind and body, humility is a must degree. Just when you don’t understand anything is when you have to be the humblest and trust God. Trust the Father of all creation. Trust His Son, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

In these times it is necessary to be lowly but with high esteem. If you are lowly with low self-esteem, you are depressed. If you are lowly with high self-esteem, you have a gift. Everyone must have this gift before they die. Everyone.

In your everyday outings and when you meet with strangers or you meet with people you pray with or people you play with, it’s always good to come from humility. It’s always good to step back and not judge. It’s always good to seek the highest of your lowest.

Humility means the emptying of yourself to God and to get rid of whatever it is. (Mac: That light is shining again.) Make sure that you go to the scriptures, you go to the teachings, you go to the Church as a whole for humility.

I say this because of the things that are going to come here. We are going to have to have humble people, people who like people but like them for the right reason. Thank you for having answered my call.


She had St. Theresa of Avila with her, Charlene, Padre Pio, St. Faustina, Fr. Seelos, St. Rita, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Bernadette. She was wearing a white dress. Her heart is going to be doing different things. She is going to start shedding and weeping a lot of tears and blood.


JULY 26, 2017







         She has quite a show up there, with God the Father, with a light. It’s not as bad as it was the last time. That’s good. God the Son, Jesus, God the Holy Spirit, they are all right behind her. Jesus and Mary are receiving all of our prayers in front of the Trinity. She has Charlene by her side. She has Padre Pio on the other side. St. Rita, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, and a third one St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, and Fr. Seelos, (He is one of the 1372 blessed that Pope John Paul has decreed and the 500 saints that are behind the new ones.) and St Thomas Aquinas. This is the first time I’ve seen him. I am named after him.


My children, today is the time of the Dark Age. It is the final of Dark Age in the Church. How long it will be, we don’t know. Only God the Father knows. Be yourself. Let yourself just grow in grace but don’t give up a thing that you have as far as your body goes. Your soul is what God wants and He wants to convert, it no matter what you’ve done.


She is dressed today as Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood in white with a rose, and a rosary in her heart which is part flesh. The sun is up there spinning and the 12 stars. It’s the first time that I have seen that.


Become vessels of grace so that you may emit it to people, to your loved ones. Don’t give up on them. Pray, pray, pray. Don’t give up on the earth. Pray, pray, pray. Certainly don’t give up on heaven. Pray, pray, pray that you will enjoy the highest form of heaven.


A person, I think, cannot grow stronger unless he survives his greatest pain in grace, even death in grace. He will grow stronger for the next hurdle because your life is full of hurdles. It is also full of good things. Thank God for everything. Say your rosary. Go to Mass as often as you can and adore the Blessed Sacrament. That is the gift of the resurrection for you to give you strength in this time. The Eucharist was a gift of the future for you and for everyone. Pray, pray, pray. Thank you for having answered my call.

JULY 26, 2017







         She has quite a show up there, with God the Father, with a light. It’s not as bad as it was the last time. That’s good. God the Son, Jesus, God the Holy Spirit, they are all right behind her. Jesus and Mary are receiving all of our prayers in front of the Trinity. She has Charlene by her side. She has Padre Pio on the other side. St. Rita, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, and a third one St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, and Fr. Seelos, (He is one of the 1372 blessed that Pope John Paul has decreed and the 500 saints that are behind the new ones.) and St Thomas Aquinas. This is the first time I’ve seen him. I am named after him.


My children, today is the time of the Dark Age. It is the final of Dark Age in the Church. How long it will be, we don’t know. Only God the Father knows. Be yourself. Let yourself just grow in grace but don’t give up a thing that you have as far as your body goes. Your soul is what God wants and He wants to convert, it no matter what you’ve done.


She is dressed today as Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood in white with a rose, and a rosary in her heart which is part flesh. The sun is up there spinning and the 12 stars. It’s the first time that I have seen that.


Become vessels of grace so that you may emit it to people, to your loved ones. Don’t give up on them. Pray, pray, pray. Don’t give up on the earth. Pray, pray, pray. Certainly don’t give up on heaven. Pray, pray, pray that you will enjoy the highest form of heaven.

A person, I think, cannot grow stronger unless he survives his greatest pain in grace, even death in grace. He will grow stronger for the next hurdle because your life is full of hurdles. It is also full of good things. Thank God for everything. Say your rosary. Go to Mass as often as you can and adore the Blessed Sacrament. That is the gift of the resurrection for you to give you strength in this time. The Eucharist was a gift of the future for you and for everyone. Pray, pray, pray. Thank you for having answered my call.

JULY 17, 2017






 Our Lady:

         My children, I come tonight to give you a message, a message that is full of joy and truth. As you know, I have come the last three times with the Eucharist and the resurrection, the ascension, the descent of the Holy Spirit going into the apostles, and, of course, the cross from which all of these come forward the death of my Son. If He did not die none of these would have happened according to God’s plan.

I want to encourage you to pray, pray, pray. If there is ever one word that I say over and over, it is pray. It is the only thing that will get supernatural help on this earth. This earth so badly needs it. We are engrossed in confusion and laziness from the top of the political span to the bottom. There are people praying all over the world, but it’s not enough. You just have to pray harder. Many of you have things that will work out but in God’s time. If they did not work according to God’s time, they would be according to Satan’s time.

Try to be patient. There are people in the world who are much worse off than you. Some people don’t even have a house to sleep in. Some people don’t have a meal to eat or water to drink that is consumable. Even in the United States it is bad. The government cannot run everything. If it does it would ruin everything and that’s what has happened. Now we are pulling away but it’s not going to be easy. Too many men have their hands strung in the weight and the power of the almighty man, the Illuminati, the Masons who are part of the Illuminati, and other groups.

When you say a little prayer, it goes some place. When you release that prayer to God to do with it what He wants, it may go all the way over to Africa for someone. Look at the simple things in life like “I love you,” “You are my favorite person,” “I want to help you,” “I want to be helped by you.”

All of these things make a difference. They are not communicated many times. There could be a good reason for that. People have put down people who do that, but that doesn’t make it right. Try to find someone that’s weak, that doesn’t have it together in some way. Give them something, even just a hug or a handshake.

It is strange that I have to teach this all over again. I’m going to have to because no one’s doing it that should be doing it. If the priest would preach three sermons on the Holy Spirit and anoint the faithful for three times in every Church, it would change the whole world. Now you see why they don’t, because Satan has a strong arm. But his time is short. His time of reign is short. You be mindful of that. Thank you for having answered my call.


Excuse me. The light was so bright I could hardly see.


JULY 13, 2017







My children, this evening is a very special evening in a very special church, one that I have picked out. From this church you shall grow.

We must meditate on the cross. The cross is the center of all there is. From the cross and towards the cross rose the death, the resurrection, and the ascension with everything being centered on the Eucharist. In the Eucharist you definitely eat God for the inside of your body for eternal glory. You have the fullness of truth in this Church. I want you to think about that.

The Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus, is the essence of all reality. The Word comes and the Eucharist follows. This is our life. Many Catholics don’t understand this. As a matter of fact, many Catholics don’t even come. With prayer and offering up our sufferings, we can get those people back. This is the area that I am going to work on.

Then, I will have my land and the grotto and the apparition. We will be serving the whole world. Don’t pay attention to what people say about that. I will have everything done. It will be put on their hearts, the members of the diocese, the world, to give. When you pray from the cross to the Eucharist, to the resurrection, to the ascension, to the descent of the Holy Spirit, pray for all these things.

Thank you for having answered my call.


With Our Lady came Padre Pio who is around all the time, Charlene, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, and St. Rita. There were other saints and people who have died and all of them are praying. That’s who came with her.



JULY 14, 2017






Our Lady:

My dear children, you have for the last two apparitions seen me feature the cross. The plan of Satan is his final plan. He is going after marriage and families. He is trying to destroy the belief in God amongst the young people or that man can exist without God. This is going to be a big battle and is a big battle but I have already crushed his head.

The cross is the center of all Christianity. Jesus is on that cross until the end of time because man will suffer and sin until the end of time. You have to be able to pray according to God’s will. His will is to pray toward the cross which gives the past and the future to Christianity.

Jesus was crowned with thorns as King of what? He was crown with thorns as the King of the suffering man. The death He said He was going to have actually happened, but what happened next was going to defy everything—the resurrection. With this came the very thing that would make all of Christianity real—the Mass, the Word, and the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ which you as Catholics eat and drink. You don’t do this symbolically; you do this in reality.

That is what makes the Catholic Church different. It has the Mass. From the Mass comes the resurrection when He rose from the dead. He came out amongst His friends and apostles and was seen by many people. From the resurrection comes the ascension when He ascended to the right hand of God the Father Almighty to judge the world at the end. Then something else came and people don’t really understand this. Many people don’t. Many, many people don’t.

The Holy Spirit descended on the apostles and all of mankind. He is the one that makes all things that happen now. The Holy Spirit is the love of God. The love of God is followed by his justice. That’s what we leave out because it is hard. The love of God is bound by His mercy which we all have if we want it.

Today many people are living outside of grace. They don’t have any excuse. They just don’t want it. It has to be changed. This is what? The cardinal in the Church, who got the answer to all marriage and family from Pope John Paul, has organized and is setting forth in the Church to be accepted and realized the marriage and the family and to get people to marry in the Church.

I am stressing this because this is what want stressed and what I want printed out. Because of the cross, I am who I am. Because of the cross, you are who you are. Because of the cross, everybody is included, except those who don’t want to be included. There are many.

In America you have a battle going on right now between those with money and are crooked and those with money and are straight and those who are down-to-earth citizens. This country could be out of trouble in a minute if it would only turn to God. If it doesn’t turn to God, a terrible war is going to come. I have already shown Thomas that. It doesn’t have to happen. I don’t know if you want to call this the end times or the beginning times, but it’s special. You need to be mindful of this in prayer.

Thank you for having answered my call.


Charlene was with her, right there. She is already canonized in heave, you know. Of course Padre Pio was on the left. There was St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of the Andes (all of them mystics according to Padre Pio), St. Bernadette, St. Rita, St. Faustina, Fr. Seelos and a bunch of other things. That’s it.


JULY 12, 2017







My children, the biggest element in a church, the biggest statue in the church should not be as big as the cross over the altar. The cross is the answer that all men have been looking for for centuries. It is by the cross that you live, by the cross that you die.

The resurrection of Jesus is the essence of death for it means death is just a passing. Although the resurrection of the bodies is not yet complete and won’t be until God says so, it is the promise. It is just as real as it was in Jesus’ time when He rose from the dead. It is just as real as the Eucharist, the Body and Blood of Jesus.

All things that we say, all prayers that we say are geared right toward the priest saying, “This is My Body. This is My Blood.” That is the salvation of the whole world. You need to focus on this more. The person who lives by this will certainly be saved for they will grow in conscience and mentally to the fullness of God which they will receive when they die if they live by this every day of their life. If they go to confession and say they have not lived by this, they have included their sins and they will be forgiven. The good works that they do will be compiled along with the prayers that they have said and are said for them to eliminate the time owed to God in justice. They will not have to go to purgatory.

This is not an easy task. It is hard but you get tougher as you go on in life. You get sterner in your faith so you grow with it. This is my explanation to the world of the power of the Eucharist, the power of Jesus rising from the dead and coming back to His people and to other people from the dead, and then ascending into heaven to sit at the right hand of God the Father Almighty to judge the world when the time comes.

This is the essence of Christianity. All the prayers you say go towards this. The prayers that Protestants say that are worthy count because of the Eucharist. Everything counts because the Eucharist. The resurrection counts because Jesus rose from the dead as promised so we would.

This is the attitude that you need to develop when you pray. Gear it towards this and your prayers will be much more fulfilling to God. I am teaching you this today so that you will have this desire when you pray because of the empowerment of your unit by God the Father. He said this group will represent the Church as one of the special groups, there are many more, to represent the Church in prayer.

Thank you for having answered my call.


I guess that y’all knew that this was a powerful message. It summed up Christianity. The only way she could do it. With her was Padre Pio, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bernadette, St. Rita, and all the other saints who were there praying.

We should hold on to this message. It’s the first one that we have gotten that really touched on and summed up everything in about five minutes. It’s not big because God is simple. That is simply the truth. If it isn’t the truth then everything is a lie, you see, and we are fools to believe it. But we know it to be true historically, physically, and in faith wise.

We have a great possession ourselves and we must be willing to share it with others. We don’t want to be like the guy that had the five coins. He kept his coins and buried them. All he ended up with was five coins. Praying for your relatives and praying for people, that’s good. It’s all geared towards that and this. This is the Son of God Who came down and looked like this (hold us Agonizing Cross) for us. It’s beautiful because it’s a great gift, all He had, all the energy He could have possible have. He had to have a tremendous amount of energy to go through that. I don’t think anybody could go through that except Him. He had to because He had to account for every sin that’s ever been and ever would be committed. It also counted for every soul that was going to be converted. We are converted at baptism for our mothers and fathers had us baptized. Then the teaching, you know, we had it. We had to be grateful for that. Also, we had to pray for people that don’t. For 500 years the Protestant church and the name of it is Protestant has been outside the Church and they need to come back in.

We have these things that are miracles to us. We pray that God puts it out for other people to see.


JULY 5, 2017







My children, you had a good meeting. This meeting formed the framework of my coming to Ville Platte and its surrounding areas. I love you.

I saw all the areas of concern. Some concerns you must have and some concerns can go. Health is a big concern. Many people in this country are in need of health insurance. They can’t afford it. They can’t afford the premiums. This has to be settled because around 30 million people will be without insurance. That is a lot of people, a lot of sickness in emergency rooms. You must pray that the federal government will end its need to control and let the needs of the people control. This is a blessing we have to have. There is no sense that any person in this country, with all of the means and wealth it has, should not have insurance. So please pray.

Also, as I have said over and over again, you have to pray, pray, pray. Prayer is absolutely necessary. There is not enough. We need more prayer in this country.

I come to you as your mother to bring to you the gifts of the Son of God Who brought them through Jesus: the sacraments, the healings, the evangelized word. All of these things are important. When you go to Mass, try to tune in to that.

Also, with this group, I want to pray for the institution of my Armada Rosary and the grotto. It has to be built. This is part of the divine plan for this country. Nobody would ever think that it was here, but it is. They would not have thought this any more than they would have thought it would be in Medjugorje or Fatima. It’s here. Here is where I bring you to this operation of all the things I have said and will be said to the people in this grotto from all over the world. Think about this Read the book. Get inspired! Thank you for having listened to my call.


She was in an intellectual vision above the statue. The saints that were here were also intellectual. Padre Pio, Catherine of Siena, St. Rita, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of the Little Flower, Faustina, Bernadette and Charlene were here with her in the sense as was Fr. Seelos. They were all here during the whole meeting and during the rest of the meeting. They will pray as we pray. That is all.


JUNE 28, 2017







My children, as you know by now that God has delegated you, empowered you with the power of prayer exceptional to any group. From Fatima I have said this. It is decreed by God. You know from you testimony that you are chosen. Pray, pray, pray. Pray especially for the President of the United States as he is having trouble but he is slowly winning. Pray that he also brings out more things for the poor. The poor must be served, not the poor of heart but the physically poor.

This country is trying to get out of a war but I don’t see how it can. In some instances it’s already in a war. It’s in a war in Afghanistan, in a war with extreme radical Muslims throughout the world. You must pray for all this. Your country is still the greatest country on earth. It has not lost its faith as some countries have. They are going to have to regain it to survive. They will be hit by things that will make them pray. That’s the only way.

France, England, Belgium, and Austria used to be the fountain of the Church. Now they are the fountain of man. Man must be put in his place. I give this to you today because this is what I want you to pray for especially. As that goes, the world goes. As the United States goes, the world goes. Or it will go the way Russia wants it to go. We cannot permit that.

Continue to pray hard. Continue with your work. Continue with your chores. Remember, every prayer that you say is a prayer empowered by God to heaven for whoever it is. Thank you for having answered my call.


She came today as Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood. She had the Fatima message. With her was Padre Pio, of course, Charlene, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, and St. Rita, and all the saints. These were primarily the ones there. Fr. Seelos is always here. He’s in my bedroom. She was dressed in white with all the trims. She had beautiful eyes that changed from blue to green JUNE 26, 2017







Our Lady:

         My children, it is good to be back. Not that I went anywhere but I did have a meeting with Thomas at Fatima three times. The results of that meeting will be typed out and delivered to everybody that wants it.

The book that he wrote contains everything, even the prophecies that are to come. It is also a supernatural history of this ministry. So there is nothing needed to be proven there. I stressed the grotto, the Rosary of the Armada and Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood, and the land. Secondly, I stressed that it needs to be pushed and it will be pushed. I will push it to the Armada. The Armada is a certain set of prayers that will take over for peace in the world to come whether that world is in war or in peace. There is war in various places in this world. All over this world there are different kinds of war and you know that.

Then on the land will be built, or is already built but will be framed and painted, is a store which will sell books, rosaries, prayer blankets, and all kinds of holy things when the time comes. There is another big house on the land which has been rebuilt. That can be used for various things. There is a smaller house next to the big house which is being housed by the man that overlooks the land and works elsewhere. He is going to stay there and he will take care of the land, see that the property is not harmed. On the land will be built the grotto, a big grotto of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood. The healing waters that come forth will heal mankind and various elements, both physical and spiritual.

This may seem unreachable by some of you. It is unreachable except by the power of God. It will be done. Remember our time is not your time. We are in a hurry for this. It will be faster than usual. It will come out slow because it is going to have enemies in the Church, but that will be straightened out.

There will also need to be made a Rosary of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood with the medal being the part that signifies the connection of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood and St. John Bosco’s ship arrival on the back. The crucifix will be of my Son, Jesus Christ, your Redeemer and mine.

These are just some of the things I wanted to set you free to hear. Thomas will be “rolling along” as they say in Ville Platte with the healing service, soaking prayers, counseling, and of course the building of the grotto. You will have help, help that you don’t even know about yet, but it will be done.

I said this tonight because I wanted it clear what I want. I want it out that way. Now he is going to write a paper on all the things that he experienced and what is good for this mission here. I want you to continue to pray, pray, pray. That is the only thing that will get anything done anywhere, even in this world. Maybe someday man will realize that, at least some men.

The Wednesday morning meetings are very important. The people in those meetings have been empowered by the Holy Spirit by the orders of God the Father. Their prayers are worldwide, nationwide, and statewide. Any prayer that they say privately or publicly as a group will be fed to the whole world by the power of God. The healing service here will remain the same. It, of course, has a history behind it and needs to stand on that.

Thank you for having answered my call.


She was accompanied by St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Faustina, Fr. Seelos, Charlene, St. Bernadette, St. Rita, and other saints, and Padre Pio. He is always here, always in the house. He is everywhere. He never quits. They were all interceding for us, interceding for the world, and interceding for the intentions of Our Lady.


JUNE 29, 2017







My children, tonight is a special night but it is just the beginning of my mission here on earth. We are really going to get things moving in God’s time.

There are three main points to my revelations to Thomas in Fatima. First was to get the Armada Rosary going. Second was the establishment and buying the land and setting up the grotto. The house is big. It’s been renovated. There’s another place for a book store and many other areas. The water is there, the healing waters. The lights and the electricity, everything is perfect. Third was the making of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood Rosary. That will come later. Then there are the persons, the dates, the places. All these things are there and are going to come out of Thomas’ head when he gets straightened out, which I hope tomorrow is the day.

Remember though, the one thing that you have to do is pray. Pray, pray, pray. You can only become holy through prayer. Other things follow. Prayer, of course, takes on many forms and you know those.

We are moving to a new healing service in Leonville. If they want to have a healing service here, they can. They have to want it to have it.

All the souls that are going down the drain or are lost, you have to pray for them, do good works for them, love them. That’s the only way they can overcome their handicaps.

I am going to be letting out more information as time goes on. For now, thank you for having answered my call.


She had with her tonight St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. Rita, and of course, Padre Pio and St. Michael the Archangel. There were all kinds of other saints there, too, praying with us, the rosary and peace.

MAY 18, 2017







The most important thing that you can do is to pray. The only answers are with God. Many times we pray and we don’t know what God’s will is. When you pray, pray with an earnest heart, a humble heart, the heart of a child of God. Pray with pride.

This world is in a mess. It may not come out of it except through prayer. The worst has just started. Nations are playing pitch and catch with each other seeing who is the top power, who is going to be the one to tell the world what to do, namely Russia, the USA, and China.

We have a lot of missionaries but we don’t have enough. We don’t have enough missionaries here in the United States. We don’t have enough people praying. If you would just concentrate on God for two minutes a day, just focus everything on Him though everything around you is oblivious except Him. After 30 days you will see yourself entirely different. No one knows exactly what to do about Ville Platte and its mission, but after June when I will see Thomas in Fatima, he will know. Until then, just pray. You can pray any kind of prayer, any prayer you want to pray. Just talk to God. That’s prayer.

If you should have more time than two minutes a day, it would be good to include your neighbors that are not interested in God at all in your prayers. Include people that are suffering in your prayers, people that are having a hard time financially, people having a hard time physically in your prayers, and on and on and on.

Prayer takes a lot of faith but faith gives us a future of hope. That’s what we are. Tonight you will have the prayers for the healing of your family tree. I hope most of you brought that with you. If you didn’t, you can keep it in your mind and heart and pray. At the Eucharistic Celebration of the Mass that will be in it. Pray, pray, pray. That’s what you must do. Thank you for having answered my call.


MAY 24, 2017







Come to me all you children. Come to me and I will give you the graces you need and the happiness you need. The world cannot take that from you if you do not let it. Do not sink with the world. Rise up and come forward in your spirit. Let your spirit be totally under the control of God. All things will work and you will then realize how important your prayer is, not only for you, but for someone else who He needs. That is how He gets it. But prayer always is the answer to God no matter what kind, what language, how small, or how big. God answers prayer.

Many people today are into the new age concept of God which is man. Man is the glory of creation of course. Who created man or if they come up with something else of who created that? It was God. God had to be the three persons who began from nothing. They were all there. How that happened, I don’t know. How it happens, you won’t know but you will believe. You who believe will be blessed. There is much work to do in the world, but all I am asking you to do is what you can. God will take care of the rest.

Pray for Thomas that he does what he is supposed to do. So much depends on that. He is in pain. He will always be in pain. His belief in God, belief in God’s grace, and his prayers of obedience will go a long way. Do you know what you have been obediently called to do? And you have to do it. Thank you for having answered my call.


MAY 31, 2017






My children, today is the last Wednesday we will meet until Thomas gets back from Fatima and Spain. This is a day that we need to come together and pray, a day that you need to offer up prayers and I will take them to heaven. I see someone that is in need of this. They will be offered up to heaven. Remember that prayer is the only thing that can cure anything. So keep praying.

Everything is up in the air in this world. You know if North Korea doesn’t stop, the US will be forced to have a military encounter with her. She doesn’t have a chance. You pray that man that is the head of it has a sane heart. He doesn’t have one now. If military action is required, there is going to be millions of people killed over there. It would be a catastrophic thing. Then if Iran fires back, it can be a WWIII. It is very likely so you have to really pray.

Then you have the Isis terrorists and the other terrorists. They are an isolated Islamic response. They are not a real Islamic response. God in His mercy will take care of those children who have a good heart all over the world but you need to pray for them. Pray against Isis for they have to be eliminated. They have to be totally eliminated because their measures are drastic. They have the intention of destroying everybody. They will go down doing that but they won’t do it.

We are going to have a new energy after the Fatima trip from various people and other people who have been contacted. My plans will be laid out. I will give them to Thomas at Fatima for Ville Platte and this mission. No one here listens. It is impossible for them to listen because it is impossible to get to them. That I might change myself. Pray for Fr. Tom that he gets inspired by the Holy Spirit and he comes back a new man higher than he was. Pray for the group and for a member of our group, Joan, that they get the message and are willing to give it back.

These are the small things that you have to do, to do the big things. Prayer is the key right now. I know that you sound to yourself that you are just praying, but you are not. When you pray the whole world hears it because God has given this group the power to do that. For the souls in this house, for the souls all around, for the souls in the pictures, they are all remembered. Every one of them has an answer. It may not be what they want but they have an answer from God. It will be done in time. I don’t leave you because I am here. Know that. I am with you. Know that. Let us give praise to Jesus Christ as Lord, that He is Lord of all, that His blood saves all, even when we think it can’t be saved. It can. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: (holding his face in his hands)

She showed me what would happen if they start bombing. They can go with just a startup thing with North Korea which would be millions of people. It is over populated. North Korea would fight back. They can take Japan. They have all these defense systems. Then WWIII would be Russia and China if all of them got involve.

It’s terrible. Every country would be wiped out to a certain extent including in the US. That’s because Russia and China would get their share. They would get the coastal cities of the US just wiped out if it’s that atomic war. Or it could also be selected bombing by the US. They’re still going to do it so you have to pray that China puts the pressure on North Korea. They can put it on them. They are doing it now but are not doing it enough to stop this thing. Stop him. We have the missiles. We fired on yesterday and it worked. It would be hard to get a bomb in here but look what they have. They have cannons and she said that they have small atomic units to go to Japan. That’s the one they are after. There are two or three countries over there that are allies. They have our bases.

It would be a mess, just a mess. She didn’t want to talk about it, but she showed me what would happen. So this could all happen before Christmas. That’s how fast this could be. It would be over in 3 to 4 days before it was final. Nobody in their right mind would want that but that idiot in North Korea. She said that he is insane and they will have to get rid of him.

Charlene was here today. St. Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, and the others were all around; the angels, St. Michael the Archangel. They are all praying but it looks very, very sad right now. Fr. Seelos was there. He’s in the holy room.


It’s really bad news so you have to pray. I will pray over there and I will find more. If they were to start one, all of them will do it. They will destroy everything. Russia figures that they have a bigger country than anybody but the US has a big country. It’s awful. There may be 200 million people out there. How many people would be killed? A billion people would be killed just because of one insane idiot. I hear that is what he is.

Whether you are for Trump or against Trump, he is the one that has to do something about it. He might use military and try to bomb them at their sites where they are shooting missiles, if they get there. They have to. We can’t have missiles coming over here and they’re going to have one in two years.


APRIL 26, 2017




Mac: She is here as Our Lady of Guadalupe which is Our Mother of all of the Americas. Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood is over at Charles’ house. She is over there. I think that they have seen her. Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood is standing there tall. She’s about 5’6” and standing up there in the middle of the altar.

Our Lady: My children, I am with you always, all of my children all over of the Americas. Part of the Americas is in really bad shape. Venezuela is going to nothing until it gets through to the man, President Maduro, who they are fighting every day. Over 26 people have been killed in a month in the marches. They have given weapons out to terrorists. People are fighting a war but there will be peace. Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood, who I also am, will be there back on the altar.

Now you must take the lessons that you have learned from lent and apply them. Apply them to intercede for whatever you have interceded and there have been many requests here and for the whole world. It is now either in the hands of God or His Son. Nothingness or some evil with Russia and North Korea is a real test of nations wanting its sovereignty when it thinks it has too much. They must be stopped.

We’ve had it too good, you know, in America, the United States. Now that is being tested. You must pray for President Trump that he will acknowledge the seriousness of the situation yet have diplomacy.

This group is just getting started. If you are taking it lightly, don’t because just a word said here is powerful. This is what you must do in your private life and in this quick meeting here. Why aren’t there a lot of people here? There’s enough. Enough constitutes prayer warriors which constitutes other people to do things for my Church, my Son’s Church.

The Catholic Church is being persecuted tremendously. It’s starting in America because of the looseness of the youth for NO GOD. They are crazy but they can be confirmed by my Son if you just keep praying. Pray hard for today. North Korea has overshot its boundaries. There better be a way to stop them. There is a way. There is a way of doing it without causing injury to a lot of people. So pray. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac She was clothed in this sort of tyrannical big robes in her dress. She was dressed as Our Lady of Guadalupe which also is Our Lady of Ville Platte, Our Lady of Lafayette, and Our Lady of Everything. She is very concerned. We have to make money We have to have jobs or we won’t be able to do that.


MAY 3, 2017




Mac: Do y’all feel the presence? It’s strong today. She’s strong today.

Our Lady: It’s good that you came today. Your prayers for yourself and your neighbors in the Ville Platte area are being heard. Those of you who came from other places, they are being heard. This will be a bad storm, but it’s only going to hit in random places. This is a secondary cause of nature. It is just going to happen, but your prayers can make things natural go away. However, it will be what it will be.

What a wonderful thought it would be that if every person who had the knowledge of the rosary would say one decade a day. It would change the whole world. That’s not very many people, the population of the earth, but it’s enough to change the world. No matter what happens, you can always pray. No one can take that away from you unless you give it to them.

That’s what Christians in Europe did, Poland especially. They went through that horrible chastisement in WWII but they prayed. Some didn’t have rosaries any more but they prayed. That is what I am asking you to do. That’s what this group is about. It doesn’t have to be the smartest. It doesn’t have to be the best, but it does have to pray. Learn how to pray. That’s your power, the power of God.

Bad things happen to you at times, but when you look back on your life, you will see. It’s been pretty good in comparison to what other people are going through and we want to keep it that way. The USA is widely divided. Neither camp really has the answers. If someone would come together and say let’s all pray, they would get the answer from God about what to do. But they are not going to get it until they do that, not the complete answer anyhow. It may even be given by God to man before man even figures it out. God wants every person saved. If they would be baptized by one of the three ways, possess a possession like a rosary to say every day or something else they would be saved. That would also go for the family. Thank you for having answered my call.


MAY 15, 2017





Our Lady:

My children, if you look at my left hand you will see a symbol of the victorious Easter that we have had. It smells like roses amongst the stench set up by some human beings. Those roses are alive in you.

This is going to be a great year for Christ. Is not going to be too much of a year for some people but all things can change through prayer. If you took out every vehicle, every type of armament, every type of indulgences, for God, everything, there would only be one word that you would need to have. That is prayer. Prayer is what you can freely do mentally, physically, or both. Prayer is what indeed it is going to take to convert this world to Christ. You can see it’s down the middle right now. Satan is grabbing young people with drugs, porn, and alcohol. We need to especially pray for them.

You have to realize that only you can make a difference. When I say you, I mean you all make a difference in the world today. It’s good to begin right here. The Wednesday group begins right there. The healing service begins right there. You don’t see the graces that are coming down for those meetings, but they are there. They are there because people have stuck with it. It isn’t the number, it’s the quality.

