Charlene Richard

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People praying at Charlene’s grave

Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood is on her apparitions Accompanied by many Angels and Saints. Among These is Charlene Marie Richard who, even though is not yet canonized, is called by Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood, “my little cajun Saint.” Her gravesite is located in Richard, Louisiana.

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Prayer petitions on Charlene’s grave





1947 – 1959


Charlene Marie Richard was born on January 13, 1947. With After Being diagnosed acute lymphocytic leukemia, died on August 11, 1959, at the age of 12 years. During His confinement in the Hospital of Our Lady of Lourdes in Lafayette, Louisiana, Charlene Offered Their prayers and Sufferings to God, every day, for the sake of others.

“She was a young girl full of faith,” Father Joseph Brennan, a priest of the Diocese of Lafayette, Louisiana, WHO served as chaplain at the Hospital and ministered to Charlene Said During His last days.

“I see Charlene as a testimony for people of all ages the power of resignation and acceptance of the will of God,” Father Brennan Said. “She was not different in any way, except When the Crisis Reached That STI life – and it came very early -. She accepted With faith, trust and love ”





Charlene, When You Were 12 years old, Showed a heroic faith, hope and love. Dying of leukemia, you joined Jesus on the cross and Offered your pain for others. In This way, you imitated the words of St. Paul to the People in Colossians 1: 24: “Now I rejoice in my Sufferings for you and I suffer in my flesh what is lacking in the Sufferings of Christ for His Body Which is the Church”.

. Charlene, I believe you are with God.  Please ask Our Heavenly Father, His only Son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to grant me the following favor: (Mention your request).

Charlene, thanks for helping. Praised be Jesus Christ forever. The ever Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, is called blessed forever.


Prayer for the beatification


Our Father in Heaven WHO art, moved by the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, your Son and our Savior, we raise our hearts to you and ask you, if your will, grant us our petition. Your servant, born in Louisiana, Charlene Marie Richard, is elevated to sainthood by Pope, successor of the Apostle Peter and visible head of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.

We entrust this Request Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus, under the title by Which It Is Known as the patron saint of Louisiana: The Immaculate Conception.

One Our Father, one Hail Mary and one Glory.

(For private devotion)

Friends of Charlene

PO Box 91623.

Lafayette, LA 70509-1623 USA.