Mérida, September 7, 2016

 Dear Father,

  First and foremost, I greet you fraternally in union with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I thank you for the tremendous commitment and dedication you carry out with and for love in each of the places the Lord calls you to be.

 The purpose of this letter is to make known to you the great miracle of healing that the Lord has done to me through you.  About six years ago,  they found a small benign tumor in my left breast.  The treating doctors decided to leave it in observation for a time and see how it evolved, that is to say, if it grew or changed form to extract it.

 When I went to you for prayer, it was mainly to petition for healing for my 8-year-old daughter Ana Isabel, who has some learning difficulties due to a brain injury that causes her to become hyperactive and inattentive.  But to my surprise, when I left the Church, I felt a strong pain in my breast that scared me a lot.  I immediately called a priest friend who reassured me that I had been healed.

 Ten months later I had to go back to  the doctor and had to take a series of rigorous tests, but for the glory of God, the tumor had disappeared.

 Thank you Father, a thousand thanks for accepting this great mission that the Lord has sown in your heart.   We are so thirsty for God and we have so many physical and spiritual needs that you come to us, just as Jesus did, to fill us and teach us that we can do all things in Him.

 I will be forever grateful to you, count on my humble prayer for the Lord to strengthen and encourage you in your ministry.

Ana Zulay Rivera Contreras


 Francisco Vielma Araujo    –     Xiomara Abreu de Vielma

Barquisimeto, August 25, 2016


First of all a cordial and blessed greeting.

We are very thankful to a God for allowing you to come to Venezuela to conduct healing sessions in several states, and to you for being the person chosen for this ministry.

We, the Vielma Abreu family, want to give you a special thanks  because our son, Francisco José, has had a confirmation of faith following the imposition of your hands.

We came to you because our friend, Alexandro, revealed to us the healing he had received through you.  Also, a good friend commented to us about the healing of her mother.

We humbly ask you, continue to carry out this wonderful work in this your country Venezuela.

May God, the Virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit fill you with Blessings and Health.

Best Regards,



Deacon’s letter to Father Jim Robins

We are praying to God and through the intercession of this beautiful Healing Mass for the health and speedy recovery of our beloved 11 year old little brother, JOSÉ ALEXANDER BARRIOS MORENO, who is in the hospital with severe traumatic brain injury, complicated by left-sided epidural hematoma as a result of a bicycle accident.

Mérida, September 7, 2016

 Dear Father,

  First and foremost, I greet you fraternally in union with our Lord Jesus Christ.  I thank you for the tremendous commitment and dedication you carry out with and for love in each of the places the Lord calls you to be.

 The purpose of this letter is to make known to you the great miracle of healing that the Lord has done to me through you.  About six years ago,  they found a small benign tumor in my left breast.  The treating doctors decided to leave it in observation for a time and see how it evolved, that is to say, if it grew or changed form to extract it.

 When I went to you for prayer, it was mainly to petition for healing for my 8-year-old daughter Ana Isabel, who has some learning difficulties due to a brain injury that causes her to become hyperactive and inattentive.  But to my surprise, when I left the Church, I felt a strong pain in my breast that scared me a lot.  I immediately called a priest friend who reassured me that I had been healed.

 Ten months later I had to go back to  the doctor and had to take a series of rigorous tests, but for the glory of God, the tumor had disappeared.

  Thank you Father, a thousand thanks for accepting this great mission that the Lord has sown in your heart.   We are so thirsty for God and we have so many physical and spiritual needs that you come to us, just as Jesus did, to fill us and teach us that we can do all things in Him.

  I will be forever grateful to you, count on my humble prayer for the Lord to strengthen and encourage you in your ministry.


 April 25, 2016

 I had Bells Palsy for the second time in my life on December 22, 2015.

The first experience was normal with the drooping of my right eye and face. After steroid treatment, it lasted for about one month. Everything returned to normal.

The second experience in December was much different. I had the normal drooping of my left eye and face. I also had the steroid treatment. But this time I struggled with very painful sensations of my left eye and left side of my face. I also developed blurred vision in my left eye. It lasted for several months.

I then asked Mac Smith to pray on my left eye and the left side of my face. He did pray several times on them. Now in March, the pain and blurred vision have disappeared. Praise the Lord!