I want you to think about the ways you can change the world, the ways that you can make a difference. Pray about it then do it. Thank you for having answered my call.


Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood came tonight. She had two angels with her. One of them was St. Michael the Archangel. St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Bernadette, St. Padre Pio, and Bl. Fr. Seelos were here with her. Every one of those is a soul that prayed. It is the only way that we are going to get results.


MAY 17, 2017





Mac:Mary’s here as is the Trinity. Then Jesus comes out of the middle of the Trinity representing mankind as He was the God Man. The saints are here, too, many of them. St. Padre Pio is always here, St. Faustina and all your relatives are here. I don’t know how far they go back but there are a lot of them. There are a whole lot of them, even mine. You are all blue bloods there. They are perfected in the humankind of Jesus in His actions on earth, His birth, His death, His resurrection, His ascension. All of these mark great works of Our Lord. Now Mary as the person that carried Him nine months in her womb that God the Father needed. She is here to bear as Co-Redemptrist, all graces. That is not an official teaching of the Church, but it is commonly held around the world, so it will be.

I don’t know what I am getting in the background, but that they all got in here is amazing;how I can see them but I can’t see them. But if I look there, I can. It’s another dimension. They don’t have their bodies but they have forms.

Mary: Look here what I have brought before you into this little room that you may know the prayers you have said are interceded by all these people including My Divine Son Who is the one player Who makes it all, all eternity. We must look at it in that way. We must hope in the future and that’s done through prayer. I have been saying this for three years. The prayer is the ultimate thing of all things. It is the one thing that cannot be stopped. It has to grow in intensity. It has to grow here. It is growing.

When you come before God, you represent whom He has chosen that you represent, not whom you have chosen. You don’t even know all that yet except you come to represent Him throughout the whole world. I have prayer groups like this around the world. They are going strong. More will be revealed to you at a later date, but now you pray. Pray as you know how to pray. Offer up the people in your town, your parish, your state, the country, the world. That’s who you are offering up.

I bless you today with my heavenly blessing. I want you to know whatever you need, if it’s in the Father’s will, it will be granted in another way but will be given to you. This is a special favor you have from me as I make my ministry of the Most Precious Blood to this whole of South Louisiana and to the whole country. You can’t go there but you certainly can pray there. You have been chosen to pray. This is not my choice but God’s choice. That’s a real choice. You prayers now have a double effect. One is your ordinary person and one is your group. It will be heard. Pray for peace. The world right now is upside down. You just know about America and Europe but in Africa, Christians are being slaughtered. In the Middle East, Syria, 500,000 people have been killed. They bury them and burn them. This is what you have to pray for.

In America, America is going to be protected, but a lot of people have to quit hanging their head low. They will be raised up by your prayers and others’ prayers. We have a great offense going for this. That devil never suspected that we would do this but we are doing it. Thank you for having answered My call.


APRIL 19, 2017







 Thomas, that room you live in, on the wall, it is the Divine Kingdom surrounding you and My apparition everyday. So, start using it. You may show it to anyone you want, but I want you to sit in there for 20 minutes a day with the lights on and meditate upon your gifts. You have done none of that. Now you are getting ready. Your mind is getting ready to do that.

 The next four weeks will be a very, very wholesome and fulfilling time of messages and apparitions. I want you to pray before the Blessed Sacrament on the altar in your front room. That should be an hour a day. You can do it any time you wish. But now you are going to switch gears.

 You can invite someone to pray with you if you wish, to come and pray, but you have to be there. On that altar, place all the names of the people who are going to be prayed for all over the world. You don’t have to remember them all, but God does. He remembers all that is wrong, remembers all the habits, He knows them. Of course He does. How He knows it, We don’t know. In the book of Revelations it says He knows the end times and the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing like this world.

 Teach people about the prayer and different ways they pray. The different services they have, the Mass. Teach them all about the Mass that has everything in it; the sacraments, the rosary and special intentions.

 The group that you have on Wednesday is a special group. They are special people because God made them so. Not because they deserve it. You must look at them and teach them as special people; not just ordinary people. That group has power given to it by God ,to pray for the nation, to pray for the world. Their prayers are worth a million to other people. You understand this? No and you never will. Just do it. People will stay with that group who God has chosen. There will be others there but the main stream is already there except for a possible few. You have to get to work Now. The people that will come to you will bad. They are hurting bad. The Lord wants to heal them.. Of course, that is up to them too whether they want to be healed – whether they want to be obedient..

 To all Christianity, I say, pray, pray, pray. If you pray to God, if you pray to the Trinity with Jesus the humankind God too and trust, you will go to Heaven.

 Thank you for answering My call.

 MAC: The statue came alive.

APRIL 19, 2017







 Thomas, that room you live in, on the wall, it is the Divine Kingdom surrounding you and My apparitioin everyday. So, start using it. You may show it to anyone you want, but I want you to sit in there for 20 minutes a day with the lights on and meditate upon your gifts. You have done none of that. Now you are getting ready. Your mind is getting ready to do that.

 The next four weeks will be a very, very wholesome and fulfilling time of messages and apparitions. I want you to pray before the Blessed Sacrament on the altar in your front room. That should be an hour a day. You can do it any time you wish. But now you are going to switch gears.

 You can invite someone to pray with you if you wish, to come and pray, but you have to be there. On that altar, place all the names of the people who are going to be prayed for all over the world. You don’t have to remember them all, but God does. He remembers all that is wrong, remembers all the habits, He knows them. Of course He does. How He knows it, We don’t know. In the book of Revelations it says He knows the end times and the Kingdom of Heaven is nothing like this world.

 Teach people about the prayer and different ways they pray. The different services they have, the Mass. Teach them all about the Mass that has everything in it; the sacraments, the rosary and special intentions.

 The group that you have on Wednesday is a special group. They are special people because God made them so. Not because they deserve it. You must look at them and teach them as special people; not just ordinary people. That group has power given to it by God ,to pray for the nation, to pray for the world. Their prayers are worth a million to other people. You understand this? No and you never will. Just do it. People will stay with that group who God has chosen. There will be others there but the main stream is already there except for a possible few. You have to get to work Now. The people that will come to you will bad. They are hurting bad. The Lord wants to heal them.. Of course, that is up to them too whether they want to be healed – whether they want to be obedient..

 To all Christianity, I say, pray, pray, pray. If you pray to God, if you pray to the Trinity with Jesus the humankind God too and trust, you will go to Heaven.

 Thank you for answering My call.

 MAC: The statue came alive.


APRIL 12, 2017






Jesus is here. He is in a penitential robe, purple. He has a crown of thons on His head. Blood is coming down His face. This is what is remembered most about His Passion. He suffers for us, suffers for the whole world. He is really in great pain right now because of the world.

Mac: He is just standing there.


What would you all do if I did not have this suffering right now? You would have nothing. But since I have this suffering all the time, every year, you have everything. Saying the Rosary for seventy-two hours doesn’t count unless your heart had My suffering it. If you are willing to suffer, the people you sent plus the others will be helped.

MAC: He is just showing different things.


This week until Holy Thursday comes, and Good Friday, try to change a little bit in your life from what you are doing. Even if you are doing good, try to change it to think of the people who don’t know Me. Pray for them. I want them so much. I would like to have them so much. Many, many, many souls that are in the vacuum of nothingness have no God. They are into the mechanization of the universe, into machines and rockets. They need prayers. Pray for the world, for world peace, but it may have to be brought to changes by war.

This is a hard week. The silence of God is for the voice of mankind. This I give to you. Amen!


APRIL 10, 2017






Our Lady:

This is Passion Week. The week when the Savior, My Son, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, established the Eucharist, suffered all kind of punishments: crowned with thorns, blistering effects on His body from the whip, sore bones, the death on the cross for each one of us, and through the resurrection guaranteed us as He returned with His Body that one day each one of us who believe in Him will have a glorified body like His. These are all solemn lessons, solemn lessons we can learn and meditate on to grow holy this week. It is a time to think about it. One week and all of this was done. Where are you with regards to this?

Easter is the greatest feast of the year, for it has all the Sacraments explained, done and glorified to each one of you on your calendar, from the day of your birth to the day of your death, if you stay with the Church.

Tonight I wanted to give you this message because it is the message that carries you all year round every year. It is the message that counts. It is the message that saves. It is the message that you take with you to the grave and to the gates of Heaven when God so desires it. It teaches us to smile in the face of adversity. It teaches us to realize what God is doing in our life even if it doesn’t seem good to us and even if we have to give it to Him, it will be OK.

So this week, I would like for you to think about these missions, about these sayings, about these works of mercy and how hard He worked to save us. No one else could do it, only Him, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, the God – Man. He speaks down of one thing and up of another. Train your ears to listen, your eyes to see, your mouth to speak. Let this be the holy time of the Lord and you.

I have with me St. Padre Pio, Charlene, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of the Roses, Fr. Seelos, and all the peers of heaven. Amen.

Mac: She’s crying (the statue).

APRIL 5, 2017








It is Mary. This is the second time in a row she has appeared. She appeared in baton Rouge and gave a long message. She is appearing here today with Padre Pio and Charlene. She really has Charlene up there. I hope they canonize her someday. The Trinity is behind her and Jesus is always out front of the Trinity because He is God-Man. He speaks the word of the Father. There are the other Saints, St. Faustina, the Theresa’s and the various saints that go around. It looks like a number of heads going back. I don’t know how many, maybe a million.

She is taking a thing, I don’t know what to call it, but it is a big thing that is stuck. She is lifting it up and there is a whole new world out there. That is the one we are going to be dealing with. It is not better. It is worse but also better.


My Children, I hope you are taking this assignment seriously because God is waiting. The assignment is there with the prayer. A time you pray, for whom you pray, it all has to be structured. It will come later. The next few months will be sort of haphazard. After the June trip we will be starting to get ready. That will take other people to be involved. They will be.

MAC: I have comments from the Mother of God over this land since 2005.


The grotto will be constructed according to how God the Father wants it and gives His directions. You won’t have to worry about anything. It will come from My hands. The new land has water. I will bless the water as it comes out. People will put their hands in the water and some will be healed. Some will just take it for healing water..

This is going to be a new versions of My appearances, a new grotto. It will be done differently but with the same meaning. That meaning will be, of course, all things are in God, by God, with God, All people are in God, by God, with God. It will be a means of bringing people close to God and conversions all over the world.

You are saying, “I don’t know what you are talking about. I can’t do that”. You can’t. That is right. You will have help. There are good people here. There is good faith. It is just that they don’t know how to spread it, how to bring people in, but they will learn. The ones that are suppose to, will learn. The others will pray.

It will be a tremendous conversion around here in Louisiana. It is right for a conversion. People are hungry for one and I have one. Then the conversion to the nation and the world will come just like Medjugorje. This is the way I will come. I will be giving messages on this until the time. I am already here, so when I give a message, it is going to be adding onto the other messages. As all things go through Jesus’ Body and Blood, which He offers at every Mass, that Body ad Blood is going out to people.

You had a visit from Fatima by My statue recently. That got some people interested. It is going to be a slow thing, but it is going to be real. People should be aware of attacking because they are attacking Me.

Thank you for having answered My call.

APRIL 1, 2017







It is Mary with Jesus standing beside her and the Trinity overhead. Michael the Archangel is there. Charlene, Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower and all of the saints are there. I can see over them. There are very many.


I come to you today as your Mother knowing you have many sorrows here in this area due to water and other things. Some of you have not even been able to move back into your houses after almost a year. That is hard but there are a lot of people in this world that don’t have a house; don’t have anything to live in. They live on the ground. That is not to say you shouldn’t have a house. It is to let you be reminded of what you had and what you have in contrast to many people, many billion who do not have a house or have one that is made out of grass or ragweed or some other compound.

I come to talk to you about your journey. We always have the power of prayer. That is the answer to everything. In order to have the power of prayer, we should have to have a sound attitude, a basic attitude which is to be opened to be healed. Be open to become more and more in union with God, with your family, with your neighbor, and with praying for people who we don’t even know. God takes that prayer and uses it to convert people.

The time for your healing partly, is now. Some of you have been here before. Some of you have been to healing services in Little Rock. You have gotten healing and you want more. Healing is not just for today. I say this all the time. It is a preparation. You need to come back to healing places, not every week but maybe every month or every three months to check yourself out and to get more healing.

That is going to happen on this earth some time. It is not happening very much or I’ll say at least most of the people aren’t getting healing of any kind. However, there are a lot of people saying prayers, a lot of people going to Mass, a lot of people going to adoration. That is all prayers for healing if you want it to be. What I want from you is a two minute concentration everyday on God, with God, two minutes. You can do what you want with the rest of it. If you give Me two minutes, I will take it and I will convert the world with it.

Thomas has been ill. God has remade him, He had to go through things but he is remade. All he has to do is build his muscles up now. When he gets that done, which will probably be after June, he will be going full speed ahead. Also he will be starting the awareness of the grotto and the shrine to Me, which will be honored by people from all over the world. Through the hand of God and the people that are behind him he will get what he needs to get it started. We will have Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood and the Sacred Heart of Jesus and those who are important to this ministry in a place of healing prayer.

But today focus yourself on God. Ask God what it is He wants from you and tell Him what you want from Him. That is all I have to say. Amen!


MARCH 23, 2017







 I am Jesus Christ, second Person of the Blessed Trinity, Son of God. I speak the words of My Father tonight for I AM, the Trinity is, I AM WHO AM, the Alpha and the Omega. I come to give you words that must be said from the Blessed Trinity, the words the Father has spoken through Me. As always, I have spoken the word of the Father.

 Thomas Smith is going to receive surgery tomorrow, a surgery which he has needed for three years. This will surly be for a heart pacemaker. Which will give him the strength and the motivation to carry out this ministry in time. Pray for him. He is also going to receive a word from My Mother at Fatima. Pray for him.

 Ville Platte and South Louisiana, mainly, will be the cause and the greatness of this ministry. It will take time. There will be people involved who have not even thought about this ministry until it lands right into their laps. Some may not even be from Ville Platte. Ville Platte has an intercessary prayer group appointed by Me to pray not only for Ville Platte but for the whole world. If they say one prayer it will be good enough for the whole world on the day that it is said. They can say private prayers and it will also be for the whole world. That is because I have anointed it. It meets every Wednesday from 9:00AM to 12:00Noon except when something unexpectedly may happen. It is not closed and is open to anyone, however, those to whom I have given this gift will know it and will know what to do with it. The Ville Platte ministry will expand the counseling and soaking prayer.

 In the future a grotto will be built. The water that will flow from the front will be blessed by Me, the Father and the Holy Spirit and My Mother. It will have healing powers. My Mother has told Thomas not to push things; he must let them come as they come from the hand of God. Charlene Richard, who is a saint according to the kingdom of heaven, Padrre Pio, who is with Father Smith always, St. theresa the Little Flower, St. Faustina and St. Theresa of Alvila will all be a part of the grotto. These things will be constructed with God’s power.

 This grotto will be known as “Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood”. It will draw people from all over the world. I say these thimgs I know. I AM WHO AM, the Alpha and the Omega. All thingss come thorugh Me from the Father and santified by the Holy Spirit. There are people who love the Holy Spirit very much in this area. People all need the Holy Spirit. You will not get to Heaven without the Holy Spirit because He sanctifies everything. He is the Sanctifier.

 There are many suffering souls, many souls not only in South Louisiana but all over the world, hurting souls. Souls, that if they only knew the truth, would absorb it. Then there are souls who no mater what truth they hear they would ot accept it. But prayer they can change.

 There is also a statue of MY Mother, Our Lady of Fatima. She is presenting herself at Sacred Heart Church in Ville Platte, All of you need to go by and see her. She is granting special graces and priviliges to those who do. Take someone with you or take someone who can’t go and give them to her.

 There will be no healing service in April – only the one at Sheila Miller’s which is the one next week coming up. I want you to think and reflect in prayer where you belong, who you belong to, where you want to go and how far into that you want to get.

 I have come to bear witness to this as the truth with the light of God and the saints. This may seem to supernatural for you. That is where you are wrong. You are already supernatural thorugh your Baptizism. Then you are Confirmed in it. You live it by participating in the Eucharist. You live it in the Sacrament of Matrimony, a sacrament of eternal peace. You are healed and prepared for death with the Anointing of the Sick. You have this and all the angels and saints and the history of the saints and the history of the Church. Why should you worry? Yo don’t look at the Saints and the History of the Church the way you should. A good thing to read, just a few pages a day, is The Catechism of the Catholic Church. You will see its truth, its apostolic succession, its holiness and its canonistic universality. Become Catholics again. I am calling the human race especially those that get the graces

of Jesus Christ, Me, through the Catholic Church. Although I am not condemning any church but if you want the whole truth go to the Catholic Church ad pray that you know the difference between a dogma and a saying.

 This is a long message I know, but I have given this essage to bear witness of what is goinog to happen. I give My blessing now. Amen!


I am going to have to say something about this. This was an intellectual vision. Mary was standing beside Him and she was dressed as Our Lady of Sorrows because this is Lent. She didn’t have the look of sorrow on her face beause of who is here. She had a look of sorrow because of the people who don’t attend anything. Padre Pio was here. Charlene is here. St. Faustina, St. theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower and St. Theresa of the Andes in Venezuela. This was a message from the Son of God and it is hard but it is good.


MARCH 13, 2017






Mac: It is Jesus. Mary is standing beside Him. Over Him are the Father and His Light. The Dove of the Holy Spirit is coming out everywhere since He is ini everything.


My Children, tonight is a special night. It is special just as every day is special. I come to you bearing the gifts of grace and , of course, the gifts of the whole Church. But tonight I give to you a special gift of grace.

Sanctifying grace is the grace we receive when we receive a Sacrament or encounter the Eucharist or the graces of the Rosary, or the graces of Confession. Actual grace is the grace we reveive to live our life which hias been determined from all time. You can understand yours somewhat but don’t try to understand everybody else’s because you can’t. There are billions of people. There are billions that have died. Where they go and why they go there you won’t know mostly because you won’t care then. But at the general assembly, when I come back to the Earth and place My judgement upon mankind and the resurrection of your body, you will know what ever you want to know. It will be perfect happiness.

I tell you this because it gives you hope. All of you have had it rough at one time or another, but, on the other side is the call of hope lived in a life of charity with your fellow humans preparing you for a journey to which each one of you is called. It is not important if it is not really registering with other people. It would be good if it was your journey, but it is the journey thath God has chosen for each one of you. We have chosen this for you. I Am that I Am, but I have the special grace of humanity which I took on to save the world; to suffer, to die, to rise from the dead and to give you the grace. So when you pray, pray with that knowledge. Focus on that.

Many things are going to happen in the next five years and you have to be ready. God is ready for you. When I speak of God, of course, I am speaking of Myself, too. I am also speaking to you as a human being who suffered and died, who rose fromo the dead. You will suffer and die and you will rise from the dead at the appointed time; but you will be happy.

I cannot promise you this during your time on Earth. I can promise you I am with you all the way and I will help you when I can. You will not be able to be subject to any crisis. Nothing will sink you. I will be there present in you as I Am and present in you in the areas of grace to live your life and to live the life of the Church. The Eternal Father speaks through Me to you and has spoken in the grace of the Gospel, the Epistles, and the Old Testament. It is there for you all the time. Also He speaks to you individually if you would just listen. There are different ways, but He will speak to you the way it is best for you. So gather these thoughts to yourself during this Lent. If you just gather these thoughts and focus on your neighbor, the one you don’t like, during Lent and pray for his or her soul, you are serving the Father well. Amen.

Mac: I saw Jesus. I saw Mary. I saw God The Father. I saw The Holy Spirit. God The Father comes to me in a light that goes round and round but it does not make you dizzy. It does not blind you but it is a lot brighter than this light.

God the Son is dressed in His penitential robes and He has a crown of thorns on His heas. Of course, God the Holy Spirit is all kind of things, you know. They have Him as a dove and I guess that is good. He is really not a dove. He is the Third Person of the Blessed Trinity, He is God. Then they all say “I Am” at the same time. Jesus says I am man too. I am man who suffered and died, rose from the dead, ascended ino Heaven, and came back down. I don’t know how He is going to do it, but He is. I guess it will be a thousand years of His reign. That is a long way off for us but when we get to Heaven, it won’t make a difference. Time won’t make any difference. It is in dimensions 6, 7 and 8. We are in 1, 2, 3 and maybe 4 sometimes. But 6, 7 and 8 are way up there. Then you will be, I think, in the spirit but it will resemble your body. It will resemble you. We will be able to recognize who you are. Then we will get it all when He comes to judge; separate the goats from the sheep. I guess there are a few goats. I don’t know. I imagine there are.

Is there anything else you want to know?

Question from an individual: When Jesus has a crown of thorns, does He bleed? Does He look like He is bleeding?

Mac: Yes He did at one time, but it is done every time in time. In infinity it is one time. Every Lent, everytime He does it with the Stations of the Cross or everywhere He goes, He is doing that. That is just the way it is. That is the way it is in time. That is the way it is in eternity. In eternity, He is at the right hand of the Father where He always was. How He does all that, I don’t know. He is God so how can we even understand it? We can’t understand it unless we are shown or live in that experience which we will one day.


FEBRUARY 22, 2017




MAC: Jesus is giving the words of the Father as He always did. He looks like, I don’t know. It’s Him but it’s not physical. It’s intellectual. It’s physical but it’s not physical.

Jesus: I am speaking to this group and telling you again that you have been chosen to intercede for the hope, salvation, and continued healing of my people, not just of Ville Platte but of the whole world. All you have to do is just say one prayer and that will go for the whole world. I make that happen because my Father wants it to happen.

I come to you as a humble servant yet I know I am God. I want you to learn the types of prayer, the types of hope, and the types of grace that will be given to this group. How long is this group going to last? It’s going to last as long as the grotto lasts. It just means that you come here on Wednesdays unless you are called out to do something special. Say the Rosary and the Divine Mercy, you talk and you also experience one of Us or Mary in this group. This is a very special group. I say that. All groups are special, but this group is special in that the prayers you say are worldwide prayers. It means that you are praying for the whole world. Keep praying like you do.

I hope that you understand what I mean. It will become clearer to you as you pray, hear, see, and teach. That I am sure and I hold the bond to it, the bond with My Father and the Holy Spirit, the bond with everything on earth that is to be done. Amen.

Mac:I don’t know what all I saw. I couldn’t figure it out with all of them together. I saw Mary. She was standing next to Christ. She was on fire. She came like that. She was extremely happy. I don’t know what about. Then I saw the spirits moving. I don’t know who they were. St. Michael was one, St. Padre Pio, Charlene and others were moving. I think it was St. Therese of the Little Flower and St. Theresa of Avila.

Mary was throwing graces out. It was really something. She was throwing it out to us and the world that comes upon us. I know that this is strange. I know it’s a strange thing to experience. God knows this so He is going slowly. He got in my head. He just wants us to trust Him, trust what He does. Satan was being cast into hell by St. Michael. This will go on for quite a while. Just keep saying his prayer.

When we intercede during the Divine Mercy we intercede for people who we know and for everybody. This is shocking because who are we? We are really united though we’ve had this group praying together two or three years. We haven’t known what we are praying for exactly. Now we do know that we are praying God’s prayer. We are praying for people. We are praying for praying for nations. We are praying for peace.

We need to keep our families and the whole world on the altar. This group has power that you can’t even explain. Just like the apostles, they were nothing. He picked them up and made them something. He ordained them. They became Him.

So many people don’t even believe in God. They are in the darkness. Our country is really in darkness. It lies because it is so strong in its natural parts. Even with the attacks on it, it is strong; stronger than anything in the world. Until now they had no one to tie it together. We are going to pray for that because Donald J. Trump is going to be a leader. But he can’t unless he has help. He is running into obstacles now. He has a lot of these. It is going to go on for four years but he is going to be doing things. Gradually it will be done. That is not enough. We have to pray for this country to come together in God. People have to lift themselves. They have to get themselves out of this slime. It is not only the slime in Washington, it is the slime in this whole country. Then we have the pearls. The pearls are the people that pray. These are the pearls. You come. You pray.

February 17, 2017




Our Lady: I am allowed to speak to you again. I am Mary, the mother of God, the mother of mankind and salvation. I have not left this ministry and I will continue to be with you as long as I can. I know that there are many of you and you here who have problems. Some of them will be healed by God. All of you, in a certain way, will get healing and all those who come after you.

We strive for unity. No matter how small it is, it’s the quality that counts and the faith. When you pray, you are praying with the hand of God. You are not praying just to be praying. You are praying with God’s will and His hand. His hand is powerful. With His hand, He strikes for justice. He strikes for death. He strikes for life. That’s why you have so many pictures of the hand of God but in this way it sticks out because it’s going to heal a lot of people, thousands.

You are heading towards a certain goal, a goal which you don’t know, which you don’t understand, but you will when it comes. It will come like a ship and dock you down in port with the means and method to get there. When you get there, the dream will be fulfilled.

Continue to pray. Pray your rosary. Pray the prayers of intercession and of interest for the prayer group on Wednesday mornings. They have the gift of the world healing power. It’s something you can’t get naturally. It is given to you. It will be stronger and stronger as time goes on. The mission is to heal and convert sinners, to bring them into baptism again which will protect them from hell and go to heaven. That is what you do.

Thank God for your baptism for it has made you heirs to the kingdom of heaven and separated from this earth in many ways. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I saw Mary. I saw Padre Pio on the right and Charlene on the left. I saw the Trinity above. In faith, I was told that was what I saw. Charlene is going to be a primary minister of this ministry as is Padre Pio. There will be others as time goes on. But right now that is all there was. Amen.


February 16, 2017





Jesus is speaking.


It is I, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity and the God-Man who speaks for the Father.

This is a dark time. At the same time it is a light time. The light of heaven shines above the earth, all over the earth. It has saints all over the earth and martyrs all over the earth. The United States of America has saints and it has martyrs, here and other parts of the earth. It also has many holy people, but at least half of the people in this country do not believe in anything. They say they do but they don’t because they don’t act out the mystery of salvation. Any person who will come to Me, be baptized in Me, and receive Holy Communion will be saved. But you can’t just come one time; nor can you come to the healing service just one time. It is constant growth. Constant. You have to be growing in order to help other people to grow. It doesn’t have to be anything great. It has to be what you are created to be and what else you want to give. We have here the Eucharist, confession, and the anointing of the sick. Under those three conditions, the anointing of the sick carries a plenary indulgence in which all your sins are forgiven.

I have many things that I reveal to you as we approach our goal. Our goal is to have a grotto to My mother. That will take time. In the meantime, we have to begin to perfect ourselves. Those of you that have been coming here often know the positive word that is spoken, the gifts of grace, the healings and, above all, My Eucharist which is My Body and Blood. You are to receive all of that if you wish. That will make you grow.

Try to have prayer time. Have a time that you give two minutes alone with God. You may give more than two minutes but that is your goal. If you keep that goal, you can’t do anything but become a saint. I want you to pay close attention to where this mission goes. You can be there with it if you wish. Thank you for having answered My call.

Mac: Mary was beside Jesus but not saying anything. God the Father is light and the Holy Spirit is above. It is hard for me to see.


FEBRUARY 13, 2017






I am Jesus, Son of God the Father, the Son of Mary and Joseph, God-man who was crucified, died, and was buried. I rose on the third day and I shall come back to judge the living and the dead. Until then, nothing is settled.

I come to you tonight because I am the expression of God the Father. No one comes to the Father except through Me. I will be taking over these messages until Mary is given the leeway to appear. That will be on the Armada Day and other occasions. She has manifested herself on the wall in the bedroom of Mac Smith.

I come to tell you that I am going to take this area of South Louisiana. I am going to build the grotto of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood. This will be done successfully in phases with the help of many different people.

This is a very important assignment. Thomas has been brought back practically from the dead to lead this. He is ready now. He is clear. His head is clear. His body is clear. He just needs a little more time to develop his walking; but that isn’t really important.

The website will gradually build up. Once the land is bought, the revenue will come. This has been planned for ten years. Now is the time to start. It cannot be done by you. It cannot be done by anyone except by whom God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit has deemed it. It will probably surprise everyone. There will be the building of the grotto and the clearing of the land. We will then have the meeting of Mary and Me with the people and the angels and archangels. Michael is already on the land. He has legions of angels guarding the land.

There will be many things done on this land. There will be a shrine and a grotto to all nations, but especially to this country which needs it so badly. It is very dark in this country. Satan has succeeded in getting people to fight each other and speak out against each other. We know that the only way to do anything is through unity of communication and word. So you all are a core group. It will get bigger. You all have to pray along with the Wednesday group that has the prayers.

God does not judge things by quantity. He judges by quality. Twenty caring hearts is much better than 100,000 people that just show up because they are curious.

This has been done and willed by God from all time. Now the time has come. Go slow, go with perseverance, and go with organization. You will have the people to help you. It is time for people to quit taking their healing and be comfortable with it. It’s time to give it to someone who doesn’t have it. You are going to find those people, not where you think you are going to find them. This will have to start spreading and it will. The Church here will not be a part of this for the most part, not at first. Then, as usual, they will be urged into it.

God bless you in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Mary blesses you. Michael the Archangel blesses you and all the saints that are here bless you. Amen.


FEBRUARY 15, 2017





It’s the Blessed Trinity with Jesus speaking for the Trinity. They are all one, one God in three persons.


My children, today is an important day as is every day. This meeting is so important. I have here most of My prayer warriors. As you know, last time I told you that you were the prayer warriors for intercession and how important that is. Whether there are just two here or twenty, it makes no difference. You have been gifted with the gift. You have been set up on the throne.

I am the God of gods, the only God, three persons, one nature and the nature of man. When you come upon My statue, you see the statue of a man who is God also. This is what I3 came to proclaim. The Kingdom of Heaven doesn’t look like much right now. It never has but it will. When you die you will know what I mean for sure.

Death is just a process. It is natural to worry about it. It is not natural to live in it, in a sense that you would want to take your own life. It is natural in the divine state in pursuing the divine kingdom that you wouldn’t count the obstacles in your life. That is why you are here. Every one of you has had obstacles. Every one of you has known that you could not overcome these obstacles now had it not been for God.

The apostles asked Me to teach them how to pray and I did, the one prayer that covered everything.


THY KINGDOM COME – and it has come.

THY WILL BE DONE – is Your command

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN – in both kingdoms. When there will be no more of mankind being reproduced and I come, that will be the end of the old kingdom. The other kingdom that you carry around inside you will be the new kingdom that everyone who has been saved will be a part of.

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN – is where it is.


FORGIVE US OUR TREPASSES, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TREPASS AGAINST US – the essence of the Christian life, if your are forgiven in your heart, you are saved. Forgiveness and forgiving is all part of Christian life.

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION – that means don’t desert me or abandon me when I am being tempted. I never abandon you; you abandoned Me.

BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL – that is a big thing. People all around have spirits in their houses and don’t even know it because they don’t know Me. They may go to church but they don’t know Me. I walk in many places and they see someone else or they don’t see Me at all. Why do you do that, you ask. I say, because I have given that to you. Deliverence and exorcism are a big part of this ministry to get rid of evil. You ask Me every day at Mass to forgive and don’t let evil envelop you. Most of you don’t even know what you are praying and not even thinking about.



FEBRUARY 1, 2017




God the Father: I am God the Father who created all things. I come to you my holy people that seek me. Now I am going to start making you my prayer group to pray for everything in the world.

You may not be able to get a glimpse of this yet, but every prayer you say will be taken by My Son’s mother to be used specifically for the culturation of Christianity in this world. This world is broken by sin and greed and lust. It must be reconquered through My grace. When Jesus grew up and became a man, he knew this. The world then was the same way as it is now. He said there was no grace except in Him. He had the Holy Spirit come down after He ascended to Me and gave you grace forever by being baptized. Making you part of the laity of the priesthood is a very valuable mission. It will be used now to for those who do not know and to intercede for those that need help as you need help.

So prepare yourselves simply by the two minute daily prayer time. I will grant you pardon and favors that will be granted to others. This will be known as “Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood’s Missionary Prayer Group”. You have been chosen. There are others who will come and they are not chosen but will participate. Some others may come to this group and become part of it. But, in any case, you are enough. I don’t go by quantity, I go by quality. If there were just three of you praying in here, that is fine, but I would like more. Amen.


That was God the Father. He came as pure light. That’s all. He spoke. He is just now introducing y’all to what you are going to do. This is a big thing! It is big. More people are going through hell to get it, namely me, to get straightened out. I have to be a pure vessel which is doing the best I can with what I have learned. What I had taken away, I don’t have. I am going to remember things that I am supposed to remember and I am not going to remember what I am not supposed to remember. I don’t hang on to all the stuff anymore. I don’t know what I had but whatever it was, He didn’t want it. He made that known to me.

The best thing I ever did in my life is break my neck because I got surgery, healed, lost weight and got my mind cleared. Everything is clear except my blood pressure is going up a little bit and then down. They are doing tests right now to get it straightened out. I am walking. I am walking a lot better. Wow!


JANUARY 25, 2017




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My dear children, I am here with you today. I get to appear to you on Armada Day. I am your mother. I come to you bringing you the gifts of the Holy Spirit to be grown and developed perpetually.

This group will become my fruit group until otherwise noted. It will bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit at all times. It will be my presence but the speaking to be done will be done by God the Father. He has always been the founder of this ministry.

The Armada is the flag that must fly everywhere. It must be developed. It can be developed in 50 years or can be developed in 5 years. However it is developed, it must be.

I come to you in all joy in the presence of my Son, Jesus. In Him is all glory forever and ever; all sufferings and glory. Every sin ever committed has been forgiven unless the person who commits it chooses not forgiveness. Then they have lost hope. So you must pray for them, the lost souls. You must honor all people in this Armada for it is their hearts that counts. Even if they don’t have the same creed, it is still their heart that counts and the thing God will look at when they die and come before His Eternal Presence.

I wish each of you well today. I bless you with my motherly blessing. The graces that this group puts out are enormous. Remember, God does not want quantity but He wants quality. We have quality in this group.

Thank you for having answered my call.


January 19, 2017




United States of America


Our Father’s Words:

My children, I am God the Father. I have been present at these healing services since the very beginning. Now I am going to be acting as the Director of the healing services, but they will take on a new meaning. This ministry is going to take on a new meaning. It is going to spread across the state of Louisiana. This is My choice. My choice has been Louisiana.

Thomas Mac Smith is back. He hit the low of his high in July; he was near death. He came to Little Rock and he fell, but he had fallen many times. He broke the bones around his neck. He was at death’s door and the doctors knew it. I, in My power, restored him. The surgery was 100% successful. He had to go to rehab and got rid of a lot of issues. He got rid of a lot of excess weight. He now weighs 219 pounds, less than the previous 269 pounds. He is a little weak at this time but he is way ahead of schedule. He will be ready when I get ready to send him out. He will be ready.

I come to you as your Father, loving you, each one. Everyone who comes here, everyone who doesn’t. The goal of this ministry is to pray. Pray for this state. That will be your ultimate goal. The miracles in this ministry will come from Me, as all do. Mary, My Son’s Blessed Mother, is with us but it is I who speaks. I am not going to say too much tonight because it is early. I am just going to say that I am here and that is unusual.

I come to Mac as a blade of fire. I speak the truth for I am the Truth. I shall prepare you and the many people in Louisiana with hope for heaven. This will be a very strange year, some good, some bad. May you be blessed. Amen



January 20, 2017





United States of America

Our Father’s Words:

My children, I am God the Father; the God-Father of the Son, Jesus the Man; Father of the Holy Spirit who rules My Church. I am now showing my places in which I appear and will come. This is one. This will become an active prayer group. It will have several members, more than today.

Today you came so I come to tell you that this year is going to be a special year of goodness and of darkness. The evil mind has tried to wrap himself around this world. In the middle of that mind and his wrappings is My name, Jesus as God. I am here is a straight line up with the Holy Spirit on the bottom, My Son Jesus, God the Son, both the same, and Myself, God the Father. Alongside of us is the most Holy Virgin Mary the mother of my Son Jesus, the God-man.

I am explaining all of this to you because this is the way I appear. I will able to be seen sometimes and, not seen, will be Mary at My side. At this time, I am taking over the ministry. It will speak out as soon as I have my disciples developed and trained. Some are and some aren’t. It will start evangelizing all of South Louisiana.

South Louisiana is having a hard time. The people have no jobs, food, or shelter. I am going to provide for this president to reinstall the oil industry and other business. There will come a big business boom but I must be worshipped and honored along with My Son, Jesus, God-man with the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

MAC: God the Father comes as a source of light. There’s the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and Mary. It is shed upon each one of you, the light, as your reward of His grace of His presence. It is going to be different.

With Him were Charlene, Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Avila. Not Father Seelos. That was the first time. Maybe I didn’t see if all. I didn’t get it all at once.

These people made a picture of the Father but this is not Him. He is pure light. Last night it was in the form of a thick heavenly blaze sword. Today it is sort of like an arm reaching out, the right hand of the Father. Jesus, of course, is in His body. The Holy Spirit is spread out. He is spread out upon each one of us. He is spread out over the Church. He is spread out over the earth. Each time someone accepts Him, He gathers strength.

Message to Mac Smith

in Venezuela

July 27, 2016










JUNE 29. 2016




 My Children, This is the year, the year gives you a sign of the peace of the world for the impatience of peace for the world. Here is able to touch everything in some form or manner.

 Today again, I yield to the three great words of Pray, Pray, Pray, Pray that you wear it like an ear, the breastplate of justice. Pray! Pray that you are on top of yourself and that self belongs to God. That self will come back to God as you give it to God’s children.

 Today we have a world that is full of hatred, full of black magic, Santeria, voodoo, witchcraft, and you would be surprised at who is involved.

 This is the time of Satan’s greatest gifts, deceit. And it is the time that he is using the gifts to destroy the world; but he cannot destroy the world because God will not let him do so. But how much of the world he does destroy depends on your prayer.


She is dressed today in a black dress with a red heart and it is beating loud and fast. She has a look of sadness on her face; between sadness and being mad. She is very, very upset at the way some people in these countries are acting; the way there are gossiping now in their meetings. She says it is so bad that they make heathens look good. And this is the way the anti-Christ is going to handle it.


Thank you for having answered My call.

 I have with Me today: Padre Pio, Fr. Seelos, Charlene, St. Theresa, St. Faustina St. Theresa of Avila and many more praying that you do what you were created to do and what you were professed to do now.


 JULY 11, 2016







 My Children, Tonight I want to say something to you to remember that all those who die in love with God no matter where they are or who they are have a great future ahead. That cannot be achieved on this Earth. I do want to remind you and have you remember what is coming ahead.

 The Earth, as I have saying, is sick, it is ill, it is polluted with Satan’s power. There are going to be many things happening, this is just the start of it all. It won’t be so much this year as it will be next year unless you pray, pray, pray.

 There is going to be shootings, there is going to be riots, there is going to be burnings, there is going to be absolute denial of God. There is absolute denial of God right now, but at the same time there is a tremendous faith in God.

 This is the year of Mercy, so you must pray for many people and have as many people go through that door as you can. That will cleanse them of the temporal punishment of sin. You must pray that the priests announce it, that is their obligation. And for those who do not announce it they are going to be responsible for those who might have gone through the if they had heard it from him.

 You have a very fundamental problem, it is called evil. This is not bad justice or social evil, this is evil from the deepest part of Hell. This is Satan’s big time to steal souls, which is what he wants to do. That is all he wants to do. That is what he puts his total effort into.

 So you must be guarded in your faith. You must be ready to proclaim the Gospel. And the pressure will be put on until you do. The next few months is guarded by Mercy and look what’s happened. So you can imagine what is going to happen when the chastisement gets here and the things that go along with the chastisement. But if you petition Jesus, if you go through Jesus, if you pray to Jesus, many of this will not happen. But some of it will happen anyhow. So, Pray, Pray, Pray.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

 I have with Me: Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Faustina, St. John of the Cross, and all the other saints are here to intercede with you to Heaven.

 I am blessing all the Rosaries and flowers and religious articles.


JULY 14, 2016




 Let us never forget My Children, to Pray, Pray, Pray, because today’s times are worst than any in the history of the world. From those in countries who knew God they don’t know him anymore: France, England, Belgium, all of Europe and the United States of America is now on that list. There are many people who are praying in this country but not nearly enough. It is going to be just an increase of what you see now.

 When this year of Mercy is over, the year of Judgment will come to pass. We must pray to get every soul we can; not only the ones that we know but the lost souls. Any Christian who is not obeying God is a lost soul and that is bad.

 There will be earthquakes, rains and floods. There will be plagues, droughts and many of these acts will be across the United States; unless we pray, unless we go to the Sacraments, unless we go to Mass and of course read the Books of Revelation, the Acts of the Apostles and everything in between. Here is the knowledge that you need to have especially the Book of Revelation.

 Babylon is on the rise. Babylon will go down fighting but she will go down and then JESUS will come. The New Church will be established, but not until there is enough prayers. The chastisement that has been promised will come and the three days of darkness, then JESUS will come and there will be the first Resurrection.

 So pray, pray for your brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and your children; especially children for they are getting educated for a new god, the One World Order and that does not include our Almighty God. This He will not stand for.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

 I have blessed the roses and the religious articles. I have with Me; Fr. Seelos, Padre Pio, St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Faustina and many other saints. Amen.


 JULY 15, 2016





My Children, Today is a serious day but they are going to get a lot more serious as time goes on. The only thing that is going to slow it down is to Pray, Pray, Pray. I know you hear Me say this over and over again but I tell you it is the only way anything is going to be done by the Father. Of course, contained in that prayer is your Baptism, your relationship with the Holy Spirit who gives you these gifts which are the Holy Mass, the other Sacraments, the Rosary, Faustina’s prayer and the many devotions that each of you have. Say them but say them more fervently. It is going to be hard. The United States of America has been chosen to protect the world and is not doing it.

 I am having trouble giving this message today because there is a great deal of spiritual animosity toward God and He has brought up how our children have gone down. Many children heading for hell; they are just into clothing, book, internet and such things. We have to fight these things. We have to fight them hard because this is a war.

 They may not want to call it a war in the United States but after it gets started strong it will be a war. Many people will go to their knees. I do not know the triumph of that. I do not know the balance of that because we see just the externals of it, but soon it will hit us internally.

 I love each one of you. You are so faithful. There are many of you but not enough. Thomas is going to a country which has nothing, but dirt, yet it has tremendous faith. Tremendous faith, and it has a way to save itself which it will do.

 The Golden Stone which will be caste into the orange water will be very interesting when it comes out on top.

 I am going slow and I am deliberately taking a long time because you want be having any messages the next three months.

 Please, please, please pray. Pray to God. Try to make your presence known intimately with Him and let Him do the talking. Let Him do the saving, you just act it out otherwise Satan will grab it.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

 I have with Me: Charlene, Padre Pio, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa the Little Flower, who with Padre Pio are Thomas’ friends and bodygaurds, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Indies, St. John of the Cross.

The Apostles, all the saints are apostles, which are millions, and still there are not enough.



                       TO THOMAS MAC SMITH    VILLE PLATTE, LA      JUNE 13, 2016


My children remember the last message.  Take these messages from the last five or six and start combining them with the ones that are to come.  They will tell you everything you need to know or your children or your children’s children.

I do not know when this will happen this event of destruction and event of glorification.  The one thing to do is to pray, pray, pray.  Pray that the will of The Father be done.  Pray that the people will come to God’s will; that they will come to the commandments; they will come to the sacraments especially to confession and the Eucharist if they are in that faith which you are.  The others will be given a dispensation if they are not converted.  This is a standing rule of heaven.  It will not change.

Satan is now starting to stand up tall dark; but he has a beautiful message of deceit, deception.  He is going to try get everybody into the goodness of a movement, but underneath it is a message for hell of eternal fire.  This is the battle we have.  It is the battle we are going to have until the end of time.  And the end of time, of course will be when Jesus comes and the full resurrection.  There will be two, the resurrection of the thousand years and then the resurrection after.  Everybody will be resurrected in heaven or hell.

So I urge you to pray.   Pray for your priests, your bishops, pray for yourselves, pray for others.  Pray for those who don’t even know that there is a God.  That is why you are coming here.  That is why there are meetings like this all over the earth.  They are not big, but they are strong. You are very strong and you are counted upon by Our Lord.  He will give you the grace he will protect you and he will be with you.  So do not leave him.  And again I say pray, pray, pray.

Thank you for answering my call.




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

         All praise and glory be to the King, Jesus my son, both God and Man. He will soon be casting His net of truth of all people. This will be done in a slow manner at first. He has already cast His net on some people and they are obeying Him and that is good. It is good for the Church.

The Church has much to do. There are some places on earth that have never heard of the Church. They must be approached. There are other places on earth, like in Africa, where there is a fight for survival between the Church and the Muslims and other irate groups.

The Church which was strong in France, England, and Spain has weakened. It is very weak. The good thing is that it left its trophies for mankind to see and for saints to be made. In the future it will be alright for you. This group is to pray, pray, pray to learn to fear nothing for you have God with you. Pray for people in the prayer box as they are getting heaven’s prayers at that altar. Pray for people in this community and this state. Pray for those who want healing, who want deliverance, who want to be restored to the fullness of the Church. Pray for them. Pray hard. Pray hard for everything.

St. Padre Pio, Charlene, Blessed Father Seelos, St. Faustina, St. Theresa of Lisseux, and St. Theresa of Avila will be the guardians of this room and the guardians of this ministry as it moves throughout the state. Thank you for answering my call.


JUNE 4, 2016




My Children, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY! Again, I say PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. Because this is the only way that this world which is so sick can be healed.

I want you to study the Acts of the Apostles through to the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation is hard to understand and you can’t completely understand it, but it shows where we are going. It shows the need that we have for prayer and it also shows how many people are out of the Church and what is going to happen if they do not get back in. It also shows whom we adore and whom God is, especially My Son, Christ Jesus Son of God made Man. I want you to pray especially for the Bishops and the Priests. Some of them have lost the perception of the Church. Some of them have just quit. Some have decided that they do not want to get involved in the battle. God the Father will come. I don’t know when and I don’t know where, but I do know that He is going to come.

If you can do these things, you will have done a great thing. And if you do them not only for people you know but also for people you don’t know and for some you really don’t know; for souls in purgatory, for lost souls, you will be doing the will of God.

Thank you for having answered My call.


  June 6, 2016




United States of America


Our Lady’s Words:

         My Children, it is good to be here today in a new place, another way to spread my grace and hopefully the prayer of grace will spread from you who are here.

As you know, the world is in terrible turmoil. Truth is very hard to get. Satan has taken everything that is supposed to be good and turned it into a falsehood. Some of it is good but it is false. Some of it is for the good of man but it is false because it is used wrongly. It is used outside of God’s law.

Pray, pray, pray. I am going to say this everywhere because that is all we have left. But that is the most powerful thing in the world.

Read the Book of Revelation and the Acts of the Apostles and what is between them. If you read these and read them with zeal, you will know everything the Church is going to do. If you read my book that I have written through Thomas, you will know the prophecies. If you start from the first to the last, it will speak to you. The articles will speak to you, however, prayers that you have and devotions that you have count. All of them count but the Book of Revelation, the Acts of the Apostles, and what’s between are going to tell you where we are going.

Right now we are meeting Satan face to face. Strange things are happening to families: sickness, loss of jobs, lack of going to Church, quitting the Church. All of these are just wild but they can be brought back with these prayers. So, I am going to ask you to read the books and to say the prayers. The Armada is the prayer of the future. It is spreading. It spreads everywhere we go. Read that prayer. You can read it individually or in a group, but you need to read that prayer at least once a week and definitely on the 25th of each month.

Pray, pray, pray. The Book of Revelation now has things in it that are happening and things that are going to happen. Read those.

The roses are being blessed and so is everything else. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac’s words:

St. Padre Pio, Blessed Fr. Seelos, Charlene, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bernadette, St. Ignatius, St. Faustina, and all the angels and saints are here. They communicate every day. Amen


June 8, 2016




United States of America


Our Lady’s Words:

         My children, again I say pray, pray, pray. I cannot say any more powerful words than this than the prayers themselves. We are in a very dark time. America is not as bad as many other countries. But she’s supposed to be good and that is the trouble.

Our young people are not being taught the true meaning of their existence. They are not being taught boundaries such as marriage which is terrible. Very few of them get married now, or they stay together for three or four years before they decide to get married. This doesn’t seem to stop. Once they are married many leave the Church. They join another church or they do nothing until something happens; then they run to God. He will say, “Why should I make this miracle happen? You have not even mentioned or thought about Me for years. Yet My mercy rises over everything.”

Try to get everyone through a Door of Mercy to get the privileges earned there. The particular judgment and the judgment of all life are there with, of course, the elements of the sacraments of Confession and Communion within 20 days. This will restore a soul that has been gone, that has been blasphemous all their life and will restore them to God.

Pray for this. Pray for our president, whoever that may be. They must be converted or they will take us down a further dark road. All of this depends on your prayers. It doesn’t make any difference what anybody else is doing. I have chosen this room as a room of prayer. It is going to change. It is going to become bigger. Thomas is going on his first mission of salvation towards many cities in the next five years. Pray for this, that this will give birth to more cities. These are a lot of things to pray for and these are just some of them.

I come and have with me today St. Padre Pio, Blessed Father Seelos, Charlene, St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, and St. Theresa of Avila. I have blessed the roses and religious articles and the people and the prayers that are here today. Thank you for having answered my call. Amen.




                                                                 MAY 20, 2016   


My Children, I have been stressing that you read the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelation plus other parts of the Bible, and of course, keep up your other prayers, especially the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.  I am asking all these prayers because you are being hit by much evil; a tremendous amount of evil coming in the future.  But there is much good, there’s many prayers, and much martyrdom.

Martyrdom being suffered in Africa, Asia, Venezuela, the Middle East.  The Middle East is suffering because of the purity of the Church; Satan is trying to strike it down. But I wanted to stress to you again my command to read the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelations.  These two books have the answer to everything that is coming.  The more you read them the more you’ll understand this and the more you’ll understand why the priests and the laity are blinded.  We must erase this blindness from them.  Of course, the bishop could do more; he can give the command but they don’t have to obey it unless it’s a dogma.

I don’t have to send out personal criticisms, all you have to do is look around. Go to church and you will see there is the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacrament of the Eucharist but there is hardly one word on going out to evangelize.  There is also hardly a word of the Holy Spirit coming down upon you to give you the gifts that God has given you.   I am speaking negatively, I know, but negatively and negativity are the things that are coming upon the Church right now. 

Abortion is prevalent.  It is enough to sink the whole Earth and it would sink if it weren’t for the mercy of The Father.

 If we straighten this problem out, there would be a tremendous amount of grace.  War, suffering, these things are all bad, but they are going to be with us for a while.  Abortion needs to end now so, call people to pray for abortion.  Ask them if they even know what it is. This is the way that Christ, My Son Jesus has chosen to carry His cross.  Once abortion is conquered, the graces of The Father will come upon this Earth like never seen before.  That sounds like a hard challenge, but it is the challenge.  It is the way that you the people of God are going to defeat the evil of the Earth.

This is the way Jesus has chosen.  There are other evils, there are other sins and half of the people don’t even believe in the Church anymore.  Half or maybe less go to communion in the state of sin.  This is the United States of America, it is united in sin, look at your politicians, look at the few people running for president.  There is going to have to be a conversion and that will be the leading force, but right now, NO. 

The Year of Mercy ends around the elections.  So pray that God’s peace, God’s love, God’s mercy will come upon all those who are politically correct.

Thank you for having answered My call.



                                    TO THOMAS MAC SMITH       MAY 19, 2016

                                PLAISANCE, LA   UNITED STATES OF AMERICA



My Children, today as always I seek for you to pray as you have never prayed before. Persuade everyone you know and even those you don’t know to pray and to go through a Door of Mercy. Once you have met the conditions: the prayers of the Father, confession, and communion, you will receive the power of the Mercy Door – a plenary indulgence. A plenary indulgence will clean your soul up for good, as of that day you will have no more sin when those are complete.  We have until November to finish this devotion.  After that Satan’s power will seem to increase, hopefully the faithful will be stronger.

I will reveal later some of the things that might be done to destroy this Earth.  Next is that which I have been talking about and will continue to talk about, memorize or take to heart the Book of Revelation and the Act of the Apostles.  And of course, the rest of the Bible, but these two are the two that are going to be the books of the future and the past.  As you know, the Apocalypse, the last chapter of the Bible is the coming of the kingdom of God.  We are not there yet. 


During the Protestant Reformation as cited in the 12th chapter of Revelation Our Lady came “clothed in the sun” as Our Lady of Guadelupe. The 12th chaper can be looked upon as negatively, but it is to be looked upon positively; that is Her being the bearer of all sin with Jesus.


You must pray, pray, pray.  This world is in the worse shape that its every been in.  It has grown, but it has grown with evil.  And this Pope has done the best he can to take these messages to each country.  So you must pray for him, his ambassadors.  Pray for the Church and above all pray for yourselves.  Then you will be able to pray for others.

Thank you for having answered my call



MAY 16, 2016


                                TO THOMAS MAC SMITH    VILLE PLATTE, LA

                                            UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

 My dear Children, tonight is the same tonight as it is any other night it will be any other night until the end of the world.  You must pray.  Pray hard.  Pray, pray, pray.Read and memorize the Acts of the Apostles and the Book of Revelation.  These two books have everything in them that you need to know.  Of course read other parts of the Bible too, but if you have to read two books these are the two to read.  They bring back the death, the burial, the resurrection of Jesus, which will be with us for all time.  It’s the gift, the supreme gift, which makes the other gifts possible.   It shows how the Church has reformed, how they spread all the way until they are like they are now.   And they are still spreading the same way as they did then. 

 Many more people are going to Church as they did in those days, but yet only a little over half of the people in the United States practice their faith.  This is what you have to pray for to save this country.  Everyone is talking about this election.  The election is important, but what is really important is how much you pray; how much you go to confession; how much you go to communion; how many converts we bring in.  These are what are really important because they will determine the outcome of this nation.

 The Book of Revelation shows where the Church is going.  The Church will encompass the whole world in one time in our history.  But it’s a long way from doing that now.  The Muslims will be forced to convert, but they are a long way from doing that now.  And they are dangerous.  They are killing Catholics and Christians left and right and no one is doing anything about it.  The Father, he will step in when it’s time and how he steps in will depend on how much we have prayed before the time comes.  So you must pray and you must go out and convert.  But above all, number one, thank God for your greatest miracle that He opened your eyes in the morning.  Number two, do all these things for your self first, then the souls in purgatory, the souls that are lost they will follow after.

 Tonight I am going to list some people who are around me:  Charlene, Father Seelos, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and all the other saints that are here praying for you and praying for this world.

 Thank you for having answered my call.

By the way, I want this message put out on every way possible, every way and I bless the roses and whatever religious article you have here with you.  Amen.

MAY 4, 2016





 My Children, Pray hard. The election is about to take form and there is no clear course of the winner. They are both unconventional just in different ways.

 Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray for your relatives. Pray for your enemies. Pray for the enemies of the Church. There is going to be a movement this coming year to remove the Pope from Rome. He may have to leave Rome. Pray that they can be halted. He will be alright. But the fact that they can get in there and move him out is a sign of how weak and materialistic the Church has gotten these past few years. They are selling “No God” signs. They are selling all kinds of things because people don’t believe in God.

 In this country and in Europe, especially in Europe, the belief in God has dropped to zero. Only 3% of the people go to Church in Europe in some parts. Is God the Father going to have to come with his tremendous power to destroy in order to bring about belief? Or is He going to be able to give grace?

 This is the year of Mercy. Say a Rosary. Say it more and more and more. This is the worst time the Church has ever had. The very worst. Yet at the same time, there are more people praying than they did before, but not enough.

 You must take it upon yourself to pray all the time that you can. There are others who are doing this also, but again, not enough.

 Thank you for having answered My call.


 May 11, 2016




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

          We praise You, Lord Jesus, Almighty God. We praise You, Lord Father, our Creator and our God. We praise You, Holy Spirit. You brought all the gifts of God upon the earth. And upon the earth, you shall remember what you shall write, what you shall read, what is important in these days of the world which is battling God face to face, head to head: the sword of Satan and also the sword of Michael the Archangel, which shall seduce Satan in the end.

So, therefore, read with all intensity to where you practically memorize the books: The Acts of the Apostles and The Book of Revelation. The Acts of the Apostles show how the Church was born, along with the twelve apostles, eleven and then one. One had become a traitor. A new one had been added. And see how the Church has reformed from there and the death of the apostles, all except John who wrote the Book of Revelation. You must read these now! You must become attached to the Church to see how it is being conformed today just like it was in ancient times. And the Acts of the Apostles is everything you need to know about the Church. And the Book of Revelation is everything that you to know of those who belong to the true Church and who are called by God to be in heaven.

This is very serious, very serious at this time! This is a Prophecy and this prophecy will be carried out to the end. The Alpha and the Omega. My Son, Jesus.

Thank you for having listened to my call.



APRIL 14, 2016




My Children, Today is the day that we must pray. Pray with all your hearts. And I say your heart because your heart is what assembles everything that you do and choose and will to do toward God. You must gain every presence with God now.

The world is in tremendous difficulty. It cannot go as it is going now very long. The grace of God is coming on many souls, but there are four billion souls that don’t even honor God. They honor a god but it is not the true God and we must pray for them. Although, no one will be denies a gift from God eternally whose heart truly loves Him even though they do not know Him.

The elections which you are going to have are going to be very important and you must make up your mind. There will be a strong desire to destroy the meaning of the elections, but that will not happen. The winner, of course, I do not know; only God knows. But whoever it is must be converted, at least to the extent of allowing the Christian Gospel, taking up for Christians and coming against ISIS, who is destroying everything they can get their hands on. Their idea of philosophy and belief is to die and take someone with them, it has no prosperous goal. God will, in time, manifest His mercy and His grace upon many people and you must pray for that. So you and others have a great deal to pray for; everything to pray for.

This is My word to you. Thank you for having answered My call.


APRIL 6, 2016




My Children, Again I say, pray, pray, pray. Never has there been a greater need to pray. I am begging you just to pray.

 The world today is bad. It is sinking, but it will not sink. But it can get lower and the United States can get worse. If you pray and if all the other Christians pray, it can change for the better. It can be converted. This will happen if there is enough prayer.

 I keep saying this over and over again because it is the only thing that is important right now. Sickness, loss of jobs, all these things that can happen to us are important, but, how many are praying that they be relieved? How many are praying that they go away and the return is something good? Not enough. And there is not enough prayers from those who are praying. You need to pray every moment that you can. You don’t have to interfere with the things that you have to do, but you have to pray every moment that you can for those who are lost, those who don’t want God and those who are with God but don’t understand Him, which is most people. They don’t know.

 You have to be taught to pull the others along. So I say you have to be stewards of Heaven. And you are, but you must pray that many more come.

 Thank you for having answered My call. I am blessing everything that needs to be blessed.

 Pray for Venezuela, for it is going to become the gem of Heaven in time. Amen.


 APRIL 13, 2016




 My Children, Dare I say, pray, pray, pray. Earnest, I say to pray for this world today, for your country today especially pray for who will be your President.

 We cannot imagine a world without God and the world is in the fight of its life for God. There are many, many, many people praying, but they either do not have the knowledge or they do not have the desire to take the consequences of prayer. When they start praying this way, Satan becomes very alert and attacks viciously.

 You will notice around your communities the sicknesses, the loss of jobs. The whole community is getting messed up and it is becoming a Godless community. Approximately half of our young people are married outside the Church. They do not see God as necessary in being part of their marriage because they do not believe in God.

 You must get the frame of reference in your heart to pray for the miracle that has to happen. God can and will perform this miracle, but not until enough people are adoring Him.

 This is My word for you today. Thank you for having answered My call.



                     TO THOMAS MAC SMITH     BATON ROUGE, LA     APRIL 2, 2016

All praise and all praise and all praise to God the Father the creator of all the universe, God the Son the Mystical Christ, God the Holy Spirit, the Redeemer who gives all the gifts to each one of us on this Earth.

Every soul is treasured by God equally.   Every soul is given the gift. When you pray, pray, pray and when you pray, pray with your heart. Your heart is what it is that God wants, not your mind. Too many people pray with their mind and it brings a hardship on them. So when they pray with their hearts, they are praying with their- self, with their feelings, with their hopes, with their dreams with their failures. The heart is what is looking upon by God at judgment of all creatures on this earth. And if the heart knows God, if the heart seeks God even though he may not even know the true God, God will still accept his heart. He still will accept him in the heaven, yet we have to pay the price for our sins. And that’s why we have the church and that’s why we have heaven praying. That’s why we have indulgences; that’s why we have all these prayers we say.

But now the world is in the worse shape it’s ever been in and its near disaster. I beg you to pray with your heart. Pray hard for those who are lost, for those who have thrown God away, for those who are weak. Pray hard.   You are not weak.   You are here.   Billions, millions of souls are not. One third of the population of the Earth is in the Catholic Church. Two thirds is faith. That is not good. We must get out we must pray that they get converted. The Muslims are not going to be defeated except by conversion. And they will be converted even though they are forced to be converted. Pray now so that so many people will not suffer and die a useless death, an innocent death.

The United States has an election coming up. Pray that the person who’s elected will come under God’s conversion and then you will be all right.

So I say, lift up your heart to God. Look at your heart, examine it, cleanse it. The powers of heaven and earth will be with you.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Prophecy of Our Lady most Precious Blood

                   TO THOMAS MAC SMITH       VILLE PLATTE, LA         APRIL 4, 2016

My Children, today I urge you again to pray, pray, pray. Pray for this country. This country is getting so messed up. They can’t even have an election unless it’s crooked. The elections they going to have this year will be unusual. The Republican Convention will be unusual. It may not even be the candidates that you have running for President. Pray that God’s will be done, that the candidate that he choses will be done and then that candidate will become converted. The other candidate needs to be converted. Both of them need to be converted.

This country, half of it does not know God, does not care to know God, and is interested in many other things even of satan. Satan controls Congress. He controls everything not by actual will, but by what he does, how he does it and what he needs to achieve. He has to be stopped. My prayer is that he can be stopped and the prayers of the faithful on the earth especially this country and the prayers for the souls that are lost where the souls that don’t know in the heart. The heart has to be the masterpiece of all creation.

Otherwise God will take into his hands and I don’t know what is going to happen then. It is not in my mind. It’s only in his mind. There are several things that can happen. We know that. From Medjugorie, there are the secrets, there’s the “Three Days of Darkness”. Then there are the confrontations of every soul with God, to see if it believes, if it will believe and then the ones that won’t. They will be shown their life, but I think that will come at the end of this age wherever that will be.

Right now you need to just pray and rely on his mercy. This is the year of mercy. I mean it is the year of the year of the years of mercy. So many things can be done that would not ordinarily be done because God is going to be so merciful. So keep praying for your relatives, your friends and those souls who do not know God and those souls who do not want God especially those souls. They are very special to him not only because they have been created that way, but because of the power they have in this country. It is one thing to know God with your mind, to know a bunch of truths, but that is not enough. You have to have your heart with God. You have to love him and that’s what counts. So pray for that.

This area has been blessed by me from the weather and from many other things that you don’t even know and to keep praying like you are and the blessings will remain. So pray, pray, pray. Pray very hard. I cannot emphasize how hard you need to pray.

The roses are being blessed. Articles are being blessed.

Thank you for having answered my call.

MARCH 21, 2016




 My Children, Today I say pray, pray, pray. And I am going to say it over and over again for that is the only thing. A prayerful act to God is the only thing that is going to straighten the world out before it collapses.

 There are different steps that must be taken before anything comes to the right direction. Nothing shall happen until Scripture is fulfilled as far as permanent; and it has not been fulfilled.

 The signs that will come will be the signs found in the Book of Revelations and some signs that were given years ago to visionaries. All of them or some of them will be used.

 The most permanent sign that can come, if it comes, are the three days of darkness; but they will be toward the end of the world as we know it now.

 Then there is the sign of Medjugorje which no one knows on Earth except the visionaries. These signs and others, which will be stated and one of them will come, are the very signs that have been offered within these years that are separate, that are granted suffering. I cannot say what year that will be but they will not be too many years before one of those signs hits. So you must pray. Pray for others; pray for souls that are lost; souls that are in purgatory. We must get every soul a chance to go to God.

 There are 6 billion souls on this Earth, 4 billion don’t even know the name of Christ or Jesus. As many of these that can be gotten and reached must be reached; the Church must start acting. And these of course, will not be held responsible except for what their heart knows which is love.

 Everyday that you exist is a day preparing you to meet God and to meet who you have prayed for to meet God, that is as simple as it is; and for the souls that are causing all the evil on this Earth, which is abundant.

 But God is full of mercy and His mercy will come forth with grace and He will share abundant grace on the Earth and many people will awaken to that. So that is what you are praying for now.

 That is why you are in the situation you are in now. You think: “ Why do you think you are here? Why do you think you are called to these meetings?” This is the reason why. And it is going to increase more and more as it spreads, then it will catch on and it will have God’s grace and then it will be more. That is what I can promise.

 But pray, pray, pray! Pray the Rosary with devotion. This is My prayer. Next to the Mass it is the most powerful prayer.

 I praise You Lord Jesus Christ. I praise You God the Father. I praise You God the Holy Spirit. All who come to Me through My hands, I touch you.

 Thank you for having answered My call.

MARCH 18, 2016




My Children, As I say, pray, pray, pray. Pray as you never have prayed before. Your world is in trouble, tremendous trouble. It will not sink because God will not let it sink. How far He will let it go, I do not know. But I do know this, that there is a great deal of suffering going on now and it will increase and the possibility of a war. It will be a war against civilizations. The survival of one civilization for the other; the West for the East in the sense of Muslims.

 The Muslims will be defeated, but they will cause much trouble. I am not talking about all Muslims. I am talking about Isis, the Kerds and the other people who are fighting now in the Middle East. They want the United States; North Korea wants the United States. The United States must be ready – must be ready to defend the world. And it will.

 But this next 6 months of elections and the business going on in these elections, a splitting and dividing, are going to hurt the United States. However, even if Hillary gets elected, she will not be the same Hillary that was there before. The Father will work a miracle in her. He knows He has to and she will have a change. This is a fact. You can rely on that with hope.

 Right now it looks as if though Obama is running again, but that is not going to be true. She will drop Obama and she will go on with other good policies – if she is elected. If she isn’t elected, you have will trouble too, unless you can unite around one man.

 I am not going to give that man the credit that some people think that he deserves. He doesn’t deserve the credit because only 30% of the Republicans are voting for him now. And the open election is going to be 70% out there. So it is going to be a fight. It is going to be a real fight. It may be even a contested election.

 I am talking politics now, but these are more than tan politics. These have involved our future, our children’s future and the presence of God. The presence of God is not strong in either party yet; it is going to take a conversion. And this will have to be done because the Muslims are going to really put the pressure on, as well as other groups who are rebels.

 But the Muslims want every Christian, every person who doesn’t believe as they do, to be without a head. And of course, you know that we can’t allow that. Not even Heaven can allow that. So Pray!

 Your group here is small, but it is going to grow. The group around Ville Plate and all around Louisiana is going to grow. It is going to grow in prayer. Right now it is in kind of a time out period. But that won’t be but probably for about 6 months and then action will be taken.Pray!

Pray! Pray! That is all you can do right now. And actually, that is all you can do anyhow because God will do the rest as he has done all. When He created the world, all of it was there at one time. We are the ones in past tense and future tense, but God is “NOW”.

 So you know that what is said in the Scriptures is true and it will come to truth. We are now in the Book of Revelations. We are going to keep growing in the Book of Revelations. PRAY!

 Thank you for having listened to My call.

MARCH 17, 2016






 My Children, We are back again. Tonight I want you just to pray, pray, pray. Pray harder. Pray harder than you ever have in your life.

 This country is really messed up and it needs prayer. Only prayer is going to solve the problem. They haven’t learned that yet, but they will or they won’t be.

 This is a time of Holy Week. Passion Sunday is coming, followed by Easter and then the Mass of Mercy. These are the three great events in the Christian life. Each event takes in the total engrossment of all that we have to go through to get to Heaven. And as we go through these events, I hope you embrace them with the fullness of your being letting God do the work and you do the service.

 Easter Sunday is the Sunday of victory; but victory is not enough. And the next Sunday is the Sunday of Mercy; and Mercy is enough. And this year you have your Mercy year, your Mercy doors and your plenary indulgences. What this means is that when you get a plenary indulgence, all your sins that you ever committed are thrown away by God. You can also get a plenary indulgence here. Every healing service, by going to confession, communion and then the anointing. This cleanses your soul of all sin and one person that is close to you. So, take advantage of this as many times as you can.

 We have much work to do here and we are going to start. We will start by going out to the people. We have a new Bishop. We will see where he stands. I know that he is close to Me and that is what matters.

 All these things considered, lets get prepared. But remember, all of it is possible only with prayer: prayer for the living, prayer for your own soul, prayer for lost souls and prayers for souls in purgatory. All of this gains a trophy for us and for others.

 I will be coming sooner and more in the future. Thank you for having answered My call.


NOVEMBER 4, 2015




Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, pray, pray, pray. If that’s what you ever do is pray, that will be enough. There are not enough people praying on this earth. It’s by prayer that all things will happen. It’s by prayer that God gave us mercy because it’s by prayer that the Son of God became man.

Each one of you has a gift. Each one of you needs to pray more for those that do not know. Pray for those who do not care to bring them back. Pray, pray, pray.

Thank you for answering my call. Amen.


NOBEMBER 3, 2015




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, I’m happy to be here in this house in the neighborhood. I am going to come tonight with a simple message which is to pray, pray, pray. As you know, the world is in bad shape, especially in this country.

I want to tell you that I love you. I’m with you. I am your mother. I hope that you will reach out to others with love of God such as you. Pray, pray, pray.

Thank you for having answered my call. I have blessed whatever you have that is holy. I don’t know whether we have flowers here or not tonight, but they are blessed already and all the other things you have.


SEPTEMBER 21, 2015




 My Dear People, today marks the day that the Pope enters the United States of America. His message will not be just for the United States; it is for the whole world. I will be with him at all times as I am always. He is going to surprise some of you with his gestures, but most of them will be according to the Vatican Council of 1960 and according to Revolutionary Christ inviting people into the Church, which had stood memories only for years. I don’t care how they come in, but they have to seek forgiveness. They have to pray the prayers or pray as they know how. This is the start of something new in the hurch and will take time. How long? I do not know.

The world is in a state of almost being encompassed by evil. Satanism, withcraft, Santeria, the Illuminati, the Masons and several other organizations have put their money into this time. This will be a turning point for the Church. What will happen during these five days? I will not tell, but what is going to happen that I am going to say is that we are going to have a tremendous conversion. We are also going to have a tremendous evil. So we are going to be ina battle for money, votes, presidential power. They don’t mean anything anymore. It is going to be, you pray or you don’t pray.

To this group, I say PRAY, be happy. But remember, no matter what they say about money, and it is necessary, it still is the root of all evil according to the Bible. No matter what they say about prayer, it is necessary. It is the only way to get to God. There are different types of prayers and that is fine, but the prayer of the heart, by all people, is necessary.

We have a lot of praying going on right now all over the world, but not enough, not nearly enoough. There is four billion people tht live outside of the Church. The Church has to change. Some of it means letting people back without violating God’s law. This is going to start and it will be ralized this week.

Pope Francis is going to speak to Congress and the United Nations. To the United Nations, he will speak to the world and to the ocuntry about his method od brining the sorld to Christ. To Congress, there is no telling what he is going to say except he is going go say that God is first, must be first and will be first. He will be moving around saying a Mass in Philidelphis, them he will go back home.

That means that we must continue to do what we are doing and do more, a whole lot more. If we cannnot do it here, we will do it someplace else. But it is a time to be happy, it is a time to look forward to the future and it is a time to rejoice in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for answering My call.


OCTOBER 3, 2014




My Children, I come today, in a fulfillment of what I have just spoken in prophecy and teaching for you to believe; these are not messages like other apparitions. These are the fulfillment of the truth of the Gospel and prophecy pending on every ear to hear, every heart to beat, every mouth to speak, every minute is to be taken seriously at this time. People of faith realize this very much. And all over the world, there are people of faith according to what they know about God they shall be judged only on that. There are people who shall be charged harshly. And after being so, still they want to obey Satan; still want to own the earth with him, a lie that he puts out; that he’ll be the Lord of the earth and everyone who follows him will all be princes and princesses and shall live forever and ever. That is absolutely false from the very beginning to the end.

So want you start thinking about the little things that made big things. For example like the cross, it wasn’t all that big, but look what it has done because My Son was on that cross. He died to that cross and in the Eucharist, he dies again. He also lives the resurrection. Develop this attitude, ask God to help you to die to the cross and its message more every day. I know there are very many distractions in this world and a lot of them cannot be helped. Children will be children; but most of the time, these distractions are caused by television, radio, movies, and books, all in the flesh. If you would take this week, how much time you spend watching television, going to a movie, whatever. Is it not in your heart yet?

I am sure Thomas is and that’s why My teaching, through Thomas, on the seed is so important. The seed becomes a tree; the tree becomes the power of the sacraments, especially exorcism and deliverance. Most people don’t need an exorcism they need a deliverance from oppression. A lot of people do not go to communion because they believe the devil has a hold on them. They believe in another language that they have sinned and they have not confessed it yet. Then there are other people who have a sacrilege with God. Is it that they are in sin and say they will not give it up to appear good amongst their peers of their parish? They go to communion and they forget to make one step, the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

My plan is going to develop over the next two or three weeks. By that time, people will have a clear concept of where Eternal Father is sending Me with regards to this Earth, especially the Armada. Pray, pray. Read the Gospel. Read the word of God just for thirty minutes. Try to take it into your heart or read everyday until you do. Then you will have something there, nothing can take it away, because it has the imprint of salvation. You want to be able to develop a grace. Given the gift of mercy in your heart for people, you will feel the very depths of My mercy and My sadness the way I look at souls. The Father has pre-ordained people to do his work and people have failed Him and continue to do so. We pray for them. We beg the Lord to give them the grace to come back. So, from now on, this is the way it’s going to be. There is going to be teaching and of course, prayers of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and the Rosary. I am with you always, more than you think.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I bless everything, she says, from the statues to rosaries or whatever religious articles you have. They are blessed.

Our Lady: Remember; keep saying the Life Offering, that’s getting people out of purgatory. There are plenty of people there if you consider that there has been three thousand years of mankind. So pray for the souls in purgatory. They will surely pray for you when they get to heaven. That is a beautiful doctrine. I now return to the throne of heaven, which is above you. The energy in the diamond is endless. It never has to recharge. It has been charged once by the Holy Spirit of God and it has His energy. Let us get as many people under that diamond, as we can so, they will be pure in a harvest for heaven. Bless you, my children.


OCTOBER 24, 2014




My Children, happy are we today because of this prayer. This is the way I want people to pray. This is the way everyone can pray and not just a special few. We have to have everyone now at this time because I do not want you to become negative and do this. What we want to stress is the life of God; how we are to live the life of God with God. We have the life of God in our Baptism and Confirmation. And life with God is that we participate into ourselves, into our neighbor, and of course, the least of our brethren. We believe that when you get through all these trees…

MAC: I don’t know. I am in two places at one time. Man. I see trucks going one way, grace coming on people’s head the other way.

OUR LADY: The trucks are full of trees, trees that will male examples of the Bethlehem where the first Christmas I gave birth to Jesus is here, and the other tree, the other truck with the trees can be the wood of the manger and the cross. Or, it can be a luring by Satan to destroy whatever is God’s in that place of holiness. When you are in a room it is very tall. Two of you together have less fear. With these trees we will make little buckets filled with fire and water at the same time. That cannot be done in present nature but with God all things can be done; and it is miraculous. But this is what happens to your soul: it is cleansed with the water, purified by the fire and it never changes. It is there for us to draw and that is why the heart is so important. You can draw all the water as you need it to drink like any other water you have. So you come here to learn to get filled with this. You are filled with passion for souls and you come here to get grace that will make you stronger to live your present life and the demands that God may put on you. So you do need grace. It put graces, actual grace. Sanctifying grace is Baptism, Confirmation, the Eucharist and Reconciliation. So you receive actual grace when you enact the will through God’s law when you make sacrifice. When you pray you receive actual grace and sanctifying grace.

When a soul is in mortal sin it is dead, so it has to be given a new life. But the character of the authority of Baptism is still there even though the grace is not. It will become active when a person repents and asks God’s help in life. But actually there is so much grace around and no one even grabs it. I the woods, in the hills, in the air, it is everywhere you go. And when you become more aware of God’s grace and about Our Lady giving grace, you will grow stronger and stronger and know what it means. So when we have these meetings there will come out of it an aura of holiness and peace, a special grace for attending. But what must be know is that many meetings like this are going to be set up in here to primarily give you grace and give grace to those who need it spiritually, mentally and physically. This is why all of Heaven is behind you and blesses you with this. This is why you feel a new urge. So come expecting to receive a special blessing of God.

You see a special blessing of God manifest itself like with these statues. You are not alone and you are not on your own. We cannot make it any other way except with God. It is not hard. Today is Friday. The burden of the cross will come upon my shoulder. I have to carry it. Jesus is behind Me. His flesh ripped apart by the whips, rocks, kicking. He has to receive a lot of grace to be able to be the source of grace, to make it to the top of the hill.

I bless all of your Rosaries, all your articles, all your books, for they will give you strength and enlighten you in your faith. I bless this place which will give forth life to souls thought dead, and souls that are crippled, souls in healing and souls who feel like they are living the presence of God all the time.

MAC: There is a tremendous battle going on. I can’t stay with it. It is hard to stay with it. Satan puts up a fence and Our Lady tears it down – back and forth, back and forth. But still in the middle is a group, a grace group which comes from eternity. Having seen this beautiful spectacle, a real holiness stays down upon you and now God is showering you with graces. You don’t know what is going to happen. He is giving you protection in your life.

OUR LADY: Thank you for having answered my call. Present in this place is Padre Pio, Charlene, Bernadette, Theresa the Little Flower, Theresa of Avila, Theresa of the Andes, St. John of the Cross.


OCTOBER 21, 2015




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, today I come again to ask you to pray, pray, pray. Seek the ones that have left the Church. Seek the ones that do not know Christ. Seek who God sends you. And, of course, send your heart to God with the most purity that can be done. As a catholic you can go to Mass at your convenience and be anointed. Keep yourself in practically perfect shape if your heart is right.

If people do not know Christ, they cannot help that. They never heard His name. There are approximately 4 billion of them, but we can intercede for them. Give them the clean heart and let Me form their conscious. And, of course, if possible, let them convert to Christianity.

These are the things that we are to do now and the Church must expand itself. It must go out and get people, not just bring people in. It’s going to have to be done in a way which is now too many people.

The young people today, 50% of them, don’t believe in God. That’s a startling statement. Why don’t they believe in God? Because they have been put on a false priority system, mainly drugs, alcohol, money, prestige, and power, all the things that go together with the person who wishes to stay in sin. When they wish to get out of sin, they give some of those up and concentrate on serving God.

So we must, above all, pray to God for our own soul. Pray to God that our heart be pure. Pray to God that we have mercy on those that we are to have mercy. Then apply that to those who do not know God or those who do not know God for the reason that they have given Him up. Pray, pray, pray.

I have with me today Charlene, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Gospel, and, of course, Padre Pio. He is always with us and many others.

Thank you for having answered my call.

I am blessing all the articles, the flowers, the books, the rosaries whatever.


Prophecy of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood

To Thomas Mac Smith   Branch, LA     October 16, 2015

My Children seek all things through prayer. Happy, happy, happy for those who pray; pray, pray, pray. This is the time in the world that is come; it’s a time of darkness because of the spread of satan and his agents thorough out the world. But it’s not a time of victory. Victory will come thorough prayer, thorough God’s mercy, and God answering prayer. Soon God will start answering prayer everywhere. And these answers will come forth in healings, in miracles and converting all over the world.

I do not know when this is going to happen, but I know it will happen. Here in this area, in this state particularly the southern part of this state is a very special place for God. He has chosen this place how its survived mercy and imagination and manipulation and it will be done.

Pray, pray, pray. That is all I can say, now it’s pray, pray, pray. How you pray in one way is necessary and then the other ways its all your own. Do not give up. Do not lose hope. Do not even pay attention to the evil that is going on except what you can do to change it. Which is stay close to God. Bring other people close to God and that will change things.

I have with me today, Charlene, Father Seelos, Father LaFleur, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and of course, Fr. Padre Pio who is with this ministry.

And preach your faith. You know how to do it. You do not only help others, but help yourself.

Thank you for having answered my call.

I have blessed the roses, the flowers, the rosaries, statures if you have any wherever they are in your possession of ownership

OCTOBER 15, 2015




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, today we need to pray, pray, pray. There is nothing in the world greater than praying prayer, prayer and sacraments, the Eucharist and confession, the rosary, and whatever else you desire. If you have all that, you have everything. But, unfortunately, most of the world does not have that. Most of the world is sick. Any part of the world without God is sick. So 4 billion people in the world are sick because they don’t have God the way they should. But they are not responsible because He has never been revealed to them as He should have been. But for us, for Europe, Latin America, Mexico, parts of the East and Middle East should be full of the Lord, of the Holy Spirit and they are not.

So again we are going to pray. We are going to deliver. And we are going to pray like we never prayed before, those who want to, different parts of the earth. This part, starting after March, will now be spread throughout the state. Thomas has sleep apnea. That is going to be corrected. He will feel like a different person. We are going to spread out where ever is reciprocal. So get ready.

We have with us the Blessed Trinity (the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit), me, Padre Pio, Charlene, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John and the great apostle St. John, and many others.

I am blessing all the articles, the flowers, the books, the rosaries, and whatever else you have. Remember pray, pray, pray. Just one little prayer a day means so much. Thank you for answering my call.


OCTOBER 14, 2015




United States of America

Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, today is the day that we pray, pray, pray. And, of course, I am going to say that every time because that’s what automatically it amounts to, that we have to do. But in our prayers, we do many things. We do many things. We give to the poor. We take care of the sick. We feed the hungry. We educate the uneducated. We bring the gospel to those who do not know the gospel. These are the things that we must do, at least, amongst other things. They have to be done.

We have our churches. We have our shrines. We have our mixtures of prayer groups of every kind and they are all praying, but do they know how to pray? That’s the big question.

We have with us today, within this session, a prayer group which will grow and grow and its job is to do all those things plus others. Whatever it is particular to you, whatever gift you have from God, you must find out what that gift is. You must find and love that gift. And, therefore, you are loving God and He will love you that much more.

Just the Catholics alone in this area and by this area, I mean this state, are enough to cause God to do something, to stop the darkness of evil, of Satan, of his master plan. Take that plus the 49 other states. Some have things going on and are very advanced, some not good. But all are going to Mass, at least 50%. We want 100% to go to Mass. These are the things we have to do. We won’t get them done perfectly but we can act through perfection in our way. Only God is perfect but we can act in solemnity, with the gift of splendor, and in a positive way praising God to help make these things possible.

This is what we are being called to do, to fight back. No longer can we just sit down and wait. We have to fight back. If you are praying, and praying hard, and praying the prayers you have been taught, then you are fighting back. The other is just an addition to what you are doing now, but it is a mighty addition.

So let us do this. Let us get ready. Today I have all those things which is everyone praying with you. Pray for the land. Pray for all the things we want to do, to happen, and to continue to do so.

I am blessing all the things that are here to be blessed, the flowers, religious articles, books, anything that represents God. I have with me Charlene, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila with St. John and all the saints of the Church.

Thank you for having answered my call.


SEPTEMBER 23, 2015




United States of America


Our Lady’s Words:

My Children, today is the beginning of the Pope’s visit to the United States. He has already made an impact on the whole nation of those who have heard him and he will make an impact on those who did not hear him. As time goes by, he will bring about a new awareness of the Church. Awareness has always been there but hasn’t been proclaimed lately, actually since John Paul II and then he went out and spread the message of peace. It is the proof of the Church that the Church is to bring every human being into the arms of God the Father through the heart and then through the mind, but the heart has to be there. The one thing that God will not accept is an unworthy heart. Jesus said, “Let all things be unto me that come from the Father. As the Father gives all there is to know, I am the personification of that. And He is. Mary is the spokesman for that and she is. She is the spokesman now.”

We must pray, pray, pray. Pray all the time that you can. Do your other duties first, except for a prayer in the morning: “Hail to Thee, Christ the King.” And a prayer at night, “Hail be to Thee, Christ the King, the forgiver, the lover of all men.” We ourselves must seek souls, souls that have left the Church and those that are looking for the Church. The rest of the souls will be handled by God. I will go into this much later and explain what the Pope is trying to say. But I am not going to explain it until he says it. He is going to canonize Saint Serra, the great missionary of the Franciscans who practically converted many, many, many areas of the Church.

Today I have with me Charlene, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila. I have also with me John of the Cross, St. Peter, and, of course, St. Padre Pio who is with us all the time and many other saints. I have blessed the roses and religious articles that are here. Thank you for answering my call.


Prophecy of Our Lady Most Precious Blood

To Thomas “Mac” Smith

Ville Platte, Louisiana July 13, 2015


My Children, my children after today, we will have a little break. My son, Thomas, is going to Venezuela where there will be much done. Pray for him, as I know he will pray for you.

There is a big crisis in Venezuela, as you know. However, the power of God is greater.

The land has been bought, the architects are finished. Now they have to raise more money and they will start working on this as soon as they get the money. When he returns, after what he learns in Venezuela, he will start a short term message each Wednesday, except the third Wednesday of the month. A retreat will be given. This will be from a book that you can all buy for three dollars, if you want to or you don’t have to. But it will be about an eight month retreat. It’s going to get all of the final things done, all the things that could have been misunderstood, everything so that some people could get interested around here. We will go from there.

I will be with you anyway ad I always am. But especially, all prayers that are requested should be called in as usual and put into the prayer box. I am going to give you Thomas’ phone number in Venezuela. It is toll free, 215-555-0481. So if you need to talk, or need to leave a message you can.

This is the second part of the phase in Venezuela which is going to go. I love you all and I will be with you.

Around me tonight is Charlene, Father Selos, and Padre Pio who is always with us. Also, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Benedict and all the saints.

Thank you for having answered my call.


SEPTEMBER 17, 2014




Blessed be God all His creatures to which He has sent Me to minister on this Earth at his time. I am very thankful and grateful My Children that you are here today. You are not here today because you just casually walked in; you are here today because God has called you and surely not everyone knows what they are called for, He does. So if you do His will, you will the Will of God; you will then do the Love of God. It is not a matter of Heaven who ranks the highest for doing the most; the only rank in Heaven is to become a saint. So look at yourself, see how you treat yourself and see that I call you to holiness and holiness is a very, very deep love of God in your heart; once it gets there you will exude it to others. Almighty God the Father has a time scale and it is a race between Him and Satan. As the battle begins with Our Father and Lucifer, the same thing comes to us, Lucifer’s disobedience. He flatly refused God. He would not do it, as the good angels and Michael were totally submissive to the will of God; who would do His will; who would do His love to others; once you become there, you become aware of that. Look in the Scriptures and prayers in your life you’ll see how much extra grace you are getting by that. People want to know when Thomas is going to have his healing services. Most likely that will be awhile, but I have authorized that he have My open house. The grace, the healing here twice a week, because as small as this is the faith that is in this room can get every ministry going and especially booster the Armada. The Armada is being spread all over the world and it has not been centrally connected because I don’t want anyone to know that. The Armada is what is going to bring you to Heaven’s shore and it is going to be bigger and bigger to where we will have to centralize it and organize it and right now. That time is going to be a certain area around Ville Platte. You can come now to be prayed over, but only for two (2) minutes. I don’t know if you understand; I don’t expect you to understand that August 12th was supposed to be Thomas’ last day on this earth; at least Satan thought that. So he became code blue with poisonous blood in his brain going through his whole system. The surgeon saw the kidney stone that was holding back and blocking in thepoison. So it was moved with a stint and this fluid then became mixed with the powerful antibiotics and God’s healing power. Make no mistake about that, God’s healing poser cleansed his body; that has been done, but just remember also, he has a brand new healing part to his soul and body. He’s been reborn and he has to take these steps very slow. It is very hard for him because he wants to give you his love and healing prayer all the time; but I have to have him for the future and you. This is the last time I am going to explain all of this, but you do need an explanation of what is going on. Out of this little room will come more grace than all the healing services combined. It is a matter of people learning that just being touched by God is more important than standing in line for thirty (30) minutes and getting prayed over. That is not going to stop. It is so important that you come and bring your articles of faith and trust in Jesus. I am with you and will be with you. I will be with you in the weather, your crops, your work, just take time to really focus on the Armada prayer. Take time to pray to the Holy Spirit to give you the grace that when you read the word of God it will be just like Him there personally. It gives you great refreshment. Take time with the Rosary. My real recommendation for a family and yourself is hard; it is to have the Armada, one mystery of the Rosary and the Divine Chaplet; saying this prayer for your people and family; for people who are sick in your family even though they don’t know what to do. If they don’t know God, they will and they will be saved. I promise you that. Don’t give up on your family because some or addicted to drugs or whatever. God’s goodness can overcome any evil, but He has to have a vessel and that vessel is you. It is also you that intercedes for the Church all over the world, especially for Pope Francis. My son the Vicar of Christ is going to confront the world. It has to be done. This is no different, really, than what happened with the Crusades, that the Christians had to take the Holy Land back from the Muslems. It was a war. As long as those people are on earth, they are going to fight a war. But there will come a time where they will either convert or just won’t be. I will be with you personally all the time. For all these pictures on the wall, I have given him, Thomas, the gift the Father has given to him of anointing the picture as if though he were there praying over them. Nothing stops God. So today thank the Lord thy God for His mercy and love, for the faith you have right now. This is what makes you different. Use Me all you want to intercede. Pray, pray, pray. Do not pay attention to any false signs or victory or false prophets. They will be arising soon. Stay with Peter, stay with the Rock. Support your church, the Catholic Church. Pray for the priests. This is a time to fight back; as Father God has said, “My creation should not go under a horrible strain of Satan. My creation will not.” I love you very much. I am taking heed to every picture, every statue in here into My heart, right now, as I will everyday. You don’t even need to come by; you can send a picture. The Father wants to get ahold of anything He can to bless it and everyone forward. So with that, I leave you today and I thank you for coming. I thank you for answering My call. I bless each one of you, your religious articles, the pictures, all things of faith and say please, please, please keep coming forward with the walk of Jesus to Calvary. Amen.   SEPTEMBER 28, 2014 PRIVATE REVELATION TO THOMAS MAC SMITH FROM OUR LADY THE MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD My son, I want you to write. I want you to completely initiate the meaning of the Armada according to the Gospel, according to the Sacraments. I want you to pray over people with the prayer of faith and God anointing you, that by touching them with the Sign of the Cross will be their healing where the Holy Spirit goes; because it is going to come a time when you will be very limited as far as being able to minister to the people, because of the numbers. Do not worry about the shrine or the grotto. It will come. Did I not promise a sign years ago, several years ago? Remember, Jesus is all there is because He is the full expression of humanity and a full expression of God. He has both natures, God and humanity, yet He is one person. I praise Jesus, My son. I praise the Father, My son. I praise the power of the Holy Spirit of God, My son, given to them especially this week. I want you to write an exhortation and encouragement to the people of Venezuela. Your strength will come back to you, but even when your strength comes back to you most of your work will be done here in this area. Most of your work will be done here because you have to have a nucleus. This is the place from which the Grace of God acting through the Armada Rosary will co-ordinate the world. You are not being delusional. Satan, leave, leave now, in the name of MY Son, Jesus Christ and with My authority I shall one day crush your head with My heel. (Genesis 3:15) Let the Holy Spirit inspire you to write, preach and pray. I bless all your people, all the people all over the world that you touch, but above all, I bless this area of Louisiana because they are still so loyal to Me. I love you all. I love all of you who are members of the family of God. Thank you, son, for answering My call. This is Sunday the 28th of September 2014 at 5:00AM from Our Lady to me in a locution. Praise be to God for the good and the bad turn into good. Amen.

JULY 16, 2014




My Children, A new time has begun. You are going to see many, many conversions and the power of evil will become stronger. Stronger because the people who say they are doing the work of My Son are lying and they say not who they are. My heart waits to be called. Sin is so prevalent on this earth. It hasn’t got anything to do with My lack of knowledge. As a matter of fact, you may see on this earth now, this failure, the failure to sacrifice yourself. Many sacrifices have to be made. Although they may not seem very hard but to God, they are very important!

Everything around here will start clicking and will start bearing witness to God’s truth, love, healing. Just don’t be satisfied with that. I acknowledge God’s presence with you all your life, every minute of your life is very important. It seems like a little thing but it isn’t. Ever since you have been baptized, God has been within you. There are some that claim that God is with them because they are good or powerful but NO – Not So. You will come across many things and learn many new things good and bad, that is to prepare you to minister and to be ministered to; to decide how to pray. The power of prayer, some of you do not know that yet. But that’s alright. Just keep coming and God will bless you with great graces and great knowledge. Help you understand. The world does not understand because the world does not recognize what the Spirit knows. Jesus is preparing the Earth by various ways. He has set his throne. You are fortunate to have been blessed by God to know these things ahead of time; more than that, the sense of God where you are. This place right now is just totally, totally before the Holly Spirit. It is hard to even think. It is for the sons and daughters of God to pray. I am embracing you now into the feeling of the presence of heaven. It is very hard for your senses to receive but they will in time if not already. Some of you have been given gifts of God. This is all natural. That is not enough. You have to learn how to use it. I want this group to become a group of intercessors and so from now on we’ll do basically the format. But we are going to spend time either in silence or speaking for people who have responsibility for God’s Kingdom, setting up and those who are actually at the head, such as My Son. MAC: I see a circle and a circle and a circle. I see the circle getting wider and wider and wider. I see a horse coming out of there with wings. We are being drawn into this; into the heavenly power, and given special graces today of the presence of God’s power, of His love, of His mercy, to give you strength to pray for others. We are on our way to perdition. I have asked you to fast one meal a week on a day. It doesn’t seem like much but when it grows to thousands it will be a great deal of breaking the bonds that Satan has. All these things of Fatima do not have to happen. They do not have to happen. Now I am back here. I haven’t been here. I came from a place where your mind is totally overwhelmed. I can’t even talk. What I saw I can’t explain yet but it’s good. And it is going to grow with y’all and your families, even with your worst neighbor. There will be changes coming; changes around the healing services, changes around prayer. And the more prayer goes on, the more fasting goes on , the more rosaries we have, the more Armada, the greater God’s power. And how He will leave this place with no stone unturned. With all of this I will say we are all blessed but now that we are blessed we are also responsible. That is what it says. And remember the Life Offering Prayer. In this book that she is showing me right now, it is written, From the grounds of the field shall blossom the flowers of heaven. The winds of the field will be blessed by the Holy Spirit. I was praying from these grounds. Miracles, love joy; it will be protected. People coming here will be blessed. No matter what, they will be blessed. So we must make accessible places for people to come to pray and also start ministering to those who are sick and unable to do anything. I feel old. My heart is still running off into the sea of grass, of building, of the universe, layers of the universe, layers of the universe, layers of light, and they just lap here and then go back. It is very hard to focus, very hard to focus. I don’t understand what I am looking at either. Just pray. Pray hard. Now the doors are closing. She has with her the closing of the doors of people so powerfully interested in this mission: Padre Pio, Saint Bernadette. All this is coming but I don’t understand any of it. I can see angels, flying angels. I can see people praying. I can see people going to Hell. I can see everything, grass and trees, fields, sky everywhere and all that. And I am here to let you know that it has been done. I see Saint Theresa the Little Flower. Every time Our Lady appears here she has Charlene with her. Obviously, Charlene is going to become a very important part of this. Padre Pio of course is it; and Saint Theresa of Avila. Fr. Seelos who I think will become a priest, I mean a Saint pretty soon; being investigated. This is more credibility. There are not very many apparitions or missions revealed that are being investigated. There are 300 or 400 claims but out of that there’s not very many at all. I hope that they come and help us because we are going to have people in retreats and everything. I can hardly talk.


JULY 17, 2014




Beg God’s Mercy. We beg God’s Mercy.

My Children, The world is in the greatest danger in its history. But also, the power of God is going to be strong in history as it is now. Many people are going to be destroyed; innocent people, people who never did anything to anyone, children, babies, pregnant mothers, murdered. Four billion people have never heard of My name and have never heard of My Son’s name, Jesus, their Savior. And you ask what can you do? You do God’s love and you pray. I am depending on this area to be a base for the world. I will work miracles here never seen before. We will draw people into prayer. Do not fear. God does not kill people nor does God punish people this way. There are some very evil leaders in the world that even go back to the beginning of the early days of Egypt and they are planning and have been planning. They own many souls that you don’t know about who they are, but you will know who they are if they reveal themselves. They have made blood pacts with Satan to rule the world with him. As Satan lies, he says Jesus is so weak; he could not even stand His own death. Satan says, I will never die; the Resurrection was a fraud. Satan is telling these people and the New Age is telling everyone they can be god, but My Armada is going to save the world. It may sound funny to people, especially around here, but I am not here to be funny. I am here to ask petitions to save your souls and the souls you love. God has granted a very simple formula for that: Confession, The Eucharist, The Word of God, The Rosary, The Armada Rosary and Charity. It is not too late. Some of you have not been to confession in years, go make peace with your heart. My heart is now weeping. You can see it. It is getting darker and darker because of the blood that is being shed today. This has started the beginning of terror in this world, but Satan has made a big mistake as he usually does; he doesn’t realize how strong the Church really is. And, it will continue to be through conversions, through love, through repentance, through martyrs and through those who sacrifice. You have all of this in your soul, in your Baptism, in your Confirmation. You were created soldiers of Jesus Christ and The Resurrection must be studied now. So, I am asking Thomas for an indefinite period of time to start applying My messages before and after on the Book of Revelation. We are in the Book of Revelation, but remember, Scripture must be fulfilled. Scripture must be fulfilled. There are people who are quoting dates and numbers. They are wrong. They are wrong. If it comes, it will come through the Church and there also is no rapture. That was invented by another sect. There is, instead of the rapture, A Second Advent. The First Coming He was born to Me; the Second Coming He is coming to take us to Heaven. I don’t know that day; Jesus does not even know that day  only God The Father knows that day. Try to talk and love people no matter what they have done to you. This is what will defeat these people because it is humility and obedience. They do not understand that they are arrogant, they are blasphemous and they are Satanists. They hate God and they will fall! They will fall! Some of them have already given their souls to Satan and can’t take it back. So pray. In this area, Southwest Louisiana, as I have said, it is going to grow; it is going to bring people from all over the world to pray. Many of you I will call to be prayer warriors, healers. We have to have your help; there are not enough priests. There are definitely not enough priests in this area to do these things, so, I am going to train you. You must know about the chapter in Luke, about Isaiah, Genesis 3:10 – on and the Book of Revelation, and if you read the last twenty messages that I have had you will see right where we are going. They are not messages, they are prophecies. You may have them on your e-mail or you may get them from the book that Thomas has written. So, why am I weeping so sorrowfully for My Children? I am happy for what we have here. Remember what Jesus said, Where two are more are gathered in My name, I am there also. If only I had had ten in Sodom, it would never have happened. So, have hope, have faith, be encouraged, God does not lose. Thank you for having answered My prayer. MAC: This place is being drawn out to Heaven, close. It is being carried by angels. There are more than three dimensions on this Earth, you know. I see the gate of Heaven. I see the round door. I see the bright yellow and white-green lights. But I can’t see inside and I can’t handle what I see. I cannot handle it. Almost takes your breath away. It is so beautiful. My God forgive us. Forgive us all. If we only knew what you had for us we would never sin and if we did we would repent right away. It is so beautiful. I see Jesus now coming in a throne that has four things over it. He is in a chair and from His stigmata hands are rays of light going out all over the world. And Our Blessed Mother is sitting to His right and from her heart it joins with the Earth. I don’t know, I don’t understand this at all. I see the Holy Spirit with bright lights of fire, blue and gold covering the whole world. And I hear The Father saying: Listen to Me for I am the Lord your God. I will not stand for blasphemy. I will not stand for idolatry. And for that reason you will have a chastisement, but it can be decreased by pain. Come to My Mercy. I love each child created. I love each child not created, but murdered. I am standing on nothing. I guess the only thing I can do is ask Him to have mercy on us. And The Father says: Don’t be so foolish to disbelieve this. This is the beginning of the Second Advent of My Son. He will come as a King, not a savior but in His time. And I am out to save every soul on this Earth and I am depending on this little area to obey Me so My glory can be where I want it to be and My Church can be built on a land in My name. I Bless You. My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices with God my Savior. Holy, Holly, Holy is your name. There are thousands of Saints and of course the ones that come to this assignment are: Padre Pio and Charlene  she is a Saint; Fr. Seelos he is a Saint; St. Theresa, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. John of the Cross, St. Anthony, St. Francis; oh my gosh too many in number. And Our Lady says: Thank you for having listened to MY call. Pray.

JULY 19, 2014




My Children, Today is the day to start a run, a series about what I am doing here. In the eyes and the mind of God this looks like a big space for the children of Heaven to pray when it all comes about. I want you to urge other people to pray. Only the wisdom of God knows why all these things are being done.

That is why I am silent, because of the presence of God The Father here. All of Eternity and those represented including Myself are on their knees for He has spoken. When He speaks He has the joy of prayer. When He speaks to us He has the firmness of truth. God The Father doesn’t warn anyone; He just does it. He has all kinds of people to warn people through prophesy. But, He doesn’t have to do anything except to be worshiped. He has a great love for this area and He knows far better than we do. I am His daughter; I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit. I am the Mother of God and all that authority has been given onto Me to be a prophet; the final prophet. We will build this grotto but for awhile it will be tidbits and maybe just an idea. But, the reality will come and we will have the place I have designed for all people to come and love God The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, and love Me. I want to just bless you, reach out and touch you, love you, nurture you, nurture all who want to be nurtured and pray. That is what we are doing here now, learning the basis to learn how to pray. Soon that will grow to a place where people will come to learn how to pray. One day won’t do it. This is the biggest and the heaviest of them all. Believe that! Tonight when you go to bed, read a verse of the Bible or the Psalm, say an Act of Contrition, say a Memorare and Glory Be and go to sleep. That will cover you. Have holy water in your house and if your statue is not there put it in your bedroom for the night. He cannot come and bother you this way. Keep working hard and you will rest in peace. MAC: I am having a hard time here. All I can feel is a tremendous love of God, love of Our Blessed Mother and I am almost paralyzed. All I can think of is hope and love, clarity, visions, verses of scripture. We must become the mind of Jesus Christ at this time; the mind of Jesus Christ (Philippians 2:5). I think that runs into what kind of mind we must have and why we kneel. OUR LADY: I have given My mission statement today already. With Me today I have the Saints and the doors are still open. No one is in there but you are invited. You are first class; if you do the will of Our Father you will have Eternal life. Pray for those who don’t know how to have eternal life. Develop a love for God and nothing ever can take you away from that. No matter how bad it gets you will remember or how good it gets you will remember how it has to be. So say the Armada, but you don’t have to do that every day. Thank you for having answered My call. MAC: She is still here. She doesn’t look quite the same; she doesn’t look like a statue, her face is alive and she is looking at us. I don’t know what to do except look back at her. I don’t know what to say. Thank you for coming. We will try to be faithful. Ask God to have mercy on our soul, souls we love and souls we can’t stand; then we will know what peace is, we will know the secret, the secret of the Immaculate Heart which is beating. Amen.

JULY 21, 2014




My Children, I come here to teach you about love and how to pray. Prayer and love go together. A heartless prayer has no value. I want you just to be patient. As the Holy Word says: Love is patient. Patience is the greatest gift you can give to God because without His grace you couldn’t have any. There is no way; somewhere you will break. But, even though, with God it is a virtue; it gets grace and gives grace, it makes you holy, it makes you disciplined, it clears up the eyes for your faith.

As you can see the world is getting darker and darker. But remember Satan lives on fear and fear is false appearances that are not real. If he can get you to listen to this fear, look at it as fear, look at the Earth with fear then you are saying he owns the Earth. But, he is not the light of lights, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. He is not the prophet, the teacher. He is not the Son of God even though he proclaims himself as God. As I say, on Good Friday, He was our Savior. In His time, the time of the Father and when Scripture is fulfilled He will come not as Our Savior but as Our King. When He comes there will be no more saving. So simply pray and expect God to do what He needs to do in your life and then it will be much better than you could have thought. God doesn’t need our prayers for ourselves; He needs prayers for our brothers and sisters. In this country there is a lot of that because of the way people have to live here. It is hard because we don’t feel security from the world. But, if you trust in Jesus, the grace of that security will come to you. Soon there will be signs and wonders done by the Holy Spirit in this whole area, as never seen before. If you read the scriptures carefully, Jesus didn’t go very many places to heal people. They came to Him. He had a very short ministry as far as mileage. He just walked around a big lake and the whole kingdom of God was born there. So obviously that doesn’t have much to do with it, does it? The presence of the blessed Trinity and Myself and the angels are going to be where I am and I am here. I am right here right now in a full blown apparition. I have given Thomas three cotton balls full of oil; they are the tears of My Son just as if they were from Calvary and I want him to bless you with those. There will be more because He understands how you hurt, He understand how terrible life can be. Tears come from His heart as the tears flow from mine now. Even then His majestic face will come upon My heart in time. We are not here to do tricks; this is for your salvation, to help you, to give you strength, to let you know there is something more. That was the only way the Roman Empire could be converted was through the signs and wonders of the Church. Now we are back there again. With every beat of the Sacred Heart of Jesus you are there in My name. Only God can comprehend that. Just believe it. Every one of you here tonight are in My heart. I am doing this to give you hope, to encourage you, to let you know it can happen, a miracle can happen. Some miracles don’t happen because if they did some people would quit going to church. How many people do you know, especially in the Catholic Church who get healed and return? This is what offends Me the most. I have other options because everything said, done or written about Me is absolutely true and can be absolutely documented. Just saying the Life Offering prayer at night is so powerful for you. I mean only God can do that. It seems so simple. But God is simple. He is just I AM. So I bless you tonight. I anoint you tonight and your roses and your religious articles, whatever. This is happening here because this is what God has chosen to do and has made you special. If you don’t believe this pray they keep their faith. Faith is what it is coming down to. Faith isn’t dark, it is very, very illuminated. The Holy Spirit has to be back into the Church in a very active way. Soon He will start powering His way in and it will bless you too. So I kiss you, I love you. And I am with you. I have the saints with Me: St. Theresa, Blessed Seelos, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Peter and he has his Miter on and his staff and he has a white robe on , but it is St. Peter the first one. St. Faustina is here praying because above Me is a vision of Heaven with the cloud, all the Saints are gathered, all your relatives are gathered because they are saints; St. Bernadette. There is a priest in this diocese from long ago who should be canonized, his name is Fr. Lafleur. He is very high on Heaven’s list. He is a humble and holy priest. And know, I am in Eternity so I can talk about this. I can say Saint Charlene; I can see Saint Seelos because there is no time here. But still it is a matter of time before they become Saints by the Church. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having answered My call. MAC: She looks just her statue except it is all lit up. I was hoping she might light up for y’all tonight but I guess this isn’t the night. She will do it one of these times though. I hope she does it during a Mass with people there. Then we’ll all need some Imodium after that. But she is going to do something, I know it. The oil is a sign that that is just going to keep getting better and better. Remember what Jesus said: Where two or more or gathered in My name I am there also. If I’d had only ten people, God said, in Sodom and Gomorrah I would not have destroyed it. So we are in pretty good shape we have more than ten people and when we have more than two people God is there. She hasn’t gone yet, she’s looking at everybody smiling, putting love in you over your hearts. There’s plenty enough to go around.

JULY 23, 2014




My children, the only great thing that can prevail in this world today is faith. Faith is the foundation of our mind and will change according to God’s will. A new insight illumines our intellect. It gives us visions and we have to carry faith like a flag in a world of darkness and evil, in a world where you just read about evil and very little about the good. So that’s why God established a church. It’s to keep everything in a straight line that can be free to teach people, to teach people about faith. As we go along this journey that I’m starting here, it is going to get harder in some areas. But if you have faith, and if you are getting in God’s grace, if you have the hope that He can give, you cannot have anything any better. The people of America for the most part have never really been challenged in their faith. As I said in Medjugorje several years ago, communism is going to raise its head again. I now say that it has raised its head, looking to devour all that is good and pure, because it is the master of deceit. The ultimate result of this is going to be a terrible chastisement if things don’t get better towards God. Chastisement will bring about conversions, even saints. I call upon you to pray, to pray for this area, to pray for this country, to pray for this world. Again there were only eleven apostles in that room upstairs, with myself, called upon to carry the gospel to the whole world. That has been done. But without the knowledge of prayer, without the knowledge of empowerment you have through Baptism and Confirmation, and Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it shall never bear fruit. Just because the communication systems in this world don’t say it, doesn’t mean that God’s not doing it. People are being converted one by one, slowly, everywhere because they are steadfast in their faith. This is better than groups of people who come together to pray to God to give them their will. This won’t work, because even my Son had to say, Not My will but Your will be done. That is obedience. While on the cross, He said, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. That is forgiveness. Also on the cross was said, “Son, behold your mother. Mother, behold your son. Some of His very last words, was giving Mary to all mankind as the mother of Jesus and the mother of the church and Queen of the Universe. And this is the way it is today. My authority is authority that God gives to me, His lowly maiden. You must pray for one another constantly. The Armada is spreading and spreading and spreading, gradually chopping down the bushes of hell. If only you could see Heaven or experience it for 30 seconds, you will want nothing else all your life but that. And that is why I will start giving experiences of the gift. I want Thomas to write every one of them down and publish them. He will come under tremendous attack for this. How anyone could turn down this offer that God had offered them for power is beyond me. It’s that they just don’t know. So the love and the Spirit of God will touch them more and more. You will see things that you never thought that you would see; not to talk you into believing in God, but to ignite your spirit, your pilot light, that is already there. Just add the fire. You may not know what this little group means. But to me and to our Savior and King it is the most important group. And this group will have to pay the price of suffering, yet gain the reward of love and peace; especially for places I have given many graces to who will not come to me. I don’t know how much longer I can beg the Father through the cross to hold back the judgment. It depends on how much you pray. It depends on how much information is out there. And I want you to meditate on that. God wants you to meditate on your life as it relates to the ministry I have given. And if you read about the saints, you’ll see that they have gone through the same thing and had to have these spectacular gifts of God to overcome conditions worse than this. Don’t worry about the church. It isn’t going anywhere. But where are you going? That’s what you have to worry about. I would be grateful. Thank you for having answered my call. MAC: Has anyone touched this picture? It has oil all over it! Can you see it? I forgot who that is. JOAN: That is my daughter. MAC: How about that? It just came this morning. It is very clear that it is oil all over it going down, straight down. We sure didn’t put it on there. If anyone did, put their name down there. I am very hostile when it comes to fooling with God’s things. What does that tell us, though? What does it tell us? I am here! I don’t know. I guess some people expect her to turn cart wheels. I don’t know.

JULY 30, 2014




My children, today is a day of mourning on the hill of Calvary going to the last chapter of the cross giving way to the coming of the light of the resurrection. Please, please, please say to your own heart and give your heart to God for prayer. The world is now forming itself toward darkness, even though there is light; to those who do not know God, those who do not possess, for their souls, a need for the Holy Spirit to change their lives, to give them a love that they never had that is far beyond understanding, to give them a hope that beyond this dark hill lays the valley of light. And there shall be light. He saw that it was good. Satan and his allegiances around the world are showing off power to confuse. To confuse the people of God and to make them think that nothing is going to really happen. Nothing! Because there is nothing. Yet how wrong they are for all is light. And you cannot know that it is dark unless there is no light. In God is all light, pure love. Pure and it never succumbs to the darkness. But he has given mankind a choice, a Savior, the Eternal High Priest. It’s very simple. Let us pray. Let us pray upon the Sacred Blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us die to the Eucharist and to the cross. And rise with the Eucharist from the cross. That is where we are now. Don’t just look at all these things going on around the earth and be amazed at how bad they are. Pray and stay connected with my heart. There will be many things happening that are very good, very powerful. But the stage is not set yet. Things are not in the right formation and, until they are, God will not do anything. But they are going to come together and the battle will intensify. Continue to pray to Jesus; continue to adore Him, because you are going to get persecuted. Not by just evil institutions but even your fellow Christians because they do not know how to heal or get out of their dysfunctional behavior of fear. And from this fear comes a crazy almost insane source of anger. And it is like it has been lit up in every one of us, of you. So pray. Seek the beauty of the Word of God, especially in the Psalms; and especially in the Book of John in which the Father instructed him to carry the Gospel out to be fulfilled in the Book of Revelation. We are there now but it is not about to end for a long time. Be satisfied with now, your relationship with God now. What’s done in the past can’t help you in the future. Unless you build a foundation for it today, there is no future. But with God there is no time. It is all present. I come today, I come today to heal and teach. Healing is like a vending machine. Healing is like a growth, a belief, not in our power but in God’s. Not in a rock, a crystal, but God. I want these places of anointing to continue for a long time. Just know that you don’t become a saint by doing just good things. I want you to know there is only one word that you can measure obedience. Look through scriptures. Look through everything and see what the opposite of obedience is disobedience; starting with Lucifer, starting with Adam, on up. But starting with the Immaculate Conception on to the Annunciation in which I experienced the Holy Spirit’s overshadowing of me and I said let it be to me according to Thy word” obedience was done unto God’s will. I bless you and I bless your articles. I bless the rosary. I bless your flowers. I thank you for having answered my call. MAC: She is still here. Also, she is in another dimension, and when my brain has to go there, it gets a little bit foggy. And when God brings His anointing, which most people don’t understand what that means in modern day church history, the whole presence and dimension of heaven comes. It becomes a cloud, a cloud of knowing, so we see what we have here now today. It’s like we’re sitting still. We can’t move and it’s known as a chacana. I am really not here. And don’t try to understand that. Every one of us are now under this cloud of holiness, a chacana. A chacana is a mountain, a breast feeder. That is what it means in Hebrew, the breast feeder, which means nourishment. And this is the alternate purpose of healing.

APRIL 11, 2014




My Children, In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, I most humbly call you and come to you for it under this name, the Three Persons in One God that the whole universe has been created, redeemed and will be judged. This is a very exciting time to test your faith. So far you have been on a roller coaster. Now God is going to call you to push the roller coaster.

I am calling people to pray hard that I can get The Field of Eternity built within a year. I had said October but the Father corrected Me. This will take some hard work but by this time the ground will be laid for the whole world to come. You have to trust Me; you have to trust God. I am not going to make Thomas dig into the dirt to get water but I want him to get a well dug and the water will come up. It is not miraculous water but every drop that comes up will go through My hands and My hands will have the same power of anointing they had when I held My Son as a baby. For you are My Children but you see that seems funny to people but there will be so many miracles they cannot be denied.

The last person Thomas wants you to look at is him, beat-up, old, tired but he has the life of God in him. He has the guarantee of the Creator of all life that he is going to be here until has to do what he has to do. He has asked for a vacation after that. We might give him a very good one. And that is for every one of you.

I did not go to Venezuela for ten years to let Satan just steal it. I did not go there for ten years just to turn My back and leave them. The unfaithful will change their minds and their hearts because of the power of God. And once they do it will be awesome.

As far as the Holy Spirit goes, once everyone opens up to the Holy Spirit, let Him into our hearts, then when you pray you will be in greater unison with God and you will be in unison with God because you will be a new creature. You will have the full benefits of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. In one of My messages that is still yet to come I asked you to go to your Pastor how would he explain the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I challenge you to do that. You will be surprised if they answer you at all. It is not important that we make somebody look bad, it is important that we have something that is so good they want part of it.

If you have expectant faith, the same faith as Jesus said “ believe in God’s power”, then you don’t have to have all that faith for yourself; nobody can, you are just human. Therefore focus on the power of God and not on your own power.

But when you have an expectant faith, you do just like My Son said in the Scriptures, in Mark 11: 22-26, concerning the fig tree that died. As soon as My Son said that Jesus, have faith in God’s power and when you stand and pray say to that mountain to move and it will move. The mountain, I mean your everyday life for some of those for many people look like a mountain that nobody can climb. But if you believe that Jesus Christ can make that mountain where you can climb it, its going to happen; but with tremendous need of inner healing , many times, because the last part of that Scripture, you must forgive your neighbor, the worse there is, or you yourself will not be forgiven. It is not worth much to have a perfect prayer and not be forgiven because you still hate.

I know some of you have suffered terribly, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit loving God. If you are angry with God that means you need some work to build yourself up to do God’s love, to go and that He sees every soul and that soul shall say in a real true experience, I love you Lord. Not, I love you Lord, except; not, I will obey you Lord, except – that doesn’t work. It doesn’t happen overnight with you either. It takes time.

That’s one of the values of soaking prayer. All you have to do is show up and this could happen to your heart , to your soul. Jesus sees our souls. Jesus loves us because He sees The Trinity in us, then, He comes to us. If you take Him to the inner depths of your soul, you and He will be one in prayer, in love.

You can never imagine, until you do that, what that is like and that is what I am trying to do on Wednesday mornings; to put you under the anointing of God with praise and worship and the Rosary so you can develop a sense of God and a sense of the Holy Spirit, My love for you above all.

In a way, the person I trust the most with this mission , this assignment is Padre Pio. He will be with Thomas every minute. He has to watch him you know.

So you see, we are getting ready to do something big here. We are going to develop that eight acres of land and I know how it is going to be done. And as I told Thomas don’t even worry about it anymore, just get out there and do what you can. By that time, the Armada will be going in another year, the website will be going in another year and some of you might write some of the testimonies that you have received form God. I’ve never seen anything like it. That is how the Church survived, by testimony, by miracles, by healing. It is dying now because they don’t do that. They do not believe in it. They do not want to sacrifice anything but they spend one hundred-fifty dollars on a football game. I know you people down here. But it doesn’t bother Me. There’s been much worse times than this.

But I know if just you here present would give your heart and soul to God the best you can, He’ll build that field, “The Field of Eternity”. He will build it. On there I want a grotto. I told Thomas this morning about God The Father. I do not want a statue of God The Father; I want a statue of something like clouds and two hands coming out of big clouds, big hands. That’s all you can see of Him anyhow.

And then I want a statue of Myself between four feet eleven inches and five feet tall, made of a kind of substance that would not weather out; an altar and we are going to have a grotto. All of that is going to come together. It will be known at the right time. The publicity about this mission is going to be known at the right time. And you think about how many people can get in an eight acre field. It is going to take everybody to help. That is why I am telling you this because I am not going to say it again, all the things we need. But we still need the Rosary to carry on. We still need you to build-up your body and soul in Jesus with the Sacraments, with the Word of God and the power of evangelization. This is going to go throughout the whole United States.

I am starting with the Venezuelans, everybody, the primary cells of where the Venezuelans are. I have to admit that most of these are very poor. They had to leave their country because of Chavez, the Red Dragon, who now is on the judgment seat of the Father. These Red Dragons will go, but Jesus, He is not going anywhere, never has in history; Napoleon went, Hitler went, Pontus Pilate went.

But Jesus is the same today as yesterday and tomorrow. Come to Him. Com to His Heart. Let Him love you and if you do that yo might just see Him. You might just see Him. Would you just think it over? But, don’t tell Me you are going to give Me a commitment if you don’t really want to do it.

Thank you for having answered My call.

APRIL 10, 2014




I bless you My Children, on this beautiful day. I have come to announce the place and the setting where I will have large apparitions in the future. The dimensions of all this is in My last message. It is very important you get that message. But it is going to be on the eight acres of land in Frilot Cove. I am going to get started on the specifics of what I need that is also listed in My last message.

As I have said, I want a well that is blessed by Me and a priest. So they will dig a well and as the water flows out it will pass through My hands. It will have all the healing and anointing of God and Heaven with it.

I want you to pray very, very hard for peace. In the next few weeks there will be announcements to the world of some secrets, plans by evil people to take over the Earth. There also will be blessings upon all of you; the power of the Rosary and the Armada of the Rosary. Please pray for the lost souls that are walking around right now; also to pray for priests.

I am coming tonight to give you the encouragement the Ville Platte area will soon become the area. I notice that many people from this Parish don’t even come but I am not worried about that; there will come a time when there won’t even be a place to sit.

I am not worried about crowds right now, I am worried about My will getting done and that is to get that field ready and all the directions I’ve asked gets built as soon as possible. Probably within a year, it should take. Then I will appear every third Sunday of the month at two-thirty in the afternoon when this starts.

Venezuela is getting swallowed up by evil; shooting down children. All this, of course, is not put in your press because they don’t understand evil or really believe in spiritual evil. They are blinded; they have scales on their eyes.

You need to pray for the United States of America and those who lead it, that God will give them the grace to get them out of this horrible hole they are in. AS communism is streaking all over, it is trying to get into Eastern Europe4. And you know it is trying to get into South Africa. And, of course, in many ways the effects of it are already in this country. That is why I have spread this miraculous warship of the Rosary of the Armada. It soon will be known all over the world and it is a ship equipped for battle.

But don’t worry, just stay in your place with God. Your present place with God is where you are and God always meets you where you are at.

I need help in getting the word out around here, in this area and in this state. That seems to be a big problem. It has been here a few months and most people don’t seem to know where it is. I am very disappointed in some people. But don’t worry, I have resources that are known and with one stroke of a pen this place can be known all over the world. But it is not time.

It is going to take a lot of faith on Thomas and his people to will this, believing I will come. They will be scorned and laughed at by many so-called practicing Catholics because they don’t have faith – a faith that is active, a faith that is given by the power of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

If you don’t have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you will miss many things God has to show you and tell you in His Word and His signs and wonders. The Baptism of the Holy Spirit is contained in the Baptism at birth and at Confirmation, where it says, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, receive them. But there are also many more gifts of the Holy Spirit in Corinthians that bring in the active evangelization. People who are willing to say “I claim Jesus Christ as my Lord and my Savior and I ask for Him to Baptize me in the Holy Spirit”; that’s how you do that. As He says, “John Baptized with water, I Baptize with the fire of the Holy Spirit”.

Around My waist is a belt of fire of the Holy Spirit. On My chest is a heart surrounded by a crown of thorns which feels for every creature on this earth, which loves each one of you, which really tells you the only thing I can promise you is happiness in the next world.

The problem with the world is not war, it is not nuclear arms, it is sublime idolatry and heathenism; it is the secret societies: the Masons, the Illuminati, witchcraft and voodoo. All these societies exist to destroy the Catholic Church. They have not been able to and neither will they be able to do so. That is why I have this Armada in one hundred twenty-two countries now and with the website I will be sending it out all over the world and people will have these groups going. And by the time I come to the apparitions on the field at Frilot Cove the Armada will be going worldwide and full stream.

Have Faith! Have Faith! Pray! Pray! What is it that you have that is more worthy than God? What is it that you do that you would rather do than obey and work for God? You must ask these questions. There will be divine intervention in this area and then you will know who is really here and what you have to do.

I ask you now to pray for each other, to pray for priests. Pray for your enemies. Forgive! These are the words of salvation.

I have with Me the sponsor and really the chief spiritual director, Padre Pi. I have also, Charlene and Fr. Seelos from Louisiana. Did you know that this town is being known throughout the world right now? People are trying to find it. And they will find it.

Look at the skies; you will see signs and wonders. This will happen over a period of the next five years.

Also with Me is St. Theresa of the Child Jesus, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Andes, St. Bernadette, St. John of the Cross. This whole mission is based on their spiritually.

I have with Me, Archangel Michael, who is in an armor of gold. He will be leading the Armada all over the world.

I ask you to read in the Gospel of John chapter 17 as if Jesus was talking about you to His Father. Read that! Read it several times when you will understand what this is all about.

Thank you for having answered My call.

APRIL 7, 2014




My Dear Children, Today I come to you to encourage you to pray, to offer self-sacrifice, to seek forgiveness of your sins. I come in a world that is full of turmoil, a world that is darkness; but really it is just a cloud that can be lifted by the light of God. The young people today are the future, many of them have never been to a church; many don’t even know the first commandment. So we have a lot to do in a hurry.

I am going to start a strong evangelization program in this area on that field. I plan to have that ready within the six months or by October and then the rest is up to your faith. Around that time I should start appearing on Sunday afternoons. I would like for someone to try to dig for a well around where the apparition site will be. This won’t be a miraculous well, this will be a miraculous well after it comes out of the ground and runs through My hands. The water will be forever running through My hands and there will be many miracles off of this. I also want the statue on an altar with two candles on a platform. I want a Grotto. You may have to get a tent for a while; that is eight acres, that is a very big tent so you won’t have to have that. But you people have had it pretty easy anyhow and now this is built to call the people from the earth. By the time My website gets around full speed and the miracles that are happening get around the world and the evangelization I’m having Thomas do in the United States especially in places of faith it will be ready to receive them. I want a platform built twelve inches high to set the altar on to set the statue on, because of the soil. This will be the apparition site of Our Lady the Most Precious Blood.

There will be a sign that comes at My time. You must be patient. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts, His ways are not our ways and He will direct this Himself. Because of what we attribute to God the Father at that site it will be the first one in the world to have both Myself and Eternal Father. I want this to be called “The Field of Eternal Life” in honor of God the Father and Our Lady the Most Precious Blood. Don’t think any further than that because you cannot figure it out.

But, this still will be better than many places people go all over the world; in the mountains of South America they climb many feet just to get there, to be in the place where I am – they walk for miles – Medjugoria, the same thing. Lourdes is not the same because it is already established and it has already delivered the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Fatima is the same, it is established and the prophecies have already come through, except the third secret. The third secret, some of that is there as you know, but there is more.

But now, for years maybe, we are preparing for the return of the Son of Man. He will come from the clouds; the moon will turn red and there will be miracles in the sky everytime. It will be unusual I know and we have no money but remember you have a rich Father.

This will link Ville Platte, Plaisance, St. Ann’s Church in Frilot Cove and linking to Venezuela. Venezuela is in tremendous pain right now, suffering for all of you and the world. People are being murdered, priests are being shot, they are keeping people from getting food, and the Communists are trying to take the country. Not so – not so – that will not happen. I have promised; I have come there ten years; I did not come there to see the devil win that country. He will be defeated and Venezuela will be free forever.

I want you to pray where you can for the priests of the world, especially this country. We don’t want to complain about them, how they don’t do anything; pray for them to let the Holy Spirit into their hearts and become what they were ordained for.

I love you My Children and I come to bless you, bless your roses and religious articles. I have with Me tonight My little saint Charlene, St. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Child Jesus of Liseux, Faustina. Padre Pio is always here, he is assigned here, Fr. Seelos and St. John of the Cross. I have come with four million angels. I am coming very close to this picture here; I am looking like that except I am on a yellow moon. Sometimes I’m on a blue moon, sometimes I’m standing on the earth.

Thank you for having answered My call.

Mac’s words: All I can tell you is she looks a whole lot better than that. I’m not saying that’s not a good drawing but Our Lady is always radiant, the Rosary shines. She’s standing – all of this is taking down in like a jade street, like it is not here. Stars, beautiful stars, heavenly lights going everywhere and the Holy Spirit is above all of that.

MARCH 15, 2014




My children, this is the beginning of many walks on the path to righteousness. Many people will become part of this to pray for the very many people who don’t know or who don’t want to be a part of this evangelization movement. But they will receive the grace to know the Holy Spirit. As my apostle Paul said, “No one can know that Jesus is Lord except through the Holy Spirit”. And he who says Jesus is not the Son of God in the flesh is the antichrist. You can clearly see today, the antichrist is operating all over the world; does not have to be just one person. This is a mystery of the spirit world. But there is just one God.

I come here today to let you know you will have tremendous graces for prayer in your own life now, but you have to believe. There can be no “yes but” in a prayer. It is a proclamation of faith in God’s power. Do not concentrate on what power you do not have, but only on God’s power that would keep you in a place where you can reach full faith and trust that He is a God who heals. He is a God who delivers. He is a God that proclaims salvation through the Word of God.   There will be no structure, but I will be here. And above all, The Holy Spirit will be here every Wednesday morning because this is something the Father has started upon His wisdom; a good way to refresh, to convert and to intercede. After you have had your training down here, you will become an intercessory group for the world. I am very happy and I love each one of you very much and now we must begin.

Slowly but surely, I will find ways to construct an apparition site on those acres of land. Once it is built, people will come. The website, the first thing I want Thomas to write is his open letter to Venezuela to encourage them. Let them remember in the end my Immaculate Heart will reign. My heart is aching and full of sorrow for the evil that man is doing to man – the arrogance and self-proclaimed godhead of all ages. But evil will destroy evil.

Now let it be known, that I will raise up My people to where they will become healers and prayer warriors. I will ask you to do one thing, when you have a disease, especially a serious one, do not go to the doctor first, come get Soaking Prayer, then go to the doctor. You may be healed, partially healed; whatever, you will be on the right path to help him or her. Go to confession regularly; receive the Sacraments, the Body and Blood of my Son. All of Heaven is behind you and they laughed at Noah also. Devils are out there heckling people, using their thoughts so that they will make fun about religion. Pray hard for these people and for their gods of playing cards, gambling, drinking and throwing away prayer. As I said last night, soon they will need a very sane God. Many men, right now, are going to hell or are on the border for the way they treat their families, mainly through abuse or abandonment. We have to pray very hard for them. Pray hard, bring them back and bring the people in your family back. Become a person of prayer, a family of prayer and a church of prayer; not of recitation but of the heart.

Today you experienced the Holy Spirit and you experienced through that, every area of your life and you were told you were cleaned. Now we must pursue. Remember God is a God of mercy and consolation. No sin is too great for Him to forgive, so keep your plate clean.

MAC: I see a huge cloud with the color jade and all kind of people standing on that cloud; they are also behind me. Above the cloud was the Blessed Trinity. Let The Holy Spirit in so you can give Him away. I see Our Lady is blessing all the rosaries, all your religious articles, anything you have pertaining to God, and you. She says that today she will release millions of souls from purgatory because these were people who were not Christians, but had the right heart. God showed them the truth and they accepted Him, but still they were in purgatory.

OUR LADY: I am releasing them now because of you and your obedience. It is a sacrifice to spend time outside the TV, ballgames, the internet, everything that distracts us from a life with God.

MAC: Our Lady says just have faith because you will never taste anything as sweet as the Lord Jesus and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit will make that even sweeter.

OUR LADY: I have here with me: Padre Pio, Charlene my little saint, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. John of the Cross, Fr. Seelos, St. Benedict and a host of angels.

MAC: There is Michael in front of everyone with his raised sword on one knee to the Virgin. Above that jaded cloud was like the Northern Lights, that’s about as close as I can get.

OURLADY: Don’t forget the Cross I made on top of that mountain. It will not fall, but those who come with evil, by its shadow, in time, if they do not repent, will be destroyed. Pray! Pray for the weather to be normal. Feel the joy when you are in the palm of God’s hand. Be at peace with that.

MAC: I forgot that Our Lady said every Wednesday she will appear. But she wants you to come for yourself. You are not going to be prayed over. It is not a healing service, just bringing in and developing your own spirit by God. Then there might be some prayer.

MARCH 7, 2014




My Children, I bless you today encouraging you with the Good News of the Gospel. It is still to be spread throughout the Earth and will be done. Do not look toward the past even now, for now is moving fast and doing nothing. But soon God The Father, Himself will make a decision He’s already made, which is sending you a tremendous amount of grace, blessings, before the period of darkness.

It looks bad, but it didn’t look too good on Calvary either. But because of Calvary we have the Risen King to guide us into Heaven. Each one of you has something to do. Each one of you has to work your way to Heaven because of the grace of God. The Crucifixion only gave you the ticket, but you have to have more than just a ticket. On that ticket is stamped, “A member of the Mystical Body of the Church given a new life”.

Every one of you, when you get that new life your soul magnifies God. Gradually in time, even as we grow in years, it can lose that luminosity. But it doesn’t have to, for the Lord God, and Holy is His name, praise be to Him in all glory, will grant you a cleansing way through your Sacrament of Reconciliation. Through good works and deeds, through intercessory prayer for others, even though they may be on their way to hell that very day you said that prayer, there will be a reason why they won’t go. This is how positive, the powerful God is.

God does not make a big noise. God has a heartbeat and that heartbeat is in His Son, Jesus, and my Immaculate Heart.

I am just getting started and you need to become alive, and help others become alive, help others understand the gift that goes beyond understanding, of the Holy Spirit. Still, it is not very much mentioned about the Holy Spirit except for the Pope and various people God has chosen to bring the Holy Spirit. People must think of the Holy Spirit. They must take what the Holy Spirit has to give them – strength and remove the scales from their eyes. Even though people are Baptized and Confirmed, it is still going half pace until they call out and make Jesus their personal Savior empowering each one of you with the gifts of the Holy Spirit; primarily the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. You will see this right now around here. It is like a mustard seed; but that is good for many places on Earth have destroyed the mustard seed

Pray very hard, not with difficulty, but with intensity. Ask Our Lord to give you grace to love Him more. He will do that. Just say, Jesus give me the grace to love you more. He will give it to you. He can’t turn you down because that is why He became who He was, who He is and will be; the Kings of Kings, the Lord of Lords, giving all the glory to the Father and to reclaim the Earth from Lucifer who will be defeated. Even though he seems to have many of his generals out there in the fields, they are not going anywhere. Be patient. It is no longer a day now where we are waiting for God to come to us. We are waiting and knowing that God is waiting for us to come to Him. But we have the structure, we have the means, we have the Church founded by Jesus, the Sacraments, the Bible, the Word of God. Become part of the Word of God, just a little time during the day and it would help you, like a mustard seed, then you will blossom. Go visit Him where He reigns on the throne of the Eucharist. The great miracle about the Eucharist is not only that it feeds His food to our hunger but it is also Jesus, yesterday, today and tomorrow the same. The Resurrection is right there in that chapel. So listen well to what is being told to you the next year or so; listen well.

If you listen well that means you are obedient. If you are obedient, that means you are going to be humble and you are going to grow and you are going to Heaven. Without obedience – no way. Behind all the things that you may own and do, if they are not done with love, obedience and humility, they are nothing, not for Eternity anyway. Thank your parents for giving you your fai

Help me build this up to what the Father wants it to be. I love each one of you. I bless all of your articles, your rosaries, rose petals, whatever represents God. I have within me and with me The Holy Spirit of God who is above you now. And I have the presence of the communion of saints, especially the ones who are assigned to this area: again Charlene, Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of Liseux, St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, and a new one. She is not canonized but she was my child at LaSalette, Melanie, who recently visited Thomas and picked him up off the floor and brought him back to my breast. If some things are not happening to you ask me, tell me you want them to happen to you. Tell me that you want to be intimate with me in prayer and love; I am always there with you. And again the lights of Heaven are all around. And the more you go into the Armada’s grace and the more you go into the prayers of the rosary, the more you will see what lies ahead for you

Thank you for answering my call.

MARCH 6, 2014




I come to you My Children, with love, the love of God. If you only knew how much God loves you. He does not see your souls as anything but a reflection of His love

Today, there is a great amount of darkness. Evil abounds, but grace abounds more. Soon God will shower upon this Earth; soon in this area. Even though in the Ville Platte area there are many people who suffer a lack of knowledge of the Holy Spirit and His gifts, they must be fed. However, the people really must be taught, for they suffer a lack of knowledge. Please pray for the priests in this area.

God has chosen this area to be a cornerstone presence for the faithful to come to be healed, to grow in faith, to repent, to realize the power of prayer and then go out and give this conversion awareness to others.

Little do people know that from the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation do we call out the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1Cor. 13) and call out Jesus as our Lord and Savior. This is the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”. I challenge you to ask your pastor to explain the BAPTISM OF THE HOLY SPIRIT to you.

I will send Thomas to Omaha, Nebraska, the Archdiocese of Omaha, three times this year. Please pray for the lost souls that are coming down the road, they can only be saved by prayers. Many souls go to hell because no one prays for them. Pray! Try to let your day be a prayer, no matter what your field of life you live.

After you receive the “Baptism of the Holy Spirit” the whole world looks different, your faith becomes more alive and you sense the love and presence more than before.

I have blessed this area because of your forefathers and your great devotion to the rosary. People who come here to my rosary, even though they do not believe in me coming here, say the rosary and have faith, is a blessing.

I have a website and that website is there to be sent out through the whole world – the teachings of my book, the writings used by Thomas, plus other things that can be added. And I want you to be able to read that book.

I want you to go to Soaking Prayer. The Holy Spirit works so powerful that even Thomas is overcome at times. People, who need healing, tell them about the Holy Spirit, tell them about me coming there, tell them about Soaking Prayer.

Jesus, my Son, came to proclaim the Gospel, the joy of the Gospel. He came to heal the sick. He came to deliver us from evil.

The Armada of the Rosary and the ministry of this mission contain all that is empowered by Our Lord, Jesus Christ and from the Sacraments especially from the Eucharist. Die to the Eucharist, die to the Cross, rise with Jesus. Rise and shine with the Light of God.

See Children, you must learn that once you experience this and it connects to your soul, you will be happy and you will never, never doubt again.

I bless all of you, my Children. Thank you for having answered my call.

I do bless all the blankets, all the religious articles or whatever you have on you. I also bless the roses. And I want you to take these sacramentals and use them to help you grow in grace and heal. Did you know that just putting holy water on your wall removes venial sins, if you have an act of faith in that?

MARCH 3, 2014




My children, tonight, I come to you in faith. Anyone who looks at the world today looks at it as there is no God or there is only God; only God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit; only the Lamb of God, the Son, the Victim who because he died, suffered and rose from the dead made it possible for us to ever see the gates of heaven. This all happened after the fall of Adam that God, who has no time, took all the merits of his son Jesus, the God-Man and the foreseen process by Jesus, allowed me to be conceived without original sin.

I am the Immaculate Conception. I was without sin when the Holy Spirit conceived Jesus within me as a virgin. This has to be made very clear to really understand what the prophecies that I am giving and the Armada that is going to spread even more and more than you ever knew is possible. In other words, if I had not become the immaculately conceived, I could not be Jesus’ mother, a virgin, the mother of God then there could be no salvation because there would be no savior born of a virgin. You must understand this very clearly because this is exactly what they are coming against and what is said by God.

Satan knows his time is getting short. He is fighting to control, confuse and destroy the world. But, not so. He does not have that power. The people who are running around in terror of everything, they’re going to lose. If these people think they will control you for the rest of your lives; they are looking out the wrong window.

Eternal Father has decreed that the action by the Blood of the Lamb, the work of God, will conquer through his disciples, through his apostles. All of them will be aboard the ships of the Armada sailing into the port to Heaven, first, to the Church.

Things must be very, very specific now. There will be no arguing. There will be no gossip or discussion because I want you to understand, if that happens to a person and they keep doing this, they will fall from grace. Because they are so jealous and arrogant, they will not know how to get back up. So we pray, we pray.

I have a new website, God the Father in his way of renewing things did not want that website to be called www.ourladythemostprecioiusblood because I am leading you to Jesus, the whole world to Jesus, my Son and my God, your God. The Eternal Father decreed that he would give the title of “The Blood of the Lamb”, www.thebloodofthelamb.net. Anyone who doesn’t understand this does not know the progressive theology of God throughout the ages. This is what the main website will be called and will be the main transmitter of truths about me, about what is happening to the whole world.

When all of this is seen on the website the awesome things the Holy Spirit has done through me and my prophecies and in the miracles and the healing, the bi-locations, every one of them documented, then, you will see people come running from everywhere in hunger for their God, in hunger for His peace, His truth, His love and His mercy, His church.

My son, Francis, is already on top of this as he wrote about in “The Joy of the Gospel”. We should be joyful in spirit at least, because we are going to Heaven. Do you know what that means? You are going to Heaven forever and ever and ever, never to suffer again. That is why I came as Our Lady the Most Precious Blood and why the Father has made the mainstream of me turning over to Jesus, pointing to Jesus by the Blood of the Lamb.

Thomas doesn’t quite understand this and doesn’t like to talk about this anointing by the Father, the Blood of the Lamb, but if you read the word of the Father in conjunction with the miraculous picture of the stigmata and other manifestations, he has on film, my presence in his eye, therefore, he is the anointing blood of the lamb. God the Father said, “I gave you this title from all eternity, Thomas, not as how the world regards to it or relates to it, but to show you where you are with me”. So instead of just Our Lady coming, the Father says the whole Trinity with the communion of saints will swarm the Earth and Heaven with prayers for each one of you.

Many things have to be done because of the modern world you live in regarding communication. We have a network established now. We have the means of communication; the Armada, Holy Scripture, in my book; it deals with the Blood of the Lamb and the rosary of the Armada. They come together.

I want you to learn humility as my son said, “Learn of Me, because I am meek and humble of heart”.  I want you to have true love of the gospel of the Church and my Son Jesus to be the only motivation for anyone doing anything in this. It is so serious now worldwide, if anyone is doing this they won’t be doing it very long. I have angels everywhere that are watching out for this, but that is just a negative thing that Satan likes to throw in.

Thomas and I have written a book mainly composed of my messages and prophecies if you follow them. The ones that will be coming out will take you right to the door; to the gate of the Book of Revelation. Then you can see where you are.

The battle is just beginning, but I want you to know I did not give all these messages, have Thomas write all these articles by the guidance of the Holy Spirit, report what people were blessed and have said themselves with their own testimony for the last ten years to set down and have dust piled on them. I want these messages out every time they go out. Now people do not have to pay for the book; it is not competing with anyone. They are to be given away. If you have money to help the mailing and the printing of more, you have a donation for the book, that is fine, but you do not have to have one dime except the heart and desire to seek the truth of living with me. That is all you have to have.

There will be other books which we’ll use for teaching. My first book “The Healing of Families” for teaching will be about inter-generational healing of families because it is so important. My plan is to do this for a few months, then if possible, have a three or two and one half day seminar, close with a mass “Healing of the family tree”. This, I know, will be a tremendous exposure for our brothers and sisters everywhere. When you are baptized, you are praying for someone who has the same life you have in you, the Trinity, the Mystical Body of Christ, even though they may be in serious sin, but they still belong to the family. They pray harder.

I have picked this area because it has been chosen for a long time. Many people have been given a chance to do some things, but they decided not to do it. They decided they did not want to believe or it wasn’t worth going on. That is their choice. They can follow that and deal with that when they see The Father in Eternity.

And I want you to remember one thing I have said over again, we are not waiting for Jesus Christ, He is here. He is on the altar, the crucifixion, the resurrection. He is the body of the Church, the sacraments. No, we’re not waiting, He is waiting for us.

So let me bless you tonight and to know there will be more teachings, some controversial. And pray, pray, pray for my beloved Venezuela. I came and I said it would be the gateway to Latin America for evangelization, everything of hell is coming against it. They are shooting people down in the streets. They shot and killed two priests and seminarian and one in the deaconate. They are Cuban soldiers of Castro, not Venezuela, and there might be a civil war, but I don’t think it will last too long. Pray for them, for they are directly linked to you by the Blood of the Lamb.

Tonight, I have with us; of course Padre Pio was here before the rosary started. He even gave Thomas a message that he cannot repeat yet. Then we have the other saints. I want you to understand even though Charlene has not been canonized, she is powerful in her intercession. Of course St Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Little Flower, St. Thomas Aquinas, St John of the Cross, St. Faustina, Michael, the Archangel are here tonight with you.

Pray hard, be honest, pray. We have nothing else that can change this world but prayer and there is nothing more powerful on this earth than prayer, so we are sure to win. But be ready, you are now in a battle. The dragons are taking over their countries. It looks bad, but the Eternal Father is permitting this to happen for a reason. I’ll tell you that later.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I might as well say Our Lady was ….. (pause). Well it is hard to figure it out. She looked perplexed and then she would smile. She looked perplexed then she smiles. She had on the crown that she has there … (Mac is looking at the painting of Our Lady The Most Precious Blood)… and she looks basically the same as that except the moon instead of blue, it was yellow, this time. And the rose in her left hand was yellow; the rosary was white pearls with a golden cross. She would smile and she is very determined. Lights were all around. There were about 170,000 angels around her. Let me tell you this is getting heavy.

FEBRUARY 3, 2014




Blessed are those who call me blessed. Blessed is a word that appears only really in reference to God. Thus it doesn’t appear to anyone else really. As ordinary words when we bless or blessed we seek out the holy for Holy is His Name. And those who are blessed will be blessed.

Now it is the time. I want people to grow in love. Your commandment by God really boils down to “do God’s love”. Love in 1Corinthians, again I say, is patient and kind and you can read the rest. To be patient means to be able to be like Scripture says, “Happy are those who wait on the Lord”.

Many of you and many who have come here have been “waiting on the Lord”. But I have to say, the Lord is waiting on you.

This year I expect to develop souls that are unified to me, inspired by the Holy Spirit, who remain knowledgeable of this so that they can go out around here and pray over people with the same anointing. When this happens only then will the Church be saved. This is what my son Francis teaches – love, love, love. Love your nature, for God created it.

So as time passes on this will grow but it will be awhile before you will be able to go out to the hospital here and lay hands on the sick, to the nursing home, to the jails, to the sick at home, the shut-ins.. How powerful is that going to be when you come back together, praise God and intercede for this area, all over South Louisiana, all over Louisiana, America and the world. You have within you a connection to a sister, Venezuela, in Latin America.

Thomas is not going to be able to go to Venezuela until the Father says so. Latin America is in turmoil. There it is coming close to a time when the poor will stand up. Let’s give them that hope. There are fourteen states where the Armada has been spread, in healing, in Venezuela – all those states voted against the Dragon. We have already won, but now we have to carry it out. We won in Genesis 3:10.

I am the woman clothed in the sun with the moon under her feet and twelve stars around her head, carrying the child, to protect Him from the evil one into the desert. Now I am all things to all men. Grace came through me from the blood of the Lamb, the Blood of Jesus and the love of the Father.

One thing you must learn, do not judge everybody. Stop that! You love and heal, let God do the mercy; let Him do the justice – in justice it will be.

You know we walk on a, very cautious, tightrope of eternity right now. It’s a long road and the only thing that can balance you is the Holy Spirit and the teachings of the Church has founded; on the Rock – Peter. One way to the right and one way to the left, you can fall. My Son said we that the path to Heaven in very narrow; so we are talking about balance. Your balance is what you will find in how to do and be under me in the Holy Spirit especially on those Saturdays which I will continue to call together until it is deemed not necessary. It may be years, two or three, but everybody will be coming in and out and soon you will become a creature you didn’t know you could ever be.

You cannot give what you do not know; you cannot give what you do not have. There are people who take and give nothing back; but there are people who take and give back. It is a blessing.

He told you to rise up in the morning and say “Praise God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit”. You can read Psalm 91. This is what we are doing here.

This program has evolved in Louisiana. I expect you to be seeking to be mature Christians. Mature doesn’t mean what it does in nature, mature means full of the Holy Spirit. As the angel said to Me, “Hail full of Grace”; that’s the Holy Spirit. And blessed will you be among mankind in your community.

This is not to be sensational, it is to be done in humility. It is to be done by those who want to do it. If you are one who takes and gives nothing back now is the time to start giving something back. But if you are at a place where you can take and give back, bless and be blest. That goes on and on and on for all eternity.

I come to you tonight starting the promises of what has become an army of ships all over the world. This is a spiritual war. Those who can take material things away; no politician, no king, no anybody has ever taken the spirit of man away; you have to give it away. In Venezuela the “Red Dragon” is dead!

So tonight I want you to think about one thing: What have I given? Where can I get more?

You see don’t ask yourself what you can receive, you automatically receive in God’s time.

I thank you for having answered my call.

Mac words: With her tonight is St. Bernadette – very, very bright, very, very beautiful; of course St. Theresa Liseux – very, very beautiful, all simple souls; St. Padre Pio who more or less is the leader of this movement of mine so I am going to sense him around now. You are going to start experiencing things like pleasant aromas. In the Armada you have the “Life Offering” prayer, the Armada, prayer blankets and the miracles. That is your gifts; that is your army. In the world, hate, the world, power, lies. Lies so much so that it does not know what the truth is; you think the truth is a lie – you think a lie is the truth. This is why Jesus established the Church, to keep this straight for all these centuries. In the element of the Church there have been bad times but never has the Church been destroyed. The Church will not change in dogma, it will carry on until the end of time. That is the Promise of Our Lord.

I also brought with Me, Charlene and Blessed Seelos, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross and the angels. You will be assigned 2-3 angels now with you for the rest of your life. They will help you and protect you. But you must listen to the Word of God, to His will, to His teaching and to what He wants to give you here.

Many people especially Catholics get a healing and don’t ever come back. They don’t understand what healing is – which is to grow in the Church and to help the Church grow. These people, many of them, will lose their healings if they do not come back.

The lights seen are from Heaven and they go round and round like a circle, like a whirlpool. The bright light is, of course, the tunnel of God that no one enters. To His fullest, no one has ever seen the face of God except those that are in Heaven.

I bless your roses, I bless your religious articles, your blankets, whatever you have is blessed.

FEBRUARY 6, 2014





Praise be this Holy Land of the Lord. He has designated this place to be His center to recreate and furbish and train and inspire this century through the Armada, through healing and the miracles.

I want the place of prayer on the land next to the cemetery in Frilot Cove. I need the land cleared and an altar. We do have a building, so if necessary I would like to have a tent put up to cover the people for the time being in its infancy.

On Saturday, in what I will call “MARY’S OPEN HOUSE TO ANOINTING WITH THE ANOINTING OF THE HOLY SPIRIT”, I am also teaching the Holy Spirit of God and My love so that you can feel like you have been to Heaven and then give God’s love to other people – to the sick, to the dying, to the handicapped, to the poor, to the rich, to the shut-ins. You will be My Army and this will be a pilot for the armies I will set up around the Armada, around the world.

I love you, My Children. Be faithful to God and have faith and you shall do nothing but grow. Have faith. If you have faith as My Son said, “even the faith of a mustard seed”, when you pray, you can say to this mountain “move” and it will move. Any obstacles in people’s lives can be moved. But first we be love, we must love, we must forgive, nothing more.

So come to Me, My Children. I am everywhere. Come to Me. I need every one of your souls to do this. The time is near – the war has begun. I now have to convert people in the Church and to the priesthood of Jesus. No matter what kind of person you are, if you have been baptized you are part of His priesthood, part of His Body. And the battle will be done, of course, with Mohammed and his descendants and they will be defeated in the long run.

Pray! Pray! Pray! Have faith! Look in Mark 22:26. “Have faith and live the life of love with God.”

I come tonight with a blue cape over Me as was in the eyes of My son Thomas. If you see them, you see me in the eyes, they are not reflections of the statue because they do not look alike, but they are really me. I am starting these miracles to convert. I want you to come learn to taste Heaven on Saturdays so that you can go and give it out.

With Me tonight is Charlene, My little saint; Fr. Seelos, Bernadette, St. Theresa the Little Flower, St. Theresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, St. Faustina.

I have around me lights of Heaven. Someday you will see these, maybe even here.

I am with you my Little Ones, all the way, everywhere. God’s angels are with you. Fear not! Have Faith!

Thank you for having answered my call.

  1. S. In the right eye of Thomas is my reflection to be seen by the world.

FEBRUARY 7, 2014




Praise be to God forever and ever, for this is my Holy Land.

“This is blest by my Father and your Father, by my Son and your Savior, by my Spouse and your gifts of the soul.”

“I have chosen this area, as I said last night to the people of God of Plaisance. I wish to cultivate, as soon as possible, the land that has been given of eight acres. From there I will work miracles never seen before by God’s power and someday I will give the sign that I have promised, to validate everything I have done.”

It is the will of The Father to construct a grotto, life-size, with a fountain of water which will be blessed, to come out of that. Also because of the people who are coming, I want a tent. Under this tent I will have a Revival of the Spirit of God that should come upon you and be a model to every place on this Earth for what has happened and to all the things that have happened: the miracles, the healings, the bi-locations, the teachings on the Word of God.

My messages must be put out all over the United States as much as possible, for the United States is definitely needed by God because it is strong enough to protect the countries that cannot defend themselves, that is deteriorating very fast with the leadership of this country which I can call the Red Dragon found in Book of Revelation and it will go down the same way. Satan is after every soul that he can grab in anyway. He knows his time is short.

You must become like beacons of light in this area to draw forth from the Armada Rosary and send out and the book written by Thomas and Myself and the Holy Spirit of God. You must become and know and experience what mostly you were denied in Confirmation, what should have been done through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. To grow in the love as a mirror and your soul sees the Eternal Father who loves you to do His love and you will feel at times as if all Heaven has come in to the room as a foretaste of what lies before you if you are Apostles of God’s love; humble, obedient and willing to suffer.

Some of you will not want to do that. That is fine, but that’s not going to stop me. Nothing is going to stop me.

To love is a creation of God. To love is the energy of Heaven and Earth. To love is the emptying of ourselves for God, going to the depths of God in our soul; then we will be sent out. Have faith, have faith, have faith, live faith, die faith.

So many people out there are starving for peace. This peace is free because it has been paid for on the Cross. Today it is the beginning of the same as yesterday and tomorrow, Jesus Christ. He will come to you, especially in these Saturday meetings which are going to be started in Ville Platte and in Latin America, every country. I have prepared you nine years for this, now you shall harvest what you have put into it.

I love you my Children. Thank you for having answered my call.

MAC: She comes again today in a blue veil and coat and a white gown with stars all around her and the universe. She seems like she comes out of a galaxy and yet at the same time she is standing here. Of course this is the place of Charlene, her dear little saint. She is with us as is John Bosco, who had the vision of the army and the Armada as a priest. Bernadette is here. Bernadette is always with me as is St. Theresa of Liseux, Padre Pio. So when I lay hands on people it is the hands of God The Father who is a true spirit, but at the same time He can come through anyway He wants to. You see He comes through my hands. He says I am the Blood of the Lamb. It is just the way it is. I can’t do anything about that. Wow! There are four legions of angels coming in here: gold, green, blue and white; fleets of angels. It is like Heaven is in here. Up there. Up there.

JANUARY 29, 2014






Thomas: “You will be asked to be patient and willing to change directions as I am going to rush My Armada Assignment with some pruning of branches for the near future. This will offend some people, souls that I love, as well as some souls who have ulterior motives.”

“However, I am making decisions for your health, My son. Your health is very important to me and I need you to be healthy because God has so commanded.”

“For the past several years, especially the year previous to you critical hospitalization until now you have been physically ill with chemical toxic substances in your body, along with nausea and breathing difficulties; much more in the past month. Do remember in 1984 while you were practicing counseling at Psychiatric Associates in Little Rock, Arkansas, you were tested by Rose Mary Brandt, MD, a psychiatrist and allergist on phenol levels in your body? Rose Mary is now in Heaven with Me; but you tested out 98 percentile allergic to most if not all phenols, e.g., alcohol, ethyl-alcohol, natural gas, etc. This is now why you are feeling so toxic, low appetite, trouble breathing. This condition will stop now! I cannot have this.”

“Therefore, immediately you will cease ministering in areas in Louisiana where phenol based chemicals are prevalent. This includes Baton Rouge and along the coastal land giving off septic chemical substances that have an effect on you. You will not survive another septic – chemical, physical or spiritual – penetration. I also know, as the mother of God, that everytime you inhale or receive the chemicals, an evil spirit enters your blood stream. This includes the whole Louisiana coastline area and farther inland. From now on you will only work out of the Ville Platte and surrounding area 60-65 miles out. However, Plaisance, Louisiana is now a big key in The Assignment given to you by Me, your Holy Mother. The church will be St. Joseph’s soon to be pastored by My son Father Nunez. This will be the start of this country. I hope that shrine “Ave Maria” will be allowed to be included somewhat. If not I have for you another piece of land close to St. Ann’s Church in Plaisance.”


  1. “Those who oppose My decision do not have to come.
  1. “You will also visit Omaha, Nebraska to be a base for now. In the mid-west of the United States I was very pleased with the wonderful reception by the laity and the clergy of My Armada Rosary. This is your presence – wherever The Armada is, you are there. The Armada is your assignment and I will continue to appear to you.”
  1. “You will visit and work in Venezuela and other countries every other month and more if necessary.”
  1. “For now because of the war in Venezuela you cannot go there.”

JANURAY 10, 2014




MAC: She is appearing in the statue.

OUR LADY: My Children, I am here physically in your dimension to give to you words about the assignment and the Armada and learning the power of prayer. That which was said to Me, about Me, nothing is impossible with prayer, everything is possible with prayer.

I bring to you today a special grace to let you know this is the time, this is My time, but God the Father does everything with love. Because you are in original sin which God spared Me of in order to conceive His Son into an Immaculate Body, but the rest of humanity has weaknesses of the sin they inherited, it can be changed with Baptism and prayer.

This prayer is during the day that Thomas has to do and I say he has to so he will do it. Those of you, who would want to maybe come in and pray a few minutes during the day, but call first, can join with him at the altar where I will be and My Son’s Sacrament the Eucharist will be.

I say not only die to the Eucharist but die on the cross with Jesus, it brings great joy and peace. I say also that all of Heaven is praying for this area of the United States which hinges on destruction, not necessarily material but definitely spiritual; but I know it is coming back.

The priests who have not done things you must pray for the hardest. I need My priests and I know, I know that can change everything. Maybe we need just to pray for their healing, their pain, their cross, their humanity; the same with you.

I have put Thomas on a very hard journey coming up but he will be under a physician’s care at all times. And when they tell him to rest, he will be able to rest. I will give to him where he can go and not go what country he can go to and even what state or area in the United States, if any, he can go to. Nebraska has grown so strong in the armada all over the state and he sis promise to go there last year, so some time this year he may go.

There is a reason why everything is done and God has a reason for that. He not only loves us, to give us the best solution, He tests us to see if we will do His will which is to do God’s love. Love, love simplicity of a child; suffer the little children to come to Me.

You are My children and I love every one of you equally, but My heart breaks that the blindness and indifference of so many of you, of God’s chosen people. Did you not know or think how strange it is that you were Baptized, that you have a God that revealed Himself to you and came to you in person and proved that He was God by rising from the dead? Only in the history of eras has this happened or will ever happen again. How fortunate you are that you have been given this faith either by your parents or someone or have been converted. My son Francis is going to change all this, the evangelical church maintaining the dogmas of the church putting the responsibility and needs of all members to pray.

Tonight Our Lord started off in the Upper Room, so don’t look at numbers; this is an Upper Room. Never worry about the power of God even with just one person.

So today I bless you with a clean sheet. The perfect paper is a blank one. That paper is made holly by I AM WHO AM and is made holier, My Father not My will be done but Yours and it is made holier and whole, I AM THE RESURRECTION AND LIFE, he who does even though he dies will be raised by Me.

Listen to this message carefully and everytime you go anywhere and pray you are already a resurrected creature in God’s mind which has no time, or one who is refused. But now the Father has finally trusted you – you must believe that. It is going to take a little sacrifice, but not that much in comparison to what was given to you.

People will walk barefooted to see Me, to be touched by the Father, miles, sometimes as much as fifty miles, just to be prayed over; not just some people, thousands of them, because they don’t have cars, they don’t even have roads, some of them don’t even have shoes. Think about your blessings now.

Now I want to do what you will be able to do, teach you how to pray, then you can go out and bless My hurting people, in hospitals, nursing homes, jails, the homeless, holding people at home that no one ever comes to see. That’s what is important. That’s the biggest ministry you can ever have.

As I have told Thomas, Padre Pio will be present and will be praying for you and also will be presiding over this movement for the Armada and the movement of faith prayer which I will call with Me these new things I’m saying out.

It is somewhat difficult for Thomas because he is stubborn at times. So I had to let the gates of Hell out on him so that he would come crawling to Me begging for the love of God and peace in his mind. Now he has to maintain that. And he knows that only through prayer will he be able to keep that peace of mind.

I am blessing you in a special way today and My very flesh in a mystical way is here with you. Jesus will come to these meetings as I said in the messages; but since they are not out I have to tell you the outline I have given him. 1. The Rosary will be said by Dana and Fr. Scallen; 2. The Divine Chaplet of Mercy; 3. A reading from the Word of God. Then you will see it and we will all pray for the Holy Spirit to touch each one of us and whenever you see a vision, you say what you see. If you pray in the Spirit, pray in the Spirit. We are going to be the intercessory group for the United States. This may be laughed at but it won’t be funny to the devil. We are going to intercede for Louisiana, all the States. I have chosen this small area of land to My base and that is God’s will and so let it be written.

I love you very much or I wouldn’t be here. So come with Me, walk with Me, your life will be so much better. Bless you, bless you Children. Thank you for having answered My call.

MAC’S WORDS: I’m sorry you can’t see the statue, because being able to see the statue, it became…

What’s the matter with this thing? (The mike) I can’t even see ya’ll out there right now.

ANNETTE: Well Mac, I just saw in this eye the image of the blessed Mother the whole time you were giving the message. It was a reflection of her in your eye. Your other eye was normal. I zoomed in on it and I just took a photograph. Your eye is normal in the photograph and in the camera it showed the Blessed Mother in your eye the whole time this was going on. You probably can’t see because She is in your eye. And She was the whole image of her actually, then She would go to two, then She would go back to one. She was radiant and a light and she was in your eye the entire time – your left eye.

MAC: And I guess that’s why I can’t see.

ANNETTE: So who came with Her?

MAC: Jesus. He came as a King – His royal robes and He had His arms out around all of us. We must be obedient to God’s plan.

ANNETTE: It’s there again in his eye.

MAC: I can’t see. Her love is just so strong, so powerful. My God! And Padre Pio; he’s our sponsor, probably the least thing he would like to do. I never told you why I can’t see or told you about him coming and sitting in a chair in my bedroom and he talked to me for fourteen minutes. And he wanted me to do, whatever – to pray for a brother.

LINDA: The light is gone now.

MAC: You sure it’s not my glasses? OH MAN! Her face is just getting lighter and lighter and you can feel the anointing so strong that your heart can hardly beat. I’ve seen people pass out – visionaries – because of her presence; she is all woman, all Mother of God. And if you know about that picture they took over there in Venezuela of the face of Jesus one me and the cuts and scrapes and the right eye deep blue and the left eye is brown; one is Mary and one is Jesus and the Lamb on my chin and the blood coming down. My Father says you are – these words are not for them but for you to know who you are to Me and after seventy-seven years He has finally told me. I didn’t know who I was. He says you are the blood of the Lamb. That is in my book. This is what God told me about it. But it terrifies me, so I pray to The Father in the anointing of the Blood of the Lamb for the world. But I hate to talk about it because some people really think I am vain, conceited, bragging on myself and if you want to know about it I’m going to have to tell you the way it is. If you don’t want to know about it pick up your chair and get out of here. I could see her over every one of you and I shut my eyes.

Oh Padre Pio! Jesus says every priest has My hands. I want My hands back. And then Gabriel will come.

Our Lady says she is going to go now.

I don’t know what to do. My Lord and My God! My Lord and My God!

What a feeling it is when St. Thomas the apostle put his hands in Jesus’ wounds. Because he experienced it, he said, “My Lord and My God!” And he is with us now.



Thomas, I want you to preach,heal and teach souls to prepare them for the Kingdom of God.

I do not want you to be martyred so My two rules are as affect:

  1. You do not travel to any country alone.
  1. You will not go to Nigeria.

If people in your assignment want to go they may b but I will not risk your life.

So you will not go to any country including Nigeria. I will tell you if I want you to go to a particular country. Of course this does not include Venezuela.

In the United States you are not to travel to any other state than Louisiana without My permission.

DECEMBER 5, 2013




Glory to God in the Highest!

Peace to men of good will for to you a Savior is born.

My Son, the Lord Jesus, has come to you tonight through Me in the words of the Gospel.

I want you to know and fully understand as much as possible through the power of the Holy Spirit how much God loves each one of you in the this parish and all the surrounding areas. This is His choice to bring the United States to Me. The Armada Rosary that I have given Thomas to give you will envelope the whole world. Thank you so much my dear children, thank you for your love, devotion and faith. I love this Parish; I love St. Joseph’s Parish. I love St. Ann’s Parish.

Many things will be developed here, many things. You will see miracles, healings, teachings, conversions, holiness. We must seek Him. We must go where He is and where I am. And I Am Here!

There are some things I have in line for the coming year; a special program that I have given Thomas to give to those who want it and that is to experience the Holy Spirit and Myself in prayer, in praying, in learning the gifts of the Holy Spirit; everyone experiencing together what God gives them in their heart to tell the group. This will start the Saturday after the Thursday Mass here in Plaisance in January. This will be held for this time at Mrs. Judy Fontenot’s perhaps later we can move to the church hall. You will learn and experience God as you will never have before, because I am building and army. This army is going to be you and it is going to go all over the world like the Armada is.

This is Christmas time – the time of victory – the time of God’s supreme love to send you a Savior who is going to make it possible not only for the Holy Spirit to come and teach you and live with you and all people but also to be here to intercede and to teach you intercede as a group with the power of the anointing prayer of God, for the world, for the Church, for priests and for the whole area surrounding Ville Platte; then you will grow as the mustard.

Tonight I want to give you a special blessing. I want the blessing to cover you and your family and your loved ones who have come or who may be in purgatory. Tonight I will get them out. Come to Me, My Lord said, and I will comfort you. Come to Me like children running to their Father.

If you learn to do God’s love you will also give it to others. Oh you can’t imagine how powerful this will be. Nothing on earth can stop it.

I love you. I wish everyone of you the blessing of God the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, the choir of angels, the communion of Saints, on your Christmas.

Seek the healing of God, seek it in prayer and you can get it. Seek it. Develop your faith. This church has so much faith it is so beautiful. I love this church.

Thank you for having answered My call.

I will tell your briefly the Saints are here: St. Theresa of the Little Flower and of course St. Joseph, My spouse on earth, Padre Pio, St. john of the Cross, St. Bernadette, St. Bartholomew, St.. Faustina and Charlene who is already My little saint. There are angels here tonight and I am describing them to you – of all choirs, millions are coming around, going around like doves all around. You cannot see them but Satan does and he’s afraid.

I want to give you My heart and when you come to Communion remember your blood stream. Your blood is mixed with the blood and body of Jesus at Mass. Remember that. We are all one blood, one body with Me.

Bless you children. I will bless all the prayer blankets, the Rosaries, Books, whatever you need blest.

MAC: God be Praised! The King is coming! God be Praised! Alleluia!

DECEMBER 2, 2013




My Children, Rejoice! Rejoice! Rejoice in the Lord always for this is the time that Our Father sent His own Son to take on human flesh and My Immaculate Conception when the angel came to Me and said: “Hail (Mary) ( I put it in there) full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus.” And I said: “Be it done to me according to your word.”

For thousands of years prophets have called this out in so many different ways and tonight I want you to know the victory is in God the Father. The light will shine upon the Earth; the trees killed by darkness will spring up, the birds will sing for tonight is born to you a Savior. Jesus is salvation. Christmas is salvation. You cannot tell it sometimes. But there are many souls out there who have asked God to teach them how to love. As the Apostles asked My Son “Teach us how to pray?” It all comes back to the Father.

This little town in this area is and will become a place for all people to see Me in this country. People laughed at Noah. Plaisance! How can that be? Noah obeyed God; Noah survived.

This country the air is full of evil but also it is full of holiness for all that God has created is holy. Satan can only cover it up.

Next year will be a year of total enlightenment, miracle and changes for many people. It could be a suffering; it could be a war. But if your heart isn’t where it is supposed to be and unless you receive the Holy Spirit and the gifts you don’t even know what I am talking about, right now.

When you were Baptized you received the Holy Spirit, the life of God. When you were Confirmed you were given the gifts of The Holy Spirit. Now you have to stand up and learn about the Holy Spirit for it is He and only He who can change us.

I want to bless each one of you and your children and those in your family who are away from God and those who are ill to receive the blessing that the Father shot through the whole universe when Jesus was born.

I also want you to know that I want to set up, at first where Thomas prays and counsels, one day of the month, most likely a Saturday where you are going to learn how to pray if you want to. We are going to pray together, we are going to see visions and we are going to understand when the Holy Spirit comes how different the world seems. “Come Holy Spirit, re-create us.”

This isn’t for people who want to control things because the Holy Spirit will faze them out. This will be for people who love to pray. If you don’t know how to do this it doesn’t mean you can’t. Let God touch your heart. But it will be a good thing. There will be prayer – the Rosary, the Divine Chaplet. Then there will be everybody in a circle letting God teach them how to pray. Thomas will do that and then you will pray as a group. You will pray for God’s blessing over Louisiana, the United States and the world. You will have a special place that no other place has because I will be there, the Trinity will be there, Padre Pio will be there, all the great Saints will be there helping you, teaching you and guiding you. And Michael the Archangel will be at the door. But it is not something that you can just come in and do. Remember in 1Corinthians chapter 12 he wrote, love is good, wonderful, loyal. Now listen to the first thing he said, “Love is patient”. As Padre Pio says, obedience is the key to salvation explaining “if you do not have a spirit of obedience, no matter how good you are you will never go to Heaven, it is impossible”. My Son said Father if it be possible let this cup pass from me, but not My will but yours be done.

It will be good but it will be voluntary. Thomas asked Me if he could put a limit on that and I said how are you going to put a limit on people who want to pray? But those who don’t want to do this and just want to maintain their own narcissism, their own religiosity, I guarantee you, they will not last long.

But those who don’t even know how to pray but have in their heart a spirit of obedience to do God’s love will be taught things you could never, never learn, in an instant.

I need you. You are going to be My army. You are My army. I need you. So come.

Tonight I have a word for you that Thomas will have to read to you. It won’t take long. It will be from An Hour With Padre Pio who came to him yesterday and pulled him literally out of death. Then for two hours Heaven ministered; took his spirit high for two reasons: 1) He’s not going to die; can’t do that right now; 2) He experienced something that he wants to give you. He didn’t have that in him but he does now.

After the Rosary tonight is over Thomas will read that to you then He will read to you the great gift that God has given to you, Psalm 62.

I wish you all the love I have from My Divine Savior and Son to each one you tonight. Now I want to teach you over this coming year, The Empowerment of Prayer, because this country is going to need it. But do not fear; do not fear the darkness; do not fear anything if you have the Holy Spirit in your heart. If you are in My heart and in the heart of My Son and the goodness and will of the Father you have nothing to fear; no matter what happens.

I also have with Me tonight: Charlene, I guess on judgment day she’ll be certified a Saint – for some reason; Fr. Seelos, St. Theresa of the Andes – where My shrine will be built and the church to God the Father – Thomas is going to get through this and he needs not just prayer and Masses – it is very, very – it is impossible for a human being; – but the angel told Me “nothing is impossible with God”; Sr. Faustina’s here and Theresa of Liseux; Theresa of Avila.

I love you very much. I love you so much. Thank you for having answered My call.

DECEMBER 2, 2013



But yesterday I was as close to death as I have ever been. I had to be carried off the plane. I got orange juice down me and got on the next plane. About one o’clock I ate; about two o’clock the room let up, the music was awesome and the angels were singing. I said “Oh boy, I’m going to go home.” OH-Nooooo! Then comes Padre Pio – of all people. He came to me and talked to me for 30 minutes like a father; and you know he was gentle this time. Usually he is chewing me out. He gave me all these words in this book then he told me to sing psalm 62 which is long. Now if anybody doesn’t want to stay or doesn’t want to believe this, please leave now so it won’t interrupt us.

The other thing is experience – she wants us to have them at least once Saturday a month. She wants the entire mission now. She’s been hinting at it and now she says do it.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t pray, I couldn’t feel. I can’t even feel my feet hit the ground.

If you read that book you will see my experience of Padre Pio at his shrine. I didn’t believe in him at all but Our Lady of Lourdes told me to go to that shrine in Doylestown Pennsylvania. So I sat down right next to his confessional and waited 20-30 minutes. I was going to leave when I heard this voice say to me internally, “You need to go to confession”. There wasn’t anyone else there. And I did; I went to confession. He said, “In obedience I have been assigned to you”. He made it very clear that he was being obedient.

Here was his opening prayer and I want you to apply it yourself, and how much grace you can get out of this. How much it just holy transformed me; I felt that love and that peace of Heaven like I never felt before.

I love Jesus. He is all we have; that’s good enough. He sucked that demonized area of politics, philosophy, heresy, lies, and pornography into Hell with that cross.

And when you go to communion you are taking into your blood stream His blood and Her blood and also you are dying to the cross. If you don’t understand that then I don’t know why you would want to go to communion. It looks like a piece of bread.

We cannot learn faith, and this is what he told me so strongly. Anywhere you go of any people who have been rebuilt or anything there’s just one word – it is TRUST. No marriage will work without trust. Nothing – no relationship – nothing. That’s why we have such a fouled up world, nobody trust anybody.

But I’ll get back here,

Stay with me Lord (it is like he is talking to you) for it is necessary to have you present so I do not forget you. You know how easily I abandon you.

Stay with me Lord, because I am weak, I need your strength that I may not fall so often. (And I might add this is me too.)

Stay with me, Lord, for you are my light, and without you I am in darkness.

Stay with me, Lord to show me your will.

Stay with me, Lord, so that I hear your voice and follow you.

Stay with me Lord, for I desire to love you very much and to be in your company always.

Stay with me Lord, if you wish me to be faithful to you.

Stay with me Lord for as poor as my soul is I want it to be a place of consolation for you, a nest of love.

Many people believe Padre Pio to have been the greatest person of our century, and he is often called “the second St. Francis”. He’s one of the Church’s most recently canonized by Pope John Paul II on June 16, 2002.

Pio named Francisco was born on May 25, 1887, in Pietreleina, in southern Italy. He was the fourth of six children, and his parents, Zi’Orazio and Giuseppa Forgione, though poor country folk raised him and his siblings to become saints.

From his earliest days, Francisco showed a strong spiritual disposition. He received visits from Our Lady and had various mystical experiences and knew he was called to become a priest. He was accepted into the Capuchin Franciscans novitiate at the age of 16. He took the name Pio which means pious.

However Pio became so weak with lung troubles he had to continue his studies at home. He remained there for seven years studying, fasting, praying and suffering. He was dispensed for early ordination receiving the Sacrament August 10, 1910 at the age of 23. The normal age is 25. About a month later while Pio was praying in the reed hut he had built at his family’s fields, Christ and Mary appeared to him and Pio received the stigmata, Christ wounds in his own flesh.

The stigmata is a great and severe source of pain, and also of embarrassment to Pio. But his only prayer which is granted was for the wounds to become invisible.

During WWI he was drafted into the army and as he was always on sick leave he was discharged. His superiors sent him to Our Lady of Grace Friary at San Giovanni Rotondo where the good air of Mount Gargano was suppose to promote health. There on his eighth anniversary of his receiving the now invisible stigmata Pio was praying before the crucifix at the Mass when appeared a ray of light from the crucifix of Christ . From that moment until just before his death 50 years later Pio visibly bore the bleeding wounds of Christ in his hands, feet and side. Pio wore half gloves to hide the holes in his hands and a sash to absorb the blood from his side. Pain was a constant, a constant companion, but he kept it to himself and it was noticeable to others when he’d walk about.

In obedience to his superiors he had to undergo various intrusive medical examinations to ascertain the cause of the wounds. But medical rationale would ever explain them or the “celestial perfume” that surround him.

Despite all attempts to hide the stigmata word spread; throngs of faithful Catholics soon flocked to San Giovanni Rotondo to attend Mass with the holy Pio and to wait in line to have him hear confession. He became known for his ability to read souls, discern intentions, and predict the future and effect cures and healings.

He was famous for the beauty of his Masses which could last for 2-3 hours. Between Mass and confessions Pio’s workday could last 19 hours. His health was fine but he ate so sparingly for years – only 300-400 calories a day – that doctors believe the source of supernatural energy kept him alive.

Pio was also known to communicate with guardian angels and to bi-locate. If you don’t know what bi-location means, it means being in more than one place at one time. Like I could be sitting right in my spirit and then go to another place and pray over a person. Witnesses will see it and that means… and you… when that happens – whoosh you are there.

It is also believed that his warfare with demons became physical. His gifts made him an object of intense devotion and many times hysteria – and it became somewhat of an embarrassment to the Vatican which downplayed his notoriety. Nevertheless Pio exercised a wonderful ministry effecting numerous conversions. In imitation of Jesus he accepted a life of victimhood (don’t ever ask for it) offering his sacrifice for the salvation of souls everywhere but particularly for souls in purgatory. , Pio was weakening and the stigmata began to disappear, though the pain remained. By the time of his death on September 23, 1968, the wounds had completely disappeared.

Yet the special ministry of this victim soul has not really ended, for the well-documented accounts of his amazing life continue to bring people to San Giovanni Rotondo, where they seek the truth and love that Padre Pio brought to all the souls he touched.

Let’s get into this now.

Compare yourself with what I read. I’m a student model of his and oh boy am I behind him. Whew!

Where there is no obedience – no virtue. Where there is no virtue there is no good. Where there is no good there is no love. Where there is no love there is no God – there is no Heaven.

You know when life presents us with alternatives that seem either equally satisfactory or equally bleak – many of us stay there. We go to Mass and communion and we go to Mass and communion and we go to Mass and communion. We say the prayers and most people – and this is not a judgment – unveil me or don’t know what to do with me because they have not been taught and they have not received the Holy Spirit. He who does not see the Holy Spirit does not see God.

What does obedience mean to each one of you? What does it mean? To whom have I been obedient? Have I ever been unable to take that first step toward God? What have I feared? I have God guiding me forward. I didn’t do anything by myself. I was full of fear. I can be strong but by myself I was full of fear. It wasn’t until God the Father planted that stigmata on my head and all around on that photograph that I lost all fear. I don’t have any fear anymore because He told me who I was: “You’re the Blood of the Lamb”. And He’ll back it up because when He says things cows get out the way.

Trust Jesus as your Savior. Whom have I on earth besides you? Whom have I in Heaven but you, my Jesus? You are the God of my heart and my inheritance, whom I desire eternally!

Yet, Padre Pio had many children, many, many, many, many children that he helped with spiritual direction – whatever – but he said like St. Theresa said to get all this we are too little. So as in Mathew 18:3, like children run to Jesus; just as children run to their parents during times of stress and with good tidings during times of joy. So Padre Pio thrust himself entirely into the loving hands of his Savior, relying on the Lord not only for strength in spiritual combat but also for his daily physical sustenance. This was entirely natural for Padre Pio for Christ was his “rock” and his “salvation” and he was never shaken.

This was Padre Pio’s counsel to all of us: Follow the children. Run to Christ our refuge with our sorrows and our joys, for Christ shares both with us. Indeed, He is the only one who can completely understand.

Now if you can remember this I would like for you to prayerfully consider John 6: 67-69. John 6 is where Jesus said unless you eat My flesh and drink My blood you will not have eternal life. I guess that goes for those that just know better, because you can’t condemn people for what they don’t know. But what’s good about this is that we have been especially blest as Catholics with the true living Church. And the Church has got to be divine or it will never make it.

I am not ashamed to walk around like a cripple either. And I don’t know if that’ what He wants me to do. If He wants me to slide around in a wheelchair that’s what I’ll do. But once in awhile at these big healing services He frees me of pain, takes me out of the wheelchair and we do the angel’s dance. I tell you these people go crazy – I don’t know why, I can’t understand it. I get up there and do all kind of stuff, throw anointings out this way and that way like this and the band just goes crazy and we go about ten minutes. Then I have to sit down.

All right – think about it- Faustina saved our world – you know that. She saw the angel of death ready to bring his sword down and destroy the whole world. Immediately the Holy Spirit put inside her the chaplet and the angel backed off.


My soul rest in God alone from whom comes my salvation

(Just because if might not do that doesn’t mean you can’t get there. One World. The Eternal Father has a terrible memory to people who confess and ask for mercy. He can’t remember a thing about it. Yet we do. We go around condemning ourselves all the time. That’s what we got to do. That’s why we got to trust. When you said you were sorry and were given absolution, it was gone.)

God alone is my rock and salvation, my secure height; I shall never fall.

How long will you sit upon people all of you beating them down

(He’s talking to this country right now and the world. And He’s talking to Washington D.C. right now and to the Mason’s right now and the Illuminati right now, the One World Order right now. If we get the dollar weak enough we are all equal in a One World Order. That crazy dude thinks he will be president of it. But we have to pray for him. That’s the catch – if you can’t forgive you never can be forgiven. It’s awful isn’t it?)

Although they were a sagging fence or a battered well

Even from my place on high they plot to dislodge me.

(This is God taking)

They delight in lies, they bless with their mouths but inwardly they curse.

My soul, be at rest in God alone, from when comes my hope.

God alone is my rock and my salvation my secure height, I shall not fall.

(You really believe that? Well you may if have to step out on the plank. You would. You may surprise yourself. As faithful as you people have been, some of you for years. You think God has forgotten that?)

Trust God at all times, my people.

Pour out you hearts to God our refuge.

Mortals are a mere breath; the powerful but an illusion.

(We are living one big illusion. Look at it, look at the internet. Look at the garbage going around making us who we are. Satan has conceived this plan since Pharaoh who was probably the devil himself, with Moses.)

On balance they rise, together they are lighter than air.

Do not trust in extortion; in plunder put no empty hope.

Though wealth increase, do not set your heart upon it.

One thing God has said; two things I have heard: Power belongs to God

So too, Lord, does Kindness

And you render to each of us according to our deeds.

(Bless You)

Psalm 62, Mathew 18:3. John 6 and Luke my most favorite beloved love song.

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord

And my spirit rejoices in God my Savior

for the mighty One has dome many things to me

His lowly handmaid

Thus forever shall I be called Blessed

And Holy is His Name


I just want you to know something, don’t look at yourself in darkness, don’t do that trash. You are worth so much more. We are going to suffer on this earth, all of us are. We are going to get our hearts broken. Faith gives you a reason why. Acurrlism says you are weak.

The greatest Christmas present I guess I can give you is the one that was given to me yesterday. It must have been something those angels – I mean those shepherds out there, you know – with Gabriel out there lighting up the sky and said , well hello, fear not. I bet you they needed Imodium. For tonight is born to you a savior. He will make it able for you to go to Heaven.

And I want to tell you, you don’t go to Heaven because you do all kinds of good things. But if you don’t have obedience and the right intentions in your heart it doesn’t count. You don’t have to be perfectly obedient to go to Heaven; all you have to do is be obedient. I’m not perfectly obedient. I haven’t got obedience. There’s things I do because I’m probably afraid if I don’t do them. There’s times I’d like to get out of this and now I’m beginning to see it. I know you know. I guess they told me. I don’t think about these things and there’s some people who told me I’m bragging up here. If you want to know what I’m doing ask me – if you don’t want to what’s going on then I won’t brag because it’s not me doing it.

I didn’t write that book, “The Blood of the Lamb”; the Blessed mother wrote that book. I don’t even remember what’s in that book. Now the material I wrote about some matters that are pertaining to us… But our Lady wrote that book. Right now I can’t tell you what’s in there. I try to read it. Can you imagine how it feels reading your own book and not knowing what’s in it? It’s called keeping me humble.

NOVEMBER 21, 2013



My Dear Children, I am very happy to be here today. I know how much faith the people of Venezuela have as well as a sense of unity and hope in God and only God. I know that you are in exile here from this beautiful land which God will reclaim. I know people laugh like they did at Noah too. So be happy. The only way to be really happy is to know the truth, to tell the truth and to believe the truth and faith. Nothing on this earth is impossible with God as the angel said to me in the Annunciation.

It is my desire to spread this powerful prayer around the world as soon as possible, because this kind of world we have now cannot as continue as is.

I come here with a message of love and hope and I want you to believe and to know the love of God and to do God’s love to others and it will come back to you, to your soul three times and then you will never be sad.

I saw My Son hammered to death, I was about coming apart for all the sins but I was happy, I was joyful because I knew we doing God’s will.

The United States of America is in great trouble at this time, at this time, it is not battling politicians and it is not battling traditions, it is a battle of spiritual warfare – the occult, witchcraft, Santeria, the Illuminati, Misoneism and the Mafia. All of these societies are joining under one power that only God, the devil and I know who he is. But the “New Age” is the most dangerous because it seduces people to believe that we are god, our own savior.

I want to bless you; I want you to be happy with your life. There will be some healing and miracles today as a witness that God is here.

All of these things we are talking about, spiritual warfare have it final sword drawing up, finally how many years; the Armada Rosary, I already have this Rosary almost half way across the earth if not more. Millions are saying this Rosary of the Armada. You do not have to be anything to say the Armada Rosary. You do have to belong to any society or any religious order, all you have to do is say the Armada exactly the way I dictated to My son Thomas Mas Smith.

I want you to come to Me with your heart. I want to help you. I am your Mother; I am also the dispenser of the grace of God, the Queen of Heaven and the lowly handmaid of this message. Do not be afraid, fear is false evidence that appears real. If you live in fear no matter how much your own or know it is miserable. This is not a battle of who is rich or who is not rich or who is poor or who is not poor; this is a battle of the state of grace. The Eternal Father can turn the Earth upside down. Jesus said this to Philip: “Philip, how long have you known Me; even I don’t know when the Father will send this kind of event, only the Father knows all when all this is going to happen.”

Many good things are happening too. Quit watching so much television, a good deal of it is full of lies. The good thing that is happening is that more people are praying more people are getting interested in their faith, all over the world this is happening. You don’t see that in newspapers.

Confess your sins to God go to Communion, the Sacraments and learn to die unto the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the Mystery of Salvation, the Food of God to feed our hunger for peace and the exposed Body and Blood comes from Our Lady the Most Precious Blood. The Eucharist is also the ongoing grace of the Resurrection. The Eucharist is also Christmas and Easter until it comes. The King is coming, Alleluia!

This is why I am calling people to die to the Eucharist. Dying to the Eucharist is dying to the cross as they are the same as the resurrection, they are the same. It is the same Jesus who dies, the same Jesus who rises from the dead and is coming. The King is coming. Jesus has My blood in Him; He does not have any other blood but mine, that is why I come as Our Lady the Most Precious Blood – because we have the same blood. The same goes for the Body of Jesus; He has only My flesh since I was conceived by the Holy Spirit. This is not the same as the Immaculate Conception. Because I was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and I am the spouse of the Holy Spirit when Jesus was born I was a virgin; therefore the fulfillment of the prophecies, especially Isaiah.

I am going to give you a thought just to help you when you go to Communion. Example, when you eat and drink your food it goes to the blood stream; it is the same when you take the Eucharist, the Body of Jesus goes into your blood stream. Think about that. Before you receive the Eucharist make a list of all your needs: those of marriage, special intentions or intentions for this country. Put these intentions on your heart and when you receive the host the intentions will also enter your very blood stream.

It is a beautiful day here; you are very good people and I trust you greatly. I am asking you for help and I can assure you this is not a loose cannon. All the bishops in Venezuela and some in Latin America are already endorsing the Armada. Over four million people are saying this prayer on the 25th of every month and it is getting stronger and stronger.

I love each one of you. I bless the roses. I bless your house and I bless your rosaries. I brought with Me Padre Pio who follows Thomas everywhere he goes; St. Theresa of Lieseux; St. Theresa of Avila; St. John of the Cross; St. Bernadette; St. Faustina and three million angels.

Remember My Children, check your Catechism for giving this message theological infallible truth.

Thank you for having answered my call.

October 18, 2013

Prophecy of Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood

To Reverend Thomas Mac Smith

Branch, LA

My Children, today I come to you with the fullness of God’s love for each one of you; not only as your God, creator, savior. I come also as your Mother. I come here to teach you the way; the way that the Holy Spirit spoke to the apostles in the gospel, the word of God, the apocalypse. (Book Of Revelation 12:7)

As I told you many times, prophecy may take many years to be fulfilled but, it may meet many conditions that need to happen. But within those time frames there are warnings, exhortations always subject to honoring and adoring the only one God, the Blessed Trinity, The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit in the nature of one God, three persons and in Jesus, the nature of God, and nature of man.

What I want to tell you today is it still isn’t the end of the year; the way things have been happening on earth in such traumatic efforts. I say efforts because most of it is caused by mankind. Natural disasters, God does not punish us by natural disasters, but he can withhold intervening. Again, I ask you how many hurricanes have you had since I told you, you were not going to have any. The one that was coming was going to be very, very huge, and in Bermuda The Lord intervened and then he sent a cold front and you had nothing but showers. So, believe in the power of prayer!

If one of you does not believe in the power of prayer here, we have a missing link, we have a weak link. There are many members in the body of Jesus Christ, the mystical body, but there are many weak links, but they are still connected through Baptism. Now we will turn it up a little until you become with me co-partners in prayer and intercession, salvation. Its taken ten years to get this far. Now it is God’s time. We hear about His love. We hear about His justice. That neither one of those would make any difference to you or me in becoming the Immaculate Conception ,if it were not for The Eternal Father’s mercy.

My wonderful daughter, Faustina, to whom The Divine Chaplet was given by the Holy Spirit, is very active in this mission now or as it is been said “this assignment”. No one knew for years that this assignment was going to be the Armada of the Rosary. It’s a continuous thing, but different like Maximilian Kolbe’s “Immaculata”. It’s a culmination of all of these things: Lourdes, Fatima, Garbandal. I say Garbandal last, because Garbandal is very important. This is not to frighten you; this is to tell you that God loves you so much that he is making you aware of everything

I know that in your country what happens is nothing new to other peoples in their countries. The Armada will be around the world, The Church, which has been promised protection until the end of the world as we know it, with all the power within itself being the body of Christ

I will teach you today why you have Sacraments. You have Sacraments because this is actually God’s power coming to you, in you, back to Him. It is also the reason why you have a priesthood. Priests, that is Jesus Christ’s power and to have that to keep the Church strong and growing in grace. Yes, we have the Word of God it all comes from the fullness of divine revelations. This is not revelation in the sense of the full divine revelation, it is private revelation. That is why we must pray so hard for priests. Without priests, you have no power for the Sacraments, but the priesthood will grow. You are going to see more priests. There are young priests coming and being converted or coming out strong, but not with philosophies,not with arguments, but the requests “Let us pray”. Let us be bold enough to say the prayer to Our Father in heaven. You say the prayer, Hail full of grace, that is, God’s mercy, that is the Immaculate Conception because of the fruit of My womb.

Now I am calling you into groups, not all of you, only those who feel they want to do this because its going to be prayer with the purity of hearts, no control. Who would have ever thought this area would be picked out in the world for the blood connection of Myself and My Son connected to this place? Who would have thought that? That’s why we are doing it. Not even Satan in his brilliance thought this and he is off-guard. He is exposing himself everywhere. He need not know that if God wanted to He could strike his people down in a minute; but He doesn’t want to do that. Do you not realize how many people have already blood in their own blood with satanic rituals and the Masons and Illuminati. Those are not political things. These are religious things; spiritual things directly set to destroy the Catholic Church.

I have my son, Francis who is going to surprise the world. He is going to refuse to be caught up in the so called bureaucracy. He is going to have people do it for him while he gives the Gospel and example. He lives a life of holiness. Already they are attacking him; that just makes it that much better because he will get that much grace. The evil that surrounds us, makes us sin and so blinds us to the power of the Holy Spirit.

So that is what you have in front of you this year coming up. This is the hope you have. The reality is that in the end My Immaculate Heart will triumph. It may be with the last word of the Gospel ever to be spoken, but wherever it is Heaven will be there. This is all I can promise you. I can promise you that God will heal, but I also know He is a little upset that people will come to a healing service, get healed and you never see them again. You get healed to increase your faith; you’ll keep getting healed to increase your faith; you’ll keep getting healed to increase your faith until the last day you die. You’ll keep getting healed with the last sacraments in your faith.

I love you all, every one of you from the bottom of my heart. I also love your enemy from the bottom of my heart as you should and will have to to be free to forgive, not necessarily like, but forgive. So prepare yourselves for a great year. If this year would not have a battle in it then it would not be a great year. I send my blessings upon all your religious articles and your rosaries and your roses and whatever else you have that makes you think of God .

I have with me today, St. Charlene, St. Francis Seelos, St. Father LaFleur, St. Faustina, St. Bernadette, St. Therese of Liseux, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Theresa of the Andes, which you will hear a lot about when the mountain is ready. Already there are lights above the mountain. People are seeing lights going on and off. But we will have to find a way to get up there a lot quicker, especially, for the sick people and that will be done. You pray, have faith and let me do it.

Padre Pio is here of course all the time. I bless you now. Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac: I saw Our Holy Mother two ways. She was standing here and standing on the mountain at the same time.

Our Lady: As I told you, there are other dimensions in this universe that we do not know about, like how can you get a million angels in this room. Well, they are spirits. They can get a million angels on a pin point. It all depends upon what dimension you are in. So I can see them flying all around here, but I am not here, yet I am here. We are in over our head. We did not get that far in our physics, yet, there are more dimensions than just three. I am even in a higher dimension when I come because I am coming from heaven and all those things can be done. I can also read while I am talking speaking through him totally aware of your needs. I feel your pain. I feel your loneliness. I am with you. I hear your prayers.

Mac: And she says, the colors are every color in the rainbow plus the northern lights and colors that I have never seen before. I can’t even describe them. Michael the Archangel, of course, comes with her in a flash. He escorts her. He kneels on one knee.

Our Lady: There is other angels. Your relatives are here praying for you, pulling for you. (placing ) for you. And I say right now after you said “The Life Offering” every one of you had relatives in purgatory back five generations were released today. What more can I do for you?

Mac: She is gone.

OCTOBER 14, 2013





My Children, As this year winds down preparing to give birth to the next year of the travels and the journey of the Armada around the world, I want to just talk to you about love, humility, truth, purity of heart. Start doing God’s love. We never accomplish this in fullness but in order to save your soul you must try.

You cannot give yourself if you do not know who you are. If you do not know who you are in the Holy Spirit then you have not heard the Word of God about who you are.

You should not tell the truth unless you know what the truth is; you cannot tell the truth by trying to tell a lie to make it true. Love gives truth. Truth gives mercy, mercy gives salvation.

(Jesus is now speaking.) Mercy is the great virtue of hope for all of us. As it was said to My beloved daughter “Jesus, I trust in You” as the Holy Spirit gave to her the Chaplet and the angel of justice and death had his sword raised to destroy the Earth. But the Holy Spirit put in her soul this prayer and she started saying the Divine Chaplet and that spirit of justice withdrew. Nothing would be a greater event on your behalf, than that of the Holy Spirit intervening again. You will be taught in the beginning to experience the Holy Spirit renewed in your heart, to “do God’s love”, to become a person acting in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Some people cannot love because they are sick and need healing. Some people cannot love because they love themselves; these people take advantage of everybody else. Yet they will tell you they love everyone – that’s a lie. Their actions are either sick or sinful.

Some people – I think most people – if they know, will do anything they could just to have God’s finger placed on their head on this earth – to feel that. That’s a soul that is refilled.

(Our Lady speaks.) I am the daughter of the Father, the Mother of the Son, the Spouse of the Holy Spirit and I have come here to Ville Platte to give you knowledge about these things or there will never be peace on this Earth. The Sacraments are given to you to give you strength to live your day; not for what you can get out of it; not for what you can try to do, to hide your lie and blame it on others. No, you will never approach God with mercy unless it is the Truth.

I bless this whole part of the United States of America. If your heart is truly in God and you have tried those things I have mentioned, why do you fear? As My Son has said: “Look at the birds and the lilies of the field; Solomon in all his entire array in gold and power cannot compare to one of these lilies, do you think you are not worth more that, a lily?” Yes you are, but if after your healing you stop going to Mass, you will not be cleansed or fed by the Eucharist. I need each of you to become prayer warriors – but you must experience and learn the depth of God’s love for you so you can give it to others.

My second step is to teach you how to be empowered in prayer. Many pray but they don’t know the power they have with prayer – have no idea, it’s a robot – but at least it’s praying. So I will start a group of intercessors for this whole area and they will be able to pray from their heart and learn to soak the Holy Spirit in their soul. Not only will they see their prayers answered, they will see themselves changed. They will see serenity; they don’t have to hide behind manipulation and they don’t have to hide behind false hope because they know they are like David who danced naked before the Lord. The soul is very stripped then. Thomas will teach all this to you but more, you will experience the joy and healing of Our Lord Jesus Christ. This is to begin in Ville Platte.

We have to build these kinds of armies around the world to save this world and in Ville Platte and this area to save this country as it will be the footstool for people to come get their drink of water to feel the fire of God; to see the difference of God and His power and His teaching and His word by those who have been touched by Him; who opened up themselves and said, “touch me”.

This is to overcome shame and guilt felt through generations. You remember in Genesis after Adam had sinned, the Father walked through and said:

“Adam, where are you? Where are you?”

“I’m hiding.”

“You’re hiding? Why?”

“Because I’m naked.”

“Well who told you you are naked? Who put that toxic shame on you? You ate the forbidden fruit didn’t you? And now you have thrown everything away. And you shall be banished from this area. But in My mercy I will send the woman who will come between this serpent; between his seed and her seed. She shall crush his head with her heal.” (Genesis 3:10)

My children, as you know from your first teaching that I am the Immaculate Conception; it can be no other way. By the power of the foreseen merits of My Son’s suffering I was conceived without sin so that the Holy of Holies could enter My body. And now through the ages I come. At Lourdes you had your dogma of the Immaculate Conception; Fatima; the prophecies; that have come about; now the battle, as The Lady of the Most Precious Blood. The battleships of the Armada sail around the Earth and sink Satan.

You have a choice to live a good life, life of prayer and unselfishness the best you can, to be humble enough to ask for forgiveness and holy enough to forgive everyone.

This is what I offer you coming up this year. By the end of this next year coming up it will start being shaped and the Church will suffer greatly, but it will also grow in abundance. This is what I offer you Ville Platte and surrounding areas. I don’t offer you success, money, power; I don’t offer you a gift you want instead of what God wants you to have. I offer you eternal happiness. I can promise you that, as I told Bernadette. So now the Armada will advance. The book has come out. All kind of information will be going out and within twelve months most likely the whole world will know us, except for one thing – not because we are great – because He the Holy of Holies and the Lord of Lords Is Great. This is My prophecy and peace be to you tonight.

Thank you for having answered my call.

Mac words: Our Lady has told me she’s not giving messages anymore; she’s giving teachings and prophecies for the rest of the assignment.

That is something that is hard to believe, a little thing like as Armada starting here and being known everywhere – kind of like David and Goliath.

She had with her St. Pius X, great promoter of the Eucharist; Padre Pio, Bernadette, Charlene, Theresa, Faustina, John of the Cross, St. Anthony, St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Thomas Moore.

She was perfectly clear, her colors were deeper, her eyes were as usual, very, very very beautiful and piercing, but they were very gentle. She blessed all the roses, the articles, the blankets, everything here.

OCTOBER 10, 2013




I thank you so much for coming, Children. In these dark times of our country do not be afraid, for all things are in the hands of God who knows each one of you by name; who created each one of your souls and who has the greatness higher for you to be with Him in Heaven.

You must pray very hard and I want this area to become a place of intercessory prayer. I have told Thomas to set up a day on a Saturday each time that he comes to have people come and pray for Ville Platte, for Plaisance, for the whole area all around Southwest Louisiana. Not only will you pray for these areas but pray for your families, you will pray for all intentions but most of all you will pray for the desires of My Immaculate Heart which is to bring all children of the Earth to My Immaculate Heart and Most Precious Blood and My Son’s Sacred Heart.

Tonight I will give you special blessings. I will bless all the roses, flowers, all the blankets, all holy articles. I will put a special blessing on the blankets and the flowers to take home and use on the sick in your homes.

We must become people of prayer and you will be taught how to pray. Not that you don’t know how to pray but what kind of power you have when you pray especially with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

In these prayer hours on this Saturday I desire to have the Holy rosary said, the Divine Chaplet said. I desire for people to settle in the Holy Spirit, to have visions, speak in the language of the Spirit and make this place that I designate to start this prayer group/teaching a house of power for many people will be coming to this area when the knowledge gets out about Me throughout the United States.

I have with Me tonight: Charlene, My little saint; Fr. Seelos, St. Bernadette, St. Faustina, St. John of the Cross and St. Theresa of Avila. They will be here praying over each one of you and blessing you.

I am most graciously honored that you have with you a priest who loves Me in Fr. Nunez. Follow his lead and strength.

Thank you for having answered My call.

Mac’s word’s: There are enormous lights around Our Lady of every color, something like the Northern Lights and there are angels flying around and beams coming from her hands over this whole congregation. She’s dressed like she looks on her statue. Her face is glowing; her eyes are piercingly loving.

And she says: I will be with each one of you tonight when you are being prayed for.

August 26, 2013

Prophecy of Our Lady of Most Precious Blood

To Mac Smith

Ville Platte, LA

My Children, Please believe me, so that you won’t have to find out, in eternity. Look what man has done to man. Satan has a tremendous stronghold of death. This country has a culture of death but it also has many, many faithful people. However people do not go to church unless they want to pay homage to God. But not many are going; maybe only 44% of Catholics go to church weekly.

If you do not believe that the chastisement is coming please believe me now that in the future the Father has declared that there will be a tsunami and He has not said where. There will be fires, as you see, and other occurrences that are not in accordance to nature.

Listen America! Listen! Everything from Heaven is trying to get your heart.

(Mac says – Holy Mother, I can hear your love here for us. I can feel your desire to be in the heart of every person here.)

I have chosen Ville Platte. I have chosen Ville Platte and a radius; a radius where it has nothing to do with the holiness of the people but the health of my son, Thomas. Sometimes it starts to fail and we have to pull him out to rest.

It is very difficult to love God when you don’t feel good; just like it was very difficult for me and My Son when we didn’t feel good; especially when I saw the final cross of the crucifixion and My Son said “it’s Finished”. Then I painfully picked His blood up off the ground; the very same blood that you receive in your heart, your body, your soul and your bloodstream every time you go to the Eucharist.

I want you to know that where the Eucharist is, I am there. I am there because I am His Mother and He has My blood. The Eucharist is just as much a part of Him as it is of Me except for the empowerment, which is the Sacrament that only God can do through the priests. The Sacraments of The Eucharist, Reconciliation and the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick.

You are on trial Ville Platte; you are on trial. You are on trial and all the areas around here. And it breaks my heart to say there are at least three Jezebel spirits around this area. If they do not turn away from their evil ways they will come under God’s judgment.

Be careful what you say about my anointed, my priests. Be careful – very careful. Say things of God. Give praise to God.

All of you gossip at times but that is forgivable, but to deliberately try to destroy someone who is trying to do the work of God, in this parish or slanders a mission is a very serious sin against their neighbor.

So tonight if you think of anyone you hate, are jealous of or don’t like you must forgive those people right now. You don’t have to like the person but God gave the command; as Jesus says “if you do not forgive your neighbor, the Father will not forgive you”. (Mark 26)

I want you to read Psalm 58:3 down. It describes where a lot of you are with me. You are coming out of the journey; you are getting ready for it, a new one.

You know if you can’t even do anything, if you are washing dishes just say a prayer – “Thank you God; I praise you Father for giving me the hands to use this soap” and then think about that child with chemicals all over him destroying his body; a beautiful little boy. (She is referring to the little boy from Syria shown on the news.)

It’s getting patience dry in Heaven right now; for the next thing that might come after this will be a nuclear war.

But the Rosary has turned back many a war. People are praying all over the earth and my Armada is going all over the earth. It is a battleship, but it depends on you. I don’t think I have ever explained to you what it meant. When you go to an Armada meeting or take someone to a meeting the grace that comes from God’s heart, from God’s heart to your heart rebounds three times from your heart to others and to salvation. You don’t have to anything to go there but pray the prayers I said to pray. In the future I may add another prayer, but not now.

You don’t have to go out in the streets and wave the book in peoples face; you don’t have to wave it to them, they will take it from you.

Three million people are saying the Armada. That’s not many people. But three million saying the Armada for their families, friends and loved ones, the Church, their families in trouble on drugs, pornography is the only thing that can track this – the fire of God. He will do it. You will see miracles. You will see signs from Heaven.

“Listen to me, man! I created you man and I can also bury you.” That comes from the most evil clone of Satan on to the rest of the clones of Satan ruining this world.

But they won’t win if you pray. Pray the Rosary. Pray the “Life Offering”. If you can’t pray the Rosary, pray one mystery, pray a Hail Mary. Thomas can’t even concentrate during the Rosary. So you say “what do I do?” Hold it. Hold me all day long; hold me all night long; love Me.

Say a Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with you. Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit – Jesus your Savior. I love you Jesus. I’d die for you Jesus. I love my children, even when they can’t stand it. I try to ask God to miraculously give me the eyes for my husband or wife that I had at one time. People don’t even believe in marriage anymore. What do you think is going to happen to them?

Well, hell does not make sense. There is no devil. We are going to change things ourselves because we are God. The last time that happened it was called “Babylon”. I just want you to think about it.

How I want to talk to you. Just sit down and talk to you about what we can do, what we can do together.

Don’t come to the healing service and bring the healer to the healing service without giving the message. Cancer is what is healed. It is important. The heart; you bring that heart to grow in the Sacraments of the Mass every Sunday or your prayers or the Armada or above all the Word of God. (Isaiah 53:8)

Thomas is not doing very well today. That’s alright, he has angels on him. Faustina told one of my visionaries in Poland, Juan, my loyal son: I don’t want any more words about him over here. It’s not him. Tell Thomas that he has 17,000 angels with him at all times. So low electrolytes did not do it. But I promise him in time maybe a year or so that he can discern what he wants to do, where he wants to go, where he doesn’t want to go or whether he just wants to live a life of prayer with him and his dog or walk up the mountain. And I have that for all of you if you want that. Remember everything you do in your life its got grace or it’s got hell. It’s one or the other. It’s indifference in hell. My son said, “Because you are neither hot nor cold, I will vomit you out of my mouth”.

I pray for you tonight. My song tonight, it sounds almost like me. But it’s my love for you trying to do all kinds of things to show how much I love you. Remember I am the Sovereign Queen of the Universe, if I tell God the Father we need a new judgment and a new world, we will have one as quick as lightning strikes. Look around, you have floods and you have fires that they can’t put out. You have murder in the streets; you got people murdering each other and laughing. Is that of God? You’ve got the coast in danger. Pray hard. I told you what to do. Take out a candle and say a Rosary against the hurricane. But there will be a tsunami; I am not saying it’s this year. When that hits, that’s going to wake a lot of people up.

I blow you a kiss. I love you so much. I love you so much that I knew the minute my Son was dying up there in agony; I cried for you. I cried for you.

Tonight I have with me: Padre Pio who is praying in Heaven for what Thomas is doing on earth; Charlene, one of the greatest saints because of her purity, someday that will be known, but fortunately my heart is through the Church; St. Theresa of Liseaux; St. Theresa of Avila; St. Faustina; St. Seelos; St. Fr. Lafleur; St. John of the Cross; St. Bernadette.

The colors I come with are very similar to the pictures you see; my eyes are my eyes. I have told you that before. Those are my eyes, not quite as bright, but they are close. That is about as close as I look, but you know it all depends on where you are what culture you are in.

Thank you for having answered my call.

August 23, 2013

Prophecy of Our Lady theMost Precious Blood

To Mac Smith

Home Of Eloi Gonzales

14303Shadow Garden Ln, Houston, TX

In the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. My Children, I am so happy to be here. I have got so much work to do to save souls. The only thing that the Father is interested in now is saving souls. To do that you must pray; you must seek to be humble; you must seek to be a servant. You must seek to know the Holy Spirit; it is absolutely scandalous that in this country the Holy Spirit is so little known – not only little known, but made fun of. If this does not change there will be a terrible chastisement on the East Coast.

I want you to learn, spread and to evangelize with the Armada. The only place that has not really started with the Armada and evangelizing it is the United States of America; it is because people have too much to do, materialistically that is.

It takes five minutes to say a Hail Mary, an Our Father, a Glory Be to the Father and a Memorare. The Rosary, say the Rosary every day. Think about the words in the Rosary; don’t just rattle it off that is an insult to Me. I would rather you to say one word, two words, Hail Mary and nothing else than to rattle off a Rosary.

We are in sin and in a culture of death in this country. We have the top drug in this country now with an addiction to pornography and these drugs. Then there is the addiction to false gods, so called the New Age. The New Age is atheistic. In the New Age the person says we don’t need God – I am God, I am God self.

I have faith in this community and I have faith in this state and I have faith in this part of the country. And you are going to have to find a way to get the Armada and the book out all over this country. Every twenty-fifth of the month 2.8 million people are reading the Armada throughout Latin America, Africa, France, Spain, Portugal and other nations of the world. One hundred and twenty-two nations are saying the Armada. There is no way that the Armada can be spread in the United States unless you do it.

But I am telling you, if it does not change, people do not believe in the true God, there will be the most terrible catastrophe that you have ever seen; just like He sis when the Assyrians took away the faith of Israel and it almost destroyed Israel. But when they repented they got if back up, so why not repent now?

You don’t have any holiness for marriage anymore; most people aren’t married and are living together. I hope they realize that is a mortal sin.

The sacraments, Confession and Communion, these two sacraments bind us together in union with God. People are not going to Mass on Sunday and they chew bubble gum during Mass, some even dare to chew bubble gum while receiving communion. You find hosts under benches and in trash cans; to you here it may seem strange because there is a lot of people of faith here.

But let’s do this, say the Armada. (Mac speaks in another language.) You can do this individually but preferably within groups – prayer groups that are already approved by the Church; and you don’t have to do anything, you can just come in pray it and leave. You will not believe the miracles that will start coming in, for families, juvenile problems, alcohol problems, drug problems, total indifference in hatred for God.

The reason Venezuela has already had a chastisement is that it was just waiting for things to get organized. The devil lived there many years and the red dragon, but the cross was put up there on the mount of Torres, LA Puerta, to cut him off. The cross is there and he is dead and that is the way it is going to be all over the world. My new son Francis the first is going to be a pastoral people Pope and he will change most of the world himself.

I love you. I love every one of you. I laugh with you, I cry with you. My Son Jesus wants you to come to Him. It was no accident that Thomas came here to St. Peter’s Church in Carencro in 1989 before this mission started. Now thirteen years later the mission is growing. You needs all the help he can get. What he needs is your arms and legs as he has only got two arms and two legs and 122 countries to deal with.(Our Lady is referring to the birth of the Mystical Body of Christ.)

Please, please, please just pray. Pray that God’s will be done. Pray that Satan will be defeated; he is in some of the leaders in this country, most of them influenced by the Mason’s Illuminati and six thousand witches in this country. So you know what we face besides seeing pleasure over God.

I bless every one of you, every one of your articles, all those in your home that are not here and are planning to come back some day.

I have with Me: Padre Pio, St. Theresa of Lesieux, St. Bernadette, St. John of the Cross, St. Faustina, Charlene – she is already in Heaven even though she has not been declared a Saint, so is Father Seelos out of New Orleans – he is already a saint. The Church has a tremendous problem with paperwork. And I am glad to see that our mission is well on the move in Louisiana and the United states and is getting a good start through Latin America.

I am your Mother and the Mother of the mission of the Armada .

Thank you for answering my call. You may rest your souls.