 Sharlene Znamierowski

Ville Platte, LA


 James R. Anderson

Baton Rouge, La.

I have been blessed with much throughout my life and have witnessed much. As a Eucharistic Minister in the Catholic church for 15-16 years one might expect such a do gooder to receive some special graces and there have been some of these have been simple guidance (daily if alert to them) and some have caused great wonder as the day I invited to Charles Barbre’s home to visit a healer named Mac Smith.

I started my work career in Marine and industrial and am now a residential contractor. As you might imagine my work life has been spotted with a few bumps and scraps. But I could see the carcinoma growing on the tops of my ears for years. There were one each ear about the size of a section of your small figure and finally noticed them because they became painful to touch.

It had not seemed very long since this discovery when I was invited to this healing. When my time to go before Mr. Smith was in view, I was scared! Just kidding. Mac Smith asked me what my problem was that I would come to ask his help.

His help was swift as he put holy oil on my ears, placed his hands over my ears, bowed his head and said a prayer I could not hear for my distress which I will ask him to heal on my next visit.

He made the sign of the cross and excused me as there were about thirty people there that night.

I did as others did that night and said a prayer, then co-mingled.

I didn’t think to look at the backs of my ears until the following morning. I touched my ears and there was no pain. There I looked in the mirror and there black and blue spots on the tops of my ears either. I was in awe!

So Believe. Many of us have powers. Get in touch with yours! Or get in touch with Mac.



My name is Wayne Hebert and we been coming here (Healing Mass) a few years.  A few of you know our story but I would like to briefly share and give thanks and praise to God.

Tonight I give testimony and Thanks to the peace and healing found here.  A few years ago Charlene Richard gave a message through Mac when we were at her gravesite at the hardest  point in my life.  A simple “Give it to God” she said through Mac. 8 years ago we found out we were plagued with a darkness that started in 2002 when my wife and I got married moved into our 1st home.  There was an evil presence there and we didn’t realize how bad it was until our son Dillon was born.  As a family just a few problems I will mention, our son’s development was slow, Financial crises all the time, our attitudes were always negative, our nervous systems failing, illness always found us, and it seemed we were always at each other’s throats all the time.  It made me understand how much the devil attacks the family especially with what we know is going on in today’s society.  We were literally being attacked as a family.  In January 2007, we lost our home due to black mold engulfing our trailer and moved into a travel trailer and was stuck in it for 8 years.  Our lives had seemed like Job’s.  At times it seemed our marriage was failing.  We started going to Mac and confession with Fr. Nunez.  Never giving up, though exhausted, we marched on and kept our faith in God.  Today I stand before you all a humble but very grateful man,  Today finances is no longer a problem and getting better, I got a more reliable truck, a new spacious house the Almighty God blessed us with just this year and a job that is stable.  Best of all, our family is back and stronger than ever before.  I believe with all my heart everything that goes on here and thru it all God and the Blessed Mother healed our marriage and family thru Mac’s and Fr. Nunez’s “yes” to God.  It took a long time but don’t give up on God because he never gives up on us.

Thank you and God Bless!


certify letter

Dear Father Smith,
I am 63 years old and have been having visions of Jesus and other Holy Ones since I was 19 years old. I became a professor, director of several clinical doctoral programs, and author of over 40 books, most of them on therapy and healing. Last summer I retired from the university to start a healing ministry. My wife and I now are teaching a small group of students to be “clean vessels for the Lord” so they can be “ships on God’s vast sea” (that’s the way we describe it). I have been visioning almost every night for the last couple of months and last night dreamed of a room where the occupant told me that “after it happens, I will live in this room, break the dam, and release the water.” I looked out the window of this room and saw a huge body of water. Inside the room was a shelf with many jars of herbs on it and the one in the center had the first word, “Bayou”, on it. The second word started with the letter “G.” A voice said that the place where the room was located was “Washington.”
I m not asking for anything from you. I felt perhaps this might be of interest to you. I had never heard of you or your work, but this dream led me to you and the town of Washington, LA, which I also never heard of before. I send you my prayers as I rejoice in the love of our Precious Lord and the grace of our Saviour Jesus. Blessings be unto you, Brad Keeney

P.S. After I dreamed last night, I entered the words “healer, bayou, Washington” and Fr. Smith’s story came up. 

After I (Web Master) Googled “healer, bayou, Washington” nothing about Fr. Smith or OLMPB mission came up. Also, Professor Kenney tried it again and nothing about Fr. Smith or OLMPB mission came up again. It only happened one time after Professor Keeney’s dream. Web Master

This is a reported “Grace” Moment from an Armada Meeting

Sept. 2014



Name withheld upon request

Baton Rouge, La.

 I have been to see Father Mac several times and the very first time I went to see Father Mac was with Goldie Guidry and Charles Barbre at the home of Angelique Schultz in Watson, La.  As we drove up to the house I could feel the Holy Spirit descending through me very strong.  It was such a very peaceful and beautiful feeling.  We went into the house and gathered in a large circle around a very beautiful living room.  It got very quiet and we started praying. the Armada Rosary.  I could feel a very cool breeze flow around me with a strong beautiful fragrance of roses.  I looked up and saw this beautiful young lady descend right above Father Mac.  She had on a gorgeous, beautiful white grown, and on the edge was a silver trim with gold inlaid around the silver.  There was a gorgeous glow of white around her that faded into blue.  Then another white with golden flames.

She had deep blue eyes that changed colors several times.

She had golden brown hair that was curly and she had golden stars around her head that faded into a white glow.  The smell of roses got stronger.  She had a bouquet In one hand and a rosary in the other.  Her smile was beautiful and she would place her hand on Father Mac’s shoulder.  As she did this she kept whispering in Father Mac’s ear.

Then all of a sudden I started smelling the stench of a cigar or a pipe whisk by me.  Then I turned my eyes and saw a man super imposed over a picture on the wall.  The smell of flowers started over powering the cigar smell and this blew my mind.  The man super imposed on the picture was Saint Padre Pio. I closed my eyes and I could see a lot of people hovering above everyone else in the room.  All I could feel was warm and fuzzy inside. ( Every time I go to see Father Mac I still see her.)

She came to me and this brought tears to my eyes.  She smiled at me and said “I love you.” I said “I love you Blessed Mother.”  She then went to Father Mac’s right side.  Then Father Mac kept looking right at her and she kept talking to him.  All of this was going on during the rosary.  When we were through with the fourth mystery of the rosary Father Mac would tell us everything she wanted us to know.  Then we would start right back up with the rosary.  She would flow again around to everyone.  She wouldn’t leave until all had left.  I couldn’t wait to see her the next time. Each time I go to see Father Mac, I see all of them ( the saints.)

Joan Lemoine

Ville Platte, La.

On Saturday, June 14, 2014, I attended a Walk With Mary Session conducted by Father Thomas “Mac” Smith as I have several times in the past. We began the Rosary and Mac stopped after the fourth decade for an apparition and message from our Blessed Mother. During the message I was looking at the statue of our Blessed Mother and listening. Suddenly it felt like someone put an arm around my shoulders and I saw our Blessed Mother’s face as a real face, not a face on a statue, but the statue was still there, too. Her eyes opened and closed. I sat up very straight and picked up my glasses from the table. I didn’t understand what I was seeing. I still saw our Blessed Mother’s eyes open and
close! We then finished the Rosary.
During our lunch break I told my sister, Sharlene, about my experience. She said she saw me pick up my glasses and that I was visibly shaken up about something. Then she saw my face in front of her but she could still see that I was sitting in my chair.
After lunch I spoke with Mac about this. He said that was exactly what our
Blessed Mother was doing. Praise to our Heavenly Father!


Evelyn Shafer

Goldsboro, N.C.

On the way there my friend asked me if Father Mac was going to be there. I told her, honestly I have no idea.  To our surprise, he was there.

After a time for a little break we finally got to meet him.  I asked if I could take some pictures. I wanted my picture with him. At the same time

I was telling myself I want a picture of just him.  So I took his picture.  I did not asked him to pose for me.  I just took it and thought what a nice picture I have of him.

Back at the hotel I decided to take a good look at my pictures.  What a surprise.  I could see the Divine Mercy Rays.  Immediately asked my friend to look at the picture of Father Mac and tell me about it.  Divine Mercy Rays, was her response and then she asked me if I could see something else.  A heart?, I asked.

Look carefully, she said.  Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood on his right shoulder?  Yesss!  What a gift!  I was soooo happy.

It is very important to note that the picture was taken on Friday, June 13th 2014 inside a closed room and that window was under a covered carport.  No sun was shinning through.  Someone told me it was my gift for coming from so far.  Thank you Our Lady for guiding us and to my loving husband for driving 15 hours and 45 minutes mainly through the night so we could make it. It was worth it!


Sharlene Znamierowski

After a two year span, I had an eye exam April 2014. I was then diagnosed with
Macular Degenerative Disease. Clusters of cloudy cyst were seen in my left
eye. I then was told that eye vitamins were the only option to take to prolong
I later developed blurred vision in my left eye. I had Father Thomas Smith
pray over my left eye. I immediately felt a burning sensation in my left eye.
Approximately fifteen minutes later, my blurred vision disappeared.
On June 25,2014,I had an eye exam from a specialist in Eunice. He saw NO
cyst! They were all gone. Praise the Lord!


Judy Fontenot

Ville Platte, La.

On December 31, 2013 (New Years’ eve) my husband Wade Fontenot went to bed early in order to go for his scheduled adoration hour from 2 a.m. to 3 a.m.

I was inspired to go with Wade for the adoration hour.  On the way, I noticed Wade seemed to have a problem driving.  I then took over driving because Wade said he was dizzy and had a problem with his vision.

After the adoration hour, since the chapel is in the Ville Platte hospital  we decided to have Wade’s blood pressure checked.  He was admitted to the hospital in Ville Platte since his blood pressure was fair, blurred vision and dizziness.  The doctor ordered blood work and a cat scan.  It was revealed that Wade has a mass (blood) in the back left side of his neck by the brain stem.  The doctor referred Wade to specialists at a Lafayette hospital because they did not have the equipment to check what need to be checked.  I chose the Lafayette General.  The doctor in Ville Platte told Wade he needed to be go in an ambulance to Lafayette General.

I called our four daughters and told them the seriousness of Wade’s condition.  I returned home to get medication, ID card, etc.   Julia, our daughter and I went by car and met Wade and another daughter, Veronica at the Lafayette General.

Wade was admitted to Lafayette General due to internal bleeding.  The medication given stopped the bleeding and Wade was allowed to go home on New Year’s Day, 2014.

Mac did soaking prayer on Wade before we had to return to the Lafayette General due to Wade being nausea and double vision and dizziness.  A different set of specialists attended Wade when he was re-admitted to the hospital.  They were concerned of Wade experiencing double vision and continued light bleeding from the brain area.  During the one week hospital stay tests were performed to determine an accurate diagnosis.  An eye specialist and a brain specialist cared for Wade and recommended home health services when he was released from the hospital.

Mac did soaking prayer on Wade again and told Wade that he would be fine.  Everything would be ok.

Wade went for his follow-up appointment to the specialists after two weeks of being home.  They could not explain to us what caused the bleeding.  It just came and it went.  Until now the specialists do not know the cause of the bleeding and why the bleeding stopped.

The first eye exam had very little symptom of blurriness.  The second eye exam the specialist said how amazed she was that the eye healed in such a short time.  The double vision and blurriness was gone and the bleeding had stopped.

As of this date the specialists has no explanation as to the cause, what happened and why the healing took place.

Wade and I praise and thank God the Father and give him all the glory and we give honor to our heavenly Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary who is Our Lady the Most Precious Blood for Wade’s healing.

We also thank Father Mac Smith for soaking prayer and being with us at that time.  To all who prayed for us, expressed their love and compassion, Wade and I thank all of you.


Carla Boudreaux

Breaux Bridge, La.

Reporting a grace moment:  Our granddaughter, Aubrey Elise was born on 6/5/14 with galactosemia, a genetic disorder. Mac prayed on her picture during the healing mass on 6/12/14. He said she would be fine? On 6/13/14 she was flown to Texas Children Hospital with liver failure. Within the next 10 days she begin to get better and did not need a liver transplant. If infants with classic galactosemia are not treated promptly with a low-galactose diet, life-threatening complications appear within a few days after birth. Affected infants typically develop feeding difficulties, a lack of energy (lethargy), a failure to gain weight and grow as expected (failure to thrive), yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes (jaundice), liver damage, and bleeding. Other serious complications of this condition can include overwhelming bacterial infections (sepsis) and shock. Affected children are also at increased risk of delayed development, clouding of the lens of the eye (cataract), speech difficulties, and intellectual disability.  Aubrey was released from the hospital 6/23/14 with no complications. She is doing Fine just like Mac said!!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!    Thanks for all the prayers and support from family, friends, and prayer partners!


Joshua Hren

Milwaukee, WI

In terms of the particular grace I obtained from praying the Armada . . . My wife and our children were out of town visiting my in-laws, and I had a very unusual day and evening with the apartment to myself. This brought a break from the normal craziness but also a sense of things being sort of thrown off. After I prayed the Armada a profound peace overcame me, a peace that lasted the remainder of the evening. It was a small but very palpable grace.


Joan Lemoine

Ville Platte, La.

I first met Father Thomas “Mac” Smith in 1995. My daughter was pregnant and was sent to specialists because of serious complications. Through amniocentesis they determined the baby would be hydrocephalic and a dwarf. They showed us on an ultrasound that there was a hole in each kidney and the spine was exposed. During the next two weeks, we attended two healing Masses with individual healing afterwards in Carencro and Lion’s Point, LA. Father Nunez presided over the Mass and Mac prayed over individuals for healing after Mass. Mac told my daughter that her excess amniotic fluids were “healing waters” and everything was going to be alright. When we went back for the next appointment the ultrasound showed that there were no holes in the kidneys and there was no part of the spine exposed. Her son was born a few weeks later in perfect health and weighing over 8 pounds. He is now 19 years old and going into the Army. On Monday, March 17, 2014, I developed bronchitis and asthma with fever. This usually puts me to bed for a week. On Tuesday, March 18, 2014, I went to the doctor and started on medication that night. On Wednesday morning, March 19, 2014, Mac prayed over me after the Wednesday morning of prayer and an apparition from Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood. I could feel the congestion breaking up very quickly in my chest before I reached my car. On Thursday, March 20, 2014, Mac asked if he could pray over me for the asthma. I had not told him about the asthma. He prayed over me and I could take long breaths by the time I reached my car. I stopped taking my medications because the bronchitis and asthma were completely cured.



Margaret Boiteaux

Prairieville, La.

In the spring of 2009 , I kept getting upper respiratory infections one after another. After finishing a third round of antibiotics, I told my husband something just wasn’t right. I went back to my PC and he ran some bloodwork. It came back showing my liver enzymes two and a half times higher than they should be. I was sent to a liver specialist and after more blood work and a liver biopsy I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis and primary bilary chirosis of the liver. My doctor was totally stunned. He said he could see no reason for me to have developed these conditions. I began meds and had to have blood work done every 3 months and eventually every 6 months. On one of these rounds, I think in the fall or winter of 2011, my tests came back normal!! We’ll my doctor retested. It was normal again. He told me he was going to do a test for a different type of marker and was sure it would come back positive. We’ll, it too was normal. He was completely baffled. His words were “You should have never gotten these 2 diseases and now you should still have them!” I looked at him and asked him if he believed in miracles and miraculous healings. He said he sure wouldn’t discount them and I truly believe, by the grace of God, that’s what happened to me. Of course, during this time, Mac had prayed over me several times along with family members and friends. As of this writing, May, 2014, my test continues to be normal. Praise Our Father in heaven, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit and dearest Mother Mary. Margaret Boiteaux


Charles Barbre

Baton Rouge, La.

The first time I met Thomas “Mac” Smith was Monday night February 22,2010 in Ville Platte, La. at the home of Kermit and Sheila Miller. My wife and I had made arrangements to come and have Mac pray for my wife who has a very painful bladder condition of which there is no cure. After Mac praying with us privately we went into the living room with many other people for the rosary and apparition.

When Mac came in he talked about his trip to Venezuela from which he had just returned the day before.  After he finished speaking we began the rosary.  About half way through the fourth decade, he got up turned around and sat on a bench in front of his chair facing the statues and pictures that lined the wall.

After the fourth decade ended, the room became quiet.  At that time with my eyes closed, I felt a puff of fresh, cool, sweet-scented air in the room.  It was very subtle but I knew it was there.  Betty did not feel or smell this; but after the apparition others said they had experienced it, also.  About half way through the apparition I felt it again.

During the apparition Mary speaks through Mac.  She talked a lot about abortion and how it was a waste and a tragedy.  She also said that at Guadalupe she converted about the same number of people who left the church in Europe during the Reformation at approximately the same time.  She made reference to appearing pregnant as Our Lady of Guadalupe, reminding us about the sin of abortion.  She also talked about how we needed to not only be spiritual but also supernatural.  She said she was accompanied by Blessed Fr. Sellos, Padre Pio, Ste. Bernadette, St. Theresa of Avila, and Charlene Richard.  Also, there were 15 million angels around to protect us.

After the apparition we finished the rosary.

Then Mac told us what he had seen.  He said that Our Blessed Mother first appeared in the statue of herself as Our Lady of the Most Precious Blood.  Then later she rose from the statue to be above us and look at the room.  Blue and gold lights were coming from her.  I wonder if this is when I felt the fresh, cool, sweet-scented air again.  Mac said that she talked a lot about abortion tonight, more than usual.  She looked sad, and because of this her heart was dark.  He looked at Betty and me and asked if it might be because we were there.  I said I had no doubt that it was.  I had told Mac earlier about my devotion to praying at abortion clinics and praying for an end to abortion.

During the apparition at one point Mac started talking in what sounded like tongues.  He explained after the apparition that when Our Blessed Mother wanted to tell him something private, she spoke to him in Cherokee.  And he didn’t even speak Cherokee.

He then said that he had had an unusually strong awareness of Ste. Bernadette and Ste. Jean Vianney and didn’t know why.  I told him I knew why.  It was because of my devotion to Ste. Bernadette (when he had mentioned her name during the apparition I had, under my breath, said a big thank you for her being there), and that we belonged to Ste. Jean Vianney Parish.

He had said before the rosary started that Mary had told him that an angel would bless our rosaries tonight.  When he said this I took out another rosary and then I gave a third one to a lady who had forgotten hers.  When they were blessed during the apparition I wondered why my Guardian Angel wouldn’t be the one blessing it.  After Mac had finished talking and as we were going to get some refreshments he said that he had forgotten to tell us that our rosaries were blessed by our Guardian Angels.  That begged the question, was the rosary I lent to the woman blessed by my Guardian Angel or her Guardian Angel?

After refreshments, we stood in line to for Mac to lay hands on us and to pray for each of us individually.  He spent anywhere from about two minutes to around twenty minutes with each individual.  He asked Betty how she was feeling.  She said she felt a little better.  He dozed off a couple of times while praying for her.  At one point he said, I can’t see. Betty put her hand on his forehead and temple and prayed for him, he then said he was okay.  He could see again.

As I waited in line, I reached down and picked up the white rose I had brought to be blessed by Our Blessed Mother.  She says that if each day we will eat a piece of the rose blessed by her with it in a drink or soup, it will be a healing remedy.  So that morning I had gone to a local florist to get a rose to be blessed.  The lady there asked me if I wanted it in a vase or wrapped.  I said, wrapped. When she brought it to me she said there would be no charge.  They had been giving roses away lately.  I took that as a good sign for the night to come.  So while waiting in line to see Mac, I reached down and picked up my rose off the coffee table.  I was holding it up against my chest.  I then looked down at it and thought how silly it looked for a man to be holding a rose in this manner.  Then I thought, no, in this setting it was quite all right.  Then the thought occurred to me that I had somehow done this before.  And then I remembered.  I was part of a group that had been invited by St. Paul’s Chapel in NYC to help in the recovery of the World Trade Center in October of 2001.  In three days, we served over 7,000 meals to the people working at Ground Zero.  On the late afternoon of the second day, the head of volunteers at St. Paul’s brought each of us in our group the most beautiful and sweet-smelling pink rose that I have ever seen.  This had a profound effect on me.  There was a big contrast between the beautiful sweetness of the rose and where we were and what we were smelling  (the still-burning remains of the World Trade Center and the people who had perished there.)  The experience in New York still is emotional for me to this day.  As I recalled this while waiting in line to see Mac, deep within me a female voice that I assumed was Our Blessed Mother audibly spoke very, very clearly to me.  She said,” I was with you in New York.”

When it was my turn to see Mac, he prayed over me for quite a while.  Nothing significant seemed to happen, but it was good to have those prayers.

As we left, I told Sheila Miller that next to being at the birth of my two children, it was the greatest night of my life. Even better than your wedding night, she asked.  And I had to say, yes.  It was a great experience